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Poco Diablo McGuire: Fourth of July Pet Safety Tips

Happy Sedona Fourth of July from Poco Diablo McGuire, SedonaEye.com Star Four Paws Up Pet Columnist. God Bless America!

Sedona AZ Here’s a Shout Out to my Four Paws Up pet pal families on one of the bestest holidays in the world evuh! Let freedom ring in the land of the brave, our America the Beautiful! 

And if youz be like me, keep me and my four paws up pals far away from them there noisy, light-up-the-sky fireworks…they scarez me! I prefer my couch with a view from home and mom says it’s better for me (and her) nerves!

Mom says that knowledgeable people are telling pet families to keep their animals inside today and far away from fireworks. I like them kind of people! Theys got lots of sense-abilities!

My Four Paws Up pals have told me in the past they knows of dogs and cats escaping from houses and fenced yards through small openings while trying to get away from loud noises. Then theys get hurt in traffic or worse like GETTIN’ SENT TO A SHELTER.

Happy Harley Mcguire fourth of july 4 dogsNo sirree that’s un-acceptable! Pet families getting separated from their beloved ones or my pals getting hurt on a greatest holiday is downright awfully wrong.

So mom and me Poco Diablo McGuire wants ya to know what animal-care experts are saying about keeping Four Paws Up pals safe and sound:

#1— make sure pets have up-to-date identification tags and, if possible, a microchip registered with owner contact information;
#2— keep pets inside in an enclosed room or, if they must go outside, make sure gates and fences are very secure;
#3— create a safe space at home, off limits to guests, with windows closed and covered, and plenty of water and food; and,
#4— be sure to leave animals with a responsible party if leaving town for the holiday.

Owners who do lose their pets, despite all precautions, are urged to quickly post signs in the neighborhood and go to the city or county animal shelter nearest to where the animal was last seen with a photo and detailed information about the dog or cat. Tell them Poco Diablo McGuire sent ya to ask for help for his Four Paws Up pals!

God Bless our America! And God Bless my Four Paws Up pals chillin’ on a cozy couch in a nice safe home today.


  1. Poco Diablo McGuire says:

    Fergot to let ya’ll know bout the wunnerful gift of a new hat and 4th of July collar – well – ya see – it’s cute ta look at – but it was you-militating ‘nuf when the picture here was taken – and – yup – bit mom’s thumb when she messed wif me wif the new stuff. Maybe sooner er later in a week moment I’ll let her put the dang hat and thingy around mah neck – but – yuk – not so far. Stay safe ya’ll – we don’t want no wild fires either!!

  2. Angie Katz says:

    Luv ya Poco D. My forever family says Sedona hi. Be safe out there.

  3. Raven & Huggy Bear says:

    Cawl Cawl Poco D. McGuire ;-)
    Hugs Poco
    aka The Jonas Menagerie, Terre Haute

  4. Mitzy Oak Creek Canyon says:

    This is from Mitzy – Maltese mix pup living with my forever family in Oak Creek Canyon – here to remind you that already several fires caused by careless humans have fortunately been put out before they became major disaster. P-U-L-E-E-Z-E people – STOP being so careless! Wildlife and human life will be in jeopardy if you don’t WIZE-UP and GROW UP – ‘nuf already!!!!

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