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Eddie Maddock: Sedona Progress or Impediment

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie Maddock looks at the city of Sedona and Village of Oak Creek impediments to local progress on quality of life issues.

Sedona AZ – Admittedly the convenience of modern technology has opened doors our ancestors would never have imagined. Of course, one needn’t go back THAT far – but – has it really been all that long ago when we actually had conversations with people who weren’t constantly distracted with handheld gadgets dominating everything – except possibly the air they breathe?

How about waiting at a stop light for pedestrians to cross the busy highway? More often than not they are engrossed in looking down at the fascinating information factory consuming their undivided attention. That generally is the scenario in most places; doctors’ offices, grocery stores, restaurants – you name it. There’s very little one-on-one interaction anymore. A brief phone call to return a message, instead of texting or sending an e-mail, is quickly becoming yet another thing of the past. And actually even trying to make a phone call takes stamina and determination! After listening to the non-person’s voice relate options, none of which are applicable to your reason for calling, generally by hitting “O” multiple times eventually you might get a real person, but by all means don’t hold your breath.

Are children no longer being taught the “lost art” of having a one-on-one conversation? Do families ever sit down and have dinner together, discuss daily events, and engage in a meaningful exchange?

Smart Meter National Grid

And now smart home robots, such as Alexa, are available to grant our every wish, providing we have the time and patience to figure out how to give them proper instructions to facilitate their full potential. What will happen on the day the grid crashes and all systems shut down? Unthinkable crosses many minds. But isn’t it previously “unthinkable” products that surface on almost a daily basis? How about driverless cars? Are you scared yet?

Of course old stand-by surprises from Mother Nature or, in some cases, even a higher power always, always visit every so often – as a reminder to mere mortals who is really in charge. And it ain’t them humans!

Ask the folks in California who quite possibly and understandably remain in shock due to not one, but two earthquakes, magnitudes between 6 and 7 on the Richter scale. No intervention from modern technology could change the course or stop those events.

And let’s not overlook ongoing potential for seasonal hurricanes, tornadoes, monsoons and other “natural” disasters frequenting various worldwide geographical locations. In our own specific area, particularly due to the extremely wet winter and unusual abundance of new foliage presently still in the process of drying out, hotter temperatures and high winds are quickly producing ideal conditions for a potential inferno. Yes, it isn’t a matter of “IF” – it’s “WHEN.”

Will it actually take such a drastic wake up call to shock some sensibility in the thinking of those currently making more and more unpopular decisions? In the unincorporated Village of Oak Creek, also included in both the Sedona School and Fire Districts, Yavapai County has authority to make rezoning decisions of great concern.

Increased density in development has likewise been problematic in incorporated Sedona, although it’s our elected city officials instead of county authority who will vote the outcome. But, really, what’s the difference? Increased density, uncontrolled traffic, more waste of money for alleged “destination marketing” without benefit of Requests for Proposals and/or accountability of past value received (if any) from money spent, remain under control of the votes that count, our representatives, regardless of citizen disapproval.

Convenient, but lame, excuses relating to excessive funding to the much discussed and controversial regional “Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau” are now being used for convoluted reasons and justifications beyond destination marketing – and remain under question, lacking merit, as would be the case for allowing any non-profit member driven association to grasp control of a municipality. How so? Voters do not elect them!

City of Sedona Council chamber

Sometimes people will comment on the apparent lack of public interest in Sedona City Council meetings. Granted, years ago Council Chambers would frequently be standing room only. And why is that no longer the case? Surely it isn’t due to lack of citizen interest. Just ask your friends and neighbors. However, back-in-the-day city council meetings were not televised and we didn’t have the convenience of accessing the meetings by using the City website. (Sorry Alexa – you don’t get credit for that one.)

However and unfortunately, power and control lurks about in beautiful Sedona and misinformation frequently prevails. Too bad because and although “all’s fair in love and war” (don’t know how “love” fits into this) and, even with the convenience of new technology, bad decisions are sometimes made due to misrepresentation or worse yet just because “they” can.

Although the current budgeted amount for the SCC&TB has been reduced, it still reflects the amount of $2,492,500.

Yes, Folks, that’s TWO & ONE HALF MILLION DOLLARS of public revenue from an incorporated municipality of a questionable 10,000 population. How is it justified? Some remain stoically convinced THEY CANNOT.

However, there is one thing to keep in mind. Sedona City and Village of Oak Creek residents still have methods to maintain control and force your leaders to appropriately represent YOU – and NOT necessarily by means of just how THEY think!

If they fail to uphold oaths of office and ignore the values of constituents, work together and demand replacements. In the case of Sedona, a council recall election is possible as was demonstrated in 1992. Sedona Vice Mayor Anna Marie Hayes was recalled and Ivan Finley was elected to take her place.

In 2011, Sedona voters again spoke when it mattered. Both a ballot Referendum & Initiative were empowered by Sedona voters to overturn the city council’s decision for incorporated Sedona to take ownership of SR W89. Thanks to a united effort that highway still belongs to ADOT because of a successful rallying from voices that mattered.

Likewise residents in the VOC should consider coming together. Follow your own rules and disable unwanted action by removing those who insist on ignoring you who matter the most: VOC TAXPAYING and VOTING RESIDENTS.
Modern technology most assuredly has its place, but not as a “replacement” for person to person communication. Not happy? Then start talking to one another and make things happen the tried and true way.

Communicate. It’s been proven to work.


  1. Andy says:

    Friends in Sedona try NOT to go OUT on weekends but for the GovERNMENT to order us NOT TO is NOT RIGHT. WTF!!!!!?????What next like we CANT go to Sunday church services BECAUSE tourists cant get around? They’ll want to take $$$ from churches for causing CONGESTION????!!! WTF?!! What’s WRONG with you PEOPLE!!!!!!

  2. @Andy says:

    Tell your city officials to stay home. We wll all be going out to party. Then we will go to church.

  3. @andy says:

    Really Andy!!? Are you serious?
    If you are…..

  4. Jackie says:

    The quality of life has been degraded by the chamber, city and lodging. The cost of government and the restrictions in place on residents is way out of line. Restricting and controlling you.

    Mr. Segnut has a conflict of interests and want you taxpayers to pay to advertise his business.

    Only chance is to get the state to restrict them. Write your reps.

    Do it now!

  5. @Jackie says:

    But of course …..but no one will.. we just keep going round and round and round. The only thing constant around here is the complaints of everything.. Then we complain about the way people complain. G grief


    Wildfire breaks out north of Flagstaff: Pre evacuations ordered for some Flagstaff areas.


  7. @complaints complaints says:

    Why are you not blaming the C of C about this also!

  8. @@complaints complaints says:

    Sedona City Council has awarded the Chamber with even more taxpayer’s money and approved the Chamber program “Quality of Life” and sustainable tourism residents will complain MORE. WHAT the F???? City council retarded. Why would they put a business association in charge of Quality of life?

  9. @@@complaints says:

    Oh there you go…. Predicable.
    You better take a chill pill man. You gonna blow gasket. Lol

  10. Lightening strike fire Sedona says:


    Information on the lightening strike fire on Capital Butte that can be seen from West Sedona and the Uptown area;

    U.S. Forest Service-Coconino National Forest
    #CapitalFire Lightning struck a tree on the top of Capital Butte, north of Sedona, causing a single-tree, 1/10 acre, fire. The fire is difficult to access in this area and it has been placed in monitor status tonight.
    There is very little potential for fire growth in the scattered pinyon and juniper trees.
    The fire will be seen from West Sedona, Arizona and Sedona, Arizona. Smoke from this fire is light and should not present any concerns.
    The Capitol Fire will be further investigated Tuesday to see if it requires suppression.
    Sedona Fire

  11. NJ says:

    Progress or Impediment? That should be a no brainer. The impediment is our chamber of commerce controls city hall. Bet the councilors raise their hands and ask for permission from CoC to use the toitie. All the fuss about a few home owners renting to tourists? Give it a rest you SOBs.The scale of home owners renting to tourists compared to the big boys (hotels, motels,timeshares)? So small that it’s a stupid conversation about whose the impediment! Sedona commercial tourist traps want All the Money to justify their running the city and that’s not progress. Grab the reins home owners. Take back the city and our streets.

  12. Shelby Dr Sedona says:

    @nj reread article and comments

    last 3 paragraphs reminders of people power

    thanks Sedona Eye for articles that stimulate the complacent

  13. Sedona City Residents says:

    @Shelby Dr Sedona you pretty much said it all. Add to your words those from @NJ and therein lies the solution to Sedona’s ongoing battle with residents vs city council/chamber of commerce.

    WE are the ones in power ONLY if we exercise our rights by voting out the crumb-bums who continue to degrade our quality of life.


  14. Fred & Shirley says:

    We’re thrilled with the outcome of Rep. Bob Thorpe’s Wednesday meeting. Three hours, standing room only, and the outcome – we are blessed to be able to continue supplementing our income by occasionally renting our property to tourists! Thank you Rep. Thorpe!
    Having been almost overwrought with disgust at the continuous monetary give-it-away-to-the-chamber crowd, finally residents have a break to help level the playing field. City Councilors don’t mess with our piece of the tourist pie!

    Adding insult to injury was the audacity of Sedona’s vice mayor to indicate he would meet at a certain place and be ready to compare backgrounds or some such idiotic insinuation indicating he was Lord God Almighty who would toss us a crumb by meeting with us? Really? And guess what? It was reported nobody showed up. Hot Shot John Martinez maybe it’s time for you to look in the mirror and remember back when your status was just that of one of us “flatlanders.”

    Too big for your britches isn’t becoming and you won’t be sitting on your grand throne forever. Of course it’s possible we’re the only two people who feel this way judging from how people voted last time. Enjoy your lofty perches all of you. Nothing lasts forever.

  15. steve Segner says:

    Great meeting on short term housing at city hall yesterday 3 to 6 P.M. The City showed shocking maps of over 1000 over night housing units in the village ,Sedona and up town and the canyon. This is from a report the city commissioned. (good numbers).
    Rep, Thorpe LD-6 our state senator introduced SB1350, but when asked who introduced the bill he forgot, I had to remind him he did.!!!!
    He likes to play the ” Im just a “Country nice guy” but his Mr…. Rodgers act came off as just that an act. This guy is all “T” party and power to the state not local control.
    SB-1350 was his bill and he allowed no public meetings and no hearings and he acted like it was all news to him. Now we says lets fix it!…. (and yes he is up for election)
    What it came down to is nothing can be done.
    Prop-207 will stop any new laws from changing SB-1350 you now have 1000 new over night and party house units that are outside the control of the city or the state …and More to come Enjoy the traffic thanks to Mr. Thorpe and Governor Ducey.

  16. Sedona Snob - NOT says:

    Surely anyone using the affectation City “Councilor” wouldn’t stoop to renting their house to strangers (tourists) in order to make a fast buck?

    The term City Councilor came and we hoped left with a former manager, Mike Letcher. http://www.tucsonsentinel.com/local/report/090711_letcher/council-fires-city-manager-letcher/

    Sedona’s first City Manager, Kevin Dunlap, still a Sedona resident and short term vacation renter, was one of the many in attendance at the crowded Bob Thorpe meeting and who might surely attest that prior to Mike Letcher as City Manager we in Sedona, same as in Flagstaff, Phoenix, Prescott, Tucson, and every other city/town in Arizona had “City Council Members.” The tag of “Councilors” has no rightful place in our local politics as it is an overblown description implying elevated professional status which most (if not all) of our elected officials are not qualified to proclaim.

    So kindly drop the airs, re-enter planet earth, and address the elected City Council MEMBERS as they rightfully should be “a member of the Sedona City Council” – Council Members or, ignoring the equally politically correct nonsense: Councilman; Councilwoman.

    Repeating: Every other city/town in Arizona has Members of a City/Town Council – NO TO COUNCILORS!


  17. Not true again stevie says:

    All it would take is for the City of Sedona to pass an ordinance that there be no rentals less than 6 months in residential areas. The State of Arizona would say, ” Do that and you lose your state funds ! ” BFD, $2 million state funds in a $50 million City Budget?

    Voters bought the “Home Rule scam. ” Bend over, we are ramming it home !!

  18. Eddie Maddock says:

    Thank you @Sedona Snob – for clarifying the use of “councilors” versus council members. The incorrect usage reminds me of fingernails on a blackboard.

    But, of course, there are probably but a few (if any) who know what a blackboard is (was?).

  19. steve Segner says:

    Not true again stevie says All it would take is for the City of Sedona to pass an ordinance that there be no rentals less than 6 months in residential areas.

    Sorry , wrong… Prop 207 says if the state or Sedona goverment changes any law that” TAKES” money or property from a person they can sue for damages. Ever single Air b&b could ask for lost income….. the cat is out of the bag this is a state issue not a city or chamber issue.

  20. steve Segner says:

    What it came down to is nothing can be done.
    Prop-207 will stop any new laws from changing SB-1350 you now have 1000 new over night and party house units that are outside the control of the city or the state …and More to come Enjoy the traffic thanks to Mr. Thorpe and Governor Ducey.
    State “T” party Rep-Thorpe did in Sedona with his sb1350 bill

  21. @sedona snob says:

    You say “enter planet Earth”
    Now that’s s hoot. Not only should you enter planet Earth….I might suggest to renter this galaxy … That’s how far far gone you are

  22. Blinders are off!! Later says:

    Love it how the contempt for the C of C is so so strong here that same ole same ole cant see that Air b n b’s are destroying long term rental market(thus forcing hard working family’s out) and eliminating our neighborhoods . But like hotels owners(they ones you’ve been complaining about) as long as you make a buck who cares. Look in the mirror people. ( but your phony love for Sedona) as you destroy the things I mentioned above don’t even reach your mindless ego. Hop on board ALL. Sedona is for sale.

    I hope to sell my house to a corporation that will use it exclusively for air b n b. I’m joining in. But I ain’t gonna try to justify it. To hell with my neighbors and neighborhoods . Later. Oh yea to hell with the BS self righteous finger pointers here as well.. $$$$$$$$$$$$

  23. steve Segner says:

    Blinders are off!! Later says:
    July 26, 2019 at 8:10 pm
    Love it how the contempt for the C of C is so so strong here that same ole same ole can’t see that Air b n b’s are destroying long term rental market(thus forcing hard working family’s out) and eliminating our neighborhoods

    Blinders:the chamber and the hotels were the only one that fought SB 1350 the state bill that takes away the power of local government to manage Air B &B’s.
    We asked for support , we ask locals to send letters to the state and what did YOU do nothing…… Well now it is State LAW and out own state senator Thorpe lied when he said he would fix it, he helped pass the bill…..

  24. JD, West Sedona says:

    You’re correct about one thing @Blinders are off!! Later. The contempt for the C of C is as strong as you indicate. What a shame the city council(s) voted to give them so much power. Therein lies the root of the problem. And now that problem is deep seated and unlikely to go away. So let Sedona continue to sink. It was doomed thanks to reckless decisions and misappropriation of control. You reap what you sow Adams, Litrell, etal. The fruits of your labor are realized. Nice job. NOT!

  25. Moral of Story says:

    @Blinders are off!! Later – have you ever heard the expression “If you can’t beat ’em join ’em?” That quite possibly is exactly how many are feeling about now and mostly because of the overbearing control of the chamber of commerce sanctioned by City Council(s) at the cost of literally millions of dollars. Face facts – they aren’t always pretty – something like Sedona – beautiful to look at but internally? UGLY!

  26. Scott Jablow says:

    On July 24, 2019, AZ State Representative Bob Thrope held a public meeting in the Sedona Council Chambers to discuss the publics concerns (for/against) short term vacation rentals. For those that could not attend that meeting, below is a link to a 4-part YouTube video for you to watch and share with others:

    Please feel free to pass this video along:


    If you would like to contact your AZ State legislatures about this issue here is their contact info:

    Gov. Doug Ducey – 1700 W. Washington Phoenix AZ 85007
    602-542-4331 http://www.AZGovernor.Gov
    AZ Senate
    Sen. Sylvia Allen – AZ State Senate Room 303 Phoenix AZ 85007 602-926-5409 SAllen@AZLeg.Gov
    AZ House of Representatives
    Rep. Walt Blackman – AZ State Senate Room 345 Phoenix 85007 602-926-3043 WBlackman@AZLeg.Gov
    Rep Bob Thorpe – AZ Senate Room 130 Phoenix 85007 602-926-5219 BThorpe@AZLeg.Gov

  27. steve Segner says:

    From AZ Central

    Article in the Arizona Republic:
    ‘They killed our city’: Sedona residents confront lawmaker over short-term rentals’

    The same article was also in USA Today (with extra photo but without the video):
    ‘They killed our city’: Locals feel helpless as vacation rentals overrun Sedona, Arizona

  28. Peter N. says:

    It’s interesting how Arizona state law will dictate private property use and yet completely ignore what appears to be a far more offensive violation. One example being unanswered questions of how an incorporated municipality can get away with paying to promote businesses in areas that do not contribute to local revenue – both in having a city license and collecting sales tax.

    Oh the mysteries of government! Too much where it isn’t necessary but sorely lacking to intervene when it’s seriously needed? Just another point of view, folks. Won’t change a thing.

  29. Julie says:

    We laughed reading the article because the writer didn’t fact-find his quotes: Whose to gain with those that are quoted? Whose responsible for this mess are the ones quoted – Osborn, city council, others in there that profit from hotels lodging motels and lose money to Airbnb.

    I agree that none of us in Sedona and stayed want change. I agree that those of us who came to Sedona and see change KNOW GOOD CHANGE FROM BAD CHANGE. That’s what we’re talking about USA Today and AZ Republic. Bad Change. Bad City Council. Bad Chamber Ads. Come one come all who cherish quiet moments in a wilderness of red rocks. Stay home hotel weekenders that need bars.

  30. HOA says:

    Create one large hoa surrounding the city for all hoas to join and BAN short term rentals like VOCA.

    The village keeps getting more and more desirable for those wanting to know who is next door, yes?

  31. Ralph & Bernice says:

    Well guess what? We ARE vacation renters and are here to say that any year, day, time or hour we will happily make our stay at a private home! And, BTW, quite a bit has been written about destination tourists – well that’s exactly who WE are – spend no less than one week – and intend to spread the word.

    Thank goodness we didn’t invest in property here but appreciate and sympathize with those who are generous enough to share their lovely homes with strangers.

    Our advice to two gentlemen, John Martinez & Scott Jablow, as we understand are on the Sedona City Council(?) and who posted comments here is cut your losses, drop your exorbitant funding to a chamber of commerce(?) – never heard of such nonsense. Unless, of course, your beloved revered chamber of commerce happens to have a solution to solve your perplexing problem of dealing with a decision with which you don’t happen to agree.

    Another break about “neighborhood” rentals. We have a wonderful opportunity to talk with the real voice of the people – those who live here!! Love it – and we can say with certainty the chamber of commerce and city council aren’t loved by those with whom we’ve spoken.

    Which leaves a final question? How did they get elected when it seems apparent by speaking to locals they are sooooo disliked??

  32. Mike H says:

    Maybe if the City of Sedona stopped giving the Greater Sedona Chamber millions per year to advertise, so many people would not look for accommodations in Sedona. Maybe if steve Segner did not charge $350 per night or more for his rooms people would not seek out Air B&B for a cheaper rate. Maybe if we made the “professional ” city staff live in the city they would act more in residents interests.

    Naaaa, it’s all the state’s fault.

  33. City worker lives outside the City limits says:

    “When you have this kind of saturation, homes are converted to short-term rentals, when you leave your home and you go for a walk in your neighborhood, you don’t recognize people anymore,” Osburn said. “You don’t have community.

    She sounds so concerned, and lives outside the Sedona City limits.

  34. @Julie says:

    Obviously. Your an Air B n B renter’ who cares Not for your neighbors and neighborhood. Blame all of Sedonas woes on the C of C( the regional one as your fond of saying) but you are now a BIGGER problem.. You will never see that however cause your a SELF riotous SELFISH person who has invested way to much time in your hated of the C Of C

  35. Doug says:

    Real estate listings don’t support your comments. BTW Zillow isn’t a site that people use for house hunting, it’s a site that novices check for information. Sure that Zillow appreciates your free advertising on their behalf, Osborn, and Sedona real estate firms will remember at Christmas.

    Areas like Sedona never rely on less than a real estate agent to facilitate searches and purchases. That includes rentals. That includes listing your home for sale or rent. That includes closings on a home sale. You have no idea how many things you can get sued for in Sedona. Sit down with a real estate agent and find out who serves you best, Zillow or Sedona firms.

    BTW Osborn: Your boss says there’s 1,000 rental units in town or 20% of housing which equals 5,000 total. Your # of 6500 came from where? Check in with your boss today and get your numbers copacetic? Next time refer all city comments to your boss?

  36. Jim Poole says:

    I am NOT an Air BNB or vacation rental. The city , chamber & lodging is playing a game.
    The root cause is the city, chamber & lodging. Do you think that funding the chamber MILLIONS isn’t the root cause? It is. They have made one sided control, corporate buy outs, Hotelier buying and using EMPLOYEE housing to RENT out short term is major. Have you counted all the hotels that no longer have employee housing? I suggest you do, all gone.

    The lodging industry doesn’t want any competition. They want to control every penny.

  37. Back to Square One says:

    And why doesn’t Osborn confer with her BFF (Pres/Ceo Chamber of Commerce?)? Surely the two brilliant brains controlling Sedona can find a simple solution to correct this ongoing comedy of errors?

  38. Wm. D. says:

    Let’s not forget – it all started when Sedona contracted with the C of C for it’s (the City of Sedona) official Visitors Center. Then never ever did the Chamber agree to change the big sign to reflect that new designation! Yep – deal was made right then and there to allow it to control Sedona lock, stock, and barrel.

    Do NOT feel sorry for the greed mongers.

    Do I like or approve of residential vacation rentals? No – not particularly. But they are mild compared to the underhanded manipulations with the City/Chamber. The Visitor’s Center is one example of proof.

  39. @Jim poole says:

    Yea ok Jim
    Stick your head back in the sand… You must be an air B n B renter as well.

  40. Lauren M says:

    @back to square one

    And maybe perhaps you coward when you call an employee out by name… Maybe you should use your real name.. Your a coward and are very petty.

  41. @Scott Jablow says:

    Thank you, Sir, for providing contacts for our State Representatives. This will be of tremendous assistance when we (husband & wife) submit our complaints regarding the City of Sedona and the reckless association with the local chamber of commerce.

    ie: discrimination at the alleged official Sedona visitors center (not true – it promotes the Chamber of Commerce); discrimination against licenced city businesses unless they are members of the C of C); questionable breaches of the Open Meeting Law; perceived secrecy and decisions being made behind closed doors by Citizen Engagement Groups and other unpublished meetings at City Hall are offered as examples.

    A thorough investigation of the above (plus maybe even more) might produce even more awe-inspiring events than today’s blaring Arizona Republic headline:
    SHORT-TERM RENTALS ‘KILLED OUR CITY’ (Sedona residents feel helpless as vacation rentals overrun city)

    It’s all a matter of opinion, Mr. Jablow. To at least some Sedona residents the referenced caption might just be that necessary foot in the door to open what we hope will be the beginning of a productive relationship for voting residents and the Office of the Arizona Attorney General. Time will tell.

  42. Unique Sedona Residents says:

    We use “unique” simply because we have school age children and the cost of housing has NOTHING to do with why we choose to send them to a charter school.

    So Ms. Osborn get off your high horse with coming up with bogus excuses against vacation rentals or anything else you snobs at City Hall can devise to avert your real issues.

    It’s further a discredit to the Az Republic reporter who didn’t fact check the information fed to her by our Asst. City Manager, Ms. Osburn. Naughty, naughty – and another indication of inept service by alleged professionals?

    Not to mention the school district has nothing to do with incorporated Sedona except to accommodate those in need of educating their children. We do exist in spite of the alleged lack of housing.

    And bravo to the person who mentioned the buried concept for the Lodging Council (industry) to provide housing for their workers. Keep passing the buck, idiots.

    The jig’s up and thank God the State of Arizona is making headway in correcting the lack of essential oversight in regulating rogue incorporated municipalities.
    City/Chamber of Commerce, are you paying attention? Of course not.

  43. Dana Varney says:

    Here is another great link. The only difference is they have a transient bed tax district. Sedona’s big lie is that they are the same however they have no TBD.
    Edit or delete this
    Grand Strand Daily – Accommodations Tax Fuels MB Chamber Greed
    Grand Strand Daily – Accommodations Tax Fuels MB Chamber Greed

  44. Dana Varney says:

    The problems in sedona are not from vacation rentals. This whole thing is a bait and switch scheme. The problems are the sedona city government, the chamber of commerce and the lodging council an infinity group of the chamber of commerce. Steve Segner is the president and changed his affordable housing unit to a his vacation rental on Hart Road. Sedona was incorporated on a lie. The developers spread false information that sedona had to be incorporated to handle the refuse coming from the septic systems in Oak Creak Canyon. They are playing the citizens for fools again. The city funneled upwards of 25 million to the chamber of commerce, a private regional membership org. The city uses the public’s money to control the public. Using the taxes as their private bank. Vote buying. The chamber, the library and various other non-profits get their members to vote city agenda. Example is Home Rule. Write your State Representatives and make them legislate cities and towns. Myrtle Beach S.C. has a bill before their legislature to force the cities to hold a vote every time they want to raise taxes. Here is a link.https://www.myhorrynews.com/…/article_7b497b34-235d…
    Edit or delete this
    Future of Myrtle Beach tourism tax uncertain
    Future of Myrtle Beach tourism tax uncertain
    Edit or delete this
    404 Error
    404 Error

  45. At Dana Varney says:


    Don’t you ever get tired of the same old song? It’s obvious that no one on this board really cares or agrees with you.

    You and your wife have relentlessly pitched this same information year after year and quite frankly, I don’t agree with you.

  46. Jim Poole says:

    Can’t you read? I ain’t changing anyone sheets @Jim poole nor am I letting anyone sleep in my beds. Why attack? Are you a hotelier who took away employee housing?

    The root cause is the city, chamber & lodging. Do you think that funding the chamber MILLIONS isn’t the root cause? It is. They have made one sided control, corporate buy outs, Hotelier buying and using EMPLOYEE housing to RENT out short term is major. Have you counted all the hotels that no longer have employee housing? I suggest you do, all gone.

    The lodging industry doesn’t want any competition. They want to control every penny.

  47. Back to Square One says:

    Want name(s), @Lauren M. Check out Facebook and similar sites. Easy answers.
    Very pretty – me? Excessively handsome would be more appropriate but thanks anyhow.

  48. Leeza says:

    City doesn’t have what it used to because it doesn’t care about residents. My taxes are outrageous and makes my landlord raise my rent. I make enough to live here and that’s okay but I don’t want to pay more.

  49. ATAT Dana Varney says:

    Oh! I get now. You speak for everybody! Just like the city did when they gifted the people’s money to the Chamber.

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