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Eddie Maddock: Sedona Progress or Impediment

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie Maddock looks at the city of Sedona and Village of Oak Creek impediments to local progress on quality of life issues.

Sedona AZ – Admittedly the convenience of modern technology has opened doors our ancestors would never have imagined. Of course, one needn’t go back THAT far – but – has it really been all that long ago when we actually had conversations with people who weren’t constantly distracted with handheld gadgets dominating everything – except possibly the air they breathe?

How about waiting at a stop light for pedestrians to cross the busy highway? More often than not they are engrossed in looking down at the fascinating information factory consuming their undivided attention. That generally is the scenario in most places; doctors’ offices, grocery stores, restaurants – you name it. There’s very little one-on-one interaction anymore. A brief phone call to return a message, instead of texting or sending an e-mail, is quickly becoming yet another thing of the past. And actually even trying to make a phone call takes stamina and determination! After listening to the non-person’s voice relate options, none of which are applicable to your reason for calling, generally by hitting “O” multiple times eventually you might get a real person, but by all means don’t hold your breath.

Are children no longer being taught the “lost art” of having a one-on-one conversation? Do families ever sit down and have dinner together, discuss daily events, and engage in a meaningful exchange?

Smart Meter National Grid

And now smart home robots, such as Alexa, are available to grant our every wish, providing we have the time and patience to figure out how to give them proper instructions to facilitate their full potential. What will happen on the day the grid crashes and all systems shut down? Unthinkable crosses many minds. But isn’t it previously “unthinkable” products that surface on almost a daily basis? How about driverless cars? Are you scared yet?

Of course old stand-by surprises from Mother Nature or, in some cases, even a higher power always, always visit every so often – as a reminder to mere mortals who is really in charge. And it ain’t them humans!

Ask the folks in California who quite possibly and understandably remain in shock due to not one, but two earthquakes, magnitudes between 6 and 7 on the Richter scale. No intervention from modern technology could change the course or stop those events.

And let’s not overlook ongoing potential for seasonal hurricanes, tornadoes, monsoons and other “natural” disasters frequenting various worldwide geographical locations. In our own specific area, particularly due to the extremely wet winter and unusual abundance of new foliage presently still in the process of drying out, hotter temperatures and high winds are quickly producing ideal conditions for a potential inferno. Yes, it isn’t a matter of “IF” – it’s “WHEN.”

Will it actually take such a drastic wake up call to shock some sensibility in the thinking of those currently making more and more unpopular decisions? In the unincorporated Village of Oak Creek, also included in both the Sedona School and Fire Districts, Yavapai County has authority to make rezoning decisions of great concern.

Increased density in development has likewise been problematic in incorporated Sedona, although it’s our elected city officials instead of county authority who will vote the outcome. But, really, what’s the difference? Increased density, uncontrolled traffic, more waste of money for alleged “destination marketing” without benefit of Requests for Proposals and/or accountability of past value received (if any) from money spent, remain under control of the votes that count, our representatives, regardless of citizen disapproval.

Convenient, but lame, excuses relating to excessive funding to the much discussed and controversial regional “Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau” are now being used for convoluted reasons and justifications beyond destination marketing – and remain under question, lacking merit, as would be the case for allowing any non-profit member driven association to grasp control of a municipality. How so? Voters do not elect them!

City of Sedona Council chamber

Sometimes people will comment on the apparent lack of public interest in Sedona City Council meetings. Granted, years ago Council Chambers would frequently be standing room only. And why is that no longer the case? Surely it isn’t due to lack of citizen interest. Just ask your friends and neighbors. However, back-in-the-day city council meetings were not televised and we didn’t have the convenience of accessing the meetings by using the City website. (Sorry Alexa – you don’t get credit for that one.)

However and unfortunately, power and control lurks about in beautiful Sedona and misinformation frequently prevails. Too bad because and although “all’s fair in love and war” (don’t know how “love” fits into this) and, even with the convenience of new technology, bad decisions are sometimes made due to misrepresentation or worse yet just because “they” can.

Although the current budgeted amount for the SCC&TB has been reduced, it still reflects the amount of $2,492,500.

Yes, Folks, that’s TWO & ONE HALF MILLION DOLLARS of public revenue from an incorporated municipality of a questionable 10,000 population. How is it justified? Some remain stoically convinced THEY CANNOT.

However, there is one thing to keep in mind. Sedona City and Village of Oak Creek residents still have methods to maintain control and force your leaders to appropriately represent YOU – and NOT necessarily by means of just how THEY think!

If they fail to uphold oaths of office and ignore the values of constituents, work together and demand replacements. In the case of Sedona, a council recall election is possible as was demonstrated in 1992. Sedona Vice Mayor Anna Marie Hayes was recalled and Ivan Finley was elected to take her place.

In 2011, Sedona voters again spoke when it mattered. Both a ballot Referendum & Initiative were empowered by Sedona voters to overturn the city council’s decision for incorporated Sedona to take ownership of SR W89. Thanks to a united effort that highway still belongs to ADOT because of a successful rallying from voices that mattered.

Likewise residents in the VOC should consider coming together. Follow your own rules and disable unwanted action by removing those who insist on ignoring you who matter the most: VOC TAXPAYING and VOTING RESIDENTS.
Modern technology most assuredly has its place, but not as a “replacement” for person to person communication. Not happy? Then start talking to one another and make things happen the tried and true way.

Communicate. It’s been proven to work.


  1. WE are lucky says:

    “We are lucky” that selfless people like Mayor Sandy step up and serve. I’m sure her being the owner of the Sedona Wine Fest and that same Wine fest gets a grant from the city has no influence on her actions. After all , she abstains from voting on her own grant.

    We all know no politician has EVER gotten plain brown envelopes for voting for a business that got city funding anywhere !!

    All politicians are saints, we are so lucky that they along with government workers know what is best !!

  2. @we are lucky says:

    Ha Ha
    If complaining was good for Sedona you’d really be somebody!!.. But it’s not and your not..

  3. Susan j. says:

    Although your comment is sarcastic @WE are lucky, have any really negative comments directed at Mayor Sandy been made on Sedona Eye? In fact didn’t someone point out a remark made by her about how people would visit Sedona whether or not money was spent for promotion because Sedona is so well known? That alone seems to reflect common sense although it does make one wonder why the Mayor goes along with the majority of City Council to allot so much money to the chamber of commerce especially because there is so much opposition. Personally I thought she was more level headed.

    Actually aren’t some of you people who take pleasure in attacking those who may disagree with the direction the city takes by authorizing the C of C so much authority actually reflect more hatred than C of C members who benefit from the Cash Cow (City of Sedona)? Something like the pot calling the kettle black? Might be more positive if you consider cleaning up your own acts?

  4. @Susan j says:

    The city council, which Mayor Sandy has one vote of 7, votes unanimously to fund the chamber on a no bid contract. Mayor has been quoted as saying “everyone already knows about Sedona” and Mayor Sandy owns a tourist business, In my opinion she is a BIG part of the problem. Please take this as a negative factual comment about Mayor Sandy.

    I wish everyone wealth and success. Just not at my expense. I’d like to be able to drive and not be stuck in traffic for 45 minutes for what should be a 5 minute drive. I’m retired. I have never owned nor do I wish to own a tourist business.

    On a limited planet, greed and stupidity have no limits.

  5. Steve Segner says:

    @Susan j says: Mayor Sandy owns a tourist business she does not own any tourist business…. You are just wrong…. She was on the was on the board of the Sedona wine fest in years past ,they help the local wine industry . You need to retract this statement it is just not true. You should give all the free time she does to help local charities and civic groups…. But then you are not the Mayor just a NIMBy.

    Susan says On a limited planet, greed and stupidity have no limits.Oh please you are so pure…. You just live in Sedona on a lot that was once was open land and you throw stones? People that make a living in tourism are bad and people that live in a tourist town are all good green loving people ….. Self serving crap.

    Everyone should read the Verde Independent Editorial this week I calls out Az Liberty games last election and games played senator Burges. The AG office sided with Sedona on the chamber contract. And they is not the Red Rock Snooze and you like to call it. Another big loss for (Deleted by Editor).

  6. Susan j. says:

    @@Susan j …… guess what? We definitely ARE on the same page!

    Sedona would be a much happier place (IMO) if the city council would drop their ridiculous and ultra expensive liaison with a “regional” chamber of commerce and promote ONLY city tax collecting businesses instead of Chamber members, many of whom are competitors outside Sedona City Limits. Also isn’t claiming the “official” Sedona Visitors Center (the one uptown clearly identified as being the Sedona Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center) misleading if not even fraudulent?

    Do you really suppose that outside a “limited planet” greed and stupidity actually do have limits? Hmmmmm …. Maybe Sedona’s promotion should be extended to encourage ET’s. Their alleged presence was quite a rage during the late ’90’s. Time for new faces on our current ho-hum tourists – AND council members? ET – where are you?

  7. @Steve Segner says:

    Lying again Steve Segner. Which is of course a different author than steve Segner and Steve segner.

    I had a copy of the incorporation documents. As I recall incorporated under Sedona Fair, which operates the Wine Fest. Sandy was an owner.

    Ask Donna Joy Varney, she probably has a copy as proof on her website. Look for it if you want facts with soooo much documentation.

    I don’t ask readers to believe anything but the overcrowded roads, which you can see with your own eyes.

    Everyone knows no bid contracts for millions are the way honest governments conduct business. Just ask the city “professional” staff.

    Maybe the ET’s will sort it out. Sedona voters will vote to save their favorite charity,

    Funny, in a sad way.

  8. @ Steve Segner says:

    You and the Soy Boy’s of the Sedona Red Rock News are masters of the Big Lie in my opinion. Talk about fake news. Everybody knows the mayor (deleted by editor) the Wine Fest, yet you still deny it. Do you think you are taking the money with you?

  9. Carl says:

    ‘With malice toward none, with charity for all,’ ” he said. “Lincoln said that in the middle of a war. In the middle of a war! He could see beyond the hatred of the moment.” A grateful reminder about being an American today by Pres. Trump’s former Secretary of Defense Mattis.

    Now will the Sedona city council, the Sedona Chamber of Commerce, Democrats of the Red Rocks, the Red Rock news, and Steve Segner please stand up.

  10. Marv, Sedona says:

    At your suggestion @Steve Segner (both esses in caps) attempts to locate a Verde Independent failed. Tried Soldier Pass Shopping Plaza, Whole Foods, Basha’s, Walgreens, Natural Grocers, CVS and places in between = NADA!!

    Went online and Verde Independent content is blocked without paying for a subscription.

    So . . . whatever Editor Dan Engler had to say about Sedona and alleged crooked elections (although he might be correct) lost at least a couple of readers here due to lack of access to his publication.

    Too bad because most assuredly there are a few of us who would very much like to take the fellow to task if what you imply he wrote is, (was?) indeed, a fact.

  11. Nathan, Sedona says:

    Thanks for your input @Marv Sedona. And for the information of Sedona Eye readers, references to Arizona Liberty being far right are confusing.

    Wasn’t it, in fact, AL who close to the 11th hour of the last Sedona election brought in a third candidate for mayor, thus assuring the re-election of Mayor Sandy? Too bad that editor (Dan Engler) didn’t do diligent research, but then again, I too was unable to locate a copy of the recent Verde Independent so cannot speak with assurance of what S. Segner submitted here.

    Further and I’ll not be troubled in researching at this time hasn’t there been at least one exchange of emails between Steve Segner and Mike Schroeder of Arizona Liberty made public with permission on this web site?

    Would it be fair to question the integrity of this alleged “conservative” alliance (AL) when they so blatantly walk both sides of the street? In addition, key members (same as the Sedona Chamber of Commerce) do not even live within Sedona City Limits and thus legally shouldn’t have voting privileges? But strangely enough some of them do?

    IMO working the system seems to be a specialty for certain people. No names necessary.

  12. Alan, west Sedona says:

    Because of Ocasio Cortez’s beef with former lawmakers becoming lobbyists, she joined forces with Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, to draft legislation prohibiting the frequent move on the behalf of many ex-Capitol Hill lawmakers specifically calling out former California Senator now lobbyist Barbara Boxer. About time she did something right.


  13. Another Sedona Peon resident says:

    It’s surprising someone hasn’t mentioned another very important issue and slap in the face to many Sedona residents.

    Those of us who use and enjoy the community swimming pool at the Posse Grounds have had the plug pulled.

    It’s no longer open for swimming laps except on weekends and only until October!

    The city can no longer afford to keep it heated but they sure as hell can continue to throw literally millions of $$$$ at the Chamber and a stupid official city of Sedona visitors center? (not even)

    Blatant lies? Of course not they would say. But hey what’s a few misleading truths between friends?? City Council? Rep Thorpe? Sen Allen? AZ Attorney General? Gov Ducey? You? Me? Us? Election time will soon be coming up again and suggest you keep this in mind – especially locally:


  14. @another says:

    Are you a communist.
    Why should I use my hard earned tax money to be used for your swimming enjoyment!!!!!!! Go buy your own pool and stop sniveling.

  15. Socialist Hypocrites says:

    Ever notice how in Communist China and the old Communist Soviet Union all the leaders rode in limousines?

    You are complaining about the pool hours peasant? The chamber and city leadership is vacationing on a tropical island and you are paying for it as “sustainability” research.

    Fools !!

  16. Real Reason says:


    Here’s the REAL reason the pool has limited hours.
    But as usual the “haters” love to LIE about all

  17. Another Sedona Peon (resident) says:

    @@another – So you don’t object that use of the community pool has been limited due to lack of funding and you prefer your “hard earned tax money” is used to pay a regional chamber of commerce to expand their own operation (new locations; more employees) and promote their members’ businesses who do not contribute to the tax base?

    Speaking of communism/socialism, your taxes are going to promote competition outside city limits. Your taxes continue to encourage millions of tourists who clog our highways and, yes, also have access to the Sedona community pool? Oh, but then, you are probably one of them (chamber member non-city tax payer).

    Please keep in mind, our own Mayor Sandy has admitted tourists will come here without all that wasteful spending. Sedona is a tourist town – always has been and always will be – because it’s been discovered. Spending millions on the C of C has yet to be justified. And yet they can’t come up with the small amount to keep the community pool open. SICK! (same as you for your idiotic response. who is the one sniveling here)

  18. Another Sedona Peon (resident) says:

    @@another So you don’t object that use of the community pool has been limited due to lack of funding and you prefer your “hard earned tax money” is used to pay a regional chamber of commerce to expand their own operation (new locations; more employees) and promote their members’ businesses who do not contribute to the tax base? Speaking of communism/socialism, your taxes are going to promote competition outside city limits. Your taxes continue to encourage millions of tourists who clog our highways and, yes, also have access to the Sedona community pool? Oh, but then, you are probably one of them (chamber member non-city tax payer).

  19. Alison Mabin says:


    Maybe if you’re lucky the chamber will contribute some of their city tax revenue to financially assist Parks & Rec to keep the pool open? After all the chamber has already gone on record for contributing a nice chunk of the promotional public revenue to the USFS to help maintain hiking trails. (Why couldn’t the city have done that directly or was it a claw back to have the chamber gift USFS?)

    Let’s not forget that uptown commercial property the chamber purchased for the purpose of deeding it to the city at some hypothetical date for a parking lot? Chamber might just be the saviors of the community swimming pool and your parking!? Ya think?! Tricky, Tricky, Tricky evolvements within the inner sanctum of this not-the-most-beautiful place on earth.

  20. @the peon says:

    You just can’t stick to one complaint can you!? As from the article above it was closed “because of lack of funding”. Duh. The truth must really pain you. Lol

  21. @another peon says:

    What taxes are you talking about!? I don’t pay city taxes nor do you. Stop whining !

  22. Lots of city taxes says:

    City sales taxes, city utility taxes, excessive city building permit fees, city sewer taxes, fees to hold a garage sale, put up a sign, it goes on and on and on ……………

  23. steve Segner says:

    Another Sedona Peon (resident) says:“hard earned tax money” is used to pay a regional chamber of commerce to expand their own operation ?

    “hard earned tax money” you pay nothing,it is not “your: tax money it is bed tax and the hotels agreed to up the bed tax .5% to give to the city for marketing and tourism support…. not you sales tax not your property tax bed tax paid 100 by visitors. The state is very strict on how the money can be used, It can not be used for the schools dist pool. The tax bas of Sedona is Tourism,
    hope that helps

  24. Joe & Roberta T, Sedona says:

    OMG wake up @@another peon! The ONLY way to avoid paying city taxes in Sedona is to NEVER purchase anything within Sedona City Limits – also disconnect your utility services (which collect Sedona City Sales Tax of 3.5%)

    We do NOT pay CITY PROPERTY TAXES and for that to happen would require voter approval. However based on your stupid comment @@another peon and factor in the results of the last election, it could very well happen sometime in the future.

    People believed the BS being slung by Sedona liberals during the last election. Keep it up – you WILL pay dearly after voter approval should they fall for more scare tactic BS. (loss of funding for library, humane society, recycles blah, blah, blah – library and humane society were here before Sedona incorporated and flourished very well – check Google if you don’t believe us)

    And BTW – if lodging facilities didn’t provide swimming pools any bets Sedona would find funding for the “community pool” in one swift hurry? As long as it accommodated the regional chamber of commerce to support their members who presumably aren’t tourists but love to rip off residents in order to use tourists as a lame excuse for their reckless and questionable misuse of public tax money. But anything for resident peons? NO WAY!

    City sales tax

    Sedona’s retail sales tax rate in Yavapai County is 9.85 percent, which includes 3.5 percent city tax.
    Sedona’s retail sales tax rate in Coconino County is 10.40 percent, which includes 3.5 percent city tax.

  25. taxed says:

    Yup we are taxed but the city doesn’t provide any services like fire, school ect. oh i almost forgot they get that portion of flood from the county,.

    So since we already PAY for the library throughout Taxes why does they city gift them another 1/2 million a year?

    Since the city is running tourist through here like water who pays for all the extra calls that our fire district has to handle? WE do through our PROPERTY taxes.

    kick backs vote buying imo

    Sedona property tax rates are as high as orange county California. Enough with the tax BS game.

  26. @the peon says:

    Correction not closed due to funding but CANT find enough lifeguards .. Read the article moron

  27. Marv, Sedona says:

    To the person who isn’t paying city taxes @@another peon how do you get away with that? Unless you don’t reside within Sedona City Limits.

    Your comment prodded me to pull out our utility bills: UniSource, APS, and SuddenLink which also includes our phone service Itemized at the end of each is clearly identified Taxes and Assessments under which both gas and electric include City Sales Tax but the cable/phone charges a “city franchise fee” instead of sales tax.

    If you ever eat out at a restaurant in Sedona city sales tax is added to the tab. Although we do not pay a sales tax on groceries in Sedona (yet) if you ever purchase things such as household, personal, or other non-groceries items most assuredly Sedona city sales tax is added.

    Do you ever shop at Walgreens, CVS, or other local retails shops in Sedona City Limits? If so you are charged sales tax including Sedona for the products.

    Clearly either you have figured out some magical way to beat the system or else you are just plain stupid.

  28. @marv says:

    Heard that comment already ….that tax is minuscule . Get a grip cheapskate.

  29. No Tax says:

    If you don’t want to pay sedona city tax go shop at cottonwood. Based on the level of hate found here I’m sure most of you(all 3) chronic fault finders do already LOL. Get on the highway man times a waste ing …. there’s a sale at frys.. OMG LOL

  30. @@the peon says:

    These people here didn’t see that informational statement. There too busy looking at thier utility Bills were they pay like 3 cents a month to the city LMAO

  31. Steve Segner says:

    Joe & Roberta T, Sedona says: the comment was “hard earned tax money” is used to pay a”regional chamber of commerce to expand”
    I said the money for marketing comes from the bed tax please learn to read. You do not pay a bed tax. the bed tax does not pay for pools or roads….. got it

  32. Marv, Sedona says:

    The issue at hand is disputing the comment stating they paid no Sedona City Taxes. @@another peon- “What taxes are you talking about!? I don’t pay city taxes nor do you. Stop whining !”

    Regardless of the amount, the statement is a blatant lie. @@marv . Heard that comment already ….that tax is minuscule.”

    Tax is tax and City of Sedona is 3.5%. Judging from the amount of comments this issue has provoked definitely a button was pushed the control faction didn’t want to happen.

    The unanswered question remains – if anyone claims they do not pay Sedona city taxes, how are they getting away with that?? City manager? City council? What’s the deal? The extent of reaction here on Sedona Eye is extremely profound.

  33. But It's only a little !!! says:

    I’m just going to put it in a little.

    “There too busy looking at thier utility Bills were they pay like 3 cents a month to the city LMAO ” THEN WHY DOES THE CITY COLLECT IT !!!

    Heard that comment already ….that tax is minuscule . Get a grip cheapskate.”


    The city only steals a little from your pocket change every day. They make six figure salaries, you decide if you can afford hamburger.

  34. Laughing With Tears in My Eyes says:

    @Steve Segner (2 “S” caps) ” the bed tax does not pay for pools or roads….. got it”

    Yep – got it! And that’s the problem. The bed tax should be going at least for roads since frequently they are filled to the brim, clogged, and gridlock prevails. And why is that? Too many tourists. Get it, Steve?

    That discretionary bed tax paid by the lodging businesses requires a certain amount be returned to benefit them. So why wouldn’t better roads and traffic conditions serve them much better than dropping millions of dollars on the chamber of commerce without benefit of requests for contract proposals? It is so very controversial and much grief and community dissension might have been avoided if the process had been appropriately followed.

    No amount of explaining will ever correct the damage that has been done in Sedona by the blatant activities with this regional chamber of commerce. And for only chamber members to be represented at the alleged official Sedona Visitors Center is IMO as prejudiced and biased as anything can get. “Blackmailing” or however one might see it for businesses to be chamber members in order to be by promoted with, yes, city revenue??? As Judge Judy would say it doesn’t pass the smell test.

  35. @but it’s only says:

    You must be the most SELF centered individual ever that has lived in Sedona .
    Ps. The world doesn’t revolve around you.. Pay you minuscule taxes and zip it.

  36. Jan W. says:

    @But it’s only a little – isn’t that comparable to being just a little bit pregnant?

  37. If the City of Sedona collects so little tax..... says:

    The City of Sedona collects so little tax, so some claim. The City can’t afford to open it’s pool except on a limited basis. The city can’t regularly pave the residential roads off the main state maintained highways. The counties take much better care of roads.

    But the city can afford to pay six figure salaries and give millions to the Greater Sedona Chamber.

    I suggest we just shut it down. Sedona residents have been very charitable in the past. At least they were before the City tried to take control of everything.

    Shut the City of Sedona down, it is a big mistake we can correct.

  38. @jan W says:

    Hey man. Any reason to COMPLAIN is good enough. Does it distract you from you unfullfilled life!?

  39. @if the city says:

    Ever hear about the story of “the boy who cried wolf” your incessant bellyaching fall on deaf ears cause you lie and complain excessively about the tiny amount of taxes you pay to Sedona.. Are you a communist who wants to be “taken care of” by Sedona cause you pay hundreds (if that) in taxes!? Poor thing.

    Try complaining to residents of other states who actually contribute more to the federal government then they receive unlike Arizona. Your a spoiled child!

  40. Tom Howell says:

    If the City of Sedona collects so little tax….. says:
    The City can’t afford to open it’s pool except on a limited basis. \
    The city manager need to look at usage and cost, that is his job. Most pools close in the winter and the cost of a lifeguard if they can find someone need to be considered…..

  41. @Tom says:


    Hi Tom here’s the REAL reason the pool has limited hours. Please get the facts before you regurgitate someone lie posted here on Sedona Eye . (Deleted by Editor)

  42. Mary Ann M. says:

    WOW – what’s with you people being so hard on those who speak up about the community pool closing early? City employees are paid over the top wages and benefits and yet those who rely on the pool for therapy and, yes, recreation would be tarred and feathered for speaking up if that were an option.

    If any of you read a local print publication you would see that for the past several weeks most of the letters to the editor related to complaints about the early closing of the community pool. How come none of you nasty people address those letters? Or maybe you have but the RRN doesn’t publish them?

  43. Not Rocket Surgery says:

    The city is corrupt by design.

    You take all the groups getting money for votes, help vote us in or you don’t get your annual grant.
    You take the $2.5 million annual gift to the Sedona Chamber
    You take those taking a cut of the city $10,000,000 annual payroll
    You take the biased local newspaper run by a couple of egotistical soy boy’s.

    Add that to an old, don’t want to get involved or mostly uninformed voter base.

    Sedona is done as a lovely residential/tourist town. It’s greed driven tourist trap bumper to bumper destiny is assured. Until the next economic collapse. Then it will be a tacky ghost town.

    The damage could have been prevented.

  44. Pool is RENTED owned by SCHOOL DISTRICT says:

    Pool is RENTED owned by SCHOOL DISTRICT. The City has been paying to rent it. They also pay 100% of maintenance.

    NOT a city pool but a community POOL. paid to build by our property taxes.

  45. It's a loose loose situation says:

    Well, I think that the city should pay lifeguards $20 or $25 an hour plus benefits (Deleted by Editor)

  46. Tony says:

    @mary ann
    Who reads the RRN.. it’s all fake news right? Oh onless you agree with something. How convenient

  47. Steve segner says:

    Tony asked who reads the red rock news, the people that didn’t vote for you obviously did

  48. @Tony says:

    Don’t you get tired of the same old stuff? (deleted by editor)

  49. Sandy says:

    Not everyone who comments on here ran for office in Sedona. Is that your guilty conscience? Oh no, they are going to find my crime and get me !!!

  50. gaston says:

    dismiss it all

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