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Eddie Maddock: Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution?


SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie S. Maddock suggests the Sedona mayor know the limits of Sedona as he steps into the Council role.

Sedona AZ – Two major political parties have dominated election policies since shortly after establishing the “republic” of the United States. Since the 1850’s they have been known as the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. Social, cultural, and economic changes over the years have altered positions of the two parties which increases ongoing opinionated verbal battles. While this stands as, perhaps, common and acceptable practice on a national level is it appropriate and in the best interest of incorporated Sedona to apply it locally?

On Tuesday, November 8, 2022, Sedona voters elected present city council member and currently appointed Vice Mayor Scott Jablow to serve as the Mayor of Sedona for the next two-year term. A resident of Sedona since 2010, Mr. Jablow was a member of the board of directors for the Sedona Oak Creek Fire District as well as the Sedona City Planning & Zoning Commission and Personnel Board. He was first elected as a member of the Sedona City Council in 2014, and appointed to serve as Vice Mayor by other council members in 2020.

Because of his past affiliation with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, Mr. Jablow was instrumental – and essentially made it possible – for Sedona to permanently showcase the 3000 lb. Girder 9/11 Memorial display located in front of our Sedona Fire District Station #6.

Clearly Mr. Jablow is a dedicated Sedona resident, informed and knowledgeable about city government policies and operational proceedings and well qualified to serve as the leader of the incorporated city of Sedona.

Incorporated.” Therein resides the operative word because “incorporated” Sedona does not encompass the same geographical boundaries of the Sedona Oak Creek Unified School “District” and/or the Sedona Fire “District.” Similar to both the fire and school “districts” the local Chamber of Commerce is not an operational function of the “City” of Sedona.

An ADOT traffic study found the majority of Sedona traffic backs up miles just to drive through Sedona city limits and Oak Creek canyon in order to reach destinations beyond.

In fact and akin to the school and fire districts, the alleged “Sedona” Chamber of Commerce (Sedona in name only) does NOT perform as an official department of incorporated Sedona. In fact, how could that be possible when so many of its dues-paying members are not even located within Sedona City Limits and thus do not collect city sales tax? The Chamber continues to promote only its “members” at THEIR uptown Visitor’s Center – again NOT officially that of the city of Sedona.

So why does the City of Sedona continue to come up with lame excuses for annually funding the Chamber with public revenue?

Of course this is old news, but perhaps worthy enough to remind local businesses presently struggling to keep afloat during these difficult economic times that their competitors – outside of City Limits – who are members of the Chamber of Commerce and NOT collecting Sedona sales taxes receive priority promotion from the Sedona city financed Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center located uptown. Discrimination?

The purpose of bringing this up time and time again is as a reminder of the perceived impropriety of legitimately operating an incorporated city without honoring the boundaries of the area. (Ref:  “Sedona City Limits 101” July 15, 2015) Frequently we have had elected officials who either don’t seem to know the difference — or else they just plain don’t care! And why is that? Might there be reasons unknown to the public?

November 8, 2022 Sedona Arizona voters within city limits elected candidate Scott Jablow to the position of city mayor.

An easy solution to this situation would be for our newly elected mayor, Scott Jablow, to set the record straight. And how so? When and if people outside “his” jurisdiction attempt to use the politics of Sedona for any reason, politely inform those people that in order to accommodate their requests they must go through the legal process to “annex” into the incorporated area and thus become an official part of the solution instead of just another persistent problem.

Why has Sedona resorted to a two-party partisan system, exemplified by the recent mayoral run-off, and confuse what previously was a relatively easy process? Realistically aren’t we all just “people” identified primarily by first and last names, attempting to survive in today’s world of turmoil?

Maybe Mr. Scott Jablow might consider championing an effort to terminate funding the Chamber of Commerce for any reason, including as a “tourism bureau.” There are numerous examples of how promoting tourism can fairly be accomplished without controversy.

Please – stop this ongoing battle. Hasn’t it gone on far too long already? Why not take the opportunity to not only make Sedona beautiful again, but also respectable by limiting “Democrat” and “Republican” labels to national politics?


  1. West Sedona Dave says:

    Well Eddie, had Samaire had any plans she probably would have won? Is it that hard to understand?
    She didnt believe workforce housing should have been in Sedona?
    She had no solutions to traffic?
    She was a demagogue when it came to STR, saying it was Sedona’s fault our governor signed that bill?
    She thinks the word sustainable is ridiculous, and the city shouldn’t do anything about it?
    You would swear she dosent have a child thinking like that?
    Her Facebook pages that were removed, and showed IMO she was a (removed by editor) and a very rude individual?

    She had a honest to goodness shot, to bad no solutions and baggage she couldn’t hide..Maybe she will learn something or run again?

    I dont know what she is thinking. But Sedona is in good hands and we will move forward and try and fix our problems one issue at a time.

  2. Jason Williams says:

    If Samaire Armstrong had taken time to become involved in Sedona’s various citizen engagement programs or sat on the P & Z Commission or other high profile city opportunities prior to vying for Mayor, her chances of being elected would have been greater @West Sedona Dave. Does it really take a rocket scientist to figure that one out? Apparently in Samaire Armstrong’s world her ego seems to have driven her straight to the top position just because she thought it was a good idea?

    Scott Jablow may not be all things to all people but at least he’s familiar with council procedures and will understand the role of mayor and how to conduct meetings. And four council votes continue to be necessary for approval of changes.

    It might be a good idea if Ms. Armstrong tackles some more menial city offerings in the next two years and then once again steps up to the plate – runs for city council or mayor – with slightly more information other than Sedona needs changes. How to make them happen is what will count. It’s my opinion Scott Jablow will maintain the status quo.

    But the people have spoken and the voices that matter are those residing within the confines of incorporated City of Sedona and that doesn’t include RR Crossing Loop, VOC or most of Oak Creek Canyon.

    My vote goes too for refraining from making city politics D vs R. It’s bad enough on a national level and we DON’T need another reason to divide Sedona.

  3. Eddie (Maddock) says:

    For the record West Sedona Dave, I completely agree with the points you put forth. Not being a participant on Facebook or other sources of social media, my knowledge of Ms. Armstrong’s positions remain based solely on her performance during the debates available on line for review.

    As for the above report on the election of Scott Jablow, the intended purpose is to relate information about the result of the local election for mayor. Considering word on the street is that Mr. Jablow quite some time ago labeled me as “a blight on Sedona” my endeavors on Sedona Eye remain directed toward reflecting on local events and refraining from being judgmental.

    Thank you for sharing your own opinions, West Sedona Dave. When someone takes time, a valuable commodity, to read and/or comment here it’s most assuredly appreciated.

  4. Marty Sedona says:

    This is just another opinion here but do you suppose that scathing editorial in the RRNews defaming mayor elect Scott Jablow generated enough sympathy for the man to actually get him elected? How many people resented the local paper for having smeared and attacked Jablow?

    It’s been quite customary for the local paper to do “hit” editorials attacking mayor candidates and most often with success at getting “their” candidate elected. Not so this go around. Maybe Mr. Jablow should send the RRN a personal thank you note for creating so much sympathy. Wonder how many votes he received because of the lengthy verbal attack?

  5. Trevan Exmore says:

    another day
    another election
    nothing done
    23% inflation
    Sedona sun down
    debt vibration

  6. @west sedona dave says:

    “She had no solutions to traffic?” Sonny, Nobody has solutions to the Sedona traffic issue ……. because it’s too much. My daddy still says it best ————— you can’t stuff 100 pounds of shit into a 30 pound toilet and expect it to flow.

  7. Earl says:

    trash rag unread here, missed the drama

  8. Rosalind L. Koo says:

    Politicians are the problem and never solution.

  9. West Sedona Dave says:

    Wow and these years I’ve been watching the city put a transportation system in? I guess going to all those meetings, SIM meeting and watching city council was all an illusion?

    I have a little secret for you and your 100 pound bag of your words. Its a 10 year plan and has barely been implemented! Covid sure slowed it down, but its being built. Bet you dont even know Cottonwood has had a transportation system for over 20 years and is very successful?

    Keep talking you shit. You sure are full of it! Gotta love people who just throw their hands up in the air and give up! Real winners! Problems are there to be solved.

  10. Jenny says:

    got my SE laugh

  11. BGO says:

    To plan 10 yrs out is ignorance and times infinity ten years is a lifetime in modern evolution and no one plans 10 years out unless a novice in municipal amenities.

  12. Char says:

    Nobody giving up in those statements, bro, but people know best and not politicians chasing fake money carrots from government loser programs. There’s no one size works for us and if you’re of that mind then you’re a loser.

  13. Julie says:

    Defaming Jablow? In life you reap what you sow.

  14. @Char says:

    What in gods name are you trying to say? English and complete thought sure would help your point…SMFH

  15. Bray-Delia Kielce, Bloomington says:

    Funny @@char we got it while knowing you’re a public savant & we forgive you for being a moronic human. Yeah not so much!lame brain.

  16. Kate, VOC says:

    What does Scott Jablow offer – more of the same? Sedona doesn’t need more of the same it needs more of its best which is its past not present. The voters are ridiculous vacationers not residents: our with the old and the new. Let’s live our best lives Sedona!

  17. Marty Sedona says:

    Back to square one. Sedona was ruined when it incorporated. It’s too bad the “Coconino” portion failed at becoming part of the “city”. VOC was very smart to avert becoming part of the mess this has become. What is sooo annoying is the constant practice of rarely (if ever) consider that Coconino County even exists. It always has and always seems to remain that Yavapai County is the big deal when, in fact, isn’t it true that uptown Sedona and so many of the original resorts were and remain located in Coconino County. Maybe the future mayor (Jablow) might make gain support if he acknowledges this FACT

  18. Sammy Yoder says:

    Evolving means evolve for better. Don’t see that happening here.

  19. Gotham says:

    Time moves on.

  20. Garrett Herrera says:

    Aren’t we off track and can’t get back on

  21. MShobert says:

    How ’bout that-there CULTural Park? How come no one is complaining about that… – yet?!

  22. Jess Wundrin says:

    Since Coconino County appears to be nonexistent within Sedona “city” government, then why in the world don’t the residents and especially Coco businesses take necessary steps to be officially removed from incorporated Sedona?

    Wow – wouldn’t it be a tremendous advantage for uptown businesses including those in Tlaquepaque to be able to “advertise” – WE DO NOT CHARGE SEDONA CITY SALES TAX. That catchy little phrase just might be far more beneficial than the millions of “city” tax dollars thrown to the chamber of commerce to promote their MEMBERS!

    And what a jolt for “City Hall” to no longer collect Coconino County sales tax from tourists and/or residents. Keep in mind, Locals. Your monthly utility bills all reflect a chunk of change going to the city – and for what? It sure isn’t a bonus for those who live here. Maybe ask the ongoing number of “new” city employees getting cushy jobs with generous benefits – being paid for by guess who? Those of us who live here – one way or another.

    So if you really want to make some changes Coconino County residents, check into the process on how to be eliminated from Sedona City Limits more than just geographically. Hasn’t this unjust situation been ignored for far too long already?

  23. Dick says:

    Why would Coconino want the headaches of Sedona’s bad management decisions? Canyon is a constant pain in the neck with too many tourists and they don’t like patrolling it. Let USFS take it.

  24. Ryan says:

    money poured in here after government was told they couldn’t prevent bed and breakfast units while people got their pantys wadded up and ended up voting for lousy Democrat politicians not worth two cents of honesty and integrity

    you people know the damn idiot in office is a puppet on a string and you know his second is a dithering moron but you gave them a majority to screw you and mine

    pathetic losers

  25. @Jess says:

    Thanks but you don’t even live in Sedona so why not just SU and (deleted by editor). Ypur a mealy mouth BA artist

  26. Lisa, Red Rock says:

    Happiest of Thanksgiving holidays. Peace and love.

  27. Jess Wundrin says:

    Oh My Goodness @@Jess. Your anger and rage seem to be seriously over the top. And for the record yes – I DO live in Sedona and unlike many of the people who seem to enjoy dictating how incorporated Sedona functions my residence is within Sedona City Limits! Not VOC, RR Crossing Area, and or Oak Creek Canyon.

    Can you say the same thing or is it just that you are another sore loser who makes contact with special “friends?” on the Sedona City Council and finagles favors behind the scenes? Just a question, mind you, and NOT a blatant uneducated accusation without merit.

    But unfortunately you must not understand the meaning of fair input as indicated by the apparent anger in the uneducated statement posted under the guise of “@Jess.”

  28. Dennis Norby says:

    why Sedona tolerates hikers and bikers on their hidden lands blows my mind, there’s no reason tolerating it and no reason promoting it, destruction at the hands of weekend jokers, get real about preservation Sedona because you promote tourism and that’s an oxymoron with sustainability preservation efforts

  29. Old Timers says:

    “why Sedona tolerates hikers and bikers on their hidden lands” @Dennis Norby.

    Not so fast, Mr. Norby. The U.S. Forest Service should be held responsible for allowing unlimited use of “public” land. The catchy phrase being “public land.” One must question when the health, safely, and welfare of the “public” becomes intolerable then why is it that controlled use of USFS designated land cannot be enforced?

    When the entire hillsides are on fire and residents trapped in an area where they cannot escape then who should be held responsible? If necessary why not organize and lobby the USFS to put a halt to careless access?

    It seems as if incorporated Sedona’s primary goof up was allowing municipal funding to be funneled through the local Chamber of Commerce. Does anyone else wonder why it is the former “Chamber” Director, City Manager, and City Attorney all quit their positions and moved to other areas? Didn’t it appear the “big three” were in cahoots when the deck was being dealt to give millions of $$$$$ (city public funding) to the C of C?

    Such cushy jobs and benefits tossed out with Sedona’s curdled milk? Seems very suspicious if not downright illegal. But they are gone . . . . BUT (AGAIN) . . . . let us not forget (?)underhanded(?) dealings that were highly suspicious to create monstrous over promotion of Sedona.

    Incorporation = the blight of Sedona indeed. And the blight will continue unless changes are made at City Hall. NOT the fault of Sedona Eye and/or the contributors here – in our opinions! Wise up Mayor Elect Jablow. How about attempting to Jab-High where it will do some good?

  30. mshobert says:

    @dennisnorby – so… – you live in a tree? ‘Close the door, I made it!’ – Hypocrisy of a 45’er.

  31. @Jess says:

    Yea ok.. (deleted by editor) Poor Jess.. jealousy is not attractive on you.

  32. Nancy says:


  33. Dennis Norby says:

    45 refs what but beer that shows your lacking concern for irreplaceable natural scenic areas with childish comments, we sure do live in a tree house built with stucco mortars woods concrete steel glass stone fabrics plastics aluminum lead clay cement like your tree house but stewards of scenic areas aren’t talking building

  34. HF, High Point says:

    Thanksgiving was joyful and we were blessed by God for his bounty and goodness this year and now the advent season begins. Sing your heavenly Father’s praises. Find your faith in this troubled world and know peace. Namaste.

  35. Pat says:

    Frankly out of towner @mshobert is reason to weld the city gates shut.

  36. Bob Raley says:

    Cultural Park needs to have lawsuit filed also naming USFS & Yavapai Apache tribe and Navajo & Hopi as Friends of the suit. Get it started now. Get the big names in and this council and zoning will fold or have to come up with the gold.

  37. Archie Mendez says:

    This past election has been proven to be rife with FRAUD and deceit.
    There’s no way I will believe Scott Jablow won, nor did Katie Hobbs win.
    We need a do-over without the antics.

  38. Richard Andrew says:

    Just when ya think things can’t get crazier along comes a boomerang.

    Have you heard? The “city” (of Sedona) is making some sort of deal with Yavapai County to take over the airport on the mesa here. OMG our roads aren’t even adequate and now they intend to “attempt” to control the air space over Sedona?

    Oh and BTW, has anyone mentioned the “city” did, indeed, purchase that property (I believe on Shelby Road but can’t be certain at the moment because of the shock of the airport takeover). Shelby property (if that’s what it is) will be for – guess what? AFFORDABLE HOUSING COURTESY OF THE CITY OF SEDONA. (What about all that city owned property between Sedona and Cottonwood? And now the acquisition of the former Cultural Park?)

    Incorporated Sedona – Part of the problem or part of the solution? Is there really a choice?

  39. A-Z says:

    What if the real reason for developing and buying the land is that they all hate Sedona?

  40. Andrew & Sally says:

    What concerns us is just who will be responsible for all the indebtedness relating to decisions presently being approved? Financial bonds must be paid back. Will legitimate (those residing within city limits) Sedona residents be the “solution” to make right millions and millions of borrowed money, for which we did not vote to approve?

    Let us be grateful for one thing: NO CITY PROPERTY TAXES! At least residents at the time that issue went before voters had the good sense to say NO!!!

    Maybe a solution to the payback might be some sort of effort to make it enforceable for city council and staff members to be responsible for expensive decisions they made happen if and when Sedona’s economy crashes?

    How will newly elected Mayor Jablow deal with that one? How about it Sedona residents? Will you step up now or wait until they go after you to foot the bill for the grandiose projects presently in motion? Maybe now is the time to prepare for future action on this potential disaster waiting to happen?

  41. TN says:

    A handful of rich folks get their private air pad. Not happy to have iPads and iPods and iPhones they now have an iPorts. I guarantee you that less than 1% of Sedonans use that airport for an airport. FOLLOW THE MONEY and WRITE DOWN THE NAMES. Called pilot friends in Grand Canyon area and they couldn’t stop laughing and saying crashes will get money from residents and not county and state and residents will pay for the Mesa fuel spills and air quality citations. Nobody voted on using our tax money for this. The ramifications to our finances are outrageous. Wake up your Sedona morons. Do your passive research at least.

  42. SE poster says:

    And the hits(complaining) just keep on coming.. yawn

  43. @TN says:

    Yea you “Sedona Morons” do your research” like I said then post your complaints here in Sedona Eye (like me) that accomplish absolutely nothing.. Don’t you want to be smart like me!!!!????

  44. GNS, Sedona says:

    Very good point to ponder @Andrew & Sally.

    Who WILL be responsible for the indebtedness incurred by the “city” of Sedona both past and present including the recent purchase of the Cultural Park and Shelby property. Not to mention the liability issue with the mesa airport in Sedona. OMG – LIABILITY? WHO WILL PAY?

  45. @GSN says:

    Do you people just live life in outrage and stupidity? Honestly….How would you like having a airport in the middle of your city and have no control what they build or what aircraft fly in?

    And like always you people never look up anything and just shoot your mouths off!

    Like always the city of Cottonwood is a mirror of Sedona.

    And who owns and Controls Cottonwoods Airport? ……lol yep
    Cottonwood Airport (IATA: CTW, FAA LID: P52) is a city-owned, public-use non-towered airport located 1.15 miles (1.00 nmi; 1.85 km) southwest of the central business district of Cottonwood, a city in Yavapai County, Arizona, United States[1] and 90 miles (78 nmi; 140 km) north of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

    Although most U.S. airports use the same three-letter location identifier for the FAA and IATA, Cottonwood Airport is assigned P52 by the FAA and CTW by the IATA.[2]


  46. Marge, Sedona says:

    Quite honestly @@TN it’s comments such as yours that keep me interested in checking out Sedona Eye. Does it really take a rocket scientist to do extensive research to determine the crosswalk at Tlaquapaque was a terrible idea? And the “uptown” portion of SR89 owned by “City of Sedona” – wow – those dividers and reduction of lanes and parking spaces – brilliant?

    When comments such as the one relating to the potential takeover of the mesa airport (does not belong to City of Sedona) appear it’s helpful because it’s information that sometimes is overlooked in this age of doom and gloom.

    IMO there’s nothing positive about the current “deal” on the table except for maybe Yavapai County to unload an albatross and most likely even reap some $$$$$ for doing so. Such a deal? But NOT for residents of Sedona – unless maybe you are one of the wealthy who have a private airplane stashed up there and perhaps stand to benefit in one way or another?

  47. Archie Mendez says:

    I hope all you have enjoyed Arizona. It is no longer free. We lost our country this morning when the election was certified and the female version of Biden was installed as governor. Votes no longer count. Your voice is no longer being heard. We just fell to the CCP. Congratulations leftist whinners.

  48. Loren says:

    @@TN you one of the city morons who thought it a good idea, eh?

  49. Mac says:

    Yavapai County laughing at Sedona all the way to the cash box. Like AZDOT offloaded a cash drainer to the city and its cost City millions and millions to keep it up and never improve it, same for this mesa shithole. Its road is falling off the mountain for godssake and was condemned or needs replacing and nobody wants to pay for it because its a financial loser. Get up to airspeed Sedona!

  50. @Loren says:

    Great sentence structure! Looks like we will understand you by 3rd grade. Keep trying girl.

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