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Black Canyon City Library Coordinator Makes PPE with 3D Printer

Black Canyon City AZ Visitor Center

Sedona AZBlack Canyon City Library Coordinator Chance Goulding had been using 3D printers in the library for almost five years to educate local school kids and get them excited about STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). But with the current inability to do in-person programs, Goulding found a new use for the 3D printers – making a simple device to keep mask straps from cutting up the ears of medical workers who need to wear their masks all day long.

The idea arrived as a post that Goulding’s father shared on Facebook, and quickly became a mission, “I was trying to find some way to use our printing capacity to help anyway, so I jumped on it. It’s a simple, but really clever design, quick to print and doesn’t use a lot of supplies.”

Goulding has printed nearly 200 “earsavers” so far, for his medical workers in his community and elsewhere, adding, “It’s important to me that whoever needs them, gets them, wherever they are. To me personally, it means making the best of a bad situation, and doing what I can to try and improve the lives of those upon whom our lives depend. As a Library Coordinator, it means fulfilling the library’s sacred obligation to help, to aid the community in some way, and to make sure the community knows that we really are here for them, even if the doors are closed. Doing something was never a question, it was just a matter of finding the right thing, and I would be appalled with myself if I had done otherwise, personally and professionally.”

“Every day I am more and more impressed with the out-of-the-box thinking by library staff looking to find new ways to serve their communities. Chance has taken a program that he’s used to educate the public on 3-D printing and found a brand new way to serve the healthcare workers of this county in a small, but impactful, way,” commented Library District Director Corey Christians.

Visit the BCC library at ycfld.org to access its digital library and online resources 24/7 and meet District librarians on Facebook @YCFLD to find out what other great surprises they are creating for you!


  1. Toto Young says:

    Churches collecting cleaning things and food and housing for people here and people who got checks that don’t need them are donating them to church to help others in need. Good people! Donate your checks if you don’t need them.

  2. BarbaraMansfield says:

    Way to go, Chance! Know that you are hi-tech, but this is above and beyond. Thanks for helping out those folks who are working so very hard. Peace, B

  3. Oneofthree says:

    Keep the the good work you do so unselfishly for your community Chance!

  4. Mary Schiller says:

    cousin works for town dentist, am glad to see things happening locally.

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