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Biden-Sanders Trillions Waste Plan: Click email link and tell lawmakers no

Sedona AZ – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:

Dear Readers,

Did you know the $4.7 trillion Biden-Sanders “infrastructure” plan includes costly energy regulations that would lead to increased energy costs for you and your family?

It’s true.

The plan includes:

*A cap-and-trade program that goes further than President Obama’s so-called “Clean Power Plan,” which could cost your family hundreds of dollars every year.
*New energy taxes that would benefit wealthy electric car owners in New York and California.
*A California-style ban on gas-powered cars.
*Hundreds of billions of dollars in handouts for unproven energy sources.

Americans for Prosperity is doing something to STOP these reckless policies in their tracks. We’ve launched a new video ad to educate folks about what’s going on in Washington, DC.

This plan would give Washington more control of your day-to-day life, would lead to increased costs, and does little if anything to improve the environment or address our nation’s infrastructure needs.

Check out the video (it’s only 30 seconds) and then click here to send an email to your lawmakers telling them to oppose the energy takeover!

In Other News

The biggest election in the country this November must be the Virginia governor’s race, and AFP is all-in to elect Glenn Youngkin for governor. We’ve announced our endorsement and just released a new ad that is airing throughout the state.

Earlier this week I was at our Richmond, VA field office to meet with our amazing field staff who are leading the on-the-ground effort.

This election is closely watched inside the Beltway. That means a victory for Youngkin wouldn’t just help Virginians. It would send a message to the leaders in Washington, D.C. — right across the Potomac River — to back off the extreme policies they’ve been pushing.

Recent polling shows Youngkin neck and neck with Terry McAuliffe, the former governor who’s been considered a favorite to win. We see an opportunity to make an impact on the race and are getting involved because we believe Glenn Youngkin will be a leader and uniter who will champion policies that help all Virginians improve their lives.

This race is critical to the future of our country and will help set the tone for the next year. We hope you’ll join us in supporting qualified, principled candidates like Glenn Youngkin in the months to come. Stay tuned!


Tim Phillips
Americans for Prosperity
1310 N. Courthouse Road, Suite 700
Arlington, VA 22201


  1. Polly says:

    Try reality. Gas prices are still a dollar higher than this time last year and all the jobs being filled are jobs that people were fired from or laid off from during pandemic. That’s not Biden Harris, that’s the vaccines.

  2. HKF says:

    Merrick Garland must recuse himself or resign immediately for his group of partisan Trump derangement syndromers because Trump makes Democrats talk about abysmal education, recession and justice system under Democrats. FBI please don’t disappoint middle American again because you exist to not be Robin Hoods but exist to be better than our government attempt to be kings and queens. Look into AG Garland because no one is above the law.

  3. Sedona $25K Houses for Service Workers says:

    Los Angeles-based startup Azure is using recycled plastic to 3D print prefab homes.
    The startup is now selling several models ranging from a backyard studio to a two-bedroom ADU.
    Azure says it can build homes 70% faster and 30% cheaper than “traditional home construction methods.” The homes are constructed on lots already connected to existing infrastructure (water and sewage, roads, postal services, schools, fire and waste) lessening the impact of construction costs and adverse impact as the homes can be built across a greater area without requiring more land set asides. An additional benefit is that lower income is not “grouped” but incorporated into areas with existing services and absorption of transient is equally shared by the communities.

  4. Avram says:

    Didn’t get to go to college? Not to worry, you’re going to get the experience of paying for it thanks to Biden. He owes me for gas and for the college loan my daughter borrowed and paid back by getting a job and living within her means.

  5. Melbourne Kerr says:

    TV ads talk about insulin being $35 and we got news for you we never paid a dollar for it and now we have to pay $35

  6. GA says:

    Get off your duffs and send money to support your Republican candidates. There are several military vets who fought and are disabled running for office. Support our vets. Veterans where are you on the front line of America at home? Donate at for by WinRed.com and support your local Republican candidates and be sure to vote for them in November. Semper Fi. We got your six. Early ballots need all Republican votes.

  7. Lakeside Lady says:

    AOC advocates defunding police. Mark Kelley advocates defunding the police. Arizona Democrats advocate defunding the police.

    Defund crazy white DemAss POS because highest murder rate in 30 years this year and blacks are being victimized by blacks not cops. Statistics prove the facts and not the political hacks.

  8. America Needs Us says:

    Joe Biden said I’m not black. Jill Biden said I’m a breakfast taco.

    That’s what the Biden’s have to say about conservatives like us.

    Our names are Tamika & Catalina.

    Short term: we’re the two minority conservatives running to deliver the Black & Hispanic votes to the GOP for the first time in American History. Long term: We’re the two minority conservatives running to put an end to the Democratic party for good.

    We’re not afraid to say that we are pro-God, pro-family, and pro-law enforcement.

    The liberal elite & their bootlickers in the media will tell you that women of our age & ethnicity can’t be any of those things.

    They blindly assume that the color of our skin determines our values & beliefs.

    They assume we won’t confront them on their lack of platform, principles, and patriotism.

    Well now we are & Nancy Pelosi is spending millions to shut us up.

    She knows her party can’t suffer another humiliating defeat from the black or hispanic community. Her grip on power & her party depends on it.

    So we’re humbly asking you for a few bucks of support today to amplify our cause across America & to deliver the Democrats everlasting defeat.

    Winning the black & hispanic vote would be a massive set back for the Democrats. If we succeed, we will never lose an election to them again, Friend.

    But voters are already casting ballots, and the early vote is going to the Democrats right now.

    Everything is on the line, and this text is our last hope. We would be honored if you joined us today. gored22.com/2ihi1o

    Thank you,
    Tamika & Catalina

  9. America Needs Me - Veteran says:

    Dear Sedona,

    Can I talk to you about something serious?

    This is Jennifer-Ruth Green.

    I’m a black, conservative, veteran, woman running to flip IN-1 RED for the first time in 100 years.

    I know you don’t care about my skin color or gender, but the Democrats do.

    They HATE what I represent.

    They know I don’t fit their racism narrative about Republicans, which is why they just dropped this DISGUSTING hit piece article on me to TAKE. ME. DOWN.

    My opponent and his cronies in the liberal media just illegally leaked my military record and forced me to relive the trauma of my sexual assault.

    But they don’t care.

    They’ll do ANYTHING to stop me.

    I won’t go low like they do. I’ll fly high and prove them WRONG.

    With your help, we can make their worst nightmare a reality: a strong, black, Republican, woman in Congress!

    HELP ME WIN: us-here.com/2Vn32T

    If we fail, however, Democrats’ FAKE “compassion” for women and minorities will prevail.

    Their hit on me will have worked.

    Don’t let them continue to intimidate independent thinkers like me.

    Please condemn their disgusting onslaught by standing with me today: us-here.com/2Vn32T

    Jennifer-Ruth Green

  10. Republican Cherokee Tribal Member Wins Oklahoma says:

    Markwayne Mullin, 45, a Republican member of Congress and a tribal citizen of the Cherokee Nation, won election to the Senate. He is the first Native American senator in nearly two decades and the first Native American senator from Oklahoma in a century. Congratulations Markwayne and Christie Mullin family, Cherokee Nation, Oklahoma, and America.


  11. 2022 Election Firsts says:

    Republican candidate Sarah Sanders, 40, wins her race and will become the first woman governor of Arkansas.

    Democrat candidate Maura Healey, 51, won her race to become the first woman governor of Massachusetts.

    Democrat Becca Balint, 54, wins her race to represent Vermont as its only member in the House of Representatives. (Vermont is the last of our fifty states to send a woman to Washington.)

    Wes Moore, 44, a Democrat and a political newcomer, will become the first black governor in Maryland’s history. (Other black governors served Virginia and Massachusetts.)

    Katie Britt, 40, a Republican, is the first woman to be elected to the Senate from Alabama and is a first-time candidate for office.

    Maxwell Frost, 25, a Democrat, and the first member of Gen Z (born after 1996) to win a seat representing Florida 10th congressional district in the House of Representatives.

  12. Jim, Big Park says:

    Thank you Lee Zeldin NY for sending the best message yet that Asians, Eastern Europeans, African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics, Latina, women, blacks, whites, mixed races are the new Republican Party for the people who believe in the values and democracy that made and keeps America great. While Democrats despise Americans and funneled money overseas with green, Republicans believe in people and not politics. Get criminals off the back of every American, fix the border, and no cashless bail system anywhere in the nation. (If you don’t know what that is, do your homework.) Now Sedona better shape up. No more spam dunks for either party here and it’s time the GOP puts its Abe Lincoln on.

  13. Climate Change is NORMAL says:

    Saw science article tucked in news yesterday and found this article about it. Hope you’ll accept it as a comment so people can learn something about this government sponsored climate scare.

    World’s Oldest DNA Paints a New Picture of Icy Greenland 2 Million Years Ago

    Scientists have uncovered the world’s oldest known DNA in northern Greenland — a major discovery that sheds light on what the now-barren landscape may have looked like 2 million years ago. “The study opens the door into a past that has basically been lost,” lead study author Kurt Kjær told the Associated Press.

    The DNA suggests that a diverse array of plants and wildlife, including reindeer, rodents, and geese, once lived in the area. This also indicates that it was once much warmer there. The time period the samples come from was one of climate change, the researchers said, made clear by the mix of Arctic vegetation and plants that thrive in warmer temperatures.

    One of the most surprising discoveries to come out of the study was evidence of mastodon DNA. The mastodon, a now-extinct elephant-like animal, originated in North and Central America, and was previously not thought to have roamed as far as the top of Greenland, per a press release.

    “I wouldn’t have, in a million years, expected to find mastodons in northern Greenland,” evolutionary genomics researcher Love Dalen, who was not involved in the study, told the AP.…

  14. Tully says:

    Dems continue to push woke green policies instead of American energy independence.
    Do you support American energy or the Green New Deal because one will strip you of your freedom and your retirement funds.

  15. Phil, Sedona says:

    Stop watching our money go in the shifter! Support GOP by sending donations now as they continue to fight Biden’s reckless fiscal and political agenda policies. Read above article that proves again how Biden and his far left cronies are corrupt political hacks and failures. No wonder President Obama warned us and he was was right about Biden being able to (deleted by editor) a (deleted by editor) dream and on the wrong side for 40 years.

  16. IMO says:

    Kamala Harris racist? IMO Yes
    Joe Biden racist? IMO Yes

  17. I like Sen. Tim Scott for President says:

    “Democrat Hakeem Jeffries called Black conservatives “House Negroes” & “opportunists.” But these insults won’t stop me!” said Tim Scott.

    That Jeffries grew up NY black rich and big time Cuomo money connected, and Senator Scott grew up with knowledge of what it meant to be poor and black and dealt with reality. He’s a man that deserves respect like Clarence Thomas, both men who white liberals want to tear down and destroy their history and legacy of achievement like Ben Carson and MLK Jr. Racists like AOC and the squad and white liberals have joined together to destroy black American history. Shame on Biden administration for going back to Joe’s racist ways.

  18. @like why should we believe anything you post? says:

    And tell me again why we should believe anything you post??!! 99% of it is nonsense

  19. Tommy says:

    We need growth in jobs in America and not more printing virtual money like Biden wants to continue doing. Whenever Biden says MAGA Republicans it’s because he is trying to squirrel you that he doesn’t have any plan to curb inflation or generate jobs. He hates the middle class and hates the poor and is getting his bank accounts filled with shell companies dollars. Stop being a Biden Squirrel or get eaten like they did with Venezuelan zoo animals.

  20. Liberia says:

    I hear you, MSNBC commentator just said loathsome & vile comments about Tim Scott. MSNBC is disgustingly racist.

  21. @Tommy says:

    What is wrong with you? Talk about flipping bazaar!….Now go look up outsourcing see why and were it started! You just might learn something or you just wont believe it….Now go get along.

  22. @@tommy says:

    Sedona city considers outsourcing to be the norm like with Chamber., and city in-house rich compensated workers outsource their work daily to buy ink for rubber stamps . .

  23. LT says:

    Notice that the Washington Monument looks nothing like him.

  24. Liszt Fendi says:

    Demand Mandatory Voter ID in all 50 states with 20 mil illegal immigrants in this country means votes changing our town state national elections by clever dishonest politicians picking up hand delivering mail or stamping ballot envelopes they harvest? Think about it but not past the next election because no politician needs or wants you voters period

  25. Bill, Uptown says:

    86% of Democrats are against free speech? If you are as ashamed and disgusted with Biden democrats anti United States belief system, come on over to the Freedom Party of Abe Lincoln and Frederick Douglass.

  26. Lee Schall says:

    Bernie Sanders is a political zealot and easily manipulated and easily exploited.

  27. Nestor says:

    Climate change is normal because ancient cities were built far from oceans that now cover them and mountains covered with glaciers once had tropical plants and animals like Greenland. Heard Bill Maher insist to Musk that Earth faces finite resources to which Musk insists isn’t truthful. Educate yourself.

  28. Dick DeBorde, Sedona says:

    Seeing hundreds of illegals last Phoenix trip this week and Flagstaff last week and hearing hikers chats that they’re in forest and parks and feeling threatened, give us a break and return to legal migration which allows for a million people a year.

    That’s enough to assimilate because no other nation on the globe allows a fraction of that and China and Russia allow none. Voting for Biden Harris a mistake but Americans aren’t the smartest dogs in the yard some days.

  29. Durruth Emmerson says:

    Here’s what the Democrats have worked on so far in 2023:

    Pushing to add DC as the 51st state to pay reparations to a black city and change the Senate balance of power with two more black Senators and one more black representative

    Activating an army of 87,000 new IRS agents to target you and your families and businesses and associates including those who attend church and temple services and or express Christian and Jewish faith views

    Awarding a “women’s award” to a biological male

    Targeting opposing parties using national security agencies

    Here’s what we know about our races:

    While polls continually show Joe Biden and Kamala Harris with below acceptable approval numbers, we learned that we can’t rely on public polling when a majority of voters have little to no confidence in either to win a second term.

  30. MM, Prescott AZ says:

    https://youtube.com/shorts/JB3Y__U3bQk?feature=share (Offsite link) Lights Out

  31. Pappy Kohler says:

    Democrats refuse to cut spending even though the nation has blown past its limit. What a ridiculously stupid decision by Biden because even the progressive left media and American people have already told Biden he’s wrong in every poll!

    Biden is ready to cheat the system with the 14th Amendment to get his way! His cheating will cost you your Social Security benefits and your bank accounts! It’s already cost people their life savings.

    Biden is threatening to invoke the 14th Amendment to bypass Congress on the debt ceiling. That’s anti American! That’s cheating! And it’s wrong and illegal and immoral!

    Republicans have stood in the way of Biden’s disastrous agenda and will continue to do so, but they need your backup. Republicans need an emergency influx of support to keep up the pressure and stop Biden. The clock is ticking and the stakes are higher today. Call and email your representatives now.

  32. @Pappy says:

    Wow, you sure have a twist on things. I guess all those Tax breaks over 40 years mean nothing?
    I dont know about you, I like when my fellow Americans have an opportunity for healthcare.

    Its about time we do something on infrastructure. Especially around here. Looked at the bottom of Midgly bridge at all?

    Nice to see incentives on green energy, I kinda like fresh air and clean water. You must not have kids or grand kids because you should care the future you leave them!

  33. VHR says:

    Biden’s done nothing on healthcare or infrastructure except pass trillion dollar promises that never get fulfilled except in title only.

  34. Pappy Kohler says:

    Ok @idiots again there you go without knowing what you’re saying about healthcare and benefits. You mean spending more money on benefits like the planned Democrats Social Security Decrease? Rabid and radical Democrats plan to give Social Security benefits to EVERY illegal immigrant and the plan is gaining steam. Democrats call it taking white privileged white America and redistributing wealth to the black and brown poor and oppressed. What? (You know, like reparations for descendants of slaves that didn’t want to return to Africa when free passages and land and a new countries were offered because they had better opportunities here? Remember White American non slave owners gave their lives and those of their families to give freedom reparations in a civil war that even included land and money and the right to vote. Learn your history. It’s as good and bad as other people around you.) Back to your weak brained healthcare and benefits comment.

    Should Social Security be protected for legal residents only? YES PROTECT OUR SOCIAL SECURITY SINEMA and that other (deleted by editor) one in DC. We don’t owe a cent to those here illegally. Not one cent. We always offer advantages like free emergency healthcare and full access to our healthcare system like every American for visitors that is paid with my your tax payers money. Nothing unless they’re registered as being in US.

    Let me Tell you like I’ve told my kids..you don’t get my money when you leave my house. Get off your asses and get to work because illegals can find jobs now go ask them for work if you can’t find it. Get my point. Say no and mean it.

  35. Right Wrong Indifferent says:

    People forget what it means to be an American and it doesn’t mean everybody thinks the same or does the same or wants to be the same. Bernie Sanders needs to resign from Senate and an American elected in his place and not a communist living the American Dream rather than moving to Russia. People electing communists need to move to the countries they prefer.

  36. Democrats destroying our America says:

    It’s Former Speaker Newt Gingrich.
    Truly the basis of our Democracy is crumbling. If our system is not FAIR and JUST, we will FAIL as a nation.
    But that is exactly the world the Democrats are creating.
    FIRST: Biden’s DOJ raided President Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago.
    THEN: Special Counsel Jack Smith spent months investigating President Trump.
    NOW: President Trump is facing federal charges for something Biden AND Obama both did.
    There are no lengths the Democrats won’t go to stop Trump. This is a witch hunt.
    Every American who believes in the rule of law should stand with President Trump against this injustice!
    House Conservatives need YOU to step up and help stop the political persecution and stop the WITCH HUNT.
    This is not a typical period in history. This is a BATTLE for the heart of our nation.
    Make no mistake, what you choose to do today will determine the future of the nation.
    Will you stand with Republicans as we demand justice for Trump and demand a fair and just system for America?

  37. Trump Persecution Outrageous says:

    “There should have been no grand jury. No warrant. No swat team. No criminal obstruction. No violations of privilege. None of the actions and charges that flow only from the criminalization of the case. If your the government you follow the law, you don’t concoct criminal cases with the first-time use of the Espionage Act like this.” – Mark Levin

    He’s absolutely right to call out Biden’s DOJ for persecuting President Trump. Every American should be OUTRAGED.

    This is an assault on our Democracy! Help us put an END to this Witch Hunt and END THE POLITICAL PERSECUTION AGAINST DONALD TRUMP AND CONSERVATIVES!

  38. mshobert says:

    Lock him up.

  39. Carl Leftwich says:

    As Vice President, Joe Biden took MILLIONS of dollars in illegal bribes and needs to be held accountable! DOJ Garland needs to resign immediately for failure to uphold the law and any attorney in DOJ who did the same. Garland has hated Trump and Republicans since he wasn’t given the Supreme Court seat which now we see he obviously was totally unqualified and unsuitable to hold.

  40. Lou says:

    @mshobert Joe can share a cell with Merrick

  41. Cool Carl says:

    This is great news…were is the evidence?….Please tell me we can prove this.Im so sick of everything never happening.

  42. Lupine says:

    Keri Lake works for us, the us of clean elections.

  43. &Coolcarl says:

    You’ve been given evidence, but you can’t function if your Democrat masters of your information stream don’t tell you or influence you with what to believe.
    Joe says something and you believe him? Damn he didn’t get straight what college he went to! Kamala the Indian Jamaican is hidden from the public so she doesn’t embarrass Joe or her father or the entire US? And you voted for both and would again if told to do so. STFU

  44. Rebekah, Prescott says:

    Time isn’t a friend.

  45. @lupine says:

    Kari who? Another crybaby loser.. just like Trump .. and you lupine are a mindless sheepie

  46. Eugenia, Carson City says:

    A nation of well-informed men who have been taught to know and prize the rights which God has given them cannot be enslaved. It is in the region of ignorance that tyranny begins.

    People, Ben Franklin said it, and you should have remembered it. Freedom comes with responsibility.

  47. Monarch says:

    Joe Biden wont get votes because he’s supporting funding Iran with billions of dollars. Persians = Republicans

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