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Biden-Sanders Trillions Waste Plan: Click email link and tell lawmakers no

Sedona AZ – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:

Dear Readers,

Did you know the $4.7 trillion Biden-Sanders “infrastructure” plan includes costly energy regulations that would lead to increased energy costs for you and your family?

It’s true.

The plan includes:

*A cap-and-trade program that goes further than President Obama’s so-called “Clean Power Plan,” which could cost your family hundreds of dollars every year.
*New energy taxes that would benefit wealthy electric car owners in New York and California.
*A California-style ban on gas-powered cars.
*Hundreds of billions of dollars in handouts for unproven energy sources.

Americans for Prosperity is doing something to STOP these reckless policies in their tracks. We’ve launched a new video ad to educate folks about what’s going on in Washington, DC.

This plan would give Washington more control of your day-to-day life, would lead to increased costs, and does little if anything to improve the environment or address our nation’s infrastructure needs.

Check out the video (it’s only 30 seconds) and then click here to send an email to your lawmakers telling them to oppose the energy takeover!

In Other News

The biggest election in the country this November must be the Virginia governor’s race, and AFP is all-in to elect Glenn Youngkin for governor. We’ve announced our endorsement and just released a new ad that is airing throughout the state.

Earlier this week I was at our Richmond, VA field office to meet with our amazing field staff who are leading the on-the-ground effort.

This election is closely watched inside the Beltway. That means a victory for Youngkin wouldn’t just help Virginians. It would send a message to the leaders in Washington, D.C. — right across the Potomac River — to back off the extreme policies they’ve been pushing.

Recent polling shows Youngkin neck and neck with Terry McAuliffe, the former governor who’s been considered a favorite to win. We see an opportunity to make an impact on the race and are getting involved because we believe Glenn Youngkin will be a leader and uniter who will champion policies that help all Virginians improve their lives.

This race is critical to the future of our country and will help set the tone for the next year. We hope you’ll join us in supporting qualified, principled candidates like Glenn Youngkin in the months to come. Stay tuned!


Tim Phillips
Americans for Prosperity
1310 N. Courthouse Road, Suite 700
Arlington, VA 22201


  1. 2020 is the past says:

    you lost over a year ago, give it a rest, give me a rest. Just let the nation recover, please.

  2. Tamara Ashley says:

    Glenn Youngkin is a well liked businessman and not a political junkie having never run for office, and he NEVER campaigned with Trump – that is an outright lie by his morally deficient opponent known by everyone as a political hack.

    Youngkin is articulate, smart and for the people. Independents for Youngkin! Teachers for Youngkin! Nurses for Youngkin!

  3. Arlo Abez says:

    African American leadership is calling for an increase in police funding as the city is returning to its Murderapolis former name with the progressive racist agenda. The Minneapolis police Chief was born and raised local and even sued the police force in his early days to come to power. African Americans say white and black and Asian progressives are pushing anti police agenda because they are racists wanting to get rid of nonplantation blacks who’ve made a difference without their government help.

  4. Evans Kirsh Reynolds Donnelly says:

    Joe on tv telling lies to get a should be 86 1.75 trillion plan alive. He’s not capable. He’s slow joe. He doesn’t inspire. A virtual summit with Chinese? Can we stop laughing yet at this insane government? He’s an unintended conflict. Stumble joe. Cue cards. Tel joe that rents and gas and food is up and it’s not covid supply chain!!! It’s joe cancelling Obama pipeline!!! It’s joe not closing the border and giving $450,000 per person to illegals at the border. Price gouging that’s not his fault???? Go take a nap joe. Nominates a communist graduate from Moscow who hates America? China Russia India will not sign on to climate control and the US who isn’t a big polluter does? Those 3 don’t need to sign on because they laugh at joe and US? He’s not
    “moving people” except to go to the bathroom. He hasn’t created but 46,000 jobs??? Insane.

  5. @2020 in the past says:

    @2020 said “you lost over a year ago, give it a rest, give me a rest. Just let the nation recover, please.”

    Our nation doesn’t need to recover. Our nation needs to get back to being America. Biden went to a climate summit this week that China and Russia skipped and fell asleep during it. There was no purpose to being there, no honor. Wake up Joe is the new mantra to get back to what the past administration accomplished.

    Trump knew to go to climate meetings meant nothing but American Democrats pretend TV news cycle without telling you nobody else of the polluter nations showed up and they are going to never do one thing to stop polluting.

    Put that fake climate money toward finding new kinds of energy. Return us to being oil independent.

    Joe must have cut a deal with Russia that if he turned off our oil they would sell us theirs? Well Russia and the Saudis told Joe take a hike we’re not selling you more oil. They are laughing at us.

    They never dared laugh at Trump who didn’t give them anything, and our own Democrats finally had to admit that as fact after their big TV news hyped investigation fell flat and exposed Hillary Clinton and the Steele dossier as the lying government “traitors”? Where are the charges against Hillary?

    World food wheat prices have gone up 158% in one year under Progressive Joe policies. Workers are voting Republican for low prices and cheap gas and more jobs with higher wages. Oh yeah and those Trump administration vaccines. Thank you Republicans for saving millions of lives. You are the party of workers and minorities and jobs and decent wages.

  6. @@2020 in the past says:

    Snooze…. Hope you feel better now lol
    You throw up is all over Sedona eye…. Let me get a towel

  7. Out of Touch Democrats Embarrassing says:


    Cmon Joe and Kamala this nomination is beyond the pale. You keep falling over the leftists when they should be cancelled and shunned by wokeness. Stop being in bed with our enemies. You’re not building back better you’re building back bankrupt and it’s ridiculous you’re making Trump look like a savior.

  8. Tristan says:

    Our country needs men and women of honor to serve it, that’s what lacks in DC.

  9. Yarnell says:

    @tristan Best said yet about our nation’s issues.

  10. Lester Reynolds says:

    System abuse require voters who take action. Sanders isn’t a leader be use his ideas are outdated and don’t work.

  11. Jennifer says:

    The country needs honest people to have honest people to elect .

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