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AZ Governor Ducey Executive Order Prevents Closing Essential Services

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signs Executive Order on March 23, 2020, prohibiting the closure of essential services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sedona AZOn March 23, 2020 Governor Douglas A. Ducey issued Executive Order 2020-12 Prohibiting the Closure of Essential Services (https://azgovernor.gov/executive- orders) which establishes the Arizona Courts as Essential Government Functions. Therefore, to promote the safety and welfare of the public, court staff and our justice partners, the Superior and Justice Courts in Yavapai County remain open to the community.

The Supreme Court issued Administrative Order 2020-48 http://www.azcourts.gov/Portals/22/admorder/Orders20/2020-48.pdf?ver=2020-03-18-160342-583), which authorizes all Presiding Superior Court Judges in Arizona to establish, adopt or suspend court rules and orders needed to address the COVID-19 health emergency while continuing to perform the essential court functions necessary to meet the needs of the public. The Courts in Yavapai County continue to work closely with the Yavapai County Community Health Services Department as developments progress with COVID-19. Court proceedings continue to be conducted in a manner that provides for the safety of the participants and court personnel and promotes social distancing as recommended by the CDC.

In order to continue court operations, the Presiding Judge of Yavapai County David L. Mackey issued Administrative Order 2020-06 (http://courts.yavapai.us/Portals/2/ AdminOrders/2020/2020-06.pdf), which establishes procedures that allow the Courts to continue daily operations while following the recommendations of health officials to the extent possible and as permitted by law.

The Order provides for citizens appearing telephonically for many types of court hearings, reducing the number of people appearing before a judge when hearings must be in-person, providing for the electronic filing of court paperwork and giving instructions for making court-related payments without going to the courthouses.

Though jury trials and Grand Jury empanelment have been suspended through April 17, 2020, the Courts continue to be open and continue to conduct hearings in criminal cases. Defendants in the custody of the Yavapai County Jail are being liberally granted permission to appear for court proceedings either telephonically or by video.

While the doors remain open in the Superior and Justice Courts, some Municipal and Magistrate Courts located within city buildings have been closed to daily walk- in traffic but can be contacted by phone or email. Citizens seeking to obtain Protective Orders or other emergency relief in the areas impacted by city closures are urged to contact their local Court for further instruction or appear at one of our County Court buildings to request emergency orders.


Arizona Supreme Court Administrative Order 2020-48
http://www.azcourts.gov/Portals/22/admorder/Orders20/2020-48.pdf?ver=2020- 03-18-160342-583
Yavapai County Superior Court Administrative Order 2020-06 http://courts.yavapai.us/Portals/2/AdminOrders/2020/2020-06.pdf
Arizona Governor Douglas A. Ducey’s Executive Order 2020-12


  1. Jan, VOC says:

    Stores can eliminate hoarding by limiting quantities per customer per visit. We are a small community and know what’s typical and usual supplies for it. People who hoard are ridiculous selfish people ! There’s no issue about food or supplies if everyone just shops normally.

  2. Chloe Lee says:

    Czech Republic gave a man 3 yrs in prison for being on the street a couple weeks ago after country told to stay in quarantine for 24/7. Count your blessings that you have rights in America.

  3. AZ Governor Orders Stay at Home says:

    AZ Gov. Doug Ducey has imposed a stay-at-home order to slow the spread of the new coronavirus that will take effect at the close of business on Tuesday.

    Grocery stores, pharmacies and other essential services will remain open, restaurants will continue takeout service and the order doesn’t prevent people from going to work, medical appointments or seeking other essential services. He also discouraged hoarding.

  4. Tom from Borrego says:

    Finally, a way to hide my smoker’s breath: just mimic a sheeple.

  5. Tom says:

    Baaaa! Baaaa!

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