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Arizona National Guard Assists Navajo Nation

Sedona AZ – More than 25 Citizen-Soldiers responded to a request from the Navajo Nation yesterday to establish a medical care facility and to augment healthcare planning needs. This effort is a pivot from the initial response of the Arizona National Guard’s stand up of troops in response to the COVID-19 threat and expands the organization’s use of capabilities into the medical realm.

“This pivot into the medical realm demonstrates the depth and breadth of the skill sets that the Arizona National Guard brings to emergency response,” said Maj. Gen. Michael T. McGuire, Arizona’s Adjutant General and Director of the Department of Emergency and Military Affairs. “We will adapt as needed to defeat this pandemic and we will be always ready, always there for the citizens of this great state.”

A team of eight medical professionals travelling by UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter arrived in Tuba City yesterday afternoon to assess the medical situation and provide consultation on how remaining medical professionals can make the most of their medical resources.

“The demand for medical resources outweighs what they have to fight this pandemic,” said U.S. Army Col. Tom Leaper, Arizona National Guard State Surgeon. “Our specialty is providing organizational models and resource management in times of crisis, so our role here is to increase capacity of the health care system. We are assisting with the development of a sustainable approach utilizing civilian partners and stakeholder integration.”

In addition, a team of nineteen (19) Citizen-Soldiers logisticians left yesterday afternoon and worked overnight to set up Federal Medical Station in Chile. This station houses approximately fifty (50) beds to support anticipated hospital overflow.

The Arizona National Guard is a force of more than 7,600 citizen-soldiers and airmen with more than 12,000 individual deployments since Sept. 11, 2001.

More than 1,000 Arizona Guard members have stood up in response to the COVID19 threat.


  1. Wendy Stomper says:

    Let’s hear a collective Arizona Shout Out to these amazing healthcare people and for the National Guard. Do your part everybody else by social distancing and staying at home. Your behavior affects us all.

  2. @ Wendy Stomper says:

    Your misinformed idiocy affects us all. Stay home and stay scared, sucker.

  3. Lindsay, Sedona says:

    You’re the best and we thank you for helping out first responders and national guard.

  4. Iditarod Musher says:

    It’s an engineered virus. Why would this virus devastate the Japanese and Africa and Europe and Asia and even Australia and Antartica and South America and Middle East but not China and Russia? Both of those countries say they have very little impact considering the virus is ravaging other places around the globe, yet the China that engineered the virus in a Wuhan laboratory and Russia its close neighbor with billions of people between them, how is it that all the rest of us are susceptible and not them? It’s either a lie and they are or it is not and they aren’t. Which is it for you?

    You still worried about climate change and population control? LMAO Joe won’t be up from the basement for awhile.

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