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Arizona State Senator Sylvia Tenney Allen discusses SCR 1007

Sedona AZ Arizona state Senator Sylvia Tenney Allen in her February 6, 2020, Lightning Bolt update shared circumstances surrounding a recent hearing of SCR 1007:

AZ Sonoran Desert National Monument is but one border area overwhelmed with garbage and human fecal waste from illegal U.S. / Mexico border crossings.

“My bill SCR1007: restrictions prohibited; immigration laws, would outlaw sanctuary counties, cities and towns and require them to uphold and support federal immigration laws.

During the hearing today, I was called a “disgusting bitch” by a lady wearing a t-shirt “Moms against Gun Violence.” I was accused of bastardizing the law and, of course, their favorite, “racist.” The hearing was disrupted by protesters and law enforcement had to be called to remove them from the room.

My testimony focused on sanctuary counties and cities who protect criminals by refusing to cooperate with Federal immigration enforcement. If ICE is not notified when criminal illegals are released from jail so they can be picked up and deported, then they are back on our streets to commit another crime like the young man killed at the QT a few years ago.

America as a sovereign nation has a right to secure its borders for the protection, health, and safety of its citizens. Three mothers and six children were brutally murdered by the Cartels, October 2019, just 50 miles from our Arizona southern Border. Violence from Cartels is catastrophic in Mexico and, according to the DEA, Mexican drug cartels has extensive influence over broad swaths of the US setting up business in many cities. Mexican drug cartels make an estimated $20- $29 Billion a year on drug sales. Homeland Security reports that Cartels make $500 million every year on human-smuggling, and millions more on sex trafficking. According to DEA in 2015, 140 people died every day from drug poisoning.

If SCR 1007 passes, then you will have an opportunity to vote on Arizona upholding our immigration laws.”


  1. Tommy, Sedona says:

    Outrageous. I will never donate to this group and I support the tee shirt idea. Disrespect for the process of any political discussion should be called hate speech. That woman and those demonstrators disrupting our political discourse should be fined and refused further admittance. They do not have a right to disrupt my civil rights as a voter. And I didn’t vote for Allen so don’t even go there. My government is a democracy. All voices count even ones that I may or may not disagree with. Senator Allen is due an apology by that organization or it should be disbanded as a hate group.

  2. Wm. D. says:

    There’s a simple solution to this controversy – Enforce Immigration Laws. If greedy people wanting CHEAP labor hadn’t turned their heads the other way and allowed undocumented people to enter this country – yes -ILLEGALLY – the entire problem could have been averted.No going back but starting NOW – No entries to this country without proper documentation!!!!! Obama was right. Trump is right.

  3. Francis Donnelly, west Sedona says:

    She’s a hard worker for us.

  4. Tweet says:

    Crime in Los Angeles has SKYROCKETED after it became a sanctuary city.

    Violent crime? UP 19.9%

    Homicides? UP 10.2%

    Shootings? UP 12.6%

    Rape? UP 8.6%

    Robberies? UP 12.3%

    Aggravated assault? UP 27.5%

    We can’t let America become a sanctuary country.

    Who agrees?

    Ryan Fournier 3:39 PM · Feb 29, 2020·Twitter for iPhone

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