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Bernie Sanders supporter: United Democrats can win election

Sedona AZ – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:

Dear Editor,

Please accept this letter below for publication. Thank you for an interesting and informative newspaper – I was glad to find the Sedona Eye – I have family down your way.

United we stand.

History and common sense tell us that when the weak stand together, they can resist the powerful.

Our less privileged fellows who lack basic human needs – healthcare, economic equality, a secure future – need us to stand with them. They support candidates who hear their unmet needs and champion true equality, making the bold claim that such needs are human rights. Should we stand with them? Or should we hedge our bets to protect our own situation, and opt for something supposedly safer – but which leaves our fellows behind?

Senator Bernie Sanders insists that everyone – regardless of their income or position in life – should have full access to a decent life. This includes comprehensive healthcare; education without burdensome debt; freedom from scarcity (a living wage); safety from terror and discrimination; decent housing; and justice free from predatory imprisonment.

Bernie’s proposals reflect an ethical standard that values every single human being. His commitment to a just world challenges us to examine our own values. Shall we join him in affirming that we can act ethically? Or will we once again abandon our fellows who depend on our loyalty to finally have their needs addressed?

United behind either candidate, Democrats will absolutely win the presidency this November. We are being persuaded to accept less for our fellows, told that it’s the safer route. But the fact is that we are safer, stronger, and more successful when we stay true to our values by standing with our less privileged friends.

Yours truly,

Kirby MacLaurin
Durango, CO 81301


  1. Roy says:

    Bernie is an old communist. Any American voting for Bernie is pro Russian and pro Chinese governments. Don’t ever speak to me again Democrats about pro Russia Trump hoax,it was proven false by Democrats, because you all were and are the real snakes from the Russian grasslands. You know what disgusts me more about the Bern, he’s got 3 homes, wealthier than most of you, never did a hard days labor in his entire life, been paid by the government every day he sat in office, and thinks he’s had it bad in America. He’s rotten to the core.

  2. Luci Hudson says:

    I’m saddened by how the children and grandchildren of the greatest generation forgot our history. I’m saddened by how the children and grandchildren of Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iran, Cuba and others forgot our history. I see that picture of John Kennedy and that man saw things differently, and he appointed his brother to be the Attorney General. No President dared before or since and every President had his own personal advisors that were family and friends – why are they different from you? For fun I asked four high school students from Sedona if they knew who JFK was and two had no idea to even try and guess, one said “he a basketball player” and the other said it was an airport. Good job teachers and parents.

  3. Simplicissimus says:

    Perhaps, if it was 1988, and the gaffe-prone governor of Mass, Mike Dukakis, were running. At this point, and it was about then I departed the party, I knew they had become idealogically possessed by the left, in the same vein as Lyndon Johnson. Bernard Sanders is a committed Marxist Socailist, even if confined to the gulag himself, will preach the holy eulogy of whatever befits the state, at the expense of the individual person.

  4. Leann Kelley says:

    I’m a Tulsi Gabbard voter. I’m a Real Democrat. Put partisan politics aside. Stop with this sickening of the country. No China travelers. No Asian travelers. Give aid to those who need it most.

  5. HS Jr, Flagstaff says:

    @writer and commenters

    Our party reflects national party politics of old decrepit men and women in poor health and signs of dementia, like Sanders and Biden and even Warren and Hillary, sadly women who can’t speak for lying and Joe has dementia clearly and plainly and isn’t up to campaigning, let alone governing. Joe stood up for his never did well son at the cost of his truthfulness. You think Joe didn’t reap a big chunk of those dollars? Don’t be asses for the sake of being asses.

    A false flag for VP that seals the fate of the country seems to be the conversation lately. We can’t afford as a country to elect Joe or Bernie. We can’t afford to elect any Democrat running at this time because they loudly and clearly have been standing with Bernie and Joe at any cost to our country. They frighten me and should be frightening you. You better hope we right our leaning tower of a party because it no longer reflects but a few politically frightening radicals wanting us to be another Russia or China. No thanks. I want my freedoms and I’ll accept other peoples freedoms like owning a limited register of guns and ammunition responsibly with extensive background checks and waiting periods, and having abortions that don’t kill humans who can live outside the womb.

    Let me say something about abortions here. You step over the line with abortions and it is clearly murder. Let’s be reasonable that science knows when it’s a viable lifeform and accept it, to do or be less means we aren’t good people and we aren’t a good society. If you can’t stand someone getting murdered with a gun, then don’t justify murdering a baby by saying it’s your right to decide and murdering them with medicine. All of you pro abortion at any term need to establish charities that support the unwanted babies born, not advocate for their murder. To be pro gun does not mean at any cost. To be pro abortion does not mean at any cost. There are limitations that don’t have to take away the freedom of choice. I’m beginning to see a Nazi like pro abortion stance and it has begun to seep over into euthanasia for the elderly and mentally challenged. Sadly the way to stamp this out is to not vote for the party candidates, let’s send a message that next election time we need quality not quantity.

  6. Bob, west Sedona says:

    Biden will beat Bernie. The fix is in. Big Dem $$ lost power & want it back.

  7. Turner says:

    want to bet barack didn’t back joe cuz he knew burisma crap would come out and drag him down to

    Sent from (deleted by editor) iPhone

  8. Ollie says:

    If people vote for those Democrats on my ballot I’m out and voting Trump. Threw it in trash.

  9. Arizona Primary Election Results says:

    2020 United States presidential primary election results – Arizona
    Updated at 12:43 AM EDT
    67 delegates available

    Joe Biden
    37 43.6% 232,192

    Bernie Sanders
    28 31.7% 168,552

    Michael Bloomberg
    0 10.1% 53,743

    Elizabeth Warren
    0 6.5% 34,602

    Pete Buttigieg
    0 4.6% 24,588

    Amy Klobuchar
    0 1.8% 9,338

    Tulsi Gabbard
    0 0.5% 2,739

    Andrew Yang
    0 0.3% 1,781

    Tom Steyer
    0 0.2% 1,112

    Julian Castro
    0 0.1% 698

    Marianne Williamson
    0 0.1% 629

    Roque De La Fuente III
    0 0.1% 607

    Cory Booker
    0 0.1% 395

    John Delaney
    0 0.1% 325

    Michael Bennet
    0 0.1% 243

    Deval Patrick
    0 0.1% 231

    Henry Hewes
    0 0.1% 201

    Michael Ellinger
    0 0.1% 165
    Source: The Associated Press.


    As of 10 p.m. Tuesday March 17, 2020

    Joe Biden; 209,416; 42.5%

    Bernie Sanders; 147,199; 29.9%


    Bernie Sanders; 5,680; 45.2%

    Joe Biden; 5,049; 40.1%

  10. Dave, VOC says:

    Democrats tried to save themselves when they realized they were now Russian and Chinese communists supporters because that’s what the Bern was about.

  11. Gov. Klobuchar husband very ill with coronavirus says:

    Klobuchar, a former 2020 presidential candidate husband quite ill. After a persistent temperature and a “bad, bad” cough, Bessler began coughing up blood, Klobuchar said, prompting him to get a coronavirus test and a chest X-ray.
    He checked into a hospital in Virginia and “now has pneumonia and is on oxygen but not a ventilator,” Klobuchar said.

  12. Carol says:

    Can you understand the mindset of the Congressional Democrats? It’s all about them winning at any cost. It’s disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. @carol says:

    Yea yea carol and the repubdicks don’t do the same right?!

  14. Ellery says:

    Bernie and Barry locked Joe in his cellar
    So Jill ran down to rescue her fella
    Next you know up comes Jill no Joe
    Shouting Boys What The Hellah!
    Joe’s sunning himself under a toy umbrella!

  15. Ryan Fournier says:


    Joe Biden called Trump’s China travel ban “xenophobic.”

    Now he is saying Trump should have done it sooner.

    Which is it Joe?

    12:42 PM · Apr 5, 2020·Twitter for iPhone

  16. Camille Franklin, Worcester says:

    If it weren’t for double standards, leftists wouldn’t have any.

  17. Libby says:

    Bernie withdraws from race today at noon.

  18. Tommy says:

    good riddance

  19. Graham says:

    We had choices of CommieBern and a psycho list of Acornators somehow ended up with DementiaJoe , thanks no thanks

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