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DORR Offers Local and Statewide Ballot Discussion

Sedona AZ (September 11, 2018) – Voters will be asked to weigh in on five statewide and several local ballot propositions in the upcoming November general election. Ballot measures often do not receive the same attention as candidates, but are important as they propose laws or amendments that require voter approval.

The ballot questions will be discussed at the Democrats of the Red Rocks monthly breakfast on Thursday, September 20. The breakfast will be held at a west Sedona restaurant starting at 8:00 in the morning.

There are five statewide ballot propositions:

Proposition 125 is a legislative referral related to the Public retirement systems for the Correction Officer Retirement Plan and the Elected Officials Retirement Plan.

Proposition 126 would prohibit local governments from establishing any new tax on “services.” There is no formal definition of what constitutes a “service” under state law.

Proposition 127 is a citizens’ initiative that would require private utilities to obtain 50% of power from renewable resources by 2030.

Proposition 305 would approve Senate Bill 1431 to expand the state Empowerment Scholarship Account program (vouchers) to allow all public school students (K-12) to apply. Initially, the program was limited to children with disabilities. Prop 305 is a Citizen Referendum that gives voters the ability to approve or disapprove the bill passed by the legislature and signed by the Governor.

Proposition 306 is a legislative referral relating to the Citizens Clean Election (CCE) Commission and would restrict payments that candidates can make for campaign services and would eliminate the CCE’s independence in rule-making by subjecting it to review under the Governor’s Regulatory Review Council.

Additionally, local voters will find ballot propositions related to Coconino County Community College, a budget override for the Sedona-Oak Creek Unified School District, and a vote on Sedona’s budget Permanent Base Adjustment.

DORR will have presenters on each of the ballot propositions.

The discussion is part of DORR’s critical issues breakfast series, held on the third Thursday of the month. The organization presents a different program each month. All breakfasts are open to the public. There is a $15 admission fee to cover the cost of breakfast.

For more information, call 928-212-1357.


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  1. Socialists of the Red Rocks says:

    Please join our meeting, we believe we can spend your money wiser than you can. Remember in other socialist countries the leaders all rode in limo’s and lived in palaces where the proletariat all rode bicycles.

    Take a look at Sedona, we have made great progress. The Chamber and city staff all make six figure salaries. We have new bus services planned for you.

    Forward Comerades !!

  2. Steve segner says:

    You just have to attend these breakfasts. We are all socialists. DORR helped pass Home Rule in the recent election and all the candidates they sponsored won the council. You are already a socialist, government owned roads, schools, social security. Our favorite non profit the Sedona Chamber is the economic engine of Sedona.

  3. Arizona Election Result Prop 305 says:

    Arizona General Election Final – Proposition 305 – Expand Scholarship Funds
    Called – 1.6M votes counted

    No 65.11%
    Yes 34.89%

  4. Arizona Election Result Prop 126 says:

    Arizona General Election Result – Proposition 126 – Ban New Taxes on Services
    Called – 1.6M votes counted

    Yes 65.14%
    No 34.86%

  5. Arizona Election Result Prop 125 says:

    Arizona General Election Result – Proposition 125 – Allow State Pension Change
    Called – 1.6M votes counted

    Yes 51.71%
    No 48.29%

  6. Arizona Election Result Prop 127 says:

    Arizona General Election Result – Proposition 127 – Increase Renewable Energy
    1.7M votes counted

    No 69.81%
    Yes 30.19%

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