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Sedona Bell Rock Injured Hiker Rescued

Sedona AZ (September 10, 2018) – An injured hiker was rescued from near the summit of Bell Rock late Sunday morning after suffering a compound fracture of the lower leg. The hiker, a Sedona resident, was with friends when the accident occurred. Two helicopters from Arizona Department of Public Safety were utilized during the rescue.

“Due to the rugged terrain and inaccessibility of the patient, the best way to get them off of the rock was by helicopter,” said Sedona Fire District Battalion Chief Jordan Baker. “These types of operations are extremely high risk, but sometimes that is the only option available. Ranger 56 extracted the injured hiker from the summit, and Ranger 58 transported the injured party to Flagstaff Medical Center.

Due to the time necessary to configure a helicopter for rescue and then reconfigure for a patient transport, it is sometimes advantageous to utilize two helicopters. Fire department personnel initially hiked up to the patient while the aircraft were responding to the scene and began treating the patient for injuries.

Many of the hikes around Sedona can be very challenging. SFD wants to remind everyone that the best way to make sure that your hike ends safely is to prepare beforehand. When preparing for a hike always:

Bring plenty of water

Wear proper hiking boot/shoes and attire 

Use sunscreen and a hat to protect you from the elements 

Always tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return 

Make sure your cell phone is charged and take it with you 

Hike with a buddy 

Watch your step – especially in rugged terrain.

Pictures and videos of the rescue may be viewed at the following link for the next 5 days:  https://1drv.ms/f/s!Atop6GPsa8DxgdVjKVCpwcsMO_J5VQ   *Photos and video courtesy of Sedona Fire District.

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  1. Jim, VOC says:

    big bills for small minds

  2. $edona says:

    We pay for all the dumb tourists. and then when the traffic is to much the fire district calls fire districts from cottonwood VV to come take are of sedona fire business because they can’t get there.!!!!!

    Start impacts fees to hotels & Chamber

  3. Jim says:


    Can you read?
    It was a Sedona resident.
    Like you.

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