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Yavapai County Supervisors and two State legislators discuss next session objectives

Sedona AZ – On December 9, 2019, the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors along with Craig Sullivan, Executive Director of the County Supervisors Association (CSA), met with Arizona Senate President Karen Fann and Arizona State Representative Steve Pierce to discuss Yavapai County’s objectives for the upcoming legislative session.

Topics included:

County Budget priorities

  • Arizona Department of Juvenile Correction Fee
  • Presidential Preference Election funding
  • Flexibility Language
  • Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS)
  • Highway User Revenue Fund (HURF).

County Legislative Priorities

  • Public Safety Pension Funding
  • Short Term Vacation Rental Regulation
  • Rural Transient Lodging Excise Equity
  • Annexation Modification
  • Juvenile Dependency Representation.

Yavapai County Board of Supervisors discuss their objectives for the upcoming budget and legislative session with Arizona State Senate President Karen Fann and AZ State Rep Steve Pierce. The two state legislators cautioned that an estimated $650 million budget must fund its obligations to DPS and the Twenty by Twenty initiative before new ongoing expenses can be considered. [Photo@Yavapai County]

Yavapai County Board of Supervisors Chairman Randy Garrison started the discussion by greeting the members of the Legislature with, “We appreciate you both taking the time to visit with us and we wanted to make sure that, before we start this upcoming legislative session, we have a chance to get you what the counties priorities are and why and, if you have any questions, we can answer those here.”

CSA Executive Director Sullivan took everyone through the agenda, highlighting the objectives Yavapai County has asked CSA to bring forward this coming legislative session. The discussion was well received and appreciated by both of the legislators.

State Senate President Fann said, in discussing the upcoming legislative budget, “The good news is we have about $650 million to work with. We are going to be very careful to watch out for new ongoing money (expenses). We have a lot of ongoing expenses with funding DPS and the Twenty by Twenty initiative (increasing education funding), so all new ongoing expenses will be looked at twice.”

“As far as bills I expect to see, we know that Healthcare is #1, Education is #2, and Immigration is #3. The bill that I have submitted, and Karen (Fann) and Noel Campbell have signed onto, is a mandatory sentencing for trafficking Fentanyl. It (Fentanyl) is getting into everything. They are lacing Marijuana with it now, so hopefully we can get something done with that this coming session,” positioned Rep. Pierce.

Yavapai County Supervisors Tom Thurman and Rowle Simmons also participated in the meeting.

The meeting concluded with Supervisor Simmons thanking the legislators for coming to Prescott, meeting with them, and taking the time to discuss Yavapai County’s priorities for the next legislative session.


  1. Kado Cossitt says:

    Point out listening to actual taxpayers not special interest interlopers please.

  2. Evelyn Ecker says:

    Every elected official in government should have to read their office’s mission and their job duties and their state constitution and county charter before every morning begins and before every meeting adjournment. The news media should have to publish their positions and achievements to justify keeping them in office every month. Guess that and pigs will never fly.

  3. Leyland Stad says:

    So Evelyn, when do you plan to run for an elected office position?

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