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When Government and Press Cooperate to Terrorize the People

Sedona AZ (June 17, 2016) – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:

State of the Election V, 2016 by joey racano

Joseph Racano

Joseph Racano shares his opinion on fooling the people all the time.

By this point, you may be terrorized by your television. No matter what channel you choose, the same lines are being spoken, the same images, meant to instill fear, play on the screen. There is an old saying; ‘You CAN fool all the people all of the time- when government and press cooperate’. And that is where we now find ourselves.

We have a club choosing who will be President of our government. And that club has Hillary Clinton operatives running the primaries. These primaries were fixed in every way possible, to make change impossible. There is another old saying, this one by JFK: ‘Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable’.

And yet, even as we build a revolution in the face of climate change, deforestation, nuke plant disasters and illegal housing foreclosures, many are so traumatized by the screen in their living room that they lay on that living room floor in a fetal position asking and begging to be disarmed.

Remember Tienanmen Square, where a people demanded democracy and were instead crushed beneath tank treds. Remember the Communards of France, buried in mass graves.

And while many in America still believe we are armed by democracy, the chosen candidate (chosen by her own incumbent operatives who ran the election) represents Monsanto and has her paychecks signed by the same banks that designed, orchestrated and profited from the housing bubble and burst.

I submit democracy is not here to protect us from such tyranny.

While many sit mesmerized in front of the TV screen cheering on a hypocritical filibuster, I further submit there is far more to fear from democratic party inaction on global warming than from weapons of war in the hands of the people. If you want to disarm, the days leading up to a revolution may not be the best time to do so, especially when the police are not considering to participate.

To get rid of the scourge of weapons of war, one does not grandstand on the television crying crocodile tears. Rather, they vote down the 602 Billion dollars just approved for the new war budget of fiscal 2017.

By and large, you will find that those calling for gun control are the same people who will vote for Hillary Clinton in the general election. These same people seem to be otherwise fine with mass killings so long as the victims are middle eastern and the dirty deed done overseas.

man boy teen computerSomewhere in Indiana, an anonymous man is at his work-at-home job, sitting on the couch, joystick in hand, piloting a predator drone 9 thousand miles away and wiping out a doctors without borders hospital. A wedding party. A baby bottle factory. A schoolhouse.

Where is the outrage?

As Obama spends ungodly money upgrading the US arsenal of hydrogen bombs, perhaps I, too shall join in the call to disarm.


Joey Racano
Morro Bay, CA

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  1. Don says:

    Interesting, thanks.

  2. Julie Ewing says:

    Thank you to Don for the share- never heard of Sedona before knowing his family because we live in Washington (state) and are
    Visiting here with them for the first time. Your weather is oppressive but the views are magnificent when you see them from higher up. How do you cope with summers? We can’t be outside with this temperature because it makes us feel queasy and admire othes who can. I filled out the subscription and we will keep in touch with your broader interest articles but we don’t care about local politics. Thank you for a wonderful place to visit. Julie and family Ewing

  3. J. J. says:

    To Julie and Ewing family – Please remember that this is an extreme heat wave, last experienced 25 years ago. And if you’d do your homework, you’d know that every continent, every place in the world has experienced record heat and or some other extreme weather. Check Youtube for the storm that hit Poland today.

    Remember to come to Sedona to connect with nature, with your inner God/dess, with the light that you are. There’s really no other reason to be here, except to remember who you truly are – a creation, a creative soul, a member of the life we all live and share together.

    Peace and love, JJ

  4. David, VOC says:


    FBI: US Homicide Rate At 51-Year Low
    – Jun 16, 2016 6:30 PM by Ryan McMaken

    from the article that must be read in its entirety;

    The US homicide rate in 2014, the most recent year available, was 4.5 per 100,000. The 2014 total follows a long downward trend and is the lowest homicide rate recorded since 1963 when the rate was 4.6 per 100,000. To find a lower homicide rate, we must travel back to 1957 when the total homicide rate hit 4.0 per 100,000.
    Homicide rates were considerably higher in the United States during the 1970s, 80s, and 90s, but over the past 25 years, have fallen nearly continuously:

    or this excerpt from the article which must be read in its entirety —

    Many advocates for gun control employ their usual soft bigotry of low expectations and claim that Mexicans could never be expected to behave like people in “advanced” countries, thus no comparisons are allowed. Naturally, no standard for why one North American country cannot be compared to another is ever provided. But if we do allow ourselves to believe that Mexican are, in fact, full-fledged human beings, we will make a comparison and wonder why gun-tolerant Texas is so much more peaceful than gun-restrictive Mexico. (For more on this, see my article “The Mistake of Only Comparing US Murder Rates to ‘Developed’ Countries”.)

    and this small excerpt from article which should be read in its entirety –

    Mass Shootings as a “Special” Kind of Murder

    The most recent strategy employed nowadays to whip up sentiment against gun ownership is by redefining mass shootings as some kind of “special” type of murder. “Yes, homicide rates have been going down,” they admit, “but mass shootings are now an epidemic!”
    If there are 49 percent fewer homicides nowadays compared to twenty years ago, it is a bit disingenuous to imply that homicides are actually going up because the rare events knows as mass shootings are asserted to be more common. Victims of mass shootings are not more dead than other homicide victims. If the goal is to decrease homicide, we must first ask ourselves why the conditions that coincided with falling homicide rates (i.e., increasing gun ownership) should be abolished all the name of reducing one specific kind of homicide.
    Moreover, it is untrue that the US is unique in the occurrence of mass shootings. The claim is so far from accurate that even Politifact rates the claim as “mostly false.” One can only even begin to make the claim if one conveniently excludes mass shootings in Europe (such as the Paris attacks) as “terrorism” while defining similar acts in the US (i.e., the San Bernardino and Orlando killings) as generic “mass shootings.” Similarly, it’s also disingenuous to ignore other forms of mass homicide that occur when the murderers use means other than guns. The 2002 Bali bombings at a night club, for example, killed more than 200 people. But never mind that, we’re told. Just focus on mass shootings. Also, ignore killings like the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing and the Boston Marathon bombings. Although some components of fertilizer bombs are monitored, it’s still perfectly legal to buy the means to carry out those killings.
    In order to accept mass shootings as the only important metric on homicide nowadays, we must ignore countless facts about the context and trends in homicide. But, there’s no reason why we should do this. Indeed, a small number of mass homicides should be easier to deal with than a larger number of non-mass homicides. As I discuss here and here, mass homicides tend to occur at very specific locations where large numbers of people congregate, and the obvious answer would be to address security at those specific places.
    Many gun control advocates think they’re being clever when they point out that policymakers “banned” box cutters and liquids. “So let’s ban semi-automatic rifles!” Take this meme being passed around by left-wing Facebook groups:

  5. Hillary Loves Venezuela Politics says:

    And this is what mainstream media is saying today now imagine how terrible it’s been far longer than it would admit???? Hillary and the President have been ardent supporters of the government’s “progressive ideals”….

    ….In a revolt against president Nicolás Maduro’s flailing government, they are increasingly turning to rioting and looting to feed themselves. In the city of Cumaná they raided more than 100 supermarkets other food stores last week. Hundreds were arrested; one died.

    The situation is desperate. Price controls combined with the scarcity of goods have resulted in skyrocketing inflation. At current prices, it would take more than 20 times the minimum wage to buy basic foodstuffs for a family of five, according to the research arm of a teacher’s union.

    Nearly 90% of the population can’t afford to buy enough food, according to a living-standards assessment by Simón Bolivar University. Even those with money can’t find basic products amid empty supermarket shelves….

  6. Ted says:

    Surprised you’re surprised. Only idiots fail to visit State department site to find out where not to travel & read up on cities before buying tickets!

    According to The Economist, “Venezuela is in turmoil,” its capital Caracas had the highest murder rate in the world last year.


  7. Jake, Sedona says:

    http://www.theactivetimes.com/moreslideshows/content/15-dirtiest-cities-world Moscow near top & Mexico City & India has several cities, garbage & raw sewage floating in drinking waters, we’re lucky to be in US of A, eh? What difference A BORDER MAKES is not a hard question to answer. Thanks for 1st & #2 links never heard of before—–keeps us thinking.

  8. West Sedona Dave says:

    7 corporations run over 95% of ALL media….That radio and TV….

    Will live in a oligarchy…..Get used to it….Its not news anymore….Its infotainment!

    The puppet masters tell you how to think and how to respond!!!!

    Dont believe me?….Listen to most ERW and ELW people right here on this board!

    Its WE THE PEOPLE…..not we the multi trillion dollar corporations are people crap!!!

  9. 3M, Philadelphia PA says:


  10. TCW says:

    It’s true the press starts a lot of trouble.

  11. Darryl Z says:

    Why did DiNunzio resign?

  12. Juan Pablo Firestorm says:

    All I know is that Tom Tayback and the Daddy-O’s have a show coming up this week.

  13. WHAT??? says:

    “Why did DiNunzio resign?” @Darryl Z

    What does that have to with this article? (When Government and Press Cooperate to Terrorize the People) Why not ask the question under that article featuring DiNunzio’s picture featured on the strip headlines?

    Go figure.

  14. Sol says:

    Dear John Lewis, Elijah Cummings, Hillary Clinton and Pres. Barack Obama and the rest of you sitting on a floor in Washington DC,

    You’re not passing the stink test. You are creating and manipulating the media by removing from the front page the REAL REASON FOR THE ATTACK. A RELIGIOUS FUNDAMENTALIST NUTCASE AND HIS WIFE WHOSE EQUALLY TO BLAME AND HIS FAMILY WHO IS EQUALLY TO BLAME.

    Who paid for the VERY EXPENSIVE PROSTHETIC FOR THE SO-CALLED “LOVER” OF THE ORLANDO SHOOTER? As a Hollywood worker, that piece would have taken weeks to put together & it would have cost mega bucks.

    How does the latest government attempt to SPIN the shooting away from a muslim domestic terrorist explain his WIFE? She helped him buy the guns, she helped him scope out the club, she helped him drive the car, SHE HELPED HIM FROM BEGINNING TO END. Who does the government plan to tell us is HER LBGT LOVER?

    If just one gun toting man/woman at the nightclub…well…guess who would have survived and guess who would have maybe taken out the hostage taker? Think about it.






    THAT’S ALL. And you media aholes better start printing real stuff & not government mouthpieces. NO PHOTOS OF AHOLES SITTING ON ASSES PRETENDING THEY GIVE A (deleted by editor).



  15. The Sad Truth says:

    As for propogranda and the media manipulating, look no further than 1983 when six corporations took over broadcast and print media http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/archives/who-owns-the-media-the-6-monolithic-corporations-that-control-almost-everything-we-watch-hear-and-read and 1987 when the FCC eliminated “The Fairness Doctrine” https://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/ezra-klein/post/everything-you-need-to-know-about-the-fairness-doctrine-in-one-post/2011/08/23/gIQAN8CXZJ_blog.html which had “required” broadcast radio and TV to air opposing political opinions.

  16. kelly j says:

    10 of the Worst Terror Attacks by Extreme Christians and Far-Right White Men

    Most of the terrorist activity in the U.S. in recent years has come not from Muslims, but from radical Christianists, white supremacists and far-right militia groups.

    By Alex Henderson / AlterNet July 24, 2013
    AddThis Sharing Buttons

    From Fox News to the Weekly Standard, neoconservatives have tried to paint terrorism as a largely or exclusively Islamic phenomenon. Their message of Islamophobia has been repeated many times since the George W. Bush era: Islam is inherently violent, Christianity is inherently peaceful, and there is no such thing as a Christian terrorist or a white male terrorist. But the facts don’t bear that out. Far-right white male radicals and extreme Christianists are every bit as capable of acts of terrorism as radical Islamists, and to pretend that such terrorists don’t exist does the public a huge disservice. Dzhokhar Anzorovich Tsarnaev and the late Tamerlan Anzorovich Tsarnaev (the Chechen brothers suspected in the Boston Marathon bombing of April 15, 2013) are both considered white and appear to have been motivated in part by radical Islam. And many terrorist attacks in the United States have been carried out by people who were neither Muslims nor dark-skinned.

    When white males of the far right carry out violent attacks, neocons and Republicans typically describe them as lone-wolf extremists rather than people who are part of terrorist networks or well-organized terrorist movements. Yet many of the terrorist attacks in the United States have been carried out by people who had long histories of networking with other terrorists. In fact, most of the terrorist activity occurring in the United States in recent years has not come from Muslims, but from a combination of radical Christianists, white supremacists and far-right militia groups.

    Below are 10 of the worst examples of non-Islamic terrorism that have occurred in the United States in the last 30 years.

    1. Wisconsin Sikh Temple massacre, Aug. 5, 2012. The virulent, neocon-fueled Islamophobia that has plagued post-9/11 America has not only posed a threat to Muslims, it has had deadly consequences for people of other faiths, including Sikhs. Sikhs are not Muslims; the traditional Sikh attire, including their turbans, is different from traditional Sunni, Shiite or Sufi attire. But to a racist, a bearded Sikh looks like a Muslim. Only four days after 9/11, Balbir Singh Sodhi, a Sikh immigrant from India who owned a gas station in Mesa, Arizona, was murdered by Frank Silva Roque, a racist who obviously mistook him for a Muslim.

    But Sodhi’s murder was not the last example of anti-Sikh violence in post-9/11 America. On Aug. 5, 2012, white supremacist Wade Michael Page used a semiautomatic weapon to murder six people during an attack on a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Page’s connection to the white supremacist movement was well-documented: he had been a member of the neo-Nazi rock bands End Empathy and Definite Hate. Attorney General Eric Holder described the attack as “an act of terrorism, an act of hatred.” It was good to see the nation’s top cop acknowledge that terrorist acts can, in fact, involve white males murdering people of color.

    2. The murder of Dr. George Tiller, May 31, 2009. Imagine that a physician had been the victim of an attempted assassination by an Islamic jihadist in 1993, and received numerous death threats from al-Qaeda after that, before being murdered by an al-Qaeda member. Neocons, Fox News and the Christian Right would have had a field day. A physician was the victim of a terrorist killing that day, but neither the terrorist nor the people who inflamed the terrorist were Muslims. Dr. George Tiller, who was shot and killed by anti-abortion terrorist Scott Roeder on May 31, 2009, was a victim of Christian Right terrorism, not al-Qaeda.

    Tiller had a long history of being targeted for violence by Christian Right terrorists. In 1986, his clinic was firebombed. Then, in 1993, Tiller was shot five times by female Christian Right terrorist Shelly Shannon (now serving time in a federal prison) but survived that attack. Given that Tiller had been the victim of an attempted murder and received countless death threats after that, Fox News would have done well to avoid fanning the flames of unrest. Instead, Bill O’Reilly repeatedly referred to him as “Tiller the baby killer.” When Roeder murdered Tiller, O’Reilly condemned the attack but did so in a way that was lukewarm at best.

    Keith Olbermann called O’Reilly out and denounced him as a “facilitator for domestic terrorism” and a “blindly irresponsible man.” And Crazy for Godauthor Frank Schaffer, who was formerly a figure on the Christian Right but has since become critical of that movement, asserted that the Christian Right’s extreme anti-abortion rhetoric “helped create the climate that made this murder likely to happen.” Neocon Ann Coulter, meanwhile, viewed Tiller’s murder as a source of comic relief, telling O’Reilly, “I don’t really like to think of it as a murder. It was terminating Tiller in the 203rd trimester.” The Republican/neocon double standard when it comes to terrorism is obvious. At Fox News and AM neocon talk radio, Islamic terrorism is a source of nonstop fear-mongering, while Christian Right terrorism gets a pass.

    3. Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church shooting, July 27, 2008. On July 27, 2008, Christian Right sympathizer Jim David Adkisson walked into the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church in Knoxville, Tennessee during a children’s play and began shooting people at random. Two were killed, while seven others were injured but survived. Adkisson said he was motivated by a hatred of liberals, Democrats and gays, and he considered neocon Bernard Goldberg’s book, 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America, his political manifesto. Adkisson (who pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree murder and is now serving life in prison without parole) was vehemently anti-abortion, but apparently committing an act of terrorism during a children’s play was good ol’ Republican family values. While Adkisson’s act of terrorism was reported on Fox News, it didn’t get the round-the-clock coverage an act of Islamic terrorism would have garnered.

    4. The murder of Dr. John Britton, July 29, 1994. To hear the Christian Right tell it, there is no such thing as Christian terrorism. Tell that to the victims of the Army of God, a loose network of radical Christianists with a long history of terrorist attacks on abortion providers. One Christian Right terrorist with ties to the Army of God was Paul Jennings Hill, who was executed by lethal injection on Sept. 3, 2003 for the murders of abortion doctor John Britton and his bodyguard James Barrett. Hill shot both of them in cold blood and expressed no remorse whatsoever; he insisted he was doing’s God’s work and has been exalted as a martyr by the Army of God.

    5. The Centennial Olympic Park bombing, July 27, 1996. Paul Jennings Hill is hardly the only Christian terrorist who has been praised by the Army of God; that organization has also praised Eric Rudolph, who is serving life without parole for a long list of terrorist attacks committed in the name of Christianity. Rudolph is best known for carrying out the Olympic Park bombing in Atlanta during the 1996 Summer Olympics—a blast that killed spectator Alice Hawthorne and wounded 111 others. Hawthorne wasn’t the only person Rudolph murdered: his bombing of an abortion clinic in Birmingham, Alabama in 1998 caused the death of Robert Sanderson (a Birmingham police officer and part-time security guard) and caused nurse Emily Lyons to lose an eye.

    Rudolph’s other acts of Christian terrorism include bombing the Otherwise Lounge (a lesbian bar in Atlanta) in 1997 and an abortion clinic in an Atlanta suburb in 1997. Rudolph was no lone wolf: he was part of a terrorist movement that encouraged his violence. And the Army of God continues to exalt Rudolph as a brave Christian who is doing God’s work.

    6. The murder of Barnett Slepian byJames Charles Kopp, Oct. 23, 1998. Like Paul Jennings Hill, Eric Rudolph and Scott Roeder, James Charles Kopp is a radical Christian terrorist who has been exalted as a hero by the Army of God. On Oct. 23, 1998 Kopp fired a single shot into the Amherst, NY home of Barnett Slepian (a doctor who performed abortions), mortally wounding him. Slepian died an hour later. Kopp later claimed he only meant to wound Slepian, not kill him. But Judge Michael D’Amico of Erin County, NY said that the killing was clearly premeditated and sentenced Kopp to 25 years to life. Kopp is a suspect in other anti-abortion terrorist attacks, including the non-fatal shootings of three doctors in Canada, though it appears unlikely that Kopp will be extradited to Canada to face any charges.

    7. Planned Parenthood bombing, Brookline, Massachusetts, 1994. Seldom has the term “Christian terrorist” been used in connection with John C. Salvi on AM talk radio or at Fox News, but it’s a term that easily applies to him. In 1994, the radical anti-abortionist and Army of God member attacked a Planned Parenthood clinic in Brookline, Massachusetts, shooting and killing receptionists Shannon Lowney and Lee Ann Nichols and wounding several others. Salvi was found dead in his prison cell in 1996, and his death was ruled a suicide. The Army of God has exalted Salvi as a Christian martyr and described Lowney and Nichols not as victims of domestic terrorism, but as infidels who got what they deserved. The Rev. Donald Spitz, a Christianist and Army of God supporter who is so extreme that even the radical anti-abortion group Operation Rescue disassociated itself from him, has praised Salvi as well.

    8. Suicide attack on IRS building in Austin, Texas, Feb. 18, 2010. When Joseph Stack flew a plane into the Echelon office complex (where an IRS office was located), Fox News’ coverage of the incident was calm and matter-of-fact. Republican Rep. Steve King of Iowa seemed to find the attack amusing and joked that it could have been avoided if the federal government had followed his advice and abolished the IRS. Nonetheless, there were two fatalities: Stack and IRS employee Vernon Hunter. Stack left behind a rambling suicide note outlining his reasons for the attack, which included a disdain for the IRS as well as total disgust with health insurance companies and bank bailouts. Some of the most insightful coverage of the incident came from Noam Chomsky, who said that while Stack had some legitimate grievances—millions of Americans shared his outrage over bank bailouts and the practices of health insurance companies—the way he expressed them was absolutely wrong.

    9. The murder of Alan Berg, June 18, 1984. One of the most absurd claims some Republicans have made about white supremacists is that they are liberals and progressives. That claim is especially ludicrous in light of the terrorist killing of liberal Denver-based talk show host Alan Berg, a critic of white supremacists who was killed with an automatic weapon on June 18, 1984. The killing was linked to members of the Order, a white supremacist group that had marked Berg for death. Order members David Lane (a former Ku Klux Klan member who had also been active in the Aryan Nations) and Bruce Pierce were both convicted in federal court on charges of racketeering, conspiracy and violating Berg’s civil rights and given what amounted to life sentences.

    Robert Matthews, who founded the Order, got that name from a fictional group in white supremacist William Luther Pierce’s anti-Semitic 1978 novel, The Turner Diaries—a book Timothy McVeigh was quite fond of. The novel’s fictional account of the destruction of a government building has been described as the inspiration for the Oklahoma City bombing of 1995.

    10. Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City bombing, April 19, 1995. Neocons and Republicans grow angry and uncomfortable whenever Timothy McVeigh is cited as an example of a non-Islamic terrorist. Pointing out that a non-Muslim white male carried out an attack as vicious and deadly as the Oklahoma City bombing doesn’t fit into their narrative that only Muslims and people of color are capable of carrying out terrorist attacks. Neocons will claim that bringing up McVeigh’s name during a discussion of terrorism is a “red herring” that distracts us from fighting radical Islamists, but that downplays the cruel, destructive nature of the attack.

    Prior to the al-Qaeda attacks of 9/11, the Oklahoma City bombing McVeigh orchestrated was the most deadly terrorist attack in U.S. history: 168 people were killed and more than 600 were injured. When McVeigh used a rented truck filled with explosives to blow up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, his goal was to kill as many people as possible. McVeigh was motivated by an extreme hatred for the U.S. government and saw the attack as revenge for the Ruby Ridge incident of 1992 and the Waco Siege in 1993. He had white supremacist leanings as well (when he was in the U.S. Army, McVeigh was reprimanded for wearing a “white power” T-shirt he had bought at a KKK demonstration). McVeigh was executed on June 11, 2001. He should have served life without parole instead, as a living reminder of the type of viciousness the extreme right is capable of.

  17. Merced Man says:

    @kellyj I get it. You’re a far left wing liberal. Fine. But really? You going for the white power deal? Hate your white self much?

    Stick to the point you’re trying to debunk.

    We’re talking ORLANDO. It’s a muslim terror attack. HE SAID IT. Sorry you didn’t get a chance to filter his phone call first to convince him to use the LGBT theme. Might’ve convinced him to leave the little “no-headcovering just out on the town for a trip to murder a lot of people wifey” at home to give him street cred. Left the baby, not the wife.

    Still loving your whitey kills for this point you’re making?

    There’s no word “Christianist”…”white stupid” likes to make up words. No whitey or blacky or browny is saying whitey don’t kill. Hello Jesus, that’s why he came to offer forgiveness & new rules. If whitey kills, he’s no Christian or Christianist. Blacky and Browny, same deal.

    They be just human evil. You know. What you pretend not to know about.

  18. Jim, west Sedona says:

    Kelly – problem with your stats is that your article was published April 2013. Three years ago, and the stats were taken from much earlier to write the article. May I suggest that you catch up on your reading? I would like to say that I appreciate your effort and others and I look forward to more comments for provoking conversation. Goodnight Sedona!

  19. Dry creek says:

    Go trump,,

  20. Costello and Abbott says:

    COSTELLO: I want to talk about the unemployment rate in America.

    ABBOTT: Good Subject. Terrible Times. It’s 5.6%.

    COSTELLO: That many people are out of work?

    ABBOTT: No, that’s 23%.

    COSTELLO: You just said 5.6%.

    ABBOTT: 5.6% Unemployed.

    COSTELLO: Right 5.6% out of work.

    ABBOTT: No, that’s 23%.

    COSTELLO: Okay, so it’s 23% unemployed.

    ABBOTT: No, that’s 5.6%.

    COSTELLO: WAIT A MINUTE. Is it 5.6% or 23%?

    ABBOTT: 5.6% are unemployed. 23% are out of work.

    COSTELLO: If you are out of work you are unemployed.

    ABBOTT: No, Obama said you can’t count the “Out of Work” as the unemployed. You have to look for work to be unemployed.


    ABBOTT: No, you miss his point.

    COSTELLO: What point?

    ABBOTT: Someone who doesn’t look for work can’t be counted with those who look for work. It wouldn’t be fair.

    COSTELLO: To whom?

    ABBOTT: The unemployed.

    COSTELLO: But ALL of them are out of work.

    ABBOTT: No, the unemployed are actively looking for work. Those who are out of work gave up looking and if you give up, you are no longer in the ranks of the unemployed.

    COSTELLO: So if you’re off the unemployment roles that would count as less unemployment?

    ABBOTT: Unemployment would go down. Absolutely!

    COSTELLO: The unemployment just goes down because you don’t look for work?

    ABBOTT: Absolutely it goes down. That’s how it gets to 5.6%. Otherwise it would be 23%.

    COSTELLO: Wait, I got a question for you. That means there are two ways to bring down the unemployment number?

    ABBOTT: Two ways is correct.

    COSTELLO: Unemployment can go down if someone gets a job?

    ABBOTT: Correct.

    COSTELLO: And unemployment can also go down if you stop looking for a job?

    ABBOTT: Bingo.

    COSTELLO: So there are two ways to bring unemployment down, and the easier of the two is to have people stop looking for work.

    ABBOTT: Now you’re thinking like a Democrat.

    COSTELLO: I don’t even know what the hell I just said!

    ABBOTT: Now you’re thinking like Hillary.

  21. Darryl Z says:

    hahaha Abbott and Costello – that is so right on!

    As far as the Orlando shooter, so many holes in the story I can hardly keep up. First he sneaks in an assault rifle, allegedly under his T-Shirt. Seriously? plus he had a handgun. And counting all the bullet holes, he carried in 80 pounds of ammo too. The guy must have had 5 arms. Then we’re told that witnesses say there were 4 others, which makes sense when you hear about someone holding the door closed. Another Pulse nightclub regular said the place isn’t very big and can hold about 200 people tops. But reports say that over 300 people were there – at closing time, 2 am, but the police won’t releases occupacy limit of the nightclub. As the story unfolds, we see that videos showing victims being carried out are actually being carried past the medical facility and BACK to the Pulse. When one guy thinks the camera is no longer on him, he suddenly can walk and dances a little jig, shaking it out. Four witnesses have been identified as professional “crisis actors.” If that’s not enough, the wife said she knew about the attack and tried to talk the shooter out of it, but did not say anything to authorities making her complicit. But can’t question her, because the FBI say they don’t know where she is. Then we find out that the shooter has worked for Wackenhut, a mercenary firm the CIA regularly uses. the shooter worked during the BP OIl spill (which is STILL spewing oil, BTW). Then we have photos of the shooter’s father at the white house and videos of his TV show that encourages Muslims to hate America. When the 911 call was made, the police were told to stand down 15 to 20 minutes before responding and the SWAT team showed up 3 hours later. No ambulances shown in photos of the shooting, and even tho you can’t turn around twice without being on camera, there’s no surveillance footage. All the surveillance we’re under, all the shoes off at the Airports and the like, they couldn’t stop this tragedy even tho the gun dealer contacted the FBI about the shooter. A terrorist, an extremist Muslim is ignored and the answer is gun control? Are you friggin kidding me?

  22. Shakiya Coley, Chino Valley visitor says:

    Last year, Hillary Clinton ally David Brock acquired Blue Nation Review, a long-time staple of independent liberal journalism. If you thought the Onion purchase was bad, this one is outright awful. The Hillary Clinton camp now essentially controls its very own media outlet. Recent headlines include “Hated By Insiders, Loved by the People – Hillary Clinton Is the Great American Populist.”

    Since Brock’s 80% acquisition, the entire BNR staff has been replaced.

    Yep. It’s bad. This one is one of the few remaining independents. Support free media stupid people. It’s your savior.

  23. West Sedona Resident says:

    I saw on the cover of the Red Rock news on a newsstand today. I said the Vice Mayor De Nunzio resigned. That means during the past year a council person and the Vice Mayor have resigned. Do you think they were proud of the work they were doing or wanted to get out before the city went broke and it came back on them?

    It seems to me the rats are leaving a sinking ship. I sure they gave another reason.

    Just sayin.

  24. David Smith says:

    Snooze had it when???? Read it here 18June & left comment!!! https://sedonaeye.com/vice-mayor-mark-dinunzio-resigns-from-city-council/

  25. West Sedona Resident says:

    Perhaps they were tired of the unpaid work they do for the general good of the City of Sedona….

    Thier rewards……..

    A bunch of crybabies and complainers in town that question EVERYTHING done ….

    However: Don’t see anyone of the crybabys running for anything but their pretty good at complaining and pointing fingers

  26. Jess Lookin says:

    The Mayor and the council members are all paid, I believe the mayor gets $800 per month and each councilor gets $400 per month. Plus I’m sure they are treated like rock stars at every Chamber of commerce function.

    You get treated like a rock star by the Chamber of Commerce also don’t you city Mgr and Ass Mgr?

    Is it in your job description to comment on the Sedona Eye?

    Sedona will be broke soon. You’ll get yours. Karma baby!!

  27. Points of Information says:

    For those of us who remember . . . The media is owned by six corporations. How did this happen? In 1983, six corporations merged from the many media corporations that existed at that time. http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/archives/who-owns-the-media-the-6-monolithic-corporations-that-control-almost-everything-we-watch-hear-and-read In 1987, the FCC expired “The Fairness Doctrine” which had required all broadcasters to air opposing political opinions following whatever political opinion it aired. https://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/ezra-klein/post/everything-you-need-to-know-about-the-fairness-doctrine-in-one-post/2011/08/23/gIQAN8CXZJ_blog.html Whatever broadcast channel, TV station you listen to or watch, you are receiving propoganda. Remember that.

  28. Beverly Nye says:

    House passes bill to keep government from reading old emails http://usat.ly/1SBCMcj via usatoday

    America, the vote was unanimous. All democrats and republicans agreed. finally. Feels good to read that fact.

  29. Boaz Witbeck says:

    Dear Publisher,

    We have great news to share with you.

    Governor Ducey announced yesterday that Arizona taxpayers will no longer be funding contract lobbyists and special interests! All contracts with lobbyists affiliated with state agencies, boards, and commissions are officially terminated, which will save taxpayers approximately $1 million a year.

    Please contact Governor Ducey’s office today and thank him for revoking taxpayer money for contract lobbyists!

    Americans for Prosperity Arizona strongly supports Governor Ducey’s fight against cronyism and is happy to announce his executive order as a victory for the taxpayers!

    For Liberty & Prosperity,

    Boaz Witbeck
    Policy Analyst
    Americans for Prosperity – Arizona


    The president will declare Marshall law .Would not be surprised if the election was postponed. These racial problems have been orchestrated and nurtured in my opinion.
    STAND DOWN, take a breath and lets all keep our liberty. There is a lot at stake here.
    The Dallas shooter was blown out of the location? I’m sorry, what? We behave this way now as a nation?
    Notice the increase of local shootings lately?
    Lots of new diseases being brought into the country for our kids.

    There is no greater weapon than LOVE. Nothing can compete with it and it will eventually affect those troubled people we are seeing out there. Forgive and then forgive again.

  31. David, VOC says:

    Sometimes it’s the little things that are most telling.

    In Switzerland it has long been customary for students to shake the hands of their teachers at the beginning and end of the school day. It’s a sign of solidarity and mutual respect between teacher and pupil, one that is thought to encourage the right classroom atmosphere. Justice Minister Simonetta Sommaruga recently felt compelled to further explain that shaking hands was part of Swiss culture and daily life.

    And the reason she felt compelled to speak out about the handshake is that two Muslim brothers, aged 14 and 15, who have lived in Switzerland for several years (and thus are familiar with its mores), in the town of Therwil, near Basel, refused to shake the hands of their teacher, a woman, because, they claimed, this would violate Muslim teachings that contact with the opposite sex is allowed only with family members. At first the school authorities decided to avoid trouble, and initially granted the boys an exemption from having to shake the hand of any female teacher. But an uproar followed, as Mayor Reto Wolf explained to the BBC: “the community was unhappy with the decision taken by the school. In our culture and in our way of communication a handshake is normal and sends out respect for the other person, and this has to be brought home to the children in school.”

    Therwil’s Educational Department reversed the school’s decision, explaining in a statement on May 25 that the school’s exemption was lifted because “the public interest with respect to equality between men and women and the integration of foreigners significantly outweighs the freedom of religion.” It added that a teacher has the right to demand a handshake. Furthermore, if the students refused to shake hands again “the sanctions called for by law will be applied,” which included a possible fine of up to 5,000 dollars.

    This uproar in Switzerland, where many people were enraged at the original exemption granted to the Muslim boys, did not end after that exemption was itself overturned by the local Educational Department. The Swiss understood quite clearly that this was more than a little quarrel over handshakes; it was a fight over whether the Swiss would be masters in their own house, or whether they would be forced to yield, by the granting of special treatment, to the Islamic view of the proper relations between the sexes. It is one battle – small but to the Swiss significant – between overweening Muslim immigrants and the indigenous Swiss.

    Naturally, once the exemption was withdrawn, all hell broke loose among Muslims in Switzerland. The Islamic Central Council of Switzerland, instead of yielding quietly to the Swiss decision to uphold the handshaking custom, criticized the ruling in hysterical terms, claiming that the enforcement of the handshaking is “totalitarian” (!) because its intent is to “forbid religious people from meeting their obligations to God.” That, of course, was never the “intent” of the long-standing handshaking custom, which was a nearly-universal custom in Switzerland, and in schools had to do only with encouraging the right classroom atmosphere of mutual respect between instructor and pupil, of which the handshake was one aspect.

    The Swiss formulation of the problem – weighing competing claims — will be familiar to Americans versed in Constitutional adjudication. In this case “the public interest with respect to equality” of the sexes and the “integration of foreigners” (who are expected to adopt Swiss ways, not force the Swiss to exempt them from some of those ways) were weighed against the “religious obligations to God” of Muslims, and the former interests found to outweigh the latter.

    What this case shows is that even at the smallest and seemingly inconsequential level, Muslims are challenging the laws and customs of the Infidels among whom they have been allowed to settle [i.e., stealth jihad toward sharia dominance]. Each little victory, or defeat, will determine whether Muslims will truly integrate into a Western society or, instead, refashion that society to meet Muslim requirements.

    The handshake has been upheld and, what’s more, a stiff fine now will be imposed on those who continue to refuse to shake hands with a female teacher. This is a heartening sign of non-surrender by the Swiss. But the challenges of the Muslims within Europe to the laws and customs of the indigenes have no logical end and will not stop. And the greater the number of Muslims allowed to settle in Europe, the stronger and more frequent their challenges will be. They are attempting not to integrate, but rather to create, for now, a second, parallel society, and eventually, through sheer force of numbers from both migration and by outbreeding the Infidels, to fashion not a parallel society but one society — now dominated by Muslim sharia.

    The Swiss handshaking dispute has received some, but not enough, press attention. Presumably, it’s deemed too inconsequential a matter to bother with. But the Swiss know better. And so should we.

    There’s an old Scottish saying that in one variant reads: “Many a little makes a mickle.” That is, the accumulation of many little things leads to one big thing. That’s what’s happening in Europe today. This was one victory for the side of sanity. There will need to be a great many more.

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