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SFD Coil Honored With 2020 Wildland Fire EMS Award

Sedona Fire District Assistant Fire Chief Jayson Coil receives 2020 award

Sedona AZ – The National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) announced the recipients of the 2020 Wildland Fire EMS Awards. The NWCG Emergency Medical Committee annually recognizes individuals and groups who have demonstrated outstanding actions or accomplishments above and beyond the expectation of one’s normal mission or job duties. The 2020 awards honored seven individuals and three crews and among those was Sedona Fire District’s Assistant Chief Jayson Coil. Chief Coil was awarded the Outstanding Wildfire EMS Distinguished Service Award.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to pose unique challenges for the wildland fire management community. As a paramedic with the Sedona Fire District in Arizona, Jayson Coil disseminated information and helped to inform decisions made in the field, not only for his District, but for numerous agencies and the Wildland Fire Medical and Public Health Advisory Team. To ensure his shared information was accurate and meaningful, Coil completed fifteen Epidemiology and Public Health courses from the University of Washington, and a specialization in Epidemiology in Public Health from John Hopkins University.

Sedona Fire District Fire Chief Jon Trautwein

During the pandemic, Chief Coil engaged wildland fire leaders at multple levels to address challenges with maintaining operations. His efforts improved safety for wildland firefighters across agencies at a critical time.

The Sedona Fire District proudly recognizes Chief Coil’s outstanding contribution and asks the SFD community to join them in recognizing his receipt of the Outstanding Wildfire EMS Distinguished Service Award.

“Chief Coil is an incredibly intelligent and proficient firefighter. His leadership and ability to impact the wildland community and Sedona Fire District in this way is a significant and appreciated accomplishment,” lauded Sedona Fire District Fire Chief Jon Trautwein.

Photo credits Sedona Fire District.

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