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Sedona Sunset Park playground closes for upgrade

Article submitted by the city of Sedona.

Sedona AZThe playgrounds at Sunset Park will be closed from Friday, October 4 through Sunday, November 3, 2019. The grass area, picnic ramadas and tennis and basketball courts are still open to the public during normal park hours.

The necessary closure is to accommodate the playground surface upgrade that will be taking place. Playground borders and wood chips will be removed to be replaced with concrete borders and a certified poured-in-place rubber surfacing.

In addition to the new surfaces, six new benches will also be installed around the play areas for parkgoers to enjoy. These upgrades are in addition to the planting of four trees that was completed in May.

All dates are subject to weather delays and updates will be posted on the city Facebook page.

Sedona City Hall is open for business Monday through Thursday from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and closed on Fridays. The Wastewater system maintenance remain on a Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. schedule. Police and maintenance services are not impacted.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the wise use of money… I’ll leave the space below for the usual cast of characters(or should I say character) to complain about Sedona


  2. Shelby Dr Sedona says:

    @anonymous why can’t you use your real name? To upset your applecart & negativity here’s one of your naysayers to applaud my tax money going to a Sedona enhancement. Nice change @city hall. Goodnight my beautiful Sedona.

  3. Terry Anderson says:

    @Shelby Dr

    First off you realize you didn’t use your real name correct? DUH
    I also seem to recall the Sedona Eye haters club complaining about the money used to build the spirinkler area at sunset park. OMG they cut down a tree to built a water park……and they used my hard earned tax dollars to built a sprinkler area for kids.!!!!! So the hate club have been at it for years and years complaining about ALL things sedona..

  4. Dave, VOC says:

    @TerryAnderson Interesting that you mentioned cutting that old healthy tree down because that was opposed by quite a few in Sierra and KSB clubs too and now have to plant four trees to correct that shortsightedness and not doing it right the first time speaks loudly.

  5. Terry Anderson says:

    @dave VOC

    Yea ok Dave… all complaints are good right!?
    Lounge chair quarterbacks.

  6. Nemiah Gray Wolf says:

    I’ve often felt the lack of staff born in raised in this geographical area with a sense of its history and significance of our rare topography and their impact contributes to poorly influenced decision making. It’s impossible for easterners, coastals, Midwesterners to appreciate a rare specimen like Sedona and the Verde and their inexperience and youth compounds the illusion that time is manageable not ethereal. I wouldn’t make a good advisor to Chicago metro or Galveston island or Washington Sound or Boston wharves because I have lived here all my life and it is what I know in my soul’s being like how the air smells after a rain and to turn around and go back even when smoke is 50 miles away and how never walk through washes or bang my shoes out before slipping my feet in and wear boots when walking in the desert and how never to pick up a stone and build a cairn and many tiny knows taught by experience and family and friends. You can’t teach how to listen to the wind, feel a monsoon and carry water. This isn’t meant to go but it’s not different than knowing which land might slide into the sea in California. I recall a man wanted to build a house in Oak Creek canyon and the fool couldn’t understand how insisting and money wouldn’t make it doable because of the rock composition. That old tree needed understanding that in Sedona to have an ancient tree is a gift from the gods and your duty is to protect them for their rarity and that one can move the water park a smidge to the left to do that and preserve integrity of both ideas. I’ve met good builders and developers from here that are knowers, but I’ve met builders and developers from here that don’t care when money lines their pockets. Standing up for Sedona and our high desert isn’t something that people from other places know yet they are the ones who shouldn’t be making decisions about how to stand up. That’s when voices from the community are necessary to hear all ideas and issues and come to a consensus and that’s not happening. Appearances that may even be false are that youth and inexperience and old age and greed are sadly the new Sedona standings. Sedona doesn’t have the luxury of renovation and rebuilds when our rock has been blasted and chipped away and our air and geography are contaminated and weakened by exhaust fumes and acids. It’s not NIMBY and it’s never about who came first and who comes last, it’s about knowing and being a savior. The world can never have enough of those kinds of planetarians and Sedona and northern Arizona are lacking. (UCLA educated)

  7. Hal says:




    I read a comment that referred to other articles that I wasn’t aware of and here they are for others too. There might be more and I used the words Sunset Park to search.

  8. @Hal says:

    Hey thanks Hal! (Deleted by Editor)

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