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Sedona Little League Baseball Needs Support

Sedona AZ – Bring Little League Baseball back to Sedona? The city of Sedona Parks and Recreation Department and the Verde Valley Little League want to know the public’s interest, support and commitment for having a league in Sedona in spring 2020.

The Little League program is about helping children develop the qualities of citizenship, discipline, teamwork and physical well-being. By espousing the virtues of character, courage and loyalty, the Little League Baseball and Softball program is designed to develop superior citizens rather than superior athletes. In the words of Chicago Cubs Manager Joe Maddon, “As a Little League coach you don’t need to win that day. You’ve got to make sure that you’re making every player better.”

Article submitted by the city of Sedona.

To have Little League in Sedona, parent and community volunteers are needed; there are various levels of volunteer commitments that would be available. The city is looking for people who believe in this program and are willing to put in the time to make a Sedona league a reality. All volunteers will receive free training.

If you are interested in having your child participate in Little League Baseball, call Sedona Recreation Coordinator Ali Baxter at (928) 203-5141 no later than Oct0ber 3, 2019. If there’s enough interest, the city will schedule further information and discussion sessions.

If you have detailed questions about how Little League operates, send an email to Little League District Administrator Coco Minner at cocominner@gmail.com.



  1. Wrong sport says:

    You’d be better off with soccer. Football in the rest of the world, the majority of Sedona students are Hispanic now. Open borders works !!

    American as Baseball and Apple pie?

    More like Vibrant as soccer and poverty.

  2. @wromg sport says:

    Wow….nice racist comment. Since you spend most of your time behind a computer in s dark room, how would you know what goes with children in town. Except for fighting the school budget constantly(because your kids are all grown and you don’t see why YOU need to pay)) your clueless.

  3. @@wromg sport says:

    Have YOU been to the Sedona schools? I’m not against immigrants. But the US is not magic dirt, if you bring their whole country here it changes into what their country looks like. If you love El Salvador you should move there.

    If a negative idiot like you was put into school in a foreign country, and made them integrate you into a class with all native speakers and you did not speak the language, it would lower the class average even more than the immigrants we have here .

  4. @@@wrong sport says:

    The article was about starting up little league baseball again. Since you can’t get out off your dark dark room and look around…..you let your small mind take over and post nonsense. Phew your dark minded

  5. Bill, Uptown says:

    I’m a registered Democrat. Today I received an email among the thousands they send asking me to donate to elect Democrats and I won’t until things change here and nationally. I’m commenting here because of the jerks above that scream at each other and prove that Democrats are hypocrites and have an agenda against America these past two years. It’s not Trump, it’s local Democrats, national Democrats, and even the news. There’s no reasoning with these people and they’re proudly slanted. I went to a DORR meeting and WTF I thought I was listening to Vladimir Putin and his minions and came out of there so disgusted and repulsed by people I knew or thought I knew and couldn’t believe the politics of the candidates that only needed a Mao or Stalin to herd us into reeducation camps. What don’t you remember from WWII? We saved the world and lost an entire generation doing it and you hate that about us why? The pre WWII grandfathers righted the wrongs of monarchies and dictatorships and fascists and gave control to the people and what is wrong with you in Sedona that you want to give it back to the government? You live in a free and beautiful place and you want more government control of it because that means that you recognize you’re incompetent to keep it free and beautiful? You want homeless and people who enter our country illegally to come live in our streets and hills so you can open more government programs and get more government money and have a bigger police and bureaucratic state? This indigenous spiel is populist political ridiculous. Let the Reservations decide and they have, but here’s another white woman raised in a communist country determining our history and our culture and tells our rez what it should do and for us white folk to do it for them? BTW have you taken a look at her country’s history? Well it sucks and sucked the life out of its people and it turned to the EU for saving from the very programs she’s promoting now.

    I’m getting fed up with these eternal rendering of cloth over politics. You people need to get a capitalist provided job and occupy your lives being productive because politics isn’t designed to be productive, it’s designed to control productivity. It has no other productive purpose. If it’s allowed to do its job, then it will be kept in check and balance by the people producing. I’m a western Democrat that hates being controlled but will abide some of it for the greater good but not these local and national yokels money and power grabs. Want to protect our environment, down to maybe one or two crazies, every Sedona person regardless of age and political party is in favor of it. Want to keep tourists to an eco-sustainable number, then down to maybe one or two crazies grabbing dollars from those tourist babies hands, every Sedona person is in favor of it. We don’t need to be paying a business group to advertise because everybody knows about us who needs to know about us. We’re not a tourist town except to one or two of those crazies wanting to make a living off of tourism and everybody knows it and who they are here. We like peace and quiet and we have more rights to it than visitors. We live here. We don’t ruin their nests and they shouldn’t ruin ours. They have no greater rights and we have all the rights of responsibility to maintain our piece of land for future generations and not for a few crazies wanting to rape it for tourist dollars. DORR you better tune in to your fellow Democrats. You’re losing us and right now I’d like to see the party dissolved and a new Democrat party reinstated. The present one has lost its way to a few local and national crazies. Don’t make me vote Republican to find a party that represents most of what I believe in.

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