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Sedona Museum 2018 Living History Series

Sedona AZ (December 29, 2017)– The Sedona Heritage Museum will host the next in its Living History Speaker Series on January 10, 2018, at the museum when independent scholar Doug Hocking will present William H. Emory, the Heroic Opening of the American Southwest. The talk will begin at 10:00 in the morning and is free to the public.

Lt. William Emory

Lt. William H. Emory, topographical engineer, rode with General Kearny in the 1846-47 conquest of New Mexico, Arizona and California. He fought beside the general at the Battle of San Pascual. Throughout Emory’s trek from MO to CA, he recorded the terrain, its people, ruins, flora and fauna. His map opened the Southern Emigrant Road to travel. His published work introduced the Southwest to the American people, and established the need for the Gadsden Purchase.

Doug Hocking has completed advanced studies in American history, ethnology and historical archaeology. A retired Army officer, Hocking has lived among the Jicarilla Apache and paisanos of the Rio Arriba in Northern New Mexico.

Doug Hocking

Writing both fiction and history, Doug’s articles have appeared in True West Magazine, Wild Magazine, Roundup, and the Journal of Arizona History. He is on the board of the Arizona Historical Society, VP of the Southern Trails Chapter of the Oregon-California Trails Association, and is sheriff of the Cochise County Corral of Westerners.

Every year, the Sedona Heritage Museum presents a series of Living History talks. Speakers include descendants of pioneers, longtime residents with historical stories to share, or other storytellers about history.

The Museum is located at 735 Jordan Road in Jordan Historical Park, uptown Sedona, and is open daily 11:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. For more museum or special events information, call 928-282-7038.


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