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Eddie Maddock: Embrace the Moment

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie S. Maddock embraces the moments of the now.

Sedona AZ (December 22, 2017) – When and if a feeling of profound sadness is suddenly infiltrated with the most unexpected turn of events, how can one not silently revel in believing miracles not only exist, but do so in mysterious ways?

As she shopped in a local grocery store during these busy holidays, the lines to check out were long. Realizing that she was slightly cheating in the 15 item limit to more quickly expedite the process however, and doing the proper thing, the young lady behind her with only one item was rightfully given the “go-ahead-before-me option.” With gratitude the young woman accepted and the heartwarming, but unnecessary reward after a few chit-chat words was a fond embrace by both individuals grateful for a positive exchange.

The following event at the check-out counter was equally rewarding. A long time employee was, as usual, cordial and polite in spite of prevailing hectic, busy days. As they engaged in a brief conversation relating to unusually dry weather causing among other things itchy-scratchy skin, the dialog led to an appropriate comparison to a lizard as suggested by the checker. Agreeing, she, the customer, could not resist adding that assuredly a lizard was better than a snake to which they both concurred. The next customer in line was totally in sync with the conversation which was even an additional plus to the previous hugging encounter.

After leaving the market and approaching the trunk of her car, coincidentally the car belonging to the customer in line behind her at the checkout was also parked nearby. So that offered the opportunity to again resume the subject of the weather conditions. Both agreed the prevailing temperature was far more pleasant than elsewhere in the nation, and, the latest newly found and unnamed friend spoke of administering lotion on itchy skin during the night without beneficial results. Agreeing it was pointless to challenge Mother Nature in an attempt to fight the elements, the end result in that mutual resolution was another genuine meaningful hug between yet again two total strangers.

Now oddly enough and prior to those two events, at another local store, an equally astounding encounter had occurred. Checking out there, the clerk complimented her about the jacket she was wearing. As the transaction concluded, calculating sales deduction and promotional points, she admired the clerk’s ring. Then much to her surprise, the clerk offered to give it to her. What? No way. People just don’t do things like that these days.

With deep appreciation, of course she respectfully declined accepting the ring from a stranger. It wasn’t without almost an argument that she convinced the gracious sales clerk she wasn’t comfortable accepting the ring off her finger. And, the only reason she left the store without it was because the kind woman was having a problem removing it.

And so, my friends, the above story is true. It’s frequently the unexpected, lurking about out there, just awaiting the appropriate time to pull us out of our darkest hour, –faces without names who can genuinely communicate with a warm hug minus ulterior motives. Strangers but kindred spirits being at the right place at the right time. And then, yet another gracious soul offers the ring off her finger because someone admired it! Hardly the norm these days, but, yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus…and not necessarily wearing a red suit with a white beard.

To those three nameless, but marvelous individuals in addition to checker Maria, “she” extends genuine appreciation for the role each played in contributing to making a day in this journey of life worthwhile, thus substantiating a fact far too long overlooked: The best things in life definitely are free. And what better gift is there than that?

And most assuredly not to overlook old and new friends who contribute to uplifting our purpose for being here, “she” thanks all of you from the bottom of “her” heart for being who you are, and appreciates everything you have done and continue to do to maintain and, when necessary, restore faith in the true goodness of people.

More reasons to value kindness, friendship, and human nature over and above the need for greed, manipulation, plotting, graft, and conniving that has become so prevalent not only in Sedona, but sadly, nationally and globally.

Happy New Year.

Eddie Maddock

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  1. Pam Rodriquez says:

    Happy holidays. Enjoyed your column again. Keep writing because we’ll enjoy it and honestly we get kicks out of the bees nests you find. Sedona is in the know with you, Eddie. Lots of fun moments to come in 2018 we’re positive. Merry Christmas. Feliz Navida.

  2. Tony T says:

    We have many blessings this Holiday Season. We have the amazingly beautiful place we get to call home, we have wonderful fully stocked markets with friendly staff. We have Eddie Maddock with her thought provoking and and enjoyable articles. We have tireless others that work for free to make Sedona all it can be. To all those that give freely and generously, endless blessings on you.

    To the Scrooge, Grinch and others that think they can steal, we see what you do and know who you are. May the new year bring change in your situation.

    Happy Holidays !!

  3. Eddie S. Maddock says:

    Thank you so much, Pam Rodriquez, for your kind words. I’ll add your name to my list of kindred spirits. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Keep the Faith.

    Eddie Maddock

  4. Ella & Justin@Snobowl says:

    Idaho bested you for our dark skies vacay quest. You Can see the Milky Way dust. Pretty damn perfect in Idaho. Sedona nice but Idaho best.

  5. Dana Varney says:

    Eddie as always you are a ray of sunshine. Merry Christmas, Happy Hollidays, Feliz Navidad, Bless you! I really don’t care if this is poliically correct!

  6. Irene Grasso says:

    Merry Christmas and new Year!

  7. Eddie Maddock Fan says:

    Kudos to a beautiful women inside and out. Anyone being able to share just a moment or two is blessed with you sees your wisdom, kindness, great sense of humor and authenticity. Then to top it off you Dear Eddie you have such incredible knowledge of Sedona and a phenomenal talent in writing.

    I miss your Backfire Cable TV Show and loved your presentations and commentary you did on the show. Powerhouse of knowledge, beauty and humor all in one

    We are blessed and you Mrs. Eddie Maddock make Sedona a better place.

    Merry Christmas!!!!!

  8. Eddie Maddock says:

    When I wrote the acknowledgement to Pam Rodriquez her comment was the only one posted. It surprised me this morning to see others had contributed kind words. To those who took time to send greetings, please know appreciation is likewise extended to you as well. It’s uplifting to know you are out there – more kindred spirits.

    Best wishes,
    Eddie Maddock

  9. Merry Christmas says:

    Merry Christmas Eddie! Thank you for keeping us informed and engaged.
    You ROCK!

  10. Valerie S. says:

    Mrs. Maddock. This is to let you, Maria, and your two nameless friends know that this endless dry spell has surpassed the lizard stage skin condition. It has now graduated to ALLIGATOR! Seriously!! YUCK!!!!


  11. Tony Rios says:

    Embrace the moment that the government finally got it right and did its job. The budget is their only mandated job and they couldnt do it – congratulations President Trump for winning this one for the people.

  12. Mary Carleen Tuck, Reno NV says:

    Embrace all moments.

  13. WooHoo says:

    Thank you, thank you Mary Carleen Tuck, Reno NV for having acknowledged my somewhat futile attempt to lighten the load of living in this day and age.

    The last such uplift came from an unknown gentleman in Park City, Utah, who actually left a phone message. Having been born and raised in Salt Lake City I never hesitated for a moment to call his phone number and had a lovely chat. As he was recently retired, he and his wife were looking for a place to re-locate to perhaps a warmer climate and he graciously told me my articles led him to tracking me down.

    However after our rather lengthy chat I doubt very much it turned out to be in Sedona. He couldn’t believe how much we funded the C of C since Park City gives nothing to their local organization . Also Park City being a tourist place they do their advertising via the Utah State Bureau of Tourism.

    However, that totally misdirects the reason for my thanking you and responding to your positive contribution. All too often that happens on SedonaEye in case you hadn’t notice.

    Thank you, Ms. Tuck, from Reno, NV. Reminds me of a day of skiing at Lake Tahoe with borrowed skis. They were warped! The only way down that highest of high mountains was sidestepping! And then my companion and I (not boyfriend) were snowed-in. So picked up my mother from one of the gambling joints and the three of us shared a motel room! Memories – what would we do without them?

    Best wishes,

    Over & Out,
    Eddie Maddock

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