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Sedona Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau Honors Volunteers

Sedona Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center in Uptown.

Sedona AZOn November 10, the Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau hosted its annual volunteer appreciation event at the Poco Diablo Resort in Sedona. Honored volunteers were treated to brunch, gifts donated from Chamber partners, and awards of recognition.

2019 Volunteers of the Year: Carole and Wade Bell

Highly trained and knowledgeable, Carole and Wade spent 401 hours at the Visitor Center in FY19, answering questions on everything from the weather to shopping, with Carole offering French and Italian language skills when needed. The couple attend monthly Chamber mixers to learn more about merchant activities, keeping their visitor advice up to date. They assist with Chamber recruitment tours for prospective businesses – helping arrange site inspections, meetings with local leaders, and organizing downtime activities.

Sedona Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau honored its FY2019 volunteers at the Poco Diablo Resort in Sedona, Arizona.

Like many Chamber volunteers, Wade and Carole are active around Sedona. They volunteer at the Sedona Film Festival in the VIP Room and as theater crew. Wade volunteers at the MDF, ushering and working concessions. They are five year volunteers with the Sedona Winefest.

Incredibly, they do even more. Wade is a SCORE volunteer, Carole is an ordained Interfaith minister, and the couple lead a weekly hiking group. Together, they even do restaurant reviews for Sedona Art Source magazine.

Carole and Wade have been married for forty years, have three grown children and have lived in Sedona for seven years.

Individual Recognition: Carol Shannon, Harper Imler and Bob Jensen were honored for their combined 56 years of service, and Bob received congratulations from all for his recent 100th birthday.

Most Volunteer Hours: Dick Youngberg devoted more time than any other volunteer in FY19 with 414 hours, followed by Ron Slyter (391) and Gary Kincaid (379).

Volunteer Service Pins: Gary Kincaid, Sandy Immerso and Belinda Calloway received five year service pins.

Volunteer Service Pins: Kristen Brown and Sharon Madison were recognized with pins for 15 years of volunteer service.

Volunteer Service Pins: Becky Anderson received a ten-year service pin.

“We are grateful for all our volunteers, which include our 14-member Board of Directors, more than 80 Visitor Center assistants, mixer volunteers and ambassadors,” said SCC&TB President and CEO Jennifer Wesselhoff. “In fiscal year 2019, SCC&TB volunteers donated 10,463 hours to Chamber activities, valued at $258,000. But, the true measure of their contribution is their amazing service to our visitors and the community.”

“We are in awe of the talent and dedication of our volunteers,” Wesselhoff added. “Thanks to their commitment, we continually improve our tourism management and business development efforts. We simply could not do it without them.”

Photos courtesy of Sedona Chamber of Commerce.


  1. Kara says:

    Sedona want to know what beats your “scenic” hands down??? Nobody cares about affordable housing either. Go see this. Save sayonara Sedona!!!!!


  2. Funny Stuff says:

    The volunteers thing they are volunteering to help their town. All they are are fools tricked into working for free for a for profit enterprise that only promotes it’s for profit members in and out of the town.

    Fools, just like many Sedona low information voters.

  3. Jim Poole says:

    All paid for by the taxpayers, businesses that are imposed city taxes and residents who have lost their representatives – quality of life.

  4. @Funny Stuff says:

    Give it a rest (Deleted by Editor). That’s just your myopic opinion and not one that is not shared by many judging from how your people lost the last election.

  5. @@Funny Stuff says:

    Can you explain to me what you mean by “how your people lost the last election” What does that mean?

    Does someone own people? or is the “your people” a special group, clan or family?

  6. Former Volunteers says:

    Sure – we too were sucked into volunteering for the C of C Visitors Centers (and not the City of Sedona “official’ Visitors Center – as they would have you believe. Just look at the sign out in front if you want proof.)

    Fortunately we saw the light once we received a widely circulating e-mail revealing some “facts” about the C of C Pres/CEO.


    2017 Sedona Chamber of Commerce tax returns were filed in Feb.

    As reported: President/CEO (o x) $138,509 – named: Jennifer Wesselhoff, 40.
    Translated: Jennifer W. went from 90 k to $138,509.

    Still don’t get it? Maybe this will help:

    Translated: $138,509 annually breaks down to $11,542 per month. Still don’t get it? How about Eleven Thousand Five Hundred Forty-Two Dollars per month!!!

    And you fools volunteer for NOTHING??

  7. Your People says:

    When a Chamber booster says “your people lost the last election”, they mean those voters that understood and objected to the current City/Chamber/City Management scam.

    The voters they were able to frighten with lies that Meals on Wheel and the Sedona Animal Shelter would close if the in crowd lost were their voters. If you want things to change you have to get out and mobilize behind the opposition candidates next election. It was sad to see had few people participated to throw out the takers.

  8. @ Former Volunteers says:

    Excellent info. Thank you.

    BTW, similar scam is run at the Sedona library. Fools volunteer while the “director” makes a fortune and the library has a million dollar investment portfolio.

  9. Jennifer Wesselhoff is worth it says:

    Just imagine, she can be instrumental in getting $2.5 million in taxpayer funds for the Sedona Chamber for no real reason and get over a hundred volunteers to work for free. $11,542 per month is cheap for what she produces.

    It’s stupid for the city and volunteers to participate in the scam, but Jen should get a bigger cut of the (Deleted by Editor) IMO.

  10. Ollie M. Greer = omg says:

    CEO of Sedona city financed REGIONAL member driven association earns almost $12 grand a month? And is that the same CEO/pres of this “regional” chamber of commerce who, when asked several years ago, how many of your members are outside Sedona city limits her response for not having the information was “It’s too difficult” (seems as if there was a SedEye article reflecting that response to former Mayor Rob Adams and relevant city council members)

    Obscene, despicable, unheard of and should be illegal. Here the city council approves an increase in Sedona city sales tax in order to finance road improvements and yet they approve of this? Sickening! Wake up residents. Time to kick the bums out who would be so blatantly prejudiced against those of us who live (and visit) and contribute to the tax base. BARF!

  11. @You people says:

    And thanks you so much for your vigorous effort at “enlightening” us with your various posts using diff ent names letting us know smart you are and stupid we are.. You really need a life outside your self delusion that your “fooling us” or that you only live to spread misinformation here on Sedona Eye.

  12. We are on to you says:

    With Jen taking $11,542 a month

    The Sedona City manager and Asst City Manager taking a combined about $30,000 a month, both positions which the current Sedona City manager said some cities don’t even have, you can imagine the misinformation they will do to keep it going.

    We’re on to you !

  13. A proud CoC Member says:

    OMG you say, “Obscene, despicable, unheard of and should be illegal” but guess what, THERE’S NOTHING ILLEGAL or anything else to see here! This according to the State’s highest law enforcement official. Take it from a CoC member, either jump on the wagon train and enjoy the ride or maybe contribute in a positive way or take a trip out of Dodge and don’t come back. (deleted by editor) What city like Sedona wouldn’t want professionals steering this stagecoach? (deleted by editor)

  14. @@You people says:

    Your reaction to people who take time to post comments on Sedona Eye is very revealing. How about taking your own advice? “You really need a life outside your self delusion.”

    If comments here relating to the perceived scam and manipulations within city hall and, in particular, a regional chamber of commerce disturb you so much, how about ignoring Sedona Eye and not waste time reading it? Seems like a simple solution to YOUR problem which apparently must do with fear of losing control of city hall? Keep in mind – nothing lasts forever.

  15. @you the people says:

    Remember something …. with all your BS ranting Tom Foolery.. you change NOTHING expect feed your bloated ego with perceived accomplishment for nothing… your a fool

  16. @A proud CoC Member says:

    Thanks so much (Deleted by Editor). Where are the so called professionals you are referring to?

    Why do you get bleeped ? Please explain.

  17. JJ says:

    If everything is legal. Then why did the AG order the city and chamber to stop gifting money from the bed tax. The other ag ruling was that the chamber had to pay back hundreds of thousands of dollars. More explanations are forthcomming. Write you legislators. Lock them up!

  18. A proud CoC Member says:

    Why do you think that you are entitled to an explanation?????

  19. Professionals ?? says:

    Professionals, like the ones that have spent countless millions to redo the 1 mile of Highway 89 many times over the past years while ignoring residential streets?

    Professionals, that gave us bumper to bumper traffic?

    Professionals, that as long as an expense is noted in the quarter who cares what the actual date was?

    Professionals, giving millions to the chamber to educate residents on sustainability?

    (Deleted by Editor)

    Professionals, tee hee, ho, ha, ha ha, ROLF, HAHAHAHAHAHA

  20. A proud CoC Member says:


    Most of your issues with the “professionals” that you ask about are twisted or as some like to say “fake” but I’ll bite and answer you;

    the best way that I can even begin to answer you would be that it’s sort of like a business owner if they want to succeed they have to know what the heck they’re doing. If I wanted to be a baker and didn’t know what I was doing, who would buy my baked goods? Or a baker who didn’t know how to talk to my customers. Or if I wasn’t a good business person and ticked off my landlord and got kicked out, I think that all of those things would put me on the list as not being a “professional”.

    If I was an auto mechanic and didn’t know a ratchet from a blow torch, I wouldn’t be in business all that long.

    Now, I’ve found that in Sedona there are a lot of people that are against everything but also think that they know everything as well.

    So, I’m guessing it’s a good thing to have a professional person in the position of running this city. It’s obvious that you think otherwise and I’m guessing that is because you think that you can do a better job????

  21. Sedona Pam says:

    Go knock it off with the brain dead pro vs pro comments b/c neither of you are and I know that as fact.

  22. Roger Andrews says:

    Clearly Chamber members are dominating the comments under this glowing article about Chamber Volunteers. Fools IMO.

    As for a “Professional” leading the pack, how professional is a person who cannot even give an accurate accounting of how many chamber members are located outside Sedona City Limits and don’t collect city taxes? That so called Professional claims she can’t offer that information because it’s too difficult? Could the real reason be the Professional is too busy counting something else like personal finances?

    OMG even the mailing the Chamber occasionally sends out via bulk mail lists their members. How hard would it be to count them? Really just too funny.

    How come Chamber members outside city limits get to play but not pay? (another famous quote from the chamber’s leader when asked about who get’s promoted at the city financed Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center?)

    Keep up the punches from the Chamber peanut gallery (probably employees who are also overpaid?) Oh oops excuse me “professionals” on the Chamber payroll might be more appropriate.

    IMO there’s definitely one category of professionals which would be appropriate for the whole dang gang but that one will be left to your imagine and save the SE editor the trouble of “deletion.”

  23. John Daniels W Sedona says:

    To Sedona Pam, this coming from a person who refuses to use her own name. “Brain dead pro”? I think it’s very entertaining, indeed.

  24. Steve Segner says:

    Roger Andrews says Chamber members outside city limits get to?
    Please for the 25th time show us how chambers members “play but not pay” city advertising make no mention of any business. If business all over the Verde Valley grow because of the City marketing great.
    We Chamber members pay for all listings, and some of us pay for up graded listings. If a business want it’s 3 folds on the chamber wall up town they have a program for non members. The Sedona Chamber is a member owned and the board of directors set the pay of they director. The Sedona visitor bureau is a contractor for the city of Sedona and carries out the marketing functions as directed by the city council. (Deleted by editor) hates the chamber we all know her my her use of “OMG” (Deleted by editor) So High school….OMG.

  25. Joan says:

    OMG is it true Chamber President/CEO paid $138,509 – named: Jennifer Wesselhoff, 40.
    Translated: Jennifer W. went from 90 k to $138,509.

    OMG Jen taking $11,542 a month???

  26. @Steve Segner says:

    “Please for the 25th time show us how chambers members “play but not pay”

    Incorporated Sedona has gone on record to claim the chamber of commerce visitor’s center is the official one for the city. However when asked at a council meeting when the city/chamber contract for advertising was being considered whether or not ALL licensed businesses within city limits were represented, Mrs. Wesselhoof made it very clear that ONLY members of the chamber, including those outside city limits and not contributing to city taxes, were acknowledged at the CITY FINANCED VISITORS CENTER (clearly labeled the Sedona CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Visitors Center). Therefore verifying that C of C members outside the designated city limits of incorporated Sedona most assuredly are NOT paying to play. Any more questions?

  27. John Daniels W Sedona says:

    OMG “Joan” or whatever your real name is, I finally figured it out; you’re JEALOUS of Jennifer W and you sound so pitiful.

    Isn’t your whole never-ending long rant because you can’t get a “professional” job so you continue to bash Jennifer W? You know, one more way to define a real “professional” when someone like Jennifer is appointed to theGovernor’s committee for tourism. I don’t know how Sedona really gains from that but to me, it says a lot about Jennifer W’s professionalism.

    I tell you what, instead of sitting back Monday Morning Quarterbacking, why don’t you approach the CoC Board and impress them with how YOU are more of a “professional” then Jennifer W is. Maybe they will be impressed by your resume that they’ll give you the job.

  28. steve Segner says:

    You say, ALL licensed businesses within city limits were represented ONLY members of the chamber, all they need to do is call the chamber and pay a small fee and they will be in the Visitor center, that easy.
    Funny hundreds of business are all ready members of the chamber, why is it only you b******* on the Sedona always attacking the city and chamber? You seemed to be out numbered , You can be in the up town Official Sedona visitor center go for it or shut up.Just remember the chamber members own the up town visitor center not the city, The city of Sedona gives money to the Pet shelter for services, and the Food bank, meals on wheels and the Library to pay for extra services get over it we have the money because of tourism.

  29. Marilyn T. says:

    @steve Segmer 11/30 @9:47 AM – You say “You can be in the up town Official Sedona visitor center go for it or shut up.”

    And then follow up by writing: “Just remember the chamber members own the up town visitor center not the city,”

    One important thing you left out is the signage in front of the building: “Sedona Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center.”

    IMO Very important because that PROVES it is NOT the “official” City of Sedona Visitors Center – unlike Flagstaff and other municipalities who take pride in dealing with a full deck in plain view WITHOUT the perception of devious cards being shuffled under the table perhaps during secret meetings at city hall? Or maybe even gala events at your Oak Creek Estate?

    Wasn’t announcement of one of your recent event (maybe last month?) posted on Sedona Eye? Would love to have been a fly on the wall or snake in your garden to witness first hand what transpired at that get-together.

    Your comparison of the Chamber of Commerce with other non-profits such as the library or humane society is nonsense, similar to saying apples are the same as oranges. For example the Sedona Humane Society as well as other non-profits are classified as tax-deductible: 501(c)(3). The Chamber of Commerce is NOT!!

    Big difference, Mr. Segner.

    Are you aware of any other local non-profits allowed to use city funds to purchase expensive commercial property like the C of C did on Jordan Road? Can other local non-profits afford to pay their CEO’s almost $12,000 A MONTH? What proof do you have that the city even gets a return on the investment(s) they continue to throw at this REGIONAL outfit which they wouldn’t be getting without giving them one single cent?

    It’s a crock of rotten brew not fit to drink let alone even smell. Why doesn’t Sedona deserve better? And you wonder how come people complain on Sedona Eye? Could it be because City Council and Staff doesn’t want to hear from them and upset their well-rehearsed and predetermined agenda(s)?

  30. @John Daniels says:

    What a great idea! If all these “real professionals” have so much to say against Jennifer W then they should apply for the job. If they’re THAT good then maybe they’ll get hired and make the changes that they keep talking about.

  31. What's missing says:

    Why has the salary of President and CEO of the regional Chamber set hair on fire for some?

    The knee jerk reaction is very telling imo.

    Posting on the Sedonaeye.com is great.

    What is missing is: The Chambers tax returns are public.
    With the income of 3,230,217 the chambers members contribute only 410,572 in dues!!!!! The chambers members are on a FREE ride they only contribute 12.7% of chamber’s income. WOW

    Talk about playing without paying!

  32. Steve segner says:

    John you nailed it It’s all about jealousy (deleted by editor). the parking lot uptown, Chamber of Commerce that won’t let (deleted by editor) rack cards with out paying, OMG, The city and state authorized bad tax is to be used for tourism related activities and we have been very successful with it (deleted by editor) says it helps business outside Sedona. (It does)
    Everything (deleted by editor) has brought up has been looked out by the city manager, the city attorney, the state, and guess what we’re doing everything correctly so much for the conspiracy, and as far as the people that come up to my house you’re welcome to as long as you want to write a check for liberal organizations.
    And let’s not forget Jennifer‘s pay which has nothing to do with the city and is just pure jealousy. Jennifer has received several tourism awards And so has the city of Sedona On its accounting procedures and budget process. (deleted by editor)

  33. JJ says:

    IMO Fake chamberof commerce, fake tourism bureau, fake CEO and board. IMO Multiple conflicts of interests. IMO Jennifer’s raise is more than the average sedona citizen’s salary. File complaints. IMO illegal.

  34. Mike H says:

    The State and IRS are not going to do anything about it. Many complaints have been filed, supposedly investigated and no action taken. The only solution is to throw the entire council out and replace them with people that are not part of the problem. Good luck with that.

  35. steve Segner says:

    JJ really that is all you have?
    Great comeback, “IMO Fake chamber of commerce, fake tourism bureau, fake CEO and board”.
    OMG Multiple conflicts of interests. IMO Jennifer’s (FAKE) .
    I ask you why should Jennifer should not make more than the average Sedona citizen’s salary, most are retired, JJ are you a socialist?
    Really is that how it works no one should make a above average salary in Sedona? Jennifer works for a board of director made up of member,she is not a government employee.
    Fake chamber of commerce ! I love it Please list for us all the MO Multiple conflicts of interests. We can the go over each one and look for the facts to see if you are correct in your statement.

  36. John Daniels W Sedona says:

    To the Editor and for all of your eyes:

    I think that it’s odd how when certain posters mention real people by name in their comments the editor cuts it out with a disclaimer of (deleted by editor) but when others do it with direct accusations abound, it’s allowed. Who is the woman or man behind the editor’s keyboard? What guide lines (if any) does he or she go by???

  37. @JJ says:

    JJ you sound like another poster who can’t get a real job so you’re jealous of those who can.

    If you’re the JJ who has been posting all over town in support of AirBnB’s, who is raking in the bucks on the backs of their neighbors, we know that unless they own one, most are dead set against them but you don’t see anyone addressing that person as FAKE.

  38. Jim Poole says:

    Documents for organizations like the Sedona Chamber are public. They are a classified as business “Trade Association”, membership driven.

    It appears they are operating a very profitable business. All the attacks on others can’t change the tax return. Looks very childlike imo.

    Thank you to whoever posted the information on the 40% increase to chamber president in one year. This is shocking!

    When you think it through, Sperlings has:
    Tax Rates for Sedona
    – The Sales Tax Rate for Sedona is 9.4%. The US average is 7.3%.
    – The Income Tax Rate for Sedona is 4.2%. The US average is 4.6%.
    – Tax Rates can have a big impact when Comparing Cost of Living.

    Income and Salaries for Sedona
    – The average income of a Sedona resident is $38,202 a year. The US average is $28,555 a year.
    – The Median household income of a Sedona resident is $50,133 a year. The US average is $53,482 a year.

    The average income of a Sedona resident is $38,202 a year. I find it vulgar that the one year raise to president of the chamber was MORE than the AVERAGE-person in Sedona.

    Which is 3.63% MORE the a resident.

    2.7 times more than a HOUSEHOLD in sedona.

    Clearly Sedona is unbalanced. IMO All the finger pointing, guessing who posted this can’t change it, doesn’t make all the child like statements true.

  39. JJ says:

    We are all jealous if Jennifer. We would all LOVE to sell our souls for dark money and throw the sedona citizens under the bus.

  40. Daniel T. says:

    @steve Segner, if the Pres/CEO of the chamber of commerce (Jennifer?) is as wonderful and professional as you claim, then why doesn’t she ask Gov. Ducey to please reverse his action for approval of vacation rentals (AirBnB’s). Wasn’t she recently appointed to serve on one of the governor’s boards/committees?

  41. Gregg etal says:

    My Goodness – such a response to an acknowledgement of appreciation to those who opted to volunteer at the C of C Visitors Center! We can’t help but laugh and wonder what volunteer reaction is after reading the true analysis of the operation of this regional membership organization.

    All we can say is thank goodness for the good sense to spend our time at other worthy and real non-profits! (Humane Society, Meals on Wheels, Sedona Recycles, Library, and even KSB for that matter.) You people volunteering for this fraud (as it’s being portrayed by the number of comments both in support and against) have been “had” in our opinions.

    So sad – too bad if you continue to feed the hand that keeps on feasting on city taxes!

  42. Joan says:

    When is enough enough? Why is it not okay for me to rent one bedroom of my house out but Steve can take employee housing and make it overflow rooms?

    While he tells you all how BAD vacation rentals are why is that employee housings listed on airbnb by Steve?

    Segner’s listing on airbnb

  43. Now We Know says:

    A 6/10/14 reminder of when former Mayor Rob Adams asked Pres/CEO Jennifer Wesselhoff after city council voted to approve the city/chamber advertising contract (Mike Ward voted no) – Adams asked Jen now that she had approval for all that money what was she going to do with it? Now we know = $11,542/mo plus benefits.

    Thanks, Rob Adams. What a legacy you left. Oh, let’s not forget Babs Littrell and, of course, the lone soldier still on the city council: John Martinez.


  44. @ Now We Know says:

    Don’t blame the pols. Blame the morons who elected them. Morons elect morons.

  45. @@Now We Know says:

    Since those who were elected won by a landslide, who do you really think is the “moron”? IMO it’s the person who posts under many different names and has never done anything but B**** about everything.

  46. @Joan says:

    Geeze I went to the link. Then clicked on about Steve. Why would anyone listen to this guy?

    He starts out in the About
    “I am a high school dropout. School just wasn’t my thing. ”

    He has never been in the hotel business. Moved here and orders the city, residents and Hotels around. Shocked and appalled.

  47. @@Joan says:


    A high school drop, but gives more to the community than most, how about YOU what have you given to the city, well perhaps not, how about the elderly? Children? Homeless? What have you given or helped with anyone????

    Never been in the hotel business, but owns one of the most successful and beautiful real B&B’s in town and BTW, what do you own?

    He orders the city, residents and hotels around, well perhaps the hotels because he is their president, what are you the president of????

    What “city” are you speaking about????

    What “residents” are you speaking about?????

  48. @@@Joan says:

    What planet are you speaking about ????

    segner and his group take $2.5 million a year, damn right he stays active. Given, what of his own money? Tell us?

    His bed and breakfast in the back of one of the city’s busiest parking lots.

    I wonder how many free trips, free weddings, and even (Deleted by Editor) going?

    Nah, politicians and those on the take are always honest. HAHAHAHAHAHAH

  49. Tom says:

    Funny you complain this Segner guy runs the city, is rich and lives up the canyon in a mansion then you say he’s a stupid high school dropout he must not be that stupid.

  50. @Tom says:

    To their point, question why one doesn’t need more than 8th grade education to be top dog around this city of college sheepskin hung dens. Scary.

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