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Eddie Maddock: We, the people who govern

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie Maddock begins the 2020 Sedona Arizona election coverage with the city’s new candidate for Mayor, Kurt Gehlbach, a twenty four year resident and local real estate agent.


In a blink of a Sedona eye, candidates for Mayor elected every two years and City Council members scheduled for turnover after four-year terms will be on the agenda again in 2020. Candidate packets are available at City Hall and at least one new potential candidate for Sedona mayor has picked up a packet. He then contacted the publisher of Sedona Eye with a request that his contact information be sent to me for follow up.

Historically, his grandfather established La Solana Pottery awarded for its distinctive quality of Solana Ware Ceramics in Laguna Beach, California in the 1940’s. Early 1950’s the industry relocated to what is now Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona. Sedona artists were among nationwide customers frequently visited by the family, and where Sedona mayoral candidate Kurt Gehlbach settled 24 years ago.

Just recently, Mr. Gehlbach and I met for the purpose of discussing on a limited basis his reasons and visions for Sedona’s future. When surprisingly asked the question “What is your platform?” without hesitation his answer was “Holy Cow! – where do WE begin?” His response when asked about the inclusion of “WE” was simple and concise – Kurt’s platform has been determined after many years of extensive research through personal involvement donating his time since 1997 as a Sedona Firefighter/EMT, member of Citizen Engagement and Fiscal Year Budgeting committees and, currently, on a second three year seat with the Historical Preservation Commission among other important accomplishments.

Mr. Gehlbach continued to use WE within his descriptive focus on what he believes “.. is a democracy whose lost their focus.”

November 19, 1863 the final words of the Gettysburg Address were “…that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” – Abraham Lincoln

Kurt Gehlbach announced his 2020 city election candidacy for Mayor this week.

Kurt Gehlbach feels he, along with the majority, “feel ignored through the actions of OUR government voted into office by the people to protect and preserve our way of life. WE are all aware of ongoing issues, WE are all aware of City funds allocated and spent on various studies, etc. and WE are all aware that WE agree WE are not heard and Change within OUR government is inevitable for WE as a community with extremely intelligent minds must be heard and included within the future decisions of OUR outstanding City.”

One thing however remained first and foremost. Evident was Mr. Gehlbach’s deep love for Sedona as we sat in the restaurant at Poco Diablo and gazed out at the well kept grounds and red rocks surroundings.

With the miracle of a Sedona sunrise or the glory of the red rocks as the sun drops beyond the western horizon, shouldn’t preserving our environment forever remain high priority?



  1. steve Segner says:

    The City pays the Red Rock News saysThe City pays the Red Rock News says:I wonder if it could affect their reporting?

    Oh yes, the several hundred dollar they got now make them a slave to the city.
    Im sure they sold their editorial coverage for for rent on a parking space.

  2. If you live uptown says:

    If you live uptown,

    Ask the City if they will pay you for your extra parking spaces.

    It is nuts, the city paying tourist businesses to use their parking lots for, wait for it, TOURISTS !!!

  3. Everyone is in on it but taxpayers says:

    The chamber gets their cut.
    The uptown businesses get their cut.
    The property owners uptown get their cut.
    The local newspaper gets their cut.
    The city staff gets their inflated salaries and car and phone allowances.

    The residents, fugget about um. They don’t pay enough.

    Reminds you of a mob organization doesn’t it?

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