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Sedona Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau Honors Volunteers

Sedona Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center in Uptown.

Sedona AZOn November 10, the Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau hosted its annual volunteer appreciation event at the Poco Diablo Resort in Sedona. Honored volunteers were treated to brunch, gifts donated from Chamber partners, and awards of recognition.

2019 Volunteers of the Year: Carole and Wade Bell

Highly trained and knowledgeable, Carole and Wade spent 401 hours at the Visitor Center in FY19, answering questions on everything from the weather to shopping, with Carole offering French and Italian language skills when needed. The couple attend monthly Chamber mixers to learn more about merchant activities, keeping their visitor advice up to date. They assist with Chamber recruitment tours for prospective businesses – helping arrange site inspections, meetings with local leaders, and organizing downtime activities.

Sedona Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau honored its FY2019 volunteers at the Poco Diablo Resort in Sedona, Arizona.

Like many Chamber volunteers, Wade and Carole are active around Sedona. They volunteer at the Sedona Film Festival in the VIP Room and as theater crew. Wade volunteers at the MDF, ushering and working concessions. They are five year volunteers with the Sedona Winefest.

Incredibly, they do even more. Wade is a SCORE volunteer, Carole is an ordained Interfaith minister, and the couple lead a weekly hiking group. Together, they even do restaurant reviews for Sedona Art Source magazine.

Carole and Wade have been married for forty years, have three grown children and have lived in Sedona for seven years.

Individual Recognition: Carol Shannon, Harper Imler and Bob Jensen were honored for their combined 56 years of service, and Bob received congratulations from all for his recent 100th birthday.

Most Volunteer Hours: Dick Youngberg devoted more time than any other volunteer in FY19 with 414 hours, followed by Ron Slyter (391) and Gary Kincaid (379).

Volunteer Service Pins: Gary Kincaid, Sandy Immerso and Belinda Calloway received five year service pins.

Volunteer Service Pins: Kristen Brown and Sharon Madison were recognized with pins for 15 years of volunteer service.

Volunteer Service Pins: Becky Anderson received a ten-year service pin.

“We are grateful for all our volunteers, which include our 14-member Board of Directors, more than 80 Visitor Center assistants, mixer volunteers and ambassadors,” said SCC&TB President and CEO Jennifer Wesselhoff. “In fiscal year 2019, SCC&TB volunteers donated 10,463 hours to Chamber activities, valued at $258,000. But, the true measure of their contribution is their amazing service to our visitors and the community.”

“We are in awe of the talent and dedication of our volunteers,” Wesselhoff added. “Thanks to their commitment, we continually improve our tourism management and business development efforts. We simply could not do it without them.”

Photos courtesy of Sedona Chamber of Commerce.


  1. @Tom says:

    It doesn’t take brains to steal and cheat.

  2. @@@Joan says:

    In my opinion Segner only volunteers to fill his agendas and exert control. IMO Everything is about manipulating the city and the citizens of Sedona. As Steve puts it “trust me trust me”

  3. It's not education, its motivation says:

    The more tourists and traffic the less attractive Sedona is as a place to live.

    Sedona has an aging population that just figures they don’t have enough time left to bother to get involved in politics. There are not enough younger residents, you can tell by the decline in school enrollment. I moved here in my early 40’s, with a young child, I would not move to Sedona now. If I were 75 or older I would not waste my last days fighting a corrupt system. If I were retiring, I would not move to a place with bumper to bumper traffic.

    Sedona is done as a place to live. The problem with that is the tourist business is cyclical. When tourism inevitably drops off, the town will die.

    Karma always wins.

  4. @@@@Joan says:

    We all appreciate that you begin every sentence with “In my opinion” or “IMO” obviously your opinion is your opinion but doesn’t hold much weight with me, in my opinion.

  5. Really ? says:

    I could care less about what holds weight with you.

    The editor of the Sedona Eye usually adds the IMO or the in my opinion.

  6. GNS, Sedona says:

    Maybe the most that can be said about the comments under this article relating to chamber of commerce volunteers is that it’s entertaining. Not to mention a pretty lame method of distracting the way some of the first remarks were slanted towards the excessively high salary the C of C Pres/CEO has been awarded courtesy of incorporated City of Sedona.

    What a pitiful display of amateur attempts to distract from the really ugly internal operations of the beautiful to look at but ugly on the inside place called Sedona, Arizona. Poor Sedona Schnebly must be rolling around in her grave.

  7. Robert LHOTE says:

    I wish to have Dick’s email address.
    Robert LHOTE former neighbour of Dick & Marge in Toledo

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