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Life’s a Trip, No Doubt About That with Eddie Maddock

eddie maddock

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie Maddock

Sedona AZ (March 28, 2016) – As is generally the case on Fridays, mail delivery arrives late in the day, so wearily trudging out to retrieve what was anticipated to be nothing out of the ordinary, a very large white envelope similar to the one I recently received containing my income tax papers, was jammed in the mail receptacle leaving room for fortunately what was little else.

The only alarming aspect of this large white envelope was the return address: Mr. & Mrs. Jon Thompson. What? A member of the Sedona City Council was mailing something to ME? Oh dear – is the first thing crossing my mind – quickly followed by a myriad of other horrible possibilities such as “Is this a new method by which a Summons to appear in Court is served? What have I done now?”

Holding it up unopened to the overhead light in my kitchen, it appeared there was handwriting inside. There didn’t seem to be any evidence of a peculiar powdery substance. The back of the envelope had a decorative seal with three tulips – yellow, red and blue, and, the word “Congratulations.” Congratulations for what?

Very carefully and breathing deeply, enough courage was mustered up to take the plunge and open it. The accompanying photo, as the story goes, says far more than can be put into words, but for the sake of clarity let me follow the trail.

Surrounding the reproduction of the commemorative USA postage stamp honoring the late celebrity Jack Benny, entitled at the top IN RECOGNITION, and the words at the bottom “. . . of her 39 years as a resident of Sedona, Arizona, this award is presented to EDDIE MADDOCK this 31st day March.” In the lower right corner are the words: “I don’t deserve this award, but I have arthritis and I don’t deserve that either. – Jack Benny age 39.”

Ah ha, so that was my award – I didn’t deserve it and I do have arthritis. Is this suddenly making sense? No, not really.

It gets better. The handwritten offerings rimming the photograph of Jack Benny, beginning at the top left:

(1) “J.T. xox (‘Oh shut up!’ – Jack Benny);

(2) “All the best for years to come, Scott Jablow”;

(3) “I’ve got you beat, 44 years for me. Congrats, Sandy”;

(4) “Eddie, You never looked a day over 38-1/2, Love John M.”;

(5) “Good for you Eddie! We appreciate you! Karen Daines”;

To the right at top of the page:

(6) “Congrats & Hooray for Sedona Miss Rochester!! – Mark D.”;

(7) “Best Wishes on 39 years in Sedona! – Tom Lamkin”;

(8) “Congrats! – Justin Clifton”;

(9) “Long time! Congrats – Jessica Williamson”;

(10) “Congratulations! – Robert Pickels.”

i1035 FW1.1If the intent was to send me in dazed orbit for the weekend, it worked. However, if the real motive was to entice me with kind words thinking it would sway the determination of the mouthy Ms. M – not so fast. If you don’t believe it, check out the other photo provided as evidence that surely I was born this way since, at the tender age of three or four or maybe even earlier, the “Tough Guy” notation captioned at the bottom was written by my own mother.

Point being: Please, City of Sedona, do not deny me the opportunity to select or change at my discretion the garbage hauler of my choice!

Seriously, this gesture, so completely unexpected, is appreciated beyond what any words could possibly convey. The best I can do is to designate placing it next to something else I deem as a treasure – a signed letter from former President Ronald Reagan dated January 8, 1987.

One final thought. Surely you didn’t have a collective autograph signing “special meeting” without benefit of a Public Notice, did you? Perish the thought you would breach the Open Meeting Law. (It was the devil in that little girl that made me write that..)

Over & Out

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Read www.SedonaEye.com for daily news and interactive views!


  1. Bill, VOC says:

    West Sedona resident – you use personal attacks. Anybody with brains sees a man or woman intimidated by Mrs. MAddock, Mr. Normand, and others. You are not worth my time or others time except to stand up and say Enough please. YOu overlook Mrs.Maddock is doing more than you! Disdain for the press by you is alarming.

  2. West Sedona Resident says:

    @Bill VOC
    The above does not live in Incorporated Sedona…. Please disregard his opinion…
    Thank You

    Ps. I am sure it the same person referenced above posting under different names. FYI

  3. Alex says:

    You must be a benefactor benefiting from taxpayers money @west sedona resident. I am clueless to who the others you listed are. http://dor.myflorida.com/dor/taxes/local_option.html and florida also controls High Tourism Impact Tax
    Section 125.0104(3)(m), Florida Statutes

  4. West Sedona Resident says:


    So what’s your point….This is AZ… Go back to Florida and do your rantings over there….

    We have enough cry baby’s/complainers on SE already…don’t need another. See you

  5. GNS, Sedona says:

    If you’re tired of the gift shop with the big chicken then why don’t you, yourself, do something about it? Also you seem knowledgeable enough to know how to reverse most things in Sedona to your liking so why not take action yourself?. Practice what you preach @Eddie Maddock. Or are you as chicken as the big chicken you can’t stand? Sounds like it. Another Sedona bully. I love that shopping center.

  6. Alex says:

    Oh West Sedona Resident I didn’t realized you owned SE and ruled Sedona. I get your story now. You must have a business outside or live outside the city.

  7. @Eddie Maddock says:

    @GNS it was Eddie who said “otherwise I’d be roaring louder than a fierce lion” it seems to me that she only knows how to roar on The Eye but never seems to roar anyplace else. Again, all talk and no action.

    I like the gift shop but I’m tired of those blaring lights at night. Unfortunately I’m not nor have I ever said that I knew how to get the tough jobs done because I don’t roar like a fierce lion. That’s why I take note of Gladiators like J Rich and Schroeder who know how to roar like real lions.

  8. GNS says:

    So why don’t you get Gladiators J. Rich and Schroeder to do something about the blaring lights at night that are making your life so miserable @Eddie Maddock. And while your at it how about asking them to please tell the city to butt out of who we choose to remove our garbage which would at least revert to something in the original article here.

  9. Bill, Uptown says:

    Hurrah for Eddie Madock. She’s the best voice of Sedona past and present. Hurrah!! Hurrah!!

  10. BW, VOC says:


    This is hilarious no matter where you stand in our presidential political maze of crazy.
    Trump’s children’s book (two minutes)


  11. Dennis Gleine, Harmony Hills Question says:

    I have been trying with no luck to contact the committee of the Harmony Hills subdivision. Your online website seems to know a lot about Sedona would you or anybody there happen to know how I can contact the committee for Harmony Hills?
    Thank you
    Dennis Gleine

  12. Guess What? says:

    In today’s edition of the RRNews (Friday 7/15) not only is there a letter to the editor taking the “city administration and City Council” to task, but the featured Editorial does the same thing. And there’s more . . . The four interviews with “People on the Street” all speak on behalf of freedom of choice, free enterprise, and fear of increased prices. Of special interest in the letter to the editor is criticism of Assistant City Manager Karen Osburn for continuing to recommend spending taxpayer money “for her dead end quests” and even goes so far as to suggest “anyone else in the city administration who continues to support this misguided venture to take a permanent vacation from the city of Sedona administration.”

    Way to go Red Rock News for getting this one right.

  13. @Guess What? says:

    Thanks for the heads-up. Couldn’t believe it but actually went out and bought a paper and – yep – sure enough. All checked out. Didn’t go past the page, however, containing the ongoing propaganda from Jennifer Wesselhoff about how this city couldn’t survive without the Chamber of Commerce. Well, not so. In fact, we not only survived but thrived much better before Sedona incorporated which created all this tug of war about $$$$$$ – public tax money at that! And also with a Chamber that raised it’s own money! Wow – imagine that!

  14. Pack In Pack Out says:

    On July 8, Slide Rock State Park has had its first water quality violation of the season. The water sampling location just above Slide Rock showed a total CFU of 980.4 and the standard is 230 CFU. Keep this in mind when you make your weekend plans, and we will do our best to keep you informed on important water quality news! Didn’t see this info anywhere but here. Why not?

  15. @Pack In Pack Out says:

    Another rewarding gift from the Chamber of Commerce? Polluted water because of too many people! (and without any solution to the traffic problem). But hey, which company picks up our garbage is at the top of this list? Go figure!

  16. Harmony Hills says:

    Not sure what committee you are asking about. There was a Living In Harmony group that has done nothing for several years now. There is a spin off of that called Greening Harmony which focuses on helping people learn how to garden in this environment, of which I have been a part of both groups. Is that what you are trying to find? If so, contact me via email at rod4id@att.net

  17. Only in Sedona? says:

    Looking at the headlines of an article in the Sunday Arizona Republic, “Phoenix council members fear protests are draining resources,” raises a question, and not for the first time I might add. Why is it that apparently only in Sedona we have elected members to the City Councils labeled with the affectatious term “Councilor?”

    Having checked other incorporated areas I’ve yet to find any that don’t remain down to earth and appropriately refer to Council Members, Councilman, Councilwoman, etc. Remembering back to the early days of incorporation, that’s the way they were addressed in Sedona.

    Does anyone know the story about how and why that was changed? Did this city actually maybe pay for a study to determine what to call them? (Now that’s a loaded question!) Is it possibly because of those lofty titles the current regimes feel this ongoing need to constantly educate us mere flatlanders?

    Anyhow, just wondering why the holier than thou tags that seem to serve no other purpose than add more air to already over-inflated egos. Just an opinion, mind you.

  18. West sedona resident says:

    @only in sedona

    You sound like Eddie Madfock……seems like she loves to think about stupid irrelevant things and and make a non issue into an issue to boost her ego…

    Hello Eddie Maddock

  19. Robert O says:

    I sort of like the term COUNCILORS is not sexist. If that’s the worst you have to worry about in your like, can I send some of my troubles your way. I have a sick mother with cancer and her medical coverage doesn’t cover the costs. But you worry about such BS.

  20. Sam Rosen says:


    I’m sure that everyone’s prayers and or best intentions are with your mother and you and your family during this difficult and emotionally and financially challenging health care crisis. No one should be chastised or taken to task for critical analysis, or pointed challenges to the political or other systems based on the health or lack of health filled lives of others. Each one to his/her own with ownership of same. To that point, please know you are extended understanding. How is it that your mother is not benefiting from the ACA? Would an investment in the necessary resources to find the proper coverage be worthwhile? A good health care counseling agency that specializes in this field may be worth your effort if not already investigated? In all kindness this is intended and disregard if considered intrusive; no need to respond to me as it’s not meant to begin a conversation but a catalyst for ideas. SR

  21. James Harrington says:

    It is an interesting point @Only in Sedona about the use of Counselors versus Councilman/Councilwoman. And the term is universal and not sexist as pointed out by Robert O. The use of Councilperson is also non-sexist and far less pretentious.

    It also appears to be true that other places do not use the elaborate designation – Flagstaff, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Cottonwood, Prescott, etc. etc.etc.

    Could it be possible that such a designation was placed in Sedona because of the extended government they have consumed by functioning “regionally” instead of within designated centralized city limit jurisdiction? Is that what sets them apart as being so special? And I always thought it was the Red Rocks!

    We live and we learn – at least some of us do that is.

  22. Eddie Maddock says:

    And “Hello” to you, too, West Sedona Resident. You give me far too much credit. If you’d followed me around for the past two days maybe you would understand why I didn’t have time to become – who was it this time? Oh, “Only in Sedona.” However, I do think the subject of Councilor versus Council People is curious and would love to know the reason for the change as I do recall after incorporation the first City Council was comprised of Councilmen/Women/Members. Quite possibly the first City Clerk, Marie Brown, might have some knowledge relating to the change in terms and when it occurred.

    Other than that, WSR, may I offer a standing invitation to come to my home, especially on weekends when I’m generally here, and follow me around for a day. For the most part I continue to take care of my entire yard, in addition to maintaining my extremely “retro” deco home, without assistance. Advancing age is extremely annoying because the last time a neighbor steadied the ladder to assist me when I climbed on the roof to clean my gutters and drains you came close to having your wish for my demise. I damn near fell coming DOWN the ladder! Sorry about that.

    Your ongoing claims that I never leave my computer? If only that were true. No time here even for Face Book (whatever that is). With a remaining probably 50 humongous bags of pine needles still needing to be addressed, you have a standing invitation for a real challenge. Drop by, pick up a rake, and let us see who wins the contest? One hundred ten pounds here is up to the challenge. Are you?

  23. Thurman says:

    Examine your aversion to Councilors. Done? You think it sexist? Sexism is an over 65 problem —– younger generations don’t worry about it, never experienced it, & thanks to us. They don’t know Time or Cosmo or Redbook magazines & you don’t know why they don’t care about sexism – quid pro quo. A rose is a rose is a rose…okay? Councilors, councilmen, councilwomen, nobody but old farts even care BCS it doesn’t matter any more. Turn on the TeeVee, watch the Beverly Hillbillies & Gunsmoke & Petticoat Junction. If you know what those names mean, your old.

  24. Terry T. says:

    @Thurman “Examine your aversion to Councilors.” Now my question is why did Sedona change the name to that in the first place? The same reason we now have the Holiday Season & Holiday Trees versus the traditional Christmas Season?

    And in Sedona no Easter or Easter Bunny but Celebration of Spring? Isn’t the real reason the ongoing insistence to be politically correct which has gone over the top to the point of ridiculous?

    Yet another reason Sedona is becoming the laughing stock of Arizona? However maybe that will all change when we actually have our own garbage truck and cans/bins/containers sporting the politically correct logo “City of Sedona Trash, Garbage, and Recycling.” But of course that too might somehow be considered politically incorrect and quite possible rightfully so!

  25. @West Sedona Resident says:

    Blah blah blah! Today we had flooding all over town. Yet you REFUSE to see anything Ms Maddock brings up. She contribute more than you ever could JW. Yet you wag your finger at others. Rotten. For the public please take a look of the post by the city of sedona.

    City of Sedona, AZ
    Sunset Drive is currently closed due to flooding. Please use an alternative route. #Sedona #monsoons

  26. @everyone says:

    did you miss this @ 1 pm ???? and on this site as an alert?????

    Flash flood warning as of 1 PM this afternoon-be aware while hiking and traveling!

  27. Al S says:

    Did you see the Sedona City Council Candidate Election Forum? The Chamber is spinning to secure their MILLIONS!

    If the candidates don’t support gifting the chambers millions they won’t get in. They start the meeting off with this pointed questions. Will thye support gifting the Chamber 5%

    John Martinez lost my vote as he stated he would follow Jennifer lead. STUPID!
    She getting easy money for her private enterprise. That is NOT exclusive for the businesses in the incorporated are. That is why Steve and her need to get punch outed!
    And Williamson stated the chamber was great as it was their money. The bed tax. Jessica that is complete BS it the taxpayers money and the businesses in the city limits. Why should we pay to promote those OUTSIDE the city…..They do NOT contribute to the tax basis. BS

  28. @Al S says:

    What you write about the candidate’s forum comes as no surprise. The chamber of commerce was a co-sponsor of that forum. And no matter who is elected it won’t change because a guaranteed quorum of at least four supporting the chamber money grab will remain on the council no matter which candidate is dropped during the process. Nothing will change unless there’s a State investigation and withholding State funding to Sedona becomes a threat. This regional investment takes priority over and above roads, floods, traffic congestion and anything else in the eyes of this seated council.

  29. West sedona resident says:

    @@west sedona resident

    Yea so……

    We need ESM to tell us this…. Duh don’t think so
    Omg you mean sunset road was closed… Oh boy how will we ever survive that secondary road closure…

    Get a life will you loser

  30. Jerry, Sedona City Limits says:

    OK West Sedona Resident get a grip. You obviously have no idea the destruction that can result from flash flooding. During the storm yesterday many areas were on alert for potential flash flooding – Oak Creek Canyon, Red Rock State Park, Back O Beyond and Poco Diablo to mention a few in addition to flood alerts in Yavapai County in the area of the most recent wild fire.

    In the midst of all this, there was a police pursuit on SR179 (vicinity of the Chapel area) for a man in a light colored BMW reportedly with a loaded gun on his lap. Both lanes of the highway were closed for a short time.

    Continue to scoff at what’s really serious and important in Sedona. We were fortunate so far this year when El Nino changed direction. Don’t expect for that to always happen. Wise up you idiot.

  31. West sedona resident says:

    @ Jerry sedona city limits

    What if…..what if….what if…

    So it rained and there was a flood warning…

    Ok so the warning went out very good and it flooded a bit…. So what!!!
    That’s what warnings are for… What do you do, wait around all day hoping a catastrophe happens…

    So a guy had a gun in his car… That’s not even against the law… I repeat so what… You get a life moron

  32. Jerry, Sedona City Limits says:

    OK West sedona resident, I stand corrected. The guy didn’t actually have a gun but the report indicated he did after having made threats at a local restaurant. Read the front page article in today’s RRNews! “He stated he planned to use the gun on as many people as he needed to.” And you don ‘t think that’s serious? And this man was “booked into Coconino county Jail on charges of aggravated assault, assault, disorderly conduct and hoax after making threats at a local restaurant. And your biggest worry is by some miracle the chamber of commerce might rightfully lose the sweetheart contract deal they have with the city?

  33. West sedona resident says:

    @ Jerry sedona city limits

    So what……things like that go on each and every day….what do you think Sedona is immune from crime…..Get a grip

    Plus I don’t really care if the C of C loses it funding….

  34. Thank Goodness! says:

    It was a pleasure to receive in the mail yesterday a postcard headlined “Our city government should NOT be managing trash!” “Say NO! To City-Run Trash Hauling” And, “We hear you, Sedona. Your voices matter to us.”

    Now this is a promotion endorsed by former Vice Mayor Mark DiNunzio in support of council candidates John Currivan, Joe Vernier, and Gerhard Mayer. Both Currivan and Vernier are vying for a four-year seat on the council, while Mayer is challenging appointed Councilor Tom Lamkin for the two-year seat vacated by Angela LeFevre.

    So, this is all very interesting. However, the current council members as proven by their recent decision to pursue RFP’s for the garbage contract clearly favor city taking over our present system of freedom of choice. They support a monopoly and are against competition and free enterprise. So let us calculate the ultimate conclusion even if these three newcomers are elected:

    Mayer replaces Lamkin = one vote opposing city control
    Vernier and Currivan are seated = two votes opposing city control
    Sandy Moriarty, uncontested mayor = one vote supporting city control
    Councilors Thompson & Jablow = two votes supporting city control

    Tally: Three votes opposing; three votes supporting.

    Six votes accounted for. Then comes vote number seven. The empty chair will be filled by one of two incumbents: John Martinez or Jessica Williamson. Either one will be the tie breaker and both have remained stalwart supporters for this city to control our garbage collection.

    Conclusion: Unless a mind-set of one of the controlling four is changed, we will be stuck with city control even with the pledges these three gentlemen have made. They say “We hear you, Sedona, Your voices matter to us.” The problem is there are four others who do not care about what so many of us are objecting to.

  35. SPIN & DENY says:

    “Martinez: Will represent silent majority” (Red Rock News 7/29/16)

    “However, sometimes my position on an issue represents the silent majority and not the vocal minority. In my conscience and in my heart I will always vote for what I believe is best for the city of Sedona. . . ” (quote John Martinez)

    So in other words to hell with the telephone survey the city paid for. It must be the vocal minority that caused the upheaval and not have the results Martinez and the others had expected and hoped for. Rationalizing won’t cut it. So what YOU believe is best for the city will prevail. Hiss & Boo!

    Well, Mr. M and others, you were NOT elected to vote for what YOU believe is best for the city. How can you continue to ignore the hundreds opposing the garbage takeover that attended public meetings and signed petitions? But YOU know what’s best? Illusions of grandeur?

  36. Get over it Spin & Deny says:

    I’m sorry with just about 10,000 residents in Sedona how is the “hundreds opposing” a majority?

    I heard that hundreds were against the garbage project but I’m not, my neighbors and I like the idea of saving a few bucks and being able to recycle more.

    The last time I checked, we all vote for the candidate of our choice and by winning the vote that person gets the right to vote what he or she thinks is best.

  37. @Get over it Spin & Deny says:

    I hope you feel the same way when we’re all forced to become vegans because a majority of the city council (four people) decides that’s what will be best for the community.

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