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Establishment Republicans to Blame for GOP Losses

Sedona AZ (October 24, 2016) –  The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:


republicanIn our daily living, my wife and I have been exposed to the troubles and turmoil facing people who have either through chance of birth or strictly by their own choices and actions become entwined in a dilemma, for lack of a better way of identification we call it an “Identity Crisis.” This sometimes manifests itself in Substance Abuse, as in alcohol or whatever else they use to alter their thinking; some of these come from parental abandonment or from childhood abuse (sexual, physical and or mental); some of these come from FEAR (Fear of failure, Fear of repercussions or Fear of success and the responsibility associated with it) and some come from adverse experiences like battlefield trauma, which may become PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorders). No matter how they get there, it seems they all have something in common – dissatisfaction with the Present and they will promise (Pledge) to quit – then – almost instantaneously – revert to whatever they think will deaden their feelings, a vicious cycle.

They remind me of the Establishment Republicans trying to blame others…and who are instead destroying themselves and their own values in the process.

The Establishment RepublicRATS have divided the Republican Party and have been trying to blame Donald Trump. However, it was the establishment RepublicRATS who made and broke Promises, Pledges and probably Vows.

Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump

Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump

I have been with the Republican Party for a long time, and have been ashamed of some things that transpired, and hopeful and proud of some others. The Establishment Republicans today make me sick, those elected in 2010 and thereafter who rode a strong so-called “Conservative Wave” into office. Then, when they did get a majority in the House, Majority Leader John Boehner appeared to be more interested in “Playing Golf with, and caving into Obama’s Exorbitant Spending” than with correcting or even investigating the budget irregularities. Then, when it came up about possibly defunding Obamacare, a lot of the “Committed Conservatives” ran and hid. When U.S. Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee spearheaded a filibuster to block (defunding) in the Senate – the RepublicRATS in the House and Senate vilified the two of them beyond belief, thus, nothing or at least very little, has been accomplished by the grassroots surge to elect conservatives.

Now, we have what could be called the Pledge Breakers Anonymous – RepublicRATS who are doing everything to stop Trump because they are afraid he will win and do most of what he has said he will do and that would make them look like the weak, ineffective, dunderheaded, seat-warmers and Bureaucratic Bean Counters they have morphed into since being elected. In other words, we may get to see beyond their façades and actually know what a waste it is to pay their salaries and benefits!

It is not Donald J. Trump who is dividing the Republican Party. It is the New World Order Totalitarian Progressives who are trying to keep from having to crawl back under the rocks from whence they came.

voteI am looking for an election outcome somewhat like the recent Great Britain Brexit Vote. I am a Veteran and I do not quite agree wholeheartedly with some of Trump’s comments, but I consider Arizona Senator John McCain as a “traitor”; his actions in Libya and Egypt along with his backing of the Islamic Brotherhood is unforgiveable, albeit that is not all that we should hold against him.

In closing this letter, I want to reiterate what I said in a previous letter:

Donald J. Trump is not an idyllic candidate, but, as mentioned in times past, the Messiah Has Not Tossed His Hat Into The Ring. Those who vote for the continuation of the current Administrative Policies are, in fact, Enablers for the Islamic Grotesque Practices, the Slavery, Drug Cartel Growth in National Trespassing and the denigration of our Military and Foreign Prestige.

Please, Please I beg of you – Think! Think Before You Vote!

Dale Gohr
Clarkdale, Arizona USA

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Read www.SedonaEye.com for daily news and interactive views!


  1. Bob, Cottonwood says:

    Go Trump!

  2. Sally, also in Cottonwood says:

    Donald Trump, the FBI just gave you a gift. Don’t get rattled by H. Clinton’s come-back attacks about non-issue incidents. STAY FOCUSED – don’t blow this open door that just invited you into the White House. Good luck!

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