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Eddie Maddock: What’s in store for Sedona – Year 2022?


SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie S. Maddock shines light on the future of the city of Sedona as its City Council agendizes 2022.

Sedona AZ – Constant feedback continues to indicate wasted effort extended by producing printed, as well as online, publications such as Sedona Eye. Having never participated in – not even one opportunity – to join in a public online forum by throwing in two or more cents worth – not ever – this clearly is neither an endorsement for or against participating on a Facebook, Next Door, or other app.

A good deal of online forum feedback – pertaining to matters unrelated to family connections – consistently is reported as utter nonsense without factual proof of many if not most “allegations.” Of course there is really nothing wrong with that, but it does tend to make one wonder what became of the term “In My Opinion” that, at least at one time, was an extremely wise decision to include as a protection to avoid litigation relating to slander and/or libelous content or intent.

Therefore, as boring as it may be to the growing numbers who rely on what appears on social websites, and just as a matter of record, the following items identified by the Sedona City Council at its recent annual retreat are offered for information only:

Agenda City Council Retreat Tuesday, January 4, 2022 at 1:00 p.m., Wednesday, January 5, & Thursday, January 6, 2022 at 8:00 a.m. Possible/New City Council Priorities Discussion/Update; including the following: (Projected for Thursday, January 6, 2022)

1. Homelessness

2. Environmental Impact Statement/Assessment of Off Highway Vehicles

3. Evacuation Modeling & Evacuation Routes

4. Police Department Body Cameras

5. Brewer Road Ranger Station Park Buildout

6. New Dedicated Sales Tax for Transit

7. Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau Contractual Relationship

8. Andante Sidewalk/SUP

9. Pickleball Courts

10. Purchase of Cultural Park

11. Real Estate Purchase Opportunities

12. Employee Hiring & Retention

13. Official Vision Statement Video

14. Trail Access Based on Capacity Analysis.

If any particular agenda issues extend within your own subdivisions, it might be worthwhile to keep this list of proposed concerns handy.

Don’t forget. Sedona will soon have an election. The mayor and three city council seats will either be retained or, if the voters decide, will be replaced by new faces with perhaps different ideas regarding the fourteen potential future actions, in addition to who-knows-what?

Isn’t NOW the time to question these people who will be deciding your destiny? After they are elected what will be your chances of being heard? Solutions and ultimate decisions for Sedona could be decided based on what SEVEN people decide THEY think is best – and to hell with public opinion!

And keep in mind, the elected City Council bases its determinations largely upon unelected city of Sedona staff recommendations.

And let us not overlook the questionable authority that has been bestowed upon what remains an organized membership club (Council Retreat Agenda Item #7 above), aka the Chamber of Commerce: Officially unrelated to Sedona city government, the Chamber pledge and commitment is to service its members – many (if not most) of its members are OUTSIDE Sedona City Limits and they DO NOT collect city sales tax and they ARE NOT even eligible to legitimately vote in Sedona city elections…

So what’s in store for the city of Sedona in the year 2022?

End of rant from Eddie S. Maddock aka “the light on the blight of Sedona.”


  1. Eddie S. Maddock says:

    For the record, the last sentence of the above article as submitted from me to the publisher of Sedona Eye ended with aka “the blight on Sedona.”

    It was the Editor of Sedona Eye who opted for the change to “the light on the blight of Sedona.”

    (SedonaEye.com editor response: Ms. Maddock, As the Sedona Eye Publisher instructed with the edit, “Eddie Maddock’s writing brings blight to light and unconsciousness into awareness, and that is what her aka is.”)


    Thank you so very much for your kind words. The clarification is appreciated although, and not mentioning any names relating to the origin of my identity related to being a blight on Sedona, most assuredly there are those who will not agree.

    Let us just be grateful to have freedom of expression and opportunity to exercise the right to “agree to disagree.” Amen!

  3. Lou Burton says:

    How decisive can this President get? He’s the face of a failed Presidency.

  4. Jason & Sylvia says:

    From what we understand the biggest blight on Sedona occurred when the voters foolishly approved incorporation. Attacks on Sedona Eye and/or contributors, especially from prospective city council members, in our opinion(s) are out of line and immediately eliminate them from our consideration.

    When this “city” continuously throws money at organizations such as the regional chamber of commerce, and even to the extent as claiming the C of C visitors center is that of the City of Sedona, is wasteful, misleading and unfair to local businesses who choose to not be members of the C of C.

    To allow control of C of C directors and members, even one high profile resort beyond city limits on Dry Creek Road, the authority to do what they “they” think is best for incorporated Sedona, including the residents, is literally way out of bounds and needs to be stopped.

    However, unless and until we have at least four likeminded elected city council members (including the mayor who has no more authority than other council members with the exception of signing official documents and setting meeting agendas) no changes will come about to influence the direction Sedona will continue to pursue.

    In our opinions, incorporation was and remains the source causing Sedona itself to become a GIANT BLIGHT that continues to chow down and create conflict.

    The opportunity to change the composition of the city council is on the table. Either make it happen or shut up!

  5. Judy says:

    Prez Biden approval rating released today and its 33% probably closer to Sedona city councilors? Like Prez Biden they’re credibility falls every day and Kamala Harris has an even lower approval rating.People knew that when they voted for her. Happy now?

    Inflation is not a cure for inflation. Inflation isn’t complicated for the poor and middle income and they’re losing us and any respect because this administration chooses failed politics of socialism. Something smelly about dacha and grocery line loving rich folks.

    Comparisons? Prez Joe lead us to 40 year record high inflation. Prez Donald lead us to 100 year achievements in higher pay, lower taxes and greater opportunities and jobs for blacks and browns, less taxes on the poorest paychecks, $2 gas prices, fully stocked grocery shelves OOOOOOOOO How about a vaccine that saved billions of lives globally. Every day Trump administration saves more lives.

    I’m case you keep denying truth, Joe Biden can’t even get the Donald Trump ordered and stocked covid test kits distributed. VP Kamala Harris must be in charge of that.

    Check out Twitter@andypuzer

  6. Wanda & Walt Stevens says:

    Speaking of blights on Sedona, does anyone else find it peculiar that people post comments unrelated to the topic of a particular article @Judy for example?

    What does President Joe. Biden and national events have to do with Sedona 2022 and the 14 topics under consideration as listed above?

    This isn’t the first time this “ploy?” has been attempted to divert comments to off topic subjects. Are those in control of Sedona politics so sneaky they will revert to anything to keep their activities (plans) secret? Read comments under other articles and check out how they stray from local issues to national politics.

    What’s the deal? What are they hiding?

  7. Gretna says:


  8. Utopia Molo says:

    Important point that safety on trails and quality of hikers v nature, Pop up tents not needed Sedona hikers with no water or satellite phone. Cigaret smoking on trails canyons out of control by drug groupies, what experienced travelers know as Zero tolerance now have litter and poop flies. I’m done here and headed north. If you’re going to make rules then make effort to know your terrains been corrupted by your rules first.

  9. Addison says:

    Hear u Molo-not a person in government or residences here does these trails, suggest tubes in Flagg & head to New Mexico

  10. Personally Perfect says:

    Supply chain issues mean less food and drugs on our neighborhood shelves and less gas for our neighborhood gas stations to sell. Sedona wake up and unless you have a food source we don’t know about, stop advertising. BTW Phoenix restaurants are preparing for a flour shortage in one month. We don’t need tourists taking our limited supplies.

  11. @perfect says:

    No flour!!!
    Preposterous!!! LOl

    Get a grip PP you take yourself way too serious you’re really not that important!

  12. Mike says:

    People are going back to work in Arizona because Gov. Ducey ordered set aside of $300 million in federal money to offer a one-time bonus of $2,000 to people who get a full-time job and $1,000 to those who return part time. Some of your elderly Sedona homeowners may be able to keep their homes because of Gov. Ducey allowing them to compete with the big multi national corporations in this town that should never have been allowed to build. Just sayin ought to appreciate an economy that won’t exist if you vote him out. Our survival needs him to keep the democrats from ruining our freedoms.

  13. Mike? says:

    How can you claim all that about governor ?Ducey when he was the one who signed into law, and over road long standing local laws to ban short term rentals?

    How disingenuous must you be? And btw you know so little, Governor Ducey cant run for governor again!….LOL….Your really informed their man!…..

  14. Val Arizona says:

    Mike? you stayed away from the great economy lead by Governor and our state offices. Look at California And Colorado hot messes of despair. I’ll vote Sinema if she keeps it up and becomes a Joe Manchin thinker but the first second she goes down the looney socialist rabbit hole of Biden leftists I’ll never vote for her again. If Sinema stays the course of centrists like Manchin and proves she has a brain she’ll go far as an Independent – she should kick the can of democrats who do nothing for Arizona or America or her. Hispanic voters polled last week lost Democrats and Biden with 29% and falling approval rating. Better know that Sedona is surviving this pandemic because of Ducey and Republicans. You want to shut our restaurants down and put homeless on our streets and let Sedona be a sanctuary city, then vote Democrats and that mayor and council back in. Proof is all around you. Learn the politics of the council you vote for! The city council has been run by Democrats for years and look at what they did to ruin perfection. Sedona needs its tax paying residents to be heard and not subjected to Democrats. We might be going to war on the side of Ukraine against Russia and China. Catch up Sedona.

  15. L. B. Randolph says:

    Maybe the above wish-list should be submitted to Santa Claus or this time of year more appropriately the Easter Bunny.

    Although its been reported city revenue is more than substantially in great shape, why then isn’t consideration being given to retiring the previous .05% ‘temporary’ sales tax increase?

    For taxpayers the 2018 tax was to fix traffic and not build a new $47.5 million bus network.

    Why does Sedona’s infrastructure continue to aggressively erode while the chamber of commerce endlessly receives unwarranted public revenue and without substantial accountability of return on investment? (plus or minus)

    Has the city council and or staff fully investigated the terms under which that USFS land trade was approved for the purpose of establishing the failed Cultural Park? If they (the city) proceed with their ill conceived plan to provide affordable/workforce housing (hmmm – and where have we heard that before? Nepenthe?) on the Cultural Park property, is the most we can hope for is the opportunity for a class action method to sue the socks off them?

    What kind of ego maniacs do we have “allegedly” representing Sedona voters?

    The proposed use for the most recent ‘temporary tax’ increase was NOT for the purpose of enabling the city to enter into the real estate business. (#10 & #11)

  16. @ L.B. says:

    Yes things erode more as tourism is up because the economy is roaring!

    Now the law is clear we must use 55% of the bed tax money for advertising…The city decides to use the other half of the chamber for product development( advertising) Have a complaint….Contact the state reps, the governor to change the law!

    I myself prefer a locals controlling the mandatory advertising over a ad firm from Phoenix or New Your city!

    I hope that clears up your confusion some?

  17. Elaine, Sedona AZ says:

    @@LBwithperiods You truly are an idiot and uninformed. No no no we don’t have to change any law, we need to locally rein in the chamber and demand transparency and accountability of the millions of funds running through their books and fingers and look for FOI help. At issue is a chamber filtering and using local tax payers money to build and buy and fund other towns and cities projects. IT IS simple. PERIOD. I’m tired of out of work slugs being pampered while my industrious friends and families pay their ways. If a homeless person can stand all day on a street holding a begging sign, he can load boxes at Whole Foods and pay for his meals. Give toothbrushes and soap and wet wipes and direct them to food banks and free church meals. Nothing else. We pay for social services with our taxes, let them use what we provided. If they’re dangerous or criminals put them in jail or take them to a psych ward for evals.

  18. Betty Sedona says:

    sisters and brothers can you hear amens for the lady elaine

  19. Tripping says:

    If this hyper inflation economy is roaring it’s just a death scream.

  20. Liz says:

    @Sedona Politicians Stop Lying about how good Sedona budget is. It’s not. It’s based on continued upward growth and this isn’t happening with $30Billion debt and its sheer insanity watching Sedona spend spend spend and Feds spend spend spend while this administration stopped our oil for so we now buy Russia’s!! You think Hunter Biden and the Biden family aren’t making huge bucks off this well laid plan? Next time you put any gas over $2 a gallon in your car bend over and kiss your ass and genuflect east toward DC.

  21. Kent & JoAnn A. says:

    We are also fed up with the panhandlers standing on corners asking for handouts and many of them have dogs as companions. Wonder how they afford to feed animals when they can’t feed themselves? This isn’t the streets of LA or San Francisco so why the hell does animal control allow them to have them unregistered, unlicensed and unvaccinated on our city streets? We don’t have to put up with it and they don’t have rights to have them.

    Sedona, it’s time to clean up your act. STOP giving money to the Chamber of Commerce. ENOUGH! It’s a waste of money and the C of C is NOT part of Sedona City government no matter how hard you try to attempt to change that FACT!

    Grow up and dismiss this idea of turning Sedona into a sanctuary city! Haven’t we all, or at least most of us, gone through difficult times and the answer has been to WORK our way out of it. Not beg on street corners. Begging is stealing and theft according to my parents and grandparents.

    As for Sedona looking for land to purchase, we agree they should NOT be in the real estate business. That vast acreage they already own at the site of the wastewater treatment plant, consider selling some of that to a private developer. Or was it the boondoggle that people
    knew when “bird sanctuaries” were mentioned for it? Could it be because that developer would have to deal with Yavapai County instead of Sedona Council for approval of any proposed development and County supervisors felt the wrath of the voters demanding no new developments? Garrison lost his seat at the table? County listens and aren’t pushovers when demanding accountability.

    LEAVE THE CULTURAL PARK PROPERTY ALONE! You’ve already ruined most of Sedona. The cultural park was highly controversial at the time it was approved, and one condition of the USFS land exchange was for that property to NEVER be approved for commercial development! Check it out. Don’t think lawyers won’t hand the city its hat on that deal…we know two in Flagstaff and one in Phoenix chopping at the bit to take that one on for the USFS. That voice that says not isn’t the voice to listen to, Councilors. Just sayin.

  22. Ahi Ahi says:

    If this economy is roaring you’re deaf dumb and blind.

  23. Paul says:

    Thanks Joie&Kent for making public what we’ve been talking about privately. Vote to limit city decisions by making opportunities to destroy our vistas and spend massive $$s on debt projects that undo decades of scenic protection have to be approved by special election referendums. Referendums must be single topic and have full projected budget numbers. PROTECT OUR CITY. NO MAS TODAY NO MAS TOMORROW. Save Sedona NOW in 2022.

  24. @paul says:

    Maybe the feds knew more them most years back when they wanted to designate Sedona as National Park type Designation.:: but ohhhh how the same people complaining then complain NOW… KARMA. Best yet …..nothing will change… air b n bs and the rest. You ain’t seen nothing yet.. Bet your home values will surely keep increasing. Congrats

  25. Solomon the Soothsayer says:

    Gazing into my crystal ball my plea is “Ah so, please reveal the meaning of the 14 item wish list.”

    Without adieu, the words “slam dunk, slam dunk, slam dunk” flash profusely in neon light fashion.

    “But please, pray tell All Knowing Entity within my crystal ball. What do your words mean?”

    “Very simply, oh lowly one. Four votes on the Sedona City Council will serve to approve the purchase of the hotly contested Sedona Cultural Park. That, in turn, will be the key to unlock at least five of the list of 14, beginning with #1.

    Tie that in with the recent turn of events allowing the City Council to rewrite the Sedona Community Plan and – VOILA – Sedona will officially be entirely under the control of the City Council and staff recommendations. No more nonsense for public input from nuisance pests who live here.

    But This action must be taken post haste, prior to the election in November in order for the control of and direction for Sedona to be fully activated prior to any potential opportunity for different ideas to surface in the event four council seats might be subjected to reopening the notion of restoring transparency to City Hall activities.

    Any other questions, Sir Solomon?”

  26. Sam & Paula says:

    If you people were really serious about changing the direction of Sedona, there are methods to make it happen.

    For example, a council recall election is possible which was proven in 1992 when Sedona Vice Mayor Anna Marie Hayes was recalled. Ivan Finley was elected to take her place. Keep in mind, however, that a slate of council replacements must be in place to serve in the event a recall effort were to succeed.

    When elected officials consistently betray their oaths of office by ignoring values of constituents, such as memorializing the chamber of commerce and continuing to grant them millions of dollars of public revenue, working TOGETHER to make changes have been proven to work.

    As to the comment about the failure of approval for Sedona to become a National Park or Monument that is correct. The fallacy of that proposal and reason for denial was directly due to the proposed designation. Had the sponsors pursued a more palatable and less severe designation, specifically a National Scenic AREA, the outcome very likely would have been much different.

  27. Cindy says:

    Solomon divide baby Sedona in half and return her to Coconino & Yavapai

  28. Born in Stafford says:

    nobody said anything about 14. Trail Access Based on Capacity Analysis.
    What’s ignorance at its government power excess, but councils giving millions to advertise its Trail Access because what else is here except Views? THINK ABOUT IT. This is Sedona. Views and Trails. They want to put up gates and make us pay to go in on FEDERAL lands WHICH YOU AND I AND THOSE TAXPAYERS OWN. They want to take our cars away and make us get on busses? WE VOTED NO ON SCENIC DESIGNATION THAT WOULD HAVE FORCED THIS ON US. Are you people awake or asleep in this area? NO WE WON’T PAY TO ACCESS OUR BACKYARDS AND FRONT YARDS.

  29. ADOT Joe says:

    @borninstafford Want to go bat sh** crazy look at three.

    Evacuation plan is simple that these fools can do it. Do what other mountain towns with limited road access do under emergency plans created by other municipalities and templates can be downloaded online free or call ADOT or call Jerome managers or Crown King or Payson. Stop all incoming traffic, turn all lanes into exits out of town to reach safe zones. Safe zones are where there are no fire dangers on 89A North or South or both directions, and south or north on 179. It’s simple these days to find available resource or leave it to ADOT to tell you what to do. You’ve a feeder mile. Your $500 expertise input isn’t necessary and your staff isn’t qualified. Put four cops in place and a directional sign and you’re good to go Sedona and get the f… out of the way of your fire district that’s in charge.

  30. Don says:

    Good eyes. Council indicating Sedona and VOCA don’t have emergency plans in place? Mandatory after 911 and had to be approved by state and counties.

  31. Worx says:

    Sedona guy sued DC government that tried to require Red Rock Passes. He won.

  32. Archie says:

    How can this be? The city council directed the city manager to discuss negotiations with the present owner of the Cultural Park (Mike Tennyson?) who may have taken the facility off the for-sale market.

    Has the city already made the decision to purchase the property?

    Lack of work force housing originally came about because city officials let developers off the hook for providing a certain number of such accommodations in original development agreements.

    Traffic in Sedona has become unbearable, especially since the city gave millions of dollars to the chamber of commerce for destination marketing.

    To this day there isn’t evidence that the amateur advertising tactics by an inefficient group of losers produced anything other than millions of even more daytrippers to Sedona.

    That alone should be reason to cease and desist funding the C of C for any lame purpose and/or excuse. Knock it off!

    Why do city officials (obvious aka “no brain-bunglers”) continue to pursue high density development as a lame excuse to provide more affordable housing? Why do they ignore the potential for using city owned land at The Dells to promote legitimate developers the authority to pursue a remedy?

    Now there’s no denial lack of long term rentals is a problem. But that unfortunately and essentially was made possible by a lame duck governor who dismissed municipality decisions and made short term (vacation) rentals legal in residential subdivisions.

    However and regardless of who owns the Cultural Park how can rezoning for increased density housing possibly result in anything except exacerbating the already overbearing traffic situation?

    Wise up you fools!

  33. Rodney says:

    $50K new signing bonus for military recruits. Check it out. It’s better than settling for cheap workforce housing to wash tourists dishes.

  34. Gary says:

    Military offers high level job skills. Military retirement and in 40s chance to grab another private sector career. Tesla looking for workers and Amazon. Why would any worker want to work in Sedona when the big world offers gold? Sedona is for retirees and health and spiritual groupies and we need our space to be.

  35. Manny Gutierrez, Glendale says:

    CP owner not foolish enough to sell to city —- realty brokers saying future land dollars bringing in mega millions. Sedona future not here yet. Hold the land.

  36. Hilton Marriott Timeshares Won’t Be Here Forever says:

    Franchisers getting out of entire area because volatile stock market and 7% inflation going up and there’s no growth here. Use their hotels and timeshares for ADUs like other small towns and cities do. There’s no need for building public or private schools in Sedona, we have enough for years of growth. We have no need to be more than exclusive upscale housing and let the workers live wherever they want. We don’t require many workers to begin with and they’re all low end. Even those workers want more than dead end jobs and they can find them in places like Cottonwood and Flagstaff and Prescott or the Valley. Businesses pay your own way and you don’t need our tax money and you’re not entitled to get it. We’re going to war in Europe and out of control inflation and China withholding manufactured goods makes life future different. There is no refuge in Sedona from the global chaos and we need to reopen our oil pipeline instead of buying oil from Russia. Sedona what will you do then? No trucks coming to your stores and homes first. Go pick your food from your gardens and milk those cows and kill those dogs for meat?

  37. JM says:

    Short term rentals way down. I hear no issue with police, HOAs, random neighbors, laws and ordinances in place before short term approved effective when enforced.

  38. Lisa says:

    What’s up Chamber when the numbers came out, a store in the Center? Start splinin Lucy we mean Jen no she left the state we mean who be in charge of that pretty penny chamber pot business ??

  39. Foothills says:

    Why no one involved with body camera issue? A big no to body cameras on our police. Small city limit with elderly population with outsiders that cause nearly every problem before you go SWAT remember to be police first and combat officers never. Put majority of the officers on bikes Segways smart cars feet walking around. We don’t police counties jurisdictions we don’t police state or Ag Dept. Hire lots of police and all carrying radios tasers nightsticks are SWAT enough. They won’t abuse their responsibilities and we will be 100% supportive when while they at work.

  40. Josephine W. says:

    Oh my gosh, it’s all so exciting. At the city council meeting yesterday they discussed providing curbside shuttle pickup for residents. Neato! Maybe soon it won’t be necessary to drive my car to Cottonwood for my appointments to have a hair cut!

    But, of course, the fee for this service(?) is yet to be decided.


  41. Frederick says:

    Don’t be stupid people, your looking at a list of new higher taxes and more tourists.

  42. Jeff says:

    WTF rides $$&$$ then they’re talking about putting several locals out of business including a few free services by seniors cares and other nonprofits!! (Deleted by editor) Calling (deleted by editor) to (deleted by editor) sue. Stay out of private businesses (Deleted by editor). We have it all now from airport to flagstaff to cottonwood to any place. They ruin Sedona with their ignorance (Deleted by editor)

  43. Jan W. says:

    So the “city” is discussing curb-side shuttle service? Watch out “Uber”.

    This consideration isn’t unlike the intent back in 2015 for the “city” to take over our garbage collection! Oh my – such lofty goals! (PS – the notion for legitimate city owned trash trucks failed.)

    However, it’s remarkable the “Sedona Chamber’s Community Pulse” has a high profile ad (back page of a local freebie in the mail) relating to their latest endeavor to take care of “the community”.

    Not caring to give them extensive “free” publicity the most to be offered here would be a question: Would “the chamber” be able to afford such a gala event to be held at the Sedona Performing Arts Center if they didn’t receive millions of dollars – ANNUALLY – from the City of Sedona? Wonder how much $$$$ the other “regional” participants offer the “chamber” to publicize their events? And in the midst of a deadly viral pandemic?

    Anyone seriously interested in what’s in store for Sedona in 2022? Ask the regional Chamber of Commerce. Seriously.

  44. Ari Hedman says:

    City must allocate or dedicate money it collects. Preferences for short term projects don’t require extensive bookkeeping, do they? New covid strain coming. Immoral and unreasonable timing to consider this gala meant for film festival goers?

  45. CV says:

    six degrees of separation

  46. Another Sedona Peon (resident) says:

    Hmmmm wonder what’s with this constant effort to make Sedona the head honcho and cash cow for so many regional concepts?? Are these wild ideas, in fact, being schemed and dreamed up behind closed doors? What has become of the OPEN MEETING LAW? Who holds the answers? “Regional” Chamber of Commerce?

  47. C.F. Gilmore says:

    Wasn’t there a recent Sedona financial report indicating a substantial amount of money remains in reserve? That being the case, why not rescind the .05% bed tax increase as well as the .05% temporary transportation tax, now being considered as being made permanent?

    Isn’t it about time to give the peon residents a break? We DO contribute to your sales tax base as well as the money you manage to siphon off from the county property taxes we pay.

    Wouldn’t the Lodging Council jump for joy if you eliminated that discretionary bed tax increase? Or are the financial benefits they receive via the chamber just too good to let go?

  48. Maria Mollen says:

    There’s presently a petition circulating for the city council to stop funding the chamber of commerce. They should never have been receiving public revenue in the first place simply because they have gone on record stating they only promote their members. How can that be? Why aren’t ALL City of Sedona licensed businesses given equal opportunity to be extended referrals? This, clearly, is discrimination and SHOULD BE STOPPED.

    By tacking on the name “Tourism Bureau” (or some such thing) is more BS. Maybe some slick attorney gave them that advice as a means to justify the great Sedona rip-off?


    And especially this includes the Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center – NOT that of the City of Sedona! How about checking out Flagstaff as an example and find out how professionals do it.

  49. Wm. D. says:

    The Chamber is NOT an official part of Sedona City Government. That holds true for their bureau of tourism add on. Smoke and Mirrors?

    “Sedona Chamber of Commerce, Inc. is an Arizona Domestic Non-Profit Corporation filed On August 5, 1960. The company’s filing status is listed as Active and its File Number is 00562190.”

  50. Save Sedona says:

    In the town of Gilbert, near Mesa, some residents are organizing to stop the growth of apartment complexes. Bumper stickers read “No More Apts — We’re a Town, Not a City.” (Kiplinger newsletter)

    Sedona better get busy with those recall petitions and petitions to oppose changing community plan and zoning densities or lose their seat at the beautiful visit table.

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