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Eddie Maddock: What’s in store for Sedona – Year 2022?


SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie S. Maddock shines light on the future of the city of Sedona as its City Council agendizes 2022.

Sedona AZ – Constant feedback continues to indicate wasted effort extended by producing printed, as well as online, publications such as Sedona Eye. Having never participated in – not even one opportunity – to join in a public online forum by throwing in two or more cents worth – not ever – this clearly is neither an endorsement for or against participating on a Facebook, Next Door, or other app.

A good deal of online forum feedback – pertaining to matters unrelated to family connections – consistently is reported as utter nonsense without factual proof of many if not most “allegations.” Of course there is really nothing wrong with that, but it does tend to make one wonder what became of the term “In My Opinion” that, at least at one time, was an extremely wise decision to include as a protection to avoid litigation relating to slander and/or libelous content or intent.

Therefore, as boring as it may be to the growing numbers who rely on what appears on social websites, and just as a matter of record, the following items identified by the Sedona City Council at its recent annual retreat are offered for information only:

Agenda City Council Retreat Tuesday, January 4, 2022 at 1:00 p.m., Wednesday, January 5, & Thursday, January 6, 2022 at 8:00 a.m. Possible/New City Council Priorities Discussion/Update; including the following: (Projected for Thursday, January 6, 2022)

1. Homelessness

2. Environmental Impact Statement/Assessment of Off Highway Vehicles

3. Evacuation Modeling & Evacuation Routes

4. Police Department Body Cameras

5. Brewer Road Ranger Station Park Buildout

6. New Dedicated Sales Tax for Transit

7. Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau Contractual Relationship

8. Andante Sidewalk/SUP

9. Pickleball Courts

10. Purchase of Cultural Park

11. Real Estate Purchase Opportunities

12. Employee Hiring & Retention

13. Official Vision Statement Video

14. Trail Access Based on Capacity Analysis.

If any particular agenda issues extend within your own subdivisions, it might be worthwhile to keep this list of proposed concerns handy.

Don’t forget. Sedona will soon have an election. The mayor and three city council seats will either be retained or, if the voters decide, will be replaced by new faces with perhaps different ideas regarding the fourteen potential future actions, in addition to who-knows-what?

Isn’t NOW the time to question these people who will be deciding your destiny? After they are elected what will be your chances of being heard? Solutions and ultimate decisions for Sedona could be decided based on what SEVEN people decide THEY think is best – and to hell with public opinion!

And keep in mind, the elected City Council bases its determinations largely upon unelected city of Sedona staff recommendations.

And let us not overlook the questionable authority that has been bestowed upon what remains an organized membership club (Council Retreat Agenda Item #7 above), aka the Chamber of Commerce: Officially unrelated to Sedona city government, the Chamber pledge and commitment is to service its members – many (if not most) of its members are OUTSIDE Sedona City Limits and they DO NOT collect city sales tax and they ARE NOT even eligible to legitimately vote in Sedona city elections…

So what’s in store for the city of Sedona in the year 2022?

End of rant from Eddie S. Maddock aka “the light on the blight of Sedona.”


  1. Eddie S. Maddock says:

    For the record, the last sentence of the above article as submitted from me to the publisher of Sedona Eye ended with aka “the blight on Sedona.”

    It was the Editor of Sedona Eye who opted for the change to “the light on the blight of Sedona.”

    (SedonaEye.com editor response: Ms. Maddock, As the Sedona Eye Publisher instructed with the edit, “Eddie Maddock’s writing brings blight to light and unconsciousness into awareness, and that is what her aka is.”)


    Thank you so very much for your kind words. The clarification is appreciated although, and not mentioning any names relating to the origin of my identity related to being a blight on Sedona, most assuredly there are those who will not agree.

    Let us just be grateful to have freedom of expression and opportunity to exercise the right to “agree to disagree.” Amen!

  3. Lou Burton says:

    How decisive can this President get? He’s the face of a failed Presidency.

  4. Jason & Sylvia says:

    From what we understand the biggest blight on Sedona occurred when the voters foolishly approved incorporation. Attacks on Sedona Eye and/or contributors, especially from prospective city council members, in our opinion(s) are out of line and immediately eliminate them from our consideration.

    When this “city” continuously throws money at organizations such as the regional chamber of commerce, and even to the extent as claiming the C of C visitors center is that of the City of Sedona, is wasteful, misleading and unfair to local businesses who choose to not be members of the C of C.

    To allow control of C of C directors and members, even one high profile resort beyond city limits on Dry Creek Road, the authority to do what they “they” think is best for incorporated Sedona, including the residents, is literally way out of bounds and needs to be stopped.

    However, unless and until we have at least four likeminded elected city council members (including the mayor who has no more authority than other council members with the exception of signing official documents and setting meeting agendas) no changes will come about to influence the direction Sedona will continue to pursue.

    In our opinions, incorporation was and remains the source causing Sedona itself to become a GIANT BLIGHT that continues to chow down and create conflict.

    The opportunity to change the composition of the city council is on the table. Either make it happen or shut up!

  5. Judy says:

    Prez Biden approval rating released today and its 33% probably closer to Sedona city councilors? Like Prez Biden they’re credibility falls every day and Kamala Harris has an even lower approval rating.People knew that when they voted for her. Happy now?

    Inflation is not a cure for inflation. Inflation isn’t complicated for the poor and middle income and they’re losing us and any respect because this administration chooses failed politics of socialism. Something smelly about dacha and grocery line loving rich folks.

    Comparisons? Prez Joe lead us to 40 year record high inflation. Prez Donald lead us to 100 year achievements in higher pay, lower taxes and greater opportunities and jobs for blacks and browns, less taxes on the poorest paychecks, $2 gas prices, fully stocked grocery shelves OOOOOOOOO How about a vaccine that saved billions of lives globally. Every day Trump administration saves more lives.

    I’m case you keep denying truth, Joe Biden can’t even get the Donald Trump ordered and stocked covid test kits distributed. VP Kamala Harris must be in charge of that.

    Check out Twitter@andypuzer

  6. Wanda & Walt Stevens says:

    Speaking of blights on Sedona, does anyone else find it peculiar that people post comments unrelated to the topic of a particular article @Judy for example?

    What does President Joe. Biden and national events have to do with Sedona 2022 and the 14 topics under consideration as listed above?

    This isn’t the first time this “ploy?” has been attempted to divert comments to off topic subjects. Are those in control of Sedona politics so sneaky they will revert to anything to keep their activities (plans) secret? Read comments under other articles and check out how they stray from local issues to national politics.

    What’s the deal? What are they hiding?

  7. Gretna says:


  8. Utopia Molo says:

    Important point that safety on trails and quality of hikers v nature, Pop up tents not needed Sedona hikers with no water or satellite phone. Cigaret smoking on trails canyons out of control by drug groupies, what experienced travelers know as Zero tolerance now have litter and poop flies. I’m done here and headed north. If you’re going to make rules then make effort to know your terrains been corrupted by your rules first.

  9. Addison says:

    Hear u Molo-not a person in government or residences here does these trails, suggest tubes in Flagg & head to New Mexico

  10. Personally Perfect says:

    Supply chain issues mean less food and drugs on our neighborhood shelves and less gas for our neighborhood gas stations to sell. Sedona wake up and unless you have a food source we don’t know about, stop advertising. BTW Phoenix restaurants are preparing for a flour shortage in one month. We don’t need tourists taking our limited supplies.

  11. @perfect says:

    No flour!!!
    Preposterous!!! LOl

    Get a grip PP you take yourself way too serious you’re really not that important!

  12. Mike says:

    People are going back to work in Arizona because Gov. Ducey ordered set aside of $300 million in federal money to offer a one-time bonus of $2,000 to people who get a full-time job and $1,000 to those who return part time. Some of your elderly Sedona homeowners may be able to keep their homes because of Gov. Ducey allowing them to compete with the big multi national corporations in this town that should never have been allowed to build. Just sayin ought to appreciate an economy that won’t exist if you vote him out. Our survival needs him to keep the democrats from ruining our freedoms.

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