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Eddie Maddock: What’s in store for Sedona – Year 2022?


SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie S. Maddock shines light on the future of the city of Sedona as its City Council agendizes 2022.

Sedona AZ – Constant feedback continues to indicate wasted effort extended by producing printed, as well as online, publications such as Sedona Eye. Having never participated in – not even one opportunity – to join in a public online forum by throwing in two or more cents worth – not ever – this clearly is neither an endorsement for or against participating on a Facebook, Next Door, or other app.

A good deal of online forum feedback – pertaining to matters unrelated to family connections – consistently is reported as utter nonsense without factual proof of many if not most “allegations.” Of course there is really nothing wrong with that, but it does tend to make one wonder what became of the term “In My Opinion” that, at least at one time, was an extremely wise decision to include as a protection to avoid litigation relating to slander and/or libelous content or intent.

Therefore, as boring as it may be to the growing numbers who rely on what appears on social websites, and just as a matter of record, the following items identified by the Sedona City Council at its recent annual retreat are offered for information only:

Agenda City Council Retreat Tuesday, January 4, 2022 at 1:00 p.m., Wednesday, January 5, & Thursday, January 6, 2022 at 8:00 a.m. Possible/New City Council Priorities Discussion/Update; including the following: (Projected for Thursday, January 6, 2022)

1. Homelessness

2. Environmental Impact Statement/Assessment of Off Highway Vehicles

3. Evacuation Modeling & Evacuation Routes

4. Police Department Body Cameras

5. Brewer Road Ranger Station Park Buildout

6. New Dedicated Sales Tax for Transit

7. Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau Contractual Relationship

8. Andante Sidewalk/SUP

9. Pickleball Courts

10. Purchase of Cultural Park

11. Real Estate Purchase Opportunities

12. Employee Hiring & Retention

13. Official Vision Statement Video

14. Trail Access Based on Capacity Analysis.

If any particular agenda issues extend within your own subdivisions, it might be worthwhile to keep this list of proposed concerns handy.

Don’t forget. Sedona will soon have an election. The mayor and three city council seats will either be retained or, if the voters decide, will be replaced by new faces with perhaps different ideas regarding the fourteen potential future actions, in addition to who-knows-what?

Isn’t NOW the time to question these people who will be deciding your destiny? After they are elected what will be your chances of being heard? Solutions and ultimate decisions for Sedona could be decided based on what SEVEN people decide THEY think is best – and to hell with public opinion!

And keep in mind, the elected City Council bases its determinations largely upon unelected city of Sedona staff recommendations.

And let us not overlook the questionable authority that has been bestowed upon what remains an organized membership club (Council Retreat Agenda Item #7 above), aka the Chamber of Commerce: Officially unrelated to Sedona city government, the Chamber pledge and commitment is to service its members – many (if not most) of its members are OUTSIDE Sedona City Limits and they DO NOT collect city sales tax and they ARE NOT even eligible to legitimately vote in Sedona city elections…

So what’s in store for the city of Sedona in the year 2022?

End of rant from Eddie S. Maddock aka “the light on the blight of Sedona.”


  1. Nancy Watson says:

    Have no fear @Noshing etal. “Nothing” WILL change until and unless new people are elected on the city council.

    Slim chance for that to happen, though. It’s only the fat cats who raise the money to get “their” people in. Could it still be true that certain businesses direct their employees how to vote or else? What difference does it make anyhow?

    Bottom line: Wasn’t the fate of this once beautiful place doomed the day voters were stupid enough to approve incorporation?

  2. Peter N. says:

    For those who continue to speculate and wonder whether or not Sedona will continue to embrace the REGIONAL chamber of commerce by GIVING them millions of $$$$, read Item No. 7 on the above list:

    7. Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau Contractual Relationship

    Shouldn’t those in-city businesses with enough integrity to stand on their own two feet without acquiescing to bullying and intimidation to join this questionable hoax be rewarded with the support of locals? As for tourists, they don’t know the difference but if they ask for recommendations how about directing them to facilities that are non-chamber members? After all, word-of-mouth referrals were long ago proven to be the most effective method to advertise.

    It appears to be the Lodging Council behind this money grab in the first place. Isn’t hiding behind the guise of “contractual relationship” just a cover-up in an attempt to somehow legalize this perceived ongoing hoax?

    Sedona reports being financially sound. That being the case, then why not rescind that last half percent bed tax as well as the alleged “temporary” sales tax increase?

  3. Love Sedona says:

    Wake up Verde Valley!! Who will pay $5 a gallon to fill tanks to visit Sedona by car??!! Did you hear that WH idiot wants to buy Venezuelan oil and gas??!! and begged Saudi to pump more (thank you saudis for doing one smart thing saying no) and are sending more to Iran for nuclear program than to Ukraine to fight a war against Russia??!! Guess who is pro Russia in White House ???!! Biden and his group of leftist whackos that seem to be running traitorous communist socialist policies??!! Trying to keep Hunter employed?? Trying to keep Biden family pockets filled??!! is the FBI investigating why the pipeline was turned off to strip this nation of oil and gas independence??!! Buying oil and gas from Venezuela funnels money to Russian oligarchs and Putin war budget??!! Sedona is teetering on edge of failure like American cities controlled by people approving admin policies. Vote for Sedona united against corruption!

  4. Alison M. says:

    Good points @Love Sedona. In the overall scheme of things, yes, this little dot on the map named “Sedona” remains a victim of national and global scams. As if that isn’t bad enough our local politicians appear to continue on with the policy of “we know what’s best” and to hell with voters! Clearly we don’t matter. If we did would most of the roads in our subdivisions continue to look like back-alley routes for garbage pick up? That’s just one example.

    City council members it seems just prefer to sit on their perches and be stroked by the likes of – well – most of us know who that is. If that weren’t the situation then why hasn’t the nonsense of “contractual relationship” been eliminated.? Why did it happen in the first place?

    Except for one or two occasional exceptions, are the Magnificent Seven anything other than puppets who allow the C of C and affinity group Lodging Council to continue pulling their strings?

  5. Jerry Uptown says:

    @Alison M Your message says it all IMO. “Magnificent Seven” – “Lodging Council” – “C of C”. Of course the problem seems to prevail because generally speaking it appears no one in Sedona City Limits has the desire(?) to run for mayor or city council.

    Don’t expect changes. City Hall is just a front for the ongoing scam. This is just an opinion based on factual events.

  6. GNS, Sedona says:

    With so much focus on Sedona using municipal funding to support the member-driven Chamber of Commerce and misrepresenting the Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center to be officially that of City of Sedona, let us not forget the potential agenda for rezoning the land at the Cultural Park to allow for high density “alleged” workforce/affordable housing.

    Where have we heard that before? As an example, remember Nepenthe? Approved for that purpose and then the development agreement conveniently(?) overlooked that stipulation.

    The USFS land exchange for Cultural Park acreage was explicitly designated as Public/Semi-Public for many reasons including maintaining respect and consideration for our Native American Indian tribes who deem this land as sacred.

    Does anyone really believe that other commercial intentions of the past weren’t conveniently made possible initially by masking ulterior motives of greed?

    Revival of the long alleged scheme for affordable housing being the most recent? Are they foolish enough to believe that evil won’t befall those drooling opportunists? And that includes the Sedona City Staff and/or City Council who think they know better than a higher power which is ultimately in control of that property?

    Why do you suppose the Cultural Park failed? Negative Karma? The land should be returned to the U.S. Forest Service.

    Sedona owns considerable acreage between Sedona and Cottonwood. Why not enter into a joint agreement with Cottonwood, also in need of more affordable housing? Unless expenses for the project are equally split between both communities, wouldn’t it be a win win for all (except perhaps unrelenting money grabbers)?

    Will greed once again prevail?

  7. Kurt Gehlbach says:

    I have a Solution! Kurt Gehlbach for Mayor!! First and foremost we need a leader with the courage and character to Lead. A Leader who is respected for their years of not just words but actions through constant giving of ones self. A Leader who’s created trusting relationships though total transparency and accountability. A Leader who Leads and doesn’t hand off responsibilities to others. A Leader who has the ability to bring our community together, creating for our future’s together. A Leader who will always hear you, always ask your opinions and always be there for you. I do hear you and through Our conversations I’ve created business models which will park and eliminate traffic through a simplified park and ride color coded hop-on hop-off transit system, defund and redirect the responsibilities regarding the Chamber of Commerce to ensure their members a healthier business community through full transparency and accountability, Pay Off City Debt, Cautiously and Compassionately eliminate airbnb’s while protecting our permanent resident in turn creating a jobs-housing balance throughout Sedona. Then there’s creating relationships with the Forest Service, Game & Fish and Department of Transportation allowing for Sedona’s leadership to have authority over future decisions pertaining to Forest Trails and the 4wheel side by sides, Oak Creek and all Roadways. We must Vote! We must ensure Our Future Way of Life is rescued, protected and redirected with a new dynamic government who is truly By The People, For the People…
    Kurt Gehlbach for Mayor of Sedona!!!

  8. West Sedona Dave says:

    Kurt I found you a very nice gentleman that is for sure…You bluster is old and worn out, I have no problems getting answers for any questions pertaining to city business!
    I can email them, call them….I have had numerous conversations with Mayor Sandy at Bashes..
    So best of luck to you as the turnout will be low and lots of people running…

  9. Jim, Sedona says:

    voting means time to get votes

  10. Kim says:

    Great comments giving points of view worth hearing and appreciate it.

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