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Yavapai County Comprehensive Plan: Roadmap to protect and preserve your community

Sedona AZ – You may have noticed that your city or town is growing or being impacted by growth. Yavapai County is growing and developing at unprecedented rates. People are moving here from all over the nation and globally. How will the County grow and develop responsibly while maintaining the unique quality and character and culture of the Southwest region for its residents and newcomers? Identifying and addressing important local issues in a comprehensive plan is necessary for a responsible growth future.

The Yavapai County Comprehensive Plan is the County’s roadmap for protecting and promoting community character by integrating community-level goals and policies. It contains the long-term community vision for where to grow and what to protect now and in the future. It helps guide appropriate local and county wide commercial and residential development while identifying areas and places of special significance that should be preserved and protected.

In the State of Arizona, all cities, towns and counties are required by law to update their Comprehensive Plans every ten years. Comprehensive Plans are required to address, at a minimum, eight important elements: Land Use, Growth areas, Transportation, Water Resources, Energy, Open Space, Environmental, and Cost of Development. Each of these elements work together to create a roadmap for present and future responsible growth.

Updating the Comprehensive Plan is a huge undertaking: It takes County staff and volunteers hundreds of hours to research, review, revise and edit information that goes into this long-term document. The Comprehensive Plan Committee is a group of local volunteers and elected officials who meet each month to discuss and review proposed information for the update. Meeting times and locations are posted on the County’s website, and members of the public are always welcome to observe meetings and or provide public comment.

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How does the Comprehensive Plan help your community? The Comprehensive Plan establishes policies used to guide future growth and developments. It shows where growth is happening in the County and where that growth is likely to continue. It helps County staff identify the best places for new roads and infrastructure. It helps to identify the needs of each community, such as where new fire stations should be built. It also identifies what is of importance to our Arizona communities like new parks, open space, wildlife habitat, desert and mountain and water resources, or preserved and protected scenic and recreation areas.

Be a voice and get involved. It’s your home, your community, and your responsibility to identify goals and priorities.

You may begin by visiting the Yavapai County Comprehensive Plan website www.planningyavapai2032.org and complete the online surveys. The surveys will cover a variety of topics related to your community and will be available to the public through the summer of 2022.

Help build future Yavapai County!

The Yavapai County Mission statement is as follows: “Yavapai County will serve and protect its citizens through efficient management of all its resources to enhance the lives of those we serve.”

Visit www.Yavapai.us on Facebook.com/YavapaiCounty  and Twitter.com/YavapaiCounty and the Yavapai County government offices in Prescott.

With thanks to David McAfee, Yavapai County Public Information officer, for his contribution to this article.


  1. Karena Burro, Prescott Valley says:

    Excellent excellent news and comment

  2. Dave, VOC says:

    Community Vision Statement Survey Results
    In February, we launched our Community Vision Statement Survey for Yavapai County that generated over 900 responses in a three month period. The link below will take you to the dashboard with added filters with various ways to view results by either Zip Code or Community name. You can also select multiple zip codes or communities at once.

    We are truly appreciative of everyone’s participation in the Comprehensive Plan and the development of our great County. If you know someone who may be interested, please forward this website link to your family, friends, and neighbors and have them click “Get Involved” to be added to our mailing list for upcoming meetings and future survey’s which will help us draft the new Comprehensive Plan.

    Thank you,

    David Williams, Director Yavapai County Development Services.

    Survey Results http://www.planningyavapai2032.org/

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