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Eddie Maddock: The Tale That Wagged the Dog


SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie S. Maddock offers Sedona the best of times and the worst of times in the ongoing dispute between the Chamber of Commerce destination marketing program and its local government control in a tale of one city.

Sedona AZ – The following phrase suggesting radical opposites is from the opening paragraph of the famous Charles Dickens’ novel, “A Tale of Two Cities:”

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity …”

Considering the number of ongoing disputes here in Sedona (perhaps beginning, but most assuredly not the ending) was the idea of becoming an incorporated city. Of course that argument was settled by the voters, and the City of Sedona designation became official.

However one ongoing tug of war has existed and continues to this day and it is the extent, if any, to which the Sedona Chamber of Commerce has controlled local government. Logically it stands to reason that a member-driven, non-profit organization should not be playing the role of acting as a tail wagging the dog (City of Sedona)… especially since its primary function is to serve Chamber of Commerce members, many located outside the “city limits” and thus are unauthorized to vote, charge Sedona city sales tax, or allegedly make viable decisions within incorporated Sedona boundaries. Old news? Of course.

However a huge mistake occurred at the time Sedona was seeking a source for a “destination marketing” contract and, instead of following the guidelines set forth to obtain bids by way of RFP (Requests for Proposals) and under intense opposition, a contract was approved with what realistically was the “regional” Chamber of Commerce and war, figuratively speaking, was declared.

This conflict quite possibly has recently been resolved by the Chamber of Commerce giving written notice they would not be renewing its contract as Sedona’s official Designated Management Organization (DMO).

Sedona has newcomers on the City Council. They are smart. They are asking a lot of questions. They are astute. But perhaps best of all, they recognize Sedona residents and respect City Limits as their jurisdiction. They have also expressed interest and intent to cooperate with regards to the spirit of regional communication and indicate willingness to seek and share ideas with other Verde Valley communities, but at the same time always to respect the limitations of their jurisdiction.

At recent meetings, the Sedona City Council has graciously spoken well of the Sedona Chamber of Commerce while at the same time maintaining their position relating to the current differences of opinion existing regarding goals and direction of a DMO (Destination Marketing Organization) under which the Sedona Chamber of Commerce had been under contract. That apparently was the basis by which the C of C made their decision to not renew the contract with Sedona.

Sedona Eye Defund Chamber

Conflicts between Sedona Arizona residents and its city councils began after a council awarded a destination marketing contract to a local non-profit membership-driven organization tasked with promoting its paid members businesses and commercial interests, the Sedona Chamber of Commerce. The contract’s negative impact on city residents quality of life issues before, during and after the pandemic, resulted in contentious local elections and city council meetings. In 2023, after newly elected city council members joined existing, the Chamber program was agendized for discussion, review and action.

Recently the following was on a city council agenda:
3.a. AB 2930 Discussion/possible direction/action regarding next steps towards the development of a municipal destination marketing and management program, including a Resolution designating the City of Sedona as the official Destination Marketing Organization.

Because as it appears the transition of a DMO will revert to where many think it should have been in the first place, City Hall, a great deal of thought and logical strategy is being considered, particularly from the newer faces on City Council beginning, but not ending with hiring a professional consultant for direction.

City Council members display a sincere desire to support the premise that tourism needs to have a positive result. The majority of the city council members favor taking a slower approach, while the mayor stated that he “Can’t support waiting.”

Was expressing the need to work for “all Sedona residents and businesses” in fact a confirmed admission that during years gone by residents have, indeed, been shunned and perceivably treated like irrelevant nuisances? Is it fair to relate the overblown credit bestowed upon the Chamber of Commerce and Lodging Council as being the direct source of Sedona’s tax revenue? Has overextended and, perhaps, unprofessional pursuits actually been the cause resulting in out of control tourism creating overuse and disintegration of our most spectacular attraction, Sedona’s beauty, as well as local quality of life being shunned in the process?

Is it the obligation of Sedona government to promote businesses? No. Tourism should have positive results. Hasn’t too much time already been wasted on a “messy relationship” with the Chamber of Commerce? Yes.

It was suggested and agreed upon that most likely it will be good for the Chamber to do their own thing because, among other reasons, their vision is not the same as that of incorporated Sedona, which as presently stated is to “work for Sedona residents and businesses.” Residents, as stakeholders, should no longer be shunned and treated like second-class citizens or flatlanders.

With the task of tackling the logical decision to relocate the official DMO under the roof at Sedona City Hall, a new focus will be directed on the beauty of the area with a realistic approach and recognition of its capacity and thus indicating the need to include a method of educating our visitors. “Brand Sedona” and allow the Chamber of Commerce to deal with commercialization to benefit its members? The suggestion of an Advisory Board consisting of both residential and business participation to work in conjunction with the proposed hiring of a consultant was well received.

Newer members on the Sedona City Council were prudent in inquiring about return on investments. To-date nothing has been made available to speak to the success or failure of the contract with the Chamber of Commerce. For example, was the end result merely the extensive miles of backed up traffic? Who knows? What about success, failure, return on investment, use and participation of the newly created Sedona Transit System?

Here is the answer: In fiscal year 2023, the city’s budget for its transit program was $2,598,390 — not including an additional $75,000 in transit marketing funds paid to the Chamber of Commerce to promote the shuttles — bringing the program’s total cost to $2,673,390. On Oct. 12, 2022, the council discussed the likelihood that the transit program’s FY24 budget would be in the neighborhood of $4 million; Cost per visitor to the city on the basis of the current year’s budget is $19.09.

But all things considered, it seems logical to accept that certain changes, no matter what they are, will result in perhaps “the best of times” for some while for others they will, from their perspective, complain about suffering through “the worst of times.”

However, when seeking an answer about Sedona’s investment in the transit system, most assuredly not a profit producer, perhaps the following is the nicest tribute of all to those fortunate enough to call Sedona “Home:”

“Our ROI comes from all the residents telling us they appreciate our work to restore their neighborhood, from the over 283,000 passenger boardings we saw in a year and from the emissions reduction of 286 metric tons of C02 in the first year.” – Lauren Browne, Sedona Communications Manager.

By establishing an appropriate Sedona City Designated Management Organization and, to include an “official” City of Sedona Visitors Center to rightfully represent ALL Sedona licensed businesses, then . . . at that time . . . won’t the City of Sedona finally revert to being the “dog” who rightfully takes control of wagging its own “tail”?

The best of times?



  1. Attn City of Sedona Budget says:

    “There is no dignity quite so impressive, and no one independence quite so important, as living within your means.”

  2. @ Ted says:

    You sound like your afraid of your own shadow….How about man up and stop whining about imaginary things! You people are a joke.

  3. Julie says:

    @@Julie paranoid about what like watching you keep proving lib values don’t work? How can it be clearer that Pigs are smarter than liberals when Pigs can get liberals to do their bidding like “save us but kill your own and they’ll eat less pig”.

  4. Jim, West Sedona says:

    Joke????????!!! @Ted you can’t even run a little bitty city you fool. STFU get off Council or resign from your cushy city job (deleted by editor) loser

  5. @Ted says:

    Isn’t it great that the complainers are at it again making complaints up acting like sheep parroting the far right talking points(mindless idiots).. What’s the matter you can’t complain about traffic as of late… Here’s something to get angry about. The far right morons are shrinking….. boo hoo for you there will be less mindless sheep in your circle of hate.. LOL

  6. Yes Ted says:

    Yea, its quite simple..These are people who have been listening to hate radio for over 40 years(thanks Rush)….Then came the hate “news” Fox…

    Its a party that said they were for family values, law and order, being fiscally responsible! It was all just a joke, and they believed every word but it never happened.

    So now all their media is about hate, and dividing America. Its working very well just by reading here!
    Now when you follow a party that has zero policy you have to invent fake outrage.

    So thats why the new boogie man and woman are…..Trans people, LGBTQ people, CRT, ANTIFA, open borders( hello they are not) migrant caravans, no go zones, drag queens, any solutions for gun problems, this list is long and Im sure I missed a dozen or more…

    The world will be a better place when conservatism is dead and their blind followers all gone.
    It is sad that ignoring history, only repeats the same outcomes…And here we are.

  7. Bill, Uptown says:

    Never understood why intelligent business owners paid good money to Chambers in this day and age of social media. My businesses flourished without spending a dime with them.

  8. Ken says:

    You’re the joke. Can tell by the lack of context and depth in your replies to intelligent comments. Just sayin.

  9. ICU says:

    @Yes Ted World will be better without drunken druggies. Promise! Hunter Biden had a judge slash his child support payments to $5K from $20k a month because he needs the extra to pay for his Malibu home…and he is the only one to not go to jail on a felony gun charge…despite his dad saying no slap on wrists for gun purchases..Pays to collect millions for those family members in need..doesn’t that crack you up Hunter? Keep him out of Sedona and keep him in DC. That 20 year old in Chicago today goes to jail on same gun felony while Hunter gets the Biden Buy Bye. Trump was right – Hunter gets a ticket for jaywalking..while media and White House runs the poor good boy routine and bad Republicans not being empathetic..I’m a Democrat who watched Hunter fly around the world collecting millions and making our justice system a clown college..

    You have a gun @YesTed? Don’t count on a sweet deal for supporting Joe if they come for you.

  10. G. X. L., Prescott says:

    Yes Ted “they” are open: trans shirts covering fake boob jobs and penis implants dancing with the President on the White House lawn, US borders north and south and at airports and ocean ports, attacks on race, religions, schools, conservatives, moderates, centrists, education, books, language, culture, family, morals, values, Americanism, ethics, work, history, liberty, freedom, and more. We need the basics, American style.

    Sedona choose simple intelligent options.

    Sedona, enough’s enough and like that Prescott reader commented, stop having an identity crisis every two years in Sedona.

  11. Jeff says:


    Listen up. Progressives are always old, they have to hire their ignorant mini me’s to go protest, look at the old white people standing on street corners holding signs for young black people and fat white chicks, how dumber can they get?

  12. @Jeff says:

    Can I ask how racist and bigoted you can get? Hope you dont go to church or kiss your mother that mouth….What you say speaks volumes to all of us watching…..

  13. Loudest says:

    Is this government Monopoly, Friends?! Biden’s successful multi millionaire son was handed a GET OUT OF JAIL CARD! and Sedona City Council thinks they got an election “Park Place” development MANDATE!

  14. Marv, Sedona says:

    Wake up Sedona. The ongoing deals with the C of C are just that – ongoing!

    In spite of the fact the C of C maintained a “visitors center” long before Sedona even incorporated, and with the assistance of fund raising events and contributions from the public they managed to purchase their present location, now all of a sudden they cannot afford to operate it? And so guess what? Going against staff recommendation the city council decided to foot the bill for 80% of the cost to operate the facility.

    How wonderful for our elected officials to continue the ongoing trend to allow the “tail to wag the dog”. These new council members are no better than our previous elected representatives. Same old, same old situation. Chamber of Commerce and their “members only” continue to call the shots and rule Sedona. How nice for their dues-paying members in the VOC, Oak Creek Canyon, Cottonwood, Camp Verde and elsewhere.

    Do the members of the Sedona City Council appear to be experts at manipulating a “shell game” or what? No C of C destination marketing contract but instead a half-million dollar deal to promote the “chamber” members at the Sedona Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center?

    Is this a “tale” wagging the dog or is the real story – the “tail” continuing to wag the dog?

  15. @ Marv, Sedona says:

    Ha! Thanks for the info. I knew “These new council members are no better than our previous elected representatives.” So it all makes sense now.

    Unfortunately Sedona voters are no better than previous Sedona voters, so it’s hopeless.

  16. Phil says:

    Yes Ted says:
    June 20, 2023 at 5:46 am
    …….wrote…[.The world will be a better place when conservatism is dead and their blind followers all gone. It is sad that ignoring history, only repeats the same outcomes…And here we are.]

    And here we are?

    Eight years after Obama Biden with a respite of four years – the outsider who blew the lid off of systemic national and international corruption – before “they” fixed that blown lid with Biden Harris.
    I ask you, when will your sight be restored?
    Twelve years that man has been God and the Right Hand of God and his entire working life has been at a government paid job. He’s a multi multi millionaire maybe billionaire. Except for four years of fresh air, this kingdom has been dictated to and ruled by your kind.
    Very sad for you and me. The blind leading the blind.

  17. Sedona Lights says:

    Thanks. Had no idea. Pissed off money funneled to Chamber after all.

    We need to move every non-Sedona Chamber membership out of Sedona and join up with Cottonwood-Sedona-Verde Valley Chamber. If we agreed to move en masse to form a CSVV Chamber, then we come out on top. We don’t need to be associated in town because we have the tourists whether we pay the Chamber or not. Nobody has clout here any longer to make us beg for business. Ignore Sedona Chamber!

  18. Ray says:

    Create Sedona Red Rocks – Village of Oak Creek Chamber? Build / lease chamber in Village fronting 179 cuz visitors don’t care why! Check Big Park if likes idea.

  19. Jeff says:

    must’ve hit a nerve kissy kissy

  20. Marilyn T. says:

    Wow doesn’t it appear special deals are being cut behind closed doors prior to open public meetings? City paying 80% to finance the C of C Visitors Center? What has happened to transparency? Obviously that word doesn’t exist in the city council dictionary.

    What’s even more curious is that staff recommended against the 80% funding. Never thought I’d see the day when my confidence rested with the staff. Miracles do happen but the only hope for Sedona appears to be in the hands of the voters since they are the reason for this ongoing skim-scam shell game with City/Chamber connection.

    Yes, indeed, Judge Judy: “It doesn’t pass the smell test.”

    Phew stinky wastewater sewer plant decisions obviously remain alive and well at Sedona City Hall.

  21. @ken says:

    I wouldnt be prod to be a bigot! Do that in public and see what happens buddy…

  22. Gaston, Salem CO says:

    People having babies! Didn’t Roe v Wade teach you not to do this! Losers! Need to be re-educated! Climate users need re-education!

  23. Tree says:

    @@ken Say what ????? LMAO youse been smoking again?! JMJ turn the other cheek

  24. Marsha, VOC says:

    Why would we want a Chamber? Village doesn’t need politics here. We need nothing from Sedona proper.

  25. Lang says:

    NO Village Chamber

  26. Jennifer, Sedona says:


    “The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.”


  27. Bonnie, Prescott says:

    Let’s see what Sedona does or doesn’t manage to do.

  28. Doug says:

    America changed by these swarms of immigrants not for the better because the immigrants are here for opportunities and money and not our freedom or our culture.To say Sedona will remain the same is not rooted in reality, to say America will remain the land of the free and home of the brave will disappear easily like it did during the fake pandemic response. We argue over things that don’t matter and are distracted by things that are false like climate change which is the new pandemic. Sweden proved the pandemic reaction absolutely false and still we see people wearing a mask. LMAO

  29. RS says:

    Voters become a threat when they vote. That’s the tail wagging the Sedona dog.

  30. Eco Lanyard Spring says:

    Watch them want need us $@$say screw it Wtf losers Screw off stay in box

  31. Wm. D. says:

    How many watched that recent council meeting where towards the end Jessica Williamson asked for “residents” to support local businesses – like in eating out etc.?

    Good grief – how long have we “residents” been treated far worse than illegal entries to this country? For how many years has it been dumped on “us” that it’s tourists and visitors that matter?

    Don’t come crawling for our support now – just because times are tough and it’s hotter than hell. When we eat out it will be at our favorite place(s) in the VOC, Page Springs, or Cottonwood.

    You can count on that Ms. Councilwoman Williamson.

  32. Lisa says:

    Let us temper our criticism with kindness. None of us comes fully equipped.
    – Carl Sagan

  33. Harold W. says:

    This nonsense about the chamber of commerce giving up the controversial contract with the City seems quite obviously contrived with the announcement about the “city” of Sedona intending to finance the uptown Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center.

    Just another smoke screen in a lame effort to cover up what is really going on here? Translated: The local Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau (with the name “Sedona” conveniently included) continues to rule the roost.

    Better yet – it remains the “regional” Chamber of Commerce continuing to perform as the real TAIL wagging the dog – meaning the shameful and disgraceful alleged “City of Sedona” in their pursuit to promote ONLY the members of the “regional” chamber.

    So sad, too bad for the brave businesses and individuals who maintain the courage to refrain from participating in this ongoing scam. And yes, residents as well remain victims by being part of the “dog” being wagged by the controlling “tail” of the C of C.

    Smoke and mirrors never seem to end here. New cast of characters maybe but it remains the same old story.

  34. @Harold says:

    You really have no clue how a Chamber of Commerce works, then you prove it in your writings. Why?

    Greater Cottonwood
    Chamber of Commerce


    The Cottonwood Chamber of Commerce is a member-focused organization and community partner that fosters a sustainable, healthy and vibrant economic environment through business promotion, advocacy, education and services.

    See Chambers dont have boundaries, because its all about businesses…

    Cottonwood is run the same as Sedona, its just that Sedona has always been a tourist vacation destination.

    Its a club for business, if your part of the club your company is part of the club.
    You cant understand that?

    Now go and check out Camp Verde web site, guess what outside business is part of their chamber also .
    tourism in Page Springs and Sedona

    Additional Tourism Pages.

    Visit the Sites
    Tourism in Sedona
    Hotels (other than Sedona)
    Hotels in Sedona
    Camp Grounds & Picnic Areas
    RV Parks Retreats
    Trail Heads & Horse Trails
    Vineyards & Breweries
    Restaurants in Camp Verde
    Air BnB

  35. Jerry Uptown says:

    Nice try at more smoke screen tactics @Harold. Does Cottonwood City Hall discriminate against local businesses if they are NOT members of your chamber of commerce? That unfortunately is exactly what Sedona does. When Sedona non-chamber of commerce city businesses collecting city sales tax are blackballed from being promoted by a city funded organization it must make your heart sing that your own Cottonwood C of C members that might also be Sedona C of C members benefit by being promoted with Sedona city sales tax. Sweet deal? You decide.

  36. Yes Jerry says:

    Yes they do! Its a club for businesses it always has been….You cant go to an Elks Club if your not a member…JFC wake up and stop talking about things you have no clue about!

    Whats a sweet deal? That state law says you have to spend 55% of bed tax on advertising ….

    Why does Cottonwood and Camp Verde advertise for companies outside city boundaries? Because they paid to be in the club…..

    Why is it so hard to understand?

  37. Marge, Sedona says:

    Well and good for Sedona (city) to take over the C of C Visitors Center/Tourism Bureau PROVIDED it is agreed for the name to be changed to CITY OF SEDONA VISITORS CENTER & BUREAU OF TOURISM.

    No more advertising the C of C “members only” with Sedona city taxes. Easy solution?

  38. Eve says:

    Private clubs are not comparable to publicly funded chambers. Chambers are lobbyists for public monies with public private mingling.

  39. Yes Eve says:

    You are correct. Thats why the money they got from the city(bed tax) was used for destination marketing. Its was advertising to visit Sedona. Then the side of the chamber is a paid club. And it still is, only thing that has changed is now the city is doing its own destination marketing.

    So everyone who hates big government and says the city has to many employees can now bitch and moan about that. Its a broken stale rhetoric that get repeated ad nausea!

  40. JD, West Sedona says:

    How can it be justified for Sedona to discriminate against non-chamber members by not offering them as referrals if the city takes over the Chamber Visitors Center?

  41. Welcome to Sedona says:

    Chamber and city have discriminated against voters for a decade.

  42. Myr Avenue says:

    Does Sedona need a chamber?????? Most places don’t have one or their county wide offices!!!!!! People find Sedona. Sedona doesn’t need to find tourists. Sedona needs to find special people not commonplace grunts and that requires special to find her!!!! Nobody advertises quality, quality is its own advertisement!!!!

  43. @ Myr says:

    Yes, most towns and cities dont have a chamber.
    Ajo Ajo Dist. Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center
    Apache Junction Superstition Region Chamber of Commerce & Apache
    Arizona City Arizona City Chamber of Commerce
    Benson Benson-San Pedro Valley Chamber of Commerce
    Bisbee Bisbee Chamber of Commerce
    Black Canyon City Black Canyon City Chamber of Commerce
    Bouse Bouse Chamber of Commerce
    Bowie Bowie Chamber of Commerce
    Buckeye Buckeye Valley Chamber of Commerce
    Bullhead City Bullhead Area Chamber of Commerce
    Carefree Carefree Cave Creek Chamber of Commerce
    Casa Grande Greater Casa Grande Chamber of Commerce
    Chandler Chandler Chamber of Commerce
    Chino Valley Chino Valley Area Chamber of Commerce
    Chloride Chloride Chamber of Commerce
    Coolidge Coolidge Chamber of Commerce
    Cottonwood Cottonwood Chamber of Commerce
    Dolan Springs Dolan Springs Chamber of Commerce
    Douglas Greater Douglas Chamber of Commerce
    Eloy Eloy Chamber of Commerce
    Flagstaff Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce
    Fountain Hills Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce
    Gila Bend Gila Bend Chamber of Commerce
    Gilbert Gilbert Chamber of Commerce
    Glendale Glendale Chamber of Commerce
    Globe Globe-Miami Reg. Chamber of Commerce & Eco. Dev. Corp.
    Goodyear Southwest Valley Chamber of Commerce
    Grand Canyon Grand Canyon Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bur.
    Green Valley Green Valley Sahuarita Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center
    Holbrook Holbrook Chamber of Commerce
    Jerome Jerome Chamber of Commerce
    Kearny Copper Basin Chamber of Commerce
    Kingman Kingman Area Chamber of Commerce
    Lake Havasu City Lake Havasu Area Chamber of Commerce
    Lakeside Pinetop-Lakeside Chamber of Commerce
    Marana Marana Chamber of Commerce
    Maricopa Maricopa Chamber of Commerce
    Meadview Meadview Area Chamber of Commerce
    Mesa Mesa Chamber of Commerce
    Nogales Nogales-Santa Cruz County Chamber of Commerce
    Oatman Oatman-Goldroad Chamber of Commerce
    Overgaard Heber-Overgaard Chamber of Commerce
    Page The Chamber Page Lake Powell
    Parker Parker Reg. Chamber of Commerce & Tourism
    Payson Rim Country Reg. Chamber of Commerce
    Peoria Peoria Chamber of Commerce
    Phoenix Ahwatukee Foothills Chamber of Commerce
    Phoenix Arizona Asian Chamber of Commerce
    Phoenix Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
    Phoenix Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce
    Phoenix North Phoenix Chamber of Commerce
    Phoenix The Black Chamber of Arizona
    Prescott Prescott Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Info. Center
    Prescott Valley Prescott Valley Chamber of Commerce
    Quartzsite Quartzsite Chamber & Tourism
    Queen Creek Queen Creek Chamber of Commerce
    Safford Graham County Chamber of Commerce
    Salome McMullen Valley Chamber of Commerce
    Scottsdale Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce
    Sedona Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bur.
    Show Low Show Low Chamber of Commerce & Tourist Info. Center
    Sierra Vista Sierra Vista Area Chamber of Commerce
    Snowflake Snowflake-Taylor Chamber of Commerce
    Sonoita Sonoita-Elgin Chamber of Commerce
    Springerville Springerville-Eagar Reg. Chamber of Commerce
    Superior Superior Chamber of Commerce
    Surprise Surprise Reg. Chamber of Commerce
    Tempe Tempe Chamber of Commerce
    Tombstone Tombstone Chamber of Commerce
    Tubac Tubac Chamber of Commerce
    Tucson Greater Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce
    Tucson Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
    Tucson Tucson Metro Chamber of Commerce
    Wickenburg Wickenburg Chamber of Commerce
    Willcox Willcox Chamber of Commerce & Ag.
    Yarnell Waever Mountains Chamber of Commerce
    Yuma Yuma County Chamber of Commerce

  44. Rob says:

    @@myr what’s your GD point

  45. Josh M. says:

    Well guess what @@Myr – Sedona (city) does NOT have a chamber of commerce either. The existing C of C was there long before Sedona incorporated as a city.

    It functioned as a normal legitimate non-profit organization – 501-C -6 I believe -versus a 501-C-3 which allows membership dues as a tax deduction. (the C-6 does NOT permit member tax deduction for dues)

    Therefore – isn’t that all the more reason that “City of Sedona” has no right to be funding any portion of a non-profit member-driven club to the extreme extent it does? Do any of the C of C’s as you listed above receive public funding, city/town taxes, to be awarded to a club which ONLY serves THEIR members – regardless of whether or not they are located within Sedona City Limits?

    This shameful scam seems to endlessly continue, now under the guise of funding the Sedona Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center which – again – is designed to serve ONLY Chamber members.

    What might be beneficial to residents would be a list of non-chamber businesses in order for us to better serve them by patronizing ONLY the non-chamber members within our incorporated city?

  46. @Josh says:


  47. Sedona Keith says:

    STFU@@josh nothing to say but be a lib retard brain dead arsehold using @ signs an d some guys elses name

  48. Myr Avenue says:

    Pay those taxes to city Democrats pocketing the money &giving it to their Sedona rich friends. Like again why does Sedona need a Chamber in town? No good reasons offered because there are no good reasons.

  49. @sedona Keith says:

    Oh I’m sorry Keith did not realize you are so so sensitive.. Even you must be getting bored, with your tiresome rants..

  50. @myr says:

    Stop your bellyaching and go spend your tax money down in Cottonwood. Nobody cares.

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