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Eddie Maddock: Take Time to Smile!

SedonaEye.com’s Eddie Maddock channels a fun and Happy Halloween 2021.

Sedona AZ –  The oft said, “The best of times; the worst of times” most assuredly poses a question. But just who is qualified to determine the answer?

Oh Man, not this costume again!

After difficult times with the threat of an alien disease and the remaining questionable future, turmoil has become a daily routine. Occasionally one will hear a comment relating to “When things are normal again.

And just exactly what does that mean?

Therefore, under the E. S. Maddock etal roof, our credo is to take time to breathe deeply – smile – and reflect on happier days whether in the past or anticipation of hopefully better times forthcoming.

Have a Spooktacular day from the Other Side!

We three this October 31, 2021 – Poco Diablo, Harley McGuire (posthumously from the other side) and wicked Stepmother (not quite so agile these days) wish to extend our best wishes for at least one happy day, HALLOWEEN!

Take time to smell the pumpkins, light a candle, and count your blessings for what really counts.

It’s up to you to fill in the blanks.


  1. west sedona Dave says:

    Cute article, but it probably doesn’t belongs on a forum or blog that has people who complain about everything Sedona. And complain about everything in general!…lol

    But anyway well written and fun, as it did bring a smile to my face.

    Happy Halloween!

  2. Leeta says:

    It’s me Leeta who is also speaking for Mojo & Nikki (from the other side). We really appreciate your good thoughts and bright look at the future which, by the way, seems to come in very small doses. It makes me feel that all will be well with world or at least better than it has been. Keep up the smiles and good cheer and all our love to Poco AND Harley

  3. Crystal Magic says:

    Finally somebody mentions Halloween instead of ignoring it or threatening the children with the fear of death by COVID if they dare to trick or treat. ENOUGH Sedona!!!! ENOUGH Sedona schools!!!! We are taking to the streets and may the day of the dead come alive with screams and howls of FUN. Thank you E. Maddock and Poco Diablo and Harley McGuire from the other side. Lighten up and grab those treats.

  4. Clyde the cat says:

    Long time no read or hear, Eddie dear. Good, sweet succinct article. Be careful out there next Sunday, kids. Have fun but stay safe. Eddie, love your clown outfit. Reminds me of many years ago back on Stark!

    Love you and the canines (though I never met either of them). Harley in our hearts.

  5. @Crystal Magic says:


    From Poco Diablo, the loving spirit of Harley McGuire, and their Dancing Clown mother who intends to get back to practicing that piano – providing the arthritis in her hands will allow it!!:-) We appreciate ALL feedback!

  6. Luke & Viking & Jazzy says:

    Kick the government devils to the curb and bring on the good. Now hand me a KitKat bar and a bone for my dog and an apple for my pony. We’re free at last from the tyranny of city halls keeping all the candy we paid for.

  7. Aline says:

    If we’re recalling past forever pals then here’s to Cole and Mandy, truly loved.

  8. Jason & Sylvia says:

    Gorgeous weather. All things considered, traffic not too bad comparatively. A small amount of rain a couple of nights ago. Beautiful autumn leaves! Yes our life is good. Enjoy it while it lasts. When the leaches reorganize as they plot behind closed doors at city hall, be prepared. That’s a result of being a city. Isn’t the Community Plan up presently up for revision? Watch for promotion of zone changes for higher density.

    In the meantime, we prefer Reese’s PB Cups if orders are being placed here. Happy Halloween. Next comes “turkey day” – for those who will be able to afford it this year thanks to Pres. Sleepy Joe.

  9. Rovelander says:

    Marimota, girl collie, best dog long gone
    Halloween snickers
    be seeing you out there seeedona

  10. Kinderlou says:

    Nice vibe

  11. Linda says:


  12. Rover says:

    “Smile” says Linda. Well guess what? That’s easy for us 4-legged critters cuz we don’t needs to wear masks! Arf – Woof – and MEOW!!!!

  13. Jennifer Wilder says:

    Loving comments and love Sedona. Brava!

  14. Helena & Fauntleroy says:

    Cat and dog love ya

  15. Vance says:

    Oakland shout out

  16. B. C. Smith, Valley View says:

    smileys from Durban the amazing turbocharged hamster

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