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Clinton, Obama and Trump: The Real Complicit Conspiracy

Sedona AZ – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:

Editors and readers:

Governmental Undermine and Overthrow 101: Use the tactics of Cloward and Pivens. And those tactics are?

Overwhelm the system by overloading vulnerable segments to cause shortfalls, discontent, and disruptions to the economic or legal structure in society coupled with the [Saul Alinsky scheme – he’s Hillary Clinton’s professed Idol] means to devastate the assurance and governance in order to destabilize it with the simple use of ACCUSING YOUR OPPONENT OF DOING THAT WHICH YOU ARE CURRENTLY DOING OR HAVE DONE IN THE PAST.

George Soros and radical liberals money is being spent to destroy any Free Market government, especially in the USA. The most positive way of countering their onslaught is information.

In that area the conservative side has an uphill battle in some crucial ways; the Mainstream News, Entertainment Industry and the Education Systems are all skewed far to the Left, and even though their rhetoric is usually distorted or false, uninformed people believe them.

Being Truthful and RIGHT is not enough; we need to have conviction, which comes with proof being accepted. A formidable task, but definitely not impossible.

Russian Collusion?

Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama made deals with the Russians for the sale of one-fifth of all of the United States Uranium Stockpile to Russia.

I am convinced President Obama’s “HOT MIC incident” [his message to Putin] had to do with his illegal payment of Cash to Iran and, now, Iran is conducting submarine missile tests.

President Trump?  Bigotry, or any of the things he has been accused of—where is the evidence? If people have the courage to fact check instead of simply parroting that which someone else has stated or quite likely also parroted, WE CAN BRING SANITY BACK TO OUR COMMUNICATIONS and reestablish the Rule of Law as it was intended under our Constitution.

Dale Gohr
Clarkdale, Arizona USA

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  1. David Frank, Prescott says:

    I’m well aware of uranium deals in news, kept low profile of course. Ask Kirkpatrick. Why you people vote for her is beyond me. She went with those that gave Russia influence over you. Don’t believe me, check it out.

  2. Bob Baker says:

    Turkey cancelled today’s elections.

  3. Ryan says:

    couldn’t help but read on liberal media that 350 prosecutors said Trump would have been prosecuted if not President
    note to prosecutors and stupid ignorant readers

    a big percentage of us check stats you provide

    many of us ask Alexa what 350 prosecutors are of 2300 prosecutors in US

    it’s 15.217391304348% of 2300

    Google says the number of unqualified prosecutors is 21.6981234%.

    case closed dummies

    (SedonaEye.com editor: Please do your own research.)

  4. @ Ryan says:

    “Dummies?” Anyone who puts a spy (Alexa) in their house is the real dummy.

  5. Gavin says:

    #WTF Democrats are opposing border wall in AZ, Lost my vote (Deleted by Editor)

  6. Sedona Rob says:

    LMAO over this vote and fake news story about how offended congressional leftists are yammering about racist tweets from Pres Trump that aren’t & how those Congressional jerks took valuable time away from REAL ISSUES to waste more time NOT doing Their Jobs in DC. Fix the border Democrats. For those Democrats who pretended to be offended because they’ve attacked Trump for no reason than they LOST an election fair and square and Steve segner and other Sedona councilors favorite comment here is “don’t like it leave “ you are all HYPOCRITES run by IGNORANTS.

  7. ASU Rakim says:

    Not all black men think the same, not all blacks think the same. Whites, I bet you to watch this all the way through.


  8. I. Ko says:

    Making money to build a bigger house back home doesn’t fit the historic definition of seeking asylum.

  9. Sedona Keith says:

    Namaste Readers. It’s time for voters to stop sitting out the corruption & greed of local politicians & stop calling the President & people names & threatening people holding different views! The country hasn’t been this good in decades for us & thank you Pres. Trump administration. Keep up the good works. You’ve earned my vote this time around. Namaste brothers & sisters. Keep Sedona beautiful in heart.


  10. Fact Check Proves Schiff Lied says:


    Democrats will go to jail too. Schiff called to resign.

  11. Boston Bound says:

    This whole country is (Deleted by Editor).

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