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Arizona Short-term Rental Bill HB 2711 set for committee hearing

Arizona state capitol building in Phoenix

Sedona AZ – The following announcement on short-term rental legislation is actively moving through the Arizona State Legislature:

House Bill (HB) 2711, sponsored by Representative Brenda Barton, is scheduled for a hearing in the House Land, Agriculture and Rural Affairs (LARA) Committee Monday, Feb. 14, 2022, at 2 p.m. This bill will provide more authority for small, rural communities to regulate short-term rentals.

How may you provide input on the bill?

Sign in to provide input the legislation using the legislature’s Request to Speak (RTS) system.

You can email Representative Barton and also reach out to all members on the House LARA Committee:

Chairman Tim Dunn tdunn@azleg.gov (602) 926-4139
Vice-Chairman Joel John jjohn@azleg.gov (602) 926-3276
Rep. Brenda Barton bbarton@azleg.gov (602) 926-3421
Rep. David Cook dcook@azleg.gov (602) 926-5162
Rep. Lupe Diaz ldiaz@azleg.gov (602) 926-4852
Rep. Gail Griffin ggriffin@azleg.gov (602) 926-5895
Rep. Jasmine Blackwater-Nygren jblackwater-nygren@azleg.gov (602) 926-3069
Rep. Andrew Dalessandro adalessandro@azleg.gov (602) 926-5342
Rep. Mitzi Epstein mepstein@azleg.gov (602) 926-4870
Rep. Brian Fernandez bfernandez@azleg.gov (602) 926-3098
Rep. Lorenzo Sierra lsierra@azleg.gov (602) 926-3211

What does HB 2711 bill propose?

HB 2711 allows a city or town with a population of less than 17,000:

To require a short-term rental owner to maintain a permit or license issued by the city or town.
To limit the number of short-term rentals based on a percentage of total residentially zoned buildings or structures in the city/town (no specific percentage referenced).
Regulate short-term rentals in the same manner as transient lodging activities for public health and safety, not through taxes.

What is an impetus for HB 2711?

Short-term rentals are popular with tourists and local property homeowners choosing to generate an additional income stream from their privately owned property.

The city of Sedona, Arizona released the following HB 2711 opinion: “Not unlike other rural communities, Sedona is a city with less than 10,000 in population being overwhelmed with short-term rentals. Sedona currently has more than 13% of short-term rentals within the city limits. This has put a significant strain on Sedona’s workforce and housing.”

HB 2711 will provide more local authority to regulate short-term rentals, says its sponsor Arizona State Representative Brenda Barton.


  1. Smalley says:

    express yourself
    tell them or don’t blame them for not hearing

  2. Beverly Luis says:

    Voters need to join hundreds and say what you want. We need thousands of points of light. Be one of them.

  3. Sean says:

    did it

  4. Robert O'Donnell says:

    I have a plan I was going to present during a campaign for city council but am not running unless I find some strong financial support in battling heavily financed candidates who should probably not be on council. My plan has not been suggested by anyone prior to this.

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