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Eddie Maddock: Small Town Warrior


SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie S. Maddock offers words to live by.

Sedona AZ – Because so many have recently come to rely on “social networking” instead of online and or hard copy news sources, this offering may not reach too many people. However, in the event it crosses the path of even one other person – out of boredom or desperation – hopefully it will result in either a smile, frown, nod of agreement or disagreement with the message conveyed.


When they shoved aside the artists,

I was not an artist,

so I kept my silence.

When they muzzled our journalists and our television station,

I was none of these,

so I kept my silence.

When they tried to force out my elected representative,

I was too busy with my own life,

so I continued to keep my silence.

And when they started to attack me and the other Citizens of Sedona,

there was no one left to stop them . . . 

Self-imposed indifference turns much-deserved outrage into hopeless silence.


The source of “Silence” (as offered above) is unknown.


  1. Lisa, Big Park says:

    When the whole
    world is silent, even
    one voice becomes

    Malala Yousafzai

  2. Another Sedona Peon (resident) says:

    Well, guess Mayor Sandy shows how much she thinks of Sedona Eye by paying for a headline ad on the competition! What better reason to make a change? (just another opinion from a lowly resident)

  3. Can't Stop Laughing says:

    Well, well that “local” printed rag appears to be upset. Congratulations, Mrs. Varney, because the petition you mention in your comment here seems to have pushed the button(s) of at least the editor of that questionably newsworthy publication. An entire editorial has been dedicated attempting to discredit you.

    But of course. How much money does the city give to the publication’s beloved chamber to promote “their” advertisers. (their) referring to the dwindling number of advertisers in the increasingly skinny publication. (must be on a diet?)

    All the more reason for major changes @city hall? Oh boy, maybe even Sedona Schnebly might be giggling in her grave?

  4. Jan W. says:

    Isn’t it just typical for that local rag to editorialize for their own benefit every Sedona issue that might threaten their cash intake? They generally wait for election time to assure their candidates are elected.

    Remember when Mayor Sand was first elected? The scathing editorial that was a real hatchet job on her opponent, Cliff Hamilton? Well, they did a good job. Isn’t it six years after the fact and Sand ain’t about to give up the throne!

    Someplace in the archives here that article is probably still available. Can’t really take time to look up something that’s such old news when history generally repeats.

  5. Small Town Warriors In Action says:

    https://www.msn.com/en-us/video/peopleandplaces/polish-protestors-block-1-500-russian-bound-trucks-from-entering-belarus/vi-AAVjZyy?ocid=msedgntp 1500 Polish citizens block Russian truck convoy from entering Belarus

    Keep up the good reporting, Eddie Maddock. Small town warriors join together to save Ukraine lives against the Russian and Belarus invaders. Maybe if the people of Sedona considered gathering at the roundabouts and blocking 89 and 179 seated on camp chairs, that will restore Sedona beauty and peacefulness? Just a thought. Just sayin.

  6. Verity F. Tremblay, Ontario says:

    Justin Trudeau was denigrated and vilified by the EU leaders for his abysmal conduct during the peaceful trucker protests where police used tear gassed, trampled a woman while on horseback, froze the bank accounts of 200 protestors refusing to allow them access to their accounts even now, sent their animals to kennels, and more despicable anti freedom and Canadian constitutional law atrocities. The German and French and many other EU heads of state say Trudeau did more to destroy Canada’s Standing in the free world than in these days than any communist leader. Some of the EU representatives boycotted his appearance altogether. Shame on Canada and shame on Trudeau and his dim witted communist cronies in government. Canadians it’s time for him to go.

  7. Orlean White, West Sedona says:

    Sedona has its warriors and needs them to arm themselves with ballots . Maybe taking trucks to city hall might bring some sense to them .

    Read that about Canada because tv not covering it . Little man whose family been in power far too long and believe they own Canada .

  8. @STWIA says:

    Dude, – you don’t need to block anything. The roundabouts already, – really, really suck!

    “Blocked Roundabout,” much like “Jumbo Shrimp” or “intellectual Republican” – is an oxymoron.

    Someone do something! – arghh.

  9. @BigLisaPark says:

    @biglisa, What?

  10. William Wallace Lives in Ukraine says:

    Ukrainians fight for freedom is more than Canadians fight for freedom! Stand up Ukraine! Stand up like the warrior blood that flows through your veins against Putin and his Army of weak men! We stand with you! Sedona stands for freedom not tyranny of the governed!

    Canada you brought shame on your citizens. Ukraine brings honor to Europe.

  11. Eleanor, Uptown says:

    I love our round abouts. Traffic keeps moving and no stop lights to sit through forever and ever. Been there in Sedona and know when it’s better. It’s better. It’s too many people on our roads from Phoenix and Flagstaff roads for the geography to handle and you pathetic city councilors and staff keep trying to destroy that which makes Sedona Strong. No advertising is required. I called and found out. We never have to advertise.

  12. Andrew & Sally says:

    Before roundabouts it became routine to wait for lights to change up to four times at the “Y” and Coffee Pot. And now in West Sedona the traffic is even worse than 179.

    You want someone to blame for traffic congestion. How about all that money the city has given to the chamber of commerce during the past few years. The alleged “destination” tourists mostly turned out to be day trippers!

    But even worse the biggest back-up on 179 is due to the damn pedestrian crossing @ Tlaquepaque! Dumbest thing EVER! And it only occurred after the present owner of Tlaquepaque purchased the property on the north side. Prior to that there was NEVER backups – and they were commercial businesses but NOT part of Tlaquepaque!

    Abe Miller surely must be turning over in his grave! His beautiful design and meticulous construction of the “real” Tlaquepaque was NEVER meant for such abuse.

    Roundabouts – much, much better relief. Put the blame where it belongs.

    And for the crackpots who think ADOT should have designed four lanes instead of two, get you heads our of your rear ends. The result would have been four lanes backed up instead of just one!

    The “Y” would have remained just that – THE “Y” because there isn’t a cross road! DUH!

  13. Garry, Sedona says:

    almost 500 and people can hear those city hall resignations begin all the way to the AG office in Phoenix

  14. Herm says:

    @andrewsally our circles work like lucky charms here, words that speak for almost 100% of Sedona residents, not one of us fooled by city hall media squad saying we’re the problem when its city policies and shortcomings, budget manipulations to get after retirement jobs, not just my opinion but ask 100% of city voters, this Chamber City romance has to go

  15. Mark, Sedona says:

    City Staff and Chamber and the Council kiss asses need a no confidence vote. Order ballots for you and neighborhoods and tell them to vote and you take their ballots to be counted. City is trying to suppress the voters and ballots aided by it’s owned media cronies. Take the election back from leftist Democrats and Chamber!!!!!!! Save our Sedona and Save our State. VOTE FOR CHANGE!!!!!

  16. @mark says:

    Oh mark thank you for your (snooze) rant.
    (Deleted by editor)

  17. Hal Johnson says:

    Didn’t someone make a comment slamming Sedona Eye because candidates only had ads on the other news site? Well it appears that the banner ad for Mayor Sandy has been removed! Smart Lady? The only one remaining is her opponent, the former Hollywood Actress as has been pointed out by that other news site.

    Quite interesting and definitely something to think about. Also that not one other candidate for mayor or a city council seat has displayed prejudicial tendencies with selective advertising – so far that is!

  18. @Hal Johnson says:

    Keep in mind – there are FOUR candidates for Sedona Mayor.

    Let “the other online” source go all out to promote the new kid on the block. It’s very possible Mayor Sand’s strongest opponent will be the current Vice Mayor. Gawd help us all if it’s a run-off between those two. Just another opinion. It’s still a free country even here in Little Sedonya isn’t it?

  19. Rani Ovegaard says:

    Time’s not a friend of Sedona while all you act like it is of yours, better leave Sedona go be and go get your jollies wrecking some where.

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