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Eddie Maddock: 2022, Are We Having Fun Yet?


SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie S. Maddock begins 2022 wondering what broken promises are in store for Sedona…again.

Sedona AZ – What is the meaning of night and day?  Day and Night symbolize, respectively, the birth of the Sun and its death. With the rising Sun, the Day is considered representative of new life, and fresh beginnings, possibilities, hopes, and opportunities.”

As we flip not only the page of a calendar to a new month, the time for updating that calendar to the new year of 2022 has already come and gone. And what does it really represent besides in some cases making a list of “resolutions” many if not most of which are quickly overlooked or completely forgotten until it’s time to once again sing “Auld Lang Syne” and revive the unmet resolutions of the past.

We can anticipate with wonder what is in store for Sedona. With the issues of traffic control, workforce housing, and rapidly dwindling construction sites, it appears these problems simply refuse to vanish the way we can trash old calendars.

Logical solutions have been ignored over the years, resulting in current dilemmas. Of course it is way after the fact, but if enforcing legitimate terms to provide a certain percentage of work-force accommodations in development agreements over the past surge in growth of Sedona since incorporation had been strictly enforced, the problem would not be nearly so severe. However, retrofitting corrections of former senseless decisions will not solve any problems.

Traffic control: A recent ADOT traffic study found the majority of Sedona traffic backs up miles to drive through the Sedona city limits and continues without stopping through Oak Creek canyon to reach Flagstaff and Grand Canyon.

This coming year, 2022, offers a choice to vote for a mayoral candidate and, in addition, three other city council seats will be up for grabs. Although the population of residents within Sedona City limits continues to dwindle, it becomes even more important that those who qualify to vote in local elections make a point to register and, then, by all means take a moment to cast those ballots.

Your voice does matter and thus the nonchalant attitude of “what difference will it make” is just plain dumb.

Each and every vote most assuredly DOES matter providing, of course, the method of tallying the ballots isn’t tampered with which, unfortunately, has on occasion been questioned.

Bracing for another year of challenges, what will be high priority on the upcoming city council agendas? 

There’s little doubt affordable housing will rank high – offering few options from which to choose. Are the current city council members akin to eager race horses champing at the bit to gallop forth with determined energy to solve this mysterious and ongoing problem no matter what?

Will they attempt to make the Sedona Cultural Park the sacrificial lamb to be rezoned for high density development?

A promise was made and its documentation is available on the specific terms and conditions of that particular land exchange with the U.S. Forest Service; too lengthy to address here, but it will be made available if and when such a thing as another betrayal to previous decisions is on the docket, to be revitalized in an attempt to crash and burn what little faith may still be salvageable among the few people who still respect and long to preserve the true beauty of Sedona.

And that does NOT include high density destruction of irreplaceable territory, much of which remains sacred land to our Native American Indian tribes.


  1. Novin Ashby says:

    Unresolved problems give idiots meaning and philanthropy standing.

  2. Jim, Uptown says:

    Elon Musk offered to give the UN a check in the many billions if they could prove world hunger would be resolved as promised. Seems the UN doesn’t have a clue and uses no scientific data to come up with any of their hunger impact numbers. Why is that no surprise to anyone I know? Their sarcasm of the UN as a body is worth a million words unsaid. Get away from your fog induced comas of pro UN references. They’ve done nothing to eradicate hunger globally and they’ve put faces on programmes referred to as proven failures. Save your donations for local causes and give generously whether church or state sponsored. If you don’t trust the sponsors locally where you control and impact your gift, donate your time and effort to an individual. Build a house, clean up garbage, pay for a cat or dog to be spayed by calling a local vet and offering to pay its bill. You need to do. Stop procrastinating.

  3. Another Sedona Peon (resident) says:

    Doesn’t the failure of the Cultural Park send a message? If the land is sacred then anything approved by city council and or land development advisors is certain to fail. That land should rightfully be returned to the USFS.

    Count me as another opinion from a not so lowly flatlander.

  4. AY says:

    Peeling Sedona political decisions onions and learning how the decision corrupters whether it’s environmental or behavioral or geophysical or hydro or wrong or right is exciting for the taxpayers because no we don’t trust you as far as we can see you with our wallets.

  5. Ted says:

    Eddie & SE 2022 read for straight and narrow

  6. Shane says:


    Where is the US dollar most affordable? Taking in global insecurity, global lack of #1 American Healthcare that’s affordable and available to everyone regardless of income, nationwide environmental controls that make urban and rural tap water safe and sewage treatment systems and waste management systems mandatory, nationwide and local building codes for housing, free public school systems with mandatory free transportation accessible to all including legal visitors and recently illegal minor arrivals, and statewide housing and support programs, freedom of religious expression and practice, internationally recognized rights based judicial system accessible to all regardless of circumstances, transparency of policing and accountability standards and practices, best free international roadway network, and taxes among the lowest on individuals in exchange for benefits, well you got it, it’s the U.SA. or America beyond the Miami New York City San Francisco Seattle four corners of big costs.

    Its a massive country where everything just is.

    You have to be interesting and capable to maneuver this nation of people who aren’t clones of their imaginations and folklore, people of global differences unfounded anywhere else on earth who mantle themselves One Nation, country that spans the subtropics to the Arctic, the Atlantic to the Pacific, the Gulf of Mexico to the Great Lakes interior seas. Visit 50 states and come away with 50 America’s. You can visit the north, south, east and west and still not see the southeast and northwest and northeast and southwest, the midwest and the keys and the Inuit and the Navajo, and the Mainers and the Idahoans. Find mountaineers and sunbathers, farmers and hunters, crocodiles and polar bears, and shrimpers and ice fishers.

    No borders to cross, no bribes to pay when you park your car, no politician to fear. Police are almost always fair and accountable and churches open to all and unlocked. People are friendly and helpful and are the most charitable globally. Most of its veterans don’t hold after war grudges and holds itself to a highest moral standards of conduct before and during wars and conflicts. A mixed bag of diversity, disliked because it isn’t easily encapsulated by Asian-European-Other trained to be homogenous and suspicious of change, Americans thrive on independence and tolerance and one for all and all for one (France lost this to life today). They have no class system which allows freedom to become whatever one aspires to be, or not. Americans value self determination and personal best while other cultures denigrate it to avoid addressing economic, social and government failures and lack of opportunity across all social classes.

    Surprise! There has to be an upside to Americans manifest destiny, and that’s the open highways. Avoid plane travel and get to know the small towns and rural areas that is America. America isn’t the same 5 miles from where one lands either by foot, car, train or plane. America is new and vital and home to the luckiest on earth. Believe it.

  7. mshobert says:

    Negativity is the journey of cowards. Read that again, twice.

  8. Simon says:

    Were you all aware that incorporated Sedona has joined forces with Cottonwood (credit the new city manager) to come up with ways to solve the “affordable” housing situation? And, of course, the specialist this new team has hired apparently is on the “city of Sedona” payroll. Big surprise? NOT!!

    As for resolving the need for reasonably priced housing, first you get rid of the Gov. of Arizona who went against municipal ordinances when he legalized short-term rentals. Another one with nothing but $$$$$ controlling his brain(?) or whatever(?) …..

    As for location, what’s wrong with fair sharing of the expense with Cottonwood (or any other city/town seeking work-force housing) to consider using some of that vacant acreage owned by Sedona where the waste-water treatment plant is located? Why can’t that be Sedona’s contribution and let the other towns (areas) benefiting pay the price for establishing such a facility as well as cost to operate it?

    Sedona City Manager – Karen Daines Osburn(?) or whatever name you are using these days – how about suggesting that concept to the Sedona City Council and the folks you are presently dealing with in Cottonwood and elsewhere(?)?? Why should Sedona continue to be the cash cow for the region? We have become a standing joke but maybe those calling the shots consider that to be a something of which to be proud? Shameful? You decide.

  9. Cashier says:

    Gateway CP area needs leaving alone no new buildings or asphalt.

  10. Barry says:

    Sedona doesn’t know how to run a city and the players aren’t qualified for the most part. Frustrating to deal with them since the earlier days. Just sayin.

  11. P Sudic says:

    Cottonwood Sedona connection? Democrats helping Democrats get fed money we don’t need or deserve,,,, why else?

  12. Karen says:

    optimism is the word for articles and comments here, not negativity, read that twice

  13. Dave & Angie says:

    We appreciate the heads-up on the possibility for the cultural park to be rezoned for high density development.

    It’s unfortunate control of Sedona apparently continues to be maintained by those who consider regional concepts versus the reason for Sedona’s incorporation.

    It’s our understanding voters approved that idea because they didn’t WANT to be managed by counties (Yavapai; Coconino). Now it seems as if Sedona prefers to control the region but at City of Sedona expense?

    Sweet deal for Cottonwood and other areas in the Verde Valley? Go figure?????

  14. Wm. D. says:

    Why do you suppose @Dave & Angie this incorporated Sedona is so anxious to embrace Cottonwood and surrounding areas?

    Simple answer: Schmooze a Cash Cow and it will produce more milk?

  15. LMAO says:

    Presuming the “Cash Cow” is Sedona then how dumb can Cottonwood be to partner if the intention is to rezone the cultural park property for “affordable-work-force” housing? How would workers in those outlying areas enjoy the drive from Sedona city limits to get to THEIR jobs??? OOPS!

    Sedona gripes because local employees must live in those communities and commute to Sedona. Yet would Cottonwood actually financially participate in a plan to inconvenience THEIR workers by encouraging lower cost housing at the cultural park?

    Well, Sedona the Cash Cow already employed the person who supposedly will come up with recommendations. Yep, Folks, it appears the fun relating to this latest boondoggle is beginning a new chapter. Just another opinion mind you.

  16. Gwen says:

    @lmao never considered it from that point of view

    Attn cottonwood mayor – you’re biting off a chunk of (Deleted by editor) to create traffic bottlenecks that don’t exist now during rush hours and throw in the tourists and (deleted by editor). Who the f*** sits in city hall making these stupid ignorant based plans???? We don’t have the police support in the city to handle more crime or more transient workers or people. We don’t have the resources of water and sewer to handle their (deleted by editor) and cottonwood does because it’s not built on priceless mountain real estate but with infrastructure in place.

    Stop trying to turn Sedona into a tract housing high rise ghetto because it takes 17 minutes to drive from cottonwood to Sedona and that’s under the government guidelines for Transit sharing investments or need. Resign or be voted out. Improve what we have here in Sedona instead of undermining it day in and day out.

  17. Joanne, Uptown says:

    Now we are seeing a worthwhile discussion emerge about the concept of regionalism. It’s not worth it and city planners surrounding the Grand Canyon are to be emulated instead of ignored.

    There are no high rises obstructing Canyon views or cheap motels and timeshares built on its priceless cliff walls for better views or ADUs. The Canyon has strict rules for obstruction and encroachment.

    If the Sedona city council wants to make quick bucks for their businesses and wallets before they die, do it somewhere else. You weren’t voted in for your esthetics, you’re in office because no body else wanted to sit in boring meetings and they love this city as it is.

    There is no reason for advanced planning in Sedona. It’s fine left as is. Councilors, sit back, take your checks and smile for the board room cameras, and do nothing to harm Sedona. Pretend you’re well educated doctors and Sedona is your patient.

  18. mshobert says:

    @karen – still pot stirring under the cloak of secrecy?

  19. tom Howell says:

    Joanne, You say, “There are no high rises obstructing Canyon views or cheap motels and timeshares built on its priceless cliff walls for better views or ADUs. The Canyon has strict rules for obstruction and encroachment.”
    Yes, federal lands and federal rules, Sedona must be following state zoning, and in Arizona “views” are not owned and a neighbor can block a view, a city in most cases has no control. This week city council and staff worked for 3 full days on planning for $500.00 a month! what did you do to help Sedona?

  20. Hillary, Sedona says:

    @tomhowell for gods sake come on really that’s your response?!?!?!?! $500 a month produces $500 worth of quality and vision. Your premise is that the state dictates views?!?!? No it doesn’t. Learn and stop selling lies. You’re a Biden illiterate, a Biden blatherer. Go get a dementia test too.

  21. Indian Gardens Grounds Forever says:

    Sedona lies in the middle of federal lands. That’s all the developers at city hall need to know. You can’t obstruct or you WILL get sued by somebody and you WILL lose money. ‘Keep it low and you’re a go’ is Sedona pure joy construction advice and designer mantra and it works every time. Remember the ‘older you are the less stairs you dare’.

  22. RN says:

    @tomhowell Answer your own question first, what’d Tom Howell do . you a rubber stamp for high city taxes, air pollution, increased street corner beggars, illegals, gangs, high crime, less medical and healthcare facilities, cluster*uck cheap build government subsidized housing, garbage on streets, increased sex and drug traders, less trail and hiking safety? Cleaning up Sedona politics and making the city safer costs nothing but your time to vote and we’ve seen time and time what the five hundred dollars gets us. You want more of them?

  23. No Rocket Scientist Here says:

    It doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to visualize how much fun will be forthcoming for Sedona city council and staff members to revise the “community plan.” Because of the DROP in Sedona’s population it will no longer require a vote of the people to approve changes to the CP during the current revision.

    WOW! Free wheeling authority for council and staff to run amok? Will that mean no more dumb zoning and/or density restrictions? The sky will literally be the limit? Affordable housing can be approved on any vacant lot in any subdivision? To hell with subdivision CC&R’s? (of course Gov. Ducey already diluted those when he legalized short term rentals in Arizona)

    Celebrations will be held by all except the peon “flatlanders?” who can no longer tolerate the lack of consideration consistently on the rise and continue to be forced out of their beloved Sedona.

    However, it is said Karma Lives and those who have doubts just wait and see. As the red rocks become obscured by highrise monstrous structures, how attractive will that be to tourists who pay the bulk of Sedona city sales tax? Will that be a pleasurable event for the cash cow producers to our increasingly unfair city?

    Let the movers and shakers have their enjoyment because when (not if) the tourist attraction ceases to exist, how much fun will it be for those responsible for having made it happen? Pathetic as the case may be, the fun might just be shifted and shared by those who can say “We told you so.”

  24. @No Rocket Scientist says:

    How much fun will it be for the egotistical elite dictators consuming Sedona City Hall when the chips are down?

    Easy answer. The same as others before them who made decisions benefiting primarily developers. They will take all their $$$$$ and flee from Sedona to spread their vast knowledge(?) elsewhere?

    Park City, Utah???

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