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APS Smart Meters

City of Sedona article

City of Sedona article

Sedona AZ (March 18, 2014)The City of Sedona Arizona received the following information from Arizona Public Service Company (APS) regarding their plans for the installation of “smart meters” in Sedona:

Deployment of “smart meters” in Sedona is scheduled to begin on March 31, 2014.

Homeowners will receive a letter from APS approximately three weeks in advance of the deployment with information about the installation schedule;

smart meters

To opt out of a smart meter installation call APS now – it is your right to opt out and there is no fee to do so.

Door hangers will be placed on homes 2-3 days in advance of the meter installation;

APS will not deploy “smart meters” on homes where customers have requested to opt out. Customers who wish to opt out need to call APS and provide your name, account number, and physical address.

The City of Sedona has no jurisdictional authority regarding the installation of “smart meters” or the establishment of opt out fees; that authority is vested with the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) by State statute. For more information on public input with the Arizona Corporation Commission regarding “smart meters,” please go to edocket.azcc.gov/ and search for Docket Number 11-0328.

For more information, contact Nicholas Gioello, Assistant to the City Manager, by calling 928-203-5100.

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For the best in Arizona news and views, read www.SedonaEye.com daily!


  1. Donna Varney says:

    OPT OUT SEDONA Sedona Community Organization Easy as 1,2,3 Get your neighbors to opt out If you pay the electric then you can do it, Residence & Businesses.
    Let’s get everyone to do it, for a healthier Sedona Community. Call APS and Opt out!

  2. Warren says:

    “The City of Sedona has no jurisdictional authority regarding the installation of “smart meters” ….”

    I guess the City hopes that if they repeat a lie often enough it will be believed. Many others and I have explained to them how they could have “jurisdictional authority” if they wanted it.

  3. Tom G says:

    Warren!!! Oh I see, so now you want city government to help out your cause!! Generally you complain about government and taxation. Aren’t you and you Tea party always promoting personal freedom withh limited Government!! Well guess what, you can’t have it both ways!

  4. TOM G, Stop taking those bitter pills. Take some of these instead, you are going to need them….


    Some of your residents including Warren Woodward have been working with the city for over two years on this. Where were you?

  5. Nancy says:

    Someone posted a comment someplace else about what’s to admire about bullying and intimidation? Tom G. and some others seem to think it’s a cute way to get attention without offering facts or anything else to offer credibility to their ongoing rants. Too bad they don’t spend time reading the truth about matters and appreciate Warren and the others who have spent hours and hours researching and offering valuable information to benefit everyone, even bullies. Stupid is not to be admired either.

  6. Great news!
    I just reached three more neighbors about smart meter opt out.
    I hit my surrounding two streets and knocked on doors and talked to neighbors, handed out APS 800 number. I met great people and I have lived here 5 years. Its amazing what nice people(and a few interesting characters) are right here and I never knew them.
    We are a nation being trained to be isolationists(just look at your kid with their nose in the phone).
    Go meet your neighbors this weekend and talk about smart meter.

    You must individually opt-out!
    Whoever pays the electric bill must call. Renter or Owner.
    Demand a blue tag on your analog meter.

  7. Rob says:

    I’m forced by aps to go with the standard plan because they are afraid of my dogs…the smart meter will allow them to read the meter remotely and now I can switch to the time combined plan and save 60 bucks a month….I look forward to the smart meters and saving 60 bucks a month for nothing…

  8. N. Baer says:

    @Rob – If you expect to continue to have your dogs in good health, you will get your non-transmitting analog meter replaced and plan to have your dogs indoors when your meter gets read, otherwise you are facing higher bills that will double, potential fire from the switch mode power supply failing and illness. In addition, if you ever plan on selling your place, no one in the right mind will want to live in your house with a smart meter. This is not to mention what you’re exposing your neighbors and their families to. For more info see http://www.sedonasmartmeterawareness.com

  9. Wow they closed you on the deal of losing all privacy and health with, “We are afraid of your dogs?”

    They go into forests with bears and read meters, for the money.

    Foolish choice, Rob.

  10. Jake Cotton says:

    Robs reasoning defies logic + is a reminder why we the people elect stupid politicians and have out of control corporations because the people are stupid.

    And what’s worse we write our stupid for everybody to know.

  11. Warren says:

    Don’t knock Rob. He’s got a great idea. In about 10 years he’ll have saved enough money for a night in the hospital.

  12. Rocky says:

    No smart meters .

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