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Apply for a city of Sedona short term rental permit

This article submitted by the city of Sedona.

Sedona AZ – The city of Sedona now requires all short term rental owners to have an annual permit and, as of January 20, 2023, the web portal for applying for an annual short term rental permit is open. All short term rentals currently operating within Sedona city limits must have a permit no later than February 15, 2023, or cease operations until a permit is obtained.

Short term rental owners or their designees may access the permit application portal directly by copying and pasting the following web address into their browser: https://sedonaaz.munirevs.com/log-in/.

Sedona’s city council adopted an amendment to Sedona City Code 5.25 Short Term Rental Regulation at the November 22, 2022, meeting. The amendment is based on Senate Bill 1168 which allows Arizona cities and towns to require annual, fee-based permits for short term rentals.

The new permit program replaces the previous short term rental emergency contact registration process the city has operated since September 2022. All operating short term rentals, whether they previously had an emergency contact registration or not, must now apply for an annual permit.

Visit the short term rental pages on the city website to learn more about the new program and the other new requirements for operating a short-term rental in Sedona at www.sedonaaz.gov/str.

For additional information, contact Teresah Arthur, short term rental specialist, city of Sedona, via email at tarthur@sedonaaz.gov or phone at (928) 203-5198.


  1. Ezra Fox, Sedona says:

    who applied and where’s the list of properties for 2023 year?

  2. Dry Creek Hannah says:

    My question asked would’ve been why there’s a job called short term rentals specialist and does it pay less than the long term rentals specialist? You must know that every broker or property management company provides it free . . .

  3. Jean says:

    good one hahaha

  4. Archie Mendez says:

    Did the closing of Silicon Valley Bank just end Airbnb and our issues with Short Term Rentals?

    From The Associated Press. “Silicon Valley Bank, the nation’s 16th-largest bank, failed after depositors hurried to withdraw money this week amid anxiety over the bank’s health. It was the second biggest bank failure in U.S. history after the collapse of Washington Mutual in 2008. ‘This is an extinction-level event for startups,’ said Garry Tan, CEO of Y Combinator, a startup incubator that launched Airbnb, DoorDash and Dropbox and has referred hundreds of entrepreneurs to the bank. ‘I literally have been hearing from hundreds of our founders asking for help on how they can get through this. They are asking, ‘Do I have to furlough my workers?’”

    If the bank behind Airbnb fails, it just may cause Airbnb to fail. How much money did they lose? FDIC insures up to $250k, until the money runs out. Silicon Valley Bank can ask for a bailout, but will Congress respond and pony up $20 TRILLION to help them out? With a republican Congress I’d say this is not likely.

    Many think this bank failure is a one-off, but the contagion will be widespread putting 18,400 banks in the crosshairs of failure.

    Is this the planned economy collapse we’ve been hearing about? We can’t keep kicking the can down the street. “You will own nothing and like it,” Klaus Schwab of the WEF.

  5. Mason, Sedona says:

    @archie. This isn’t a Republican Congress – a Democrat Senate passes bills , the House sends what the people want but Senate passes what President Biden wants, and it ain’t what the people need. My groceries are 59% higher and he’s raising taxes and taking away cheap gas and electric to fill his coffers. So learn to hold ‘em until we get that brain dead idiot and his toking VP out of office and somebody call the orange man cause the Democrats want him back in the party before they lose the next election. Send Hillary to jail and take away her microphone before she makes a further ass of herself, Bill must be wishing to die before she ruins his name forever, you think?

  6. Archie Mendez says:

    @Mason, Sedona

    from thebalancedmoney.com: “On October 3, 2008, President George W. Bush signed the $700 billion Emergency Economic Stabilization Act (EESA) of 2008 after Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson asked Congress to approve a bailout to buy mortgage-backed securities that were in danger of defaulting. By doing so, Paulson wanted to take these debts off the books of the banks, hedge funds, and pension funds that held them. His goal was to renew confidence in the functioning of the global banking system and end the financial crisis.”

    wikipedia : The 118th United States Congress began on January 3, 2023. There were seven new senators (two Democrats, five Republicans) and 74 new representatives (34 Democrats, 40 Republicans), as well as one new delegate (a Republican), at the start of its first session.

    Any bailout to correct the Silicon Valley Bank crisis will be at the mercy of a Republican Congress.

    All other points you have given are valid and noted.


  7. Archie Mendez says:

    Update .



    Goodbye FDIC insurance…you are no longer needed!


    PEEK INSANITY HAS HIT! Thanks Biden!

    Remember: The last official act of any government is to loot the treasury. – George Washington.

  8. KDV, Flagstaff AZ says:

    US Senate has 3 independents which proudly includes one of our own Sinema who always should remain staunchly unowned by the Dem lefties because all 3 independents caucus with Democrats which gives Democrats the Senate even when Sinema independently and wisely votes Arizona and America first. We need independents at the local level and need to go back to having no party affiliation allowed at local level elections. Everybody needs to make an effort to be known locally and we wouldn’t have people that don’t represent majority of us elected and term limits for all state and local
    offices to give everyone a chance to be heard.

  9. @KDV, Flagstaff AZ says:

    We have term limits now. They are called elections.

  10. Darlene & Family says:

    We are sooooooo sick and tired of these short term vacation rentals! One thing this city really had right was the code that didn’t allow them – AND – it was enforced. Only to have the gawd awful Ducey override that law and declare them legal. Two of them are next door and the renters don’t have wild parties etc they still present a constant turnover of strangers coming and going. So Ducey is GONE but his stinking legacy lives on. Isn’t that the story of Sedona itself? The bums that have come and then leave after having made stupid decisions? R. Adams, J. Martinez, B. Litrell you may be gone from City Hall but your legacy lives on. Oops except apparently Martinez just cannot resist attending council meetings with his good friend from the Lodging Council.

  11. Zachary Block says:

    friend tried to short term rent with a company her place once and rented her house out for three nights and her good neighbor watching out for her called and told her four cars showed up and turned out a nonprofit “volunteer” group guy had booked it for his “work team” but it was for illegals they were helping get past border control places *take it or leave it*

  12. The Johnsons says:

    Adding insult to injury – how many people who own short term rentals even live in Arizona? From what we hear many are from the East Coast and Midwest and therefore don’t give a hoot about the quality of life for permanent residents.

    But in past years even Sedona City Council members haven’t had much concern for us either what with their gracious financial contributions to benefit the members of a regional chamber of commerce.

  13. Sedona Barry says:

    Looks like your Republican congress did what you said it wouldn’t. George Washington knew that Joe Biden was in America’s future and gave us the tools to pry our nation back from his Chinese and Russian wokes. You must know by now that China is heavily involved with SVB and the other banks with lots of cash and even more approved loans flowing their way? Take back the land they bought as collateral for the failures and keep clawing it back.

  14. Eleanor, west Sedona says:

    Out of state landlords (not property owners) could pay additional rental taxes on rentals, like impact fees, to be used if properties are left unkept or need police or fire protection? Don’t know if a good idea or not, like catching up with commenters ideas when Eddie Maddock writes a column.

  15. Archie Mendez says:

    @Sedona Barry – The Biden crime family is tied at the hip to CCP China at every turn. Personally, I’m anxiously waiting for the investigation into their family to become public.

    @Eleanor – I think you’re on to something there with regard to taxes. Since they are utilizing residential properties as hotels, maybe it’s time to change their status to commercial where they are treated as a commercial business, including taxes, health inspections, fire inspection and the like are a norm. Oh, and a commercial business is ineligible to be in a residential neighborhood.

  16. CeCe, Sedona says:

    What’s the income and what’s the total houses permitted in Sedona?

  17. ACFJ Assoc says:

    Heard Goldman Sachs expects commercial real estate to nose dive into the toilet and you better get ready real fast about Sedona risks like before yesterday.

    Businesses banked on Trump’s successful economy but Biden drove it straight off the cliff with Harvard economics.

    Could be why Harvard dropped to 7th place from first in the top US 50 universities and colleges ranking by Forbes this year.

    Government says 4.7 inflation while Sedona groceries doubled and tripled on items and the phantom increase by 4.7 percent exists where?

    The government doesn’t intend to use true cost of living Social Security numbers because they’re not giving you big increases again because they want to pretend you’re better off.

    Don’t complain because you’re gutless and easily manipulated. Thank a teacher today.

    Selling Sedona short term investments sounds smarter.

  18. Brian says:

    Cold here

  19. Hal says:

    ask why first

  20. GingerBeet says:


  21. Sharon, VOC says:

    My house, my housemates, my decision.

  22. Kelly Smoot, Big Park says:

    County better to work with then Sedona’s it’s not worth cost and time investment doing business in city, have nice day

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