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RunSedona February 2019 Traffic Alert

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Sedona AZ  – The RunSedona Half-Marathon, 10K and 5K events will be held February 2, 2019, beginning at 8:00 a.m. with road closings and restrictions in effect for Sedona residents and visitors. Mark your calendars now. 

The marathon course begins on Navoti Drive near Bristlecone Pines Road, heads eastward to Calle del Solle, enters SR 89A heading east, then turns north onto Dry Creek Road; the half marathon participants will continue further, onto Long Canyon/Boynton Canyon roads. All participants will return via the same route.

Road restrictions and closures:

February 1-2 – Navoti Drive closed between Bristlecone Pines Road and South Foothills Drive at 8:00 a.m. and continuing through 5:00 p.m. on February 2.

February 2 – Navoti Drive (in Rimstone subdivision) access closed from 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. with no access to or from Navoti Drive.

February 2 – 7:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. Dry Creek Road closed between SR 89A and Long Canyon Road with 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Southbound lanes of SR 89A closed between Calle del Solle and Dry Creek Road.

February 2 – Northbound on Dry Creek Road, heading toward Enchantment Resort, is expected to reopen between Thunder Mountain and Long Canyon sometime between 9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. with Southbound on Dry Creek Road, heading toward SR 89A, expected to reopen between Thunder Mountain and SR 89A between 11:30 a.m. and noon after all participants have finished the route.

Area residents are encouraged to plan traffic-related activities before or after the scheduled road closure and delays.

Sedona Police officers and Sedona Fire District personnel will be available throughout the area to assist with any emergency needs or service requests.

Access to the Sedona Medical Center is always maintained.

The City and RunSedona thank area residents for their patience.

Visit RunSedona.com for traffic control maps and more information.

The public is welcome to attend a 6:00 p.m. event information session on January 7, 2019 at the Sedona Charter School, 165 Kachina Drive, west Sedona.

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  1. Residents last says:

    Once again, who cares if residents are inconvenienced, we have to get those tourist dollars.

    Mark your calender when you will again be trapped in your home, slave.

  2. Linda Russo Sedona says:

    Wow …
    You really have an inferior complex..
    Many many residents love and participate in the Sedona Marathon.

    We love the experience and the sense of community. You,hateful one, really need to get out from that computer and look around…Why not try the 5k.. You can walk it as well..

  3. Steve segner says:

    First off Sedona is a tourist town, second Tourist pay the majority of the expenses running SEDONA third over 10,000 people work or have businesses in Sedona lastly you knew it was a tourist town when you moved here Love it or leave it

  4. Think about it says:

    If the city and Run Sedona need to thank residents for their patience for an un necessary event, should the event even happen?

    Is Run Sedona paying the cost for Sedona Police and Sedona Fire district? Or is that just another gift from residents to business?

    You don’t need to guess.

  5. Sedona Schnebly says says:

    No Mr. Segner, it was not always a tourist town and today we have 10,000 residents of which 40% do not live here.

    There is no way there are 10,000 employees making minimum wage in Sedona or having employees earnings shifted from employee to business.
    I am ashamed of you commenting on every subject under the sun constantly attacking and justifying your view as the only view.
    Like me, you will not be here forever but I can not think of any neighbors during my time that acted like you. They certainly did not endure historically speaking.
    They were run out of town back then. Ah the good old days.

  6. @Think about it says:

    More “tea party talk” from the usual poster .
    Enjoy the Marathon all.. Always a great event

  7. Superiority complex says:

    @Linda Russo Sedona

    All the retired 70 year olds in Sedona like to run a marathon. 26 miles, no problem, sure , right.

    One little detail, if there are mostly residents running the marathon, how does it help the tourist business? I call Bull, just like segner’s constant rant of 10,000 people employed in the tourist business in Sedona . It’s been proven false so many times. Still segner keeps lying.

    If anything I have a superiority complex, I like calling out liars with facts.

  8. Runner says:

    People, get over yourselves. Losers. If you get ‘trapped,’ like a “slave,” (very inappropriate btw) – go cheer the runners on!!!

  9. Linda Russo says:

    @superiority complex

    You seem to have a PROBLEM for every activity/event/employees/snow/roads/etc etc…

    May I suggest you get “out of your head” and walk the 5k at the Sedona Marathon.
    It will do your DARK mind a world of good and joy…
    Good luck

  10. Tourists pay 38% says:

    That “Tourists pay the majority of the expenses running SEDONA” is another bold-faced lie from steve Segner.

    According to the City of Sedona Community Report 2018: “FY 2017 city revenues generated by sales & bed taxes . . . .57%, two-thirds of which is paid by visitors.” Stevie, two-thirds of 57% is 38%.

    Wasn’t data from the Enchantment Resort and the Hilton, both outside Sedona City limits, used in segner’s lie that 10,000 people are employed in the tourist business in Sedona?

  11. Sedona Jason says:

    @superiority and others

    Excellent points about how few residents will be involved. I suggest that this news site review the entry list (It will have names and places of residence because they have to sign waivers) and examine each entrant for residence so at the next council meeting it is on the record. It will support the city or it won’t, whatever the case will be should direct resources appropriately.

    No seat of the pants when facts are in hand.

    A marathon of this sort is not an activity geared to the residents but then again it’s meant to be per the city. It’s meant to be a money maker for restaurant and hotel groups. This event is not promoted to residents, it is a notice to expect inconvenience. The city accounting and verbiage is questionable but the city has no strength in self regulation.

    Our city needs an AG Office vetting. NOW.

  12. @Sedona Jason says:

    @Sedona Jason -There is an active AG complaint against the City of Sedona to the following effect if my understanding is correct:

    The City of Sedona’s bed tax ordinance violates the Arizona Constitution’s so-called “gift clause” — Article 9 Section 7 — because 55 percent of the revenues are distributed to the Sedona Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau.

    The City’s Tourism Promotion and Visitor Services Agreement with the Sedona Chamber violates the gift clause due to a lack of adequate consideration given to the City.

    The acquisition of the property located at 401 Jordan Road was gratuitous to the Sedona Chamber of Commerce, also in violation of the gift clause.

    Article 9 Section 7 of the Arizona State Constitution reads, “Neither the state, nor any county, city, town, municipality or other subdivision of the state shall ever give or loan its credit in the aid of, or make any donation or grant, by subsidy or otherwise, to any individual, association or corporation, or become a subscriber to, or a shareholder in, any company or corporation, or become a joint owner with any person, company, or corporation.”

  13. steve Segner says:

    What is wrong with an event that is for locals and visitors? What is wrong with filling up hotels? what is wrong with YOU …. wow All cities have events, Boston, New York Phoenix….. Pasadena ca has a week long event January … thousands of people …. and the locals learn to live with it….. and you are up set because some roads are closed for a couple of hours….. Good new Sedona home prices up over 15% perhaps time to move.

  14. @sedona JASON says:

    Hi hum JASON
    You ever participate in the Sedona Run!?

    I guess not cause you’d see ALOT of people you’d know from around town.. (Deleted by Editor)

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