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Passing the Buck Back for National Trespassers

United States and Mexico border is highlighted in green

United States and Mexico border is highlighted in green

Sedona AZ (September 27, 2015) – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:


In previous letters I outlined an idea that I honestly believe to be the best, most affordable, definitely doable, effective, efficient and most compassionate way to deal with the problems involving the trafficking of “Undocumented Individuals.” Whatever you choose to call them, I prefer “National Trespassers” into this country.

It has been over a year since July 2014 and I still have not had any response from anyone with any authority. It is partly my fault because of poor correspondence contact and the fact that I made a spreadsheet form to explain parts of it; not knowing that the embedded spreadsheet information would not transfer with the letter attached to some of the contacts. I’ll try again without any embedded forms; it is not as complete, but I think should get the points across.

I hear so much confusion and misunderstanding about “Compassion” and the actions that qualify as being compassionate: In my way of thinking, doing anything to encourage the continuation of this mess that was born out of “Dimwitted Do-gooders” designing Laws based on “Emotion” instead of logical reasoning and who get them passed through the House and Senate by fear and intimidation because the fear of opposition or following the “Rule of Law” is branded as “Heartless” by the loud Leftists and their cohorts in the Mainstream Media – which triggers the intimidation of an adverse Public Opinion.

Homeland SecurityIn my way of thinking being Compassionate includes civil treatment of all people, but does not include enabling and assisting corrupt carriers (coyotes) to misuse, abuse, sell, maim or kill, and extort money from families who trust them enough to allow these lowlife thugs to take family/children – and once they are gone from home – the family is at the mercy of  the drug running “Coyote Cabal” for information about their family’s welfare. The ‘Coyote’ may, for example, sell a child as a sex slave and still be extorting money from the family for his or her well being, extortion that may go on even if the child is no longer alive; the inaction of this nation is the major “Enabling Factor” of this Lawlessness.

The consequences of “Do-Gooders” often become major problems; generally because of actions based on Emotion, instead of following Logic and the Rule of Law, these activities lack the needed consistency including “Actual Equality.” The Constitution allows for changes to be made, however, it does not allow for “Exceptions to the Rules without legitimate justification” – not securing the Borders, not enforcing existing laws, and, in fact, prohibiting the enforcement of those laws is akin to Anarchy and/or Treason reminiscent of the writings of some Socialist/Progressive radical rats a.k.a. Saul Alinsky and the “Dingbat Duo of Cloward and Pivens” – heroes to Barack and Hillary.

money dollar bagThere are some other things that need planning from people who have authority, and, in order to clarify all, my suggestions are only that – Suggestions:

  • Payment Schedule – Could/Should be calculated and billed on a Calendar quarterly basis and the Payment due within 45 days of the Billing Date.
  • Quarterly Billing Schedule: Billed each quarter like this one:
    • January 1 thru March 31st
      • Mailed by: – April 15th.
      • Payment Due Date: May 30th.
  • Billing Date— 15 Calendar Days after the end of the Calendar Quarter.
  • Payments not received by the Due Date Deadline need to start accruing a High Rate of Interest (say) 15-20% immediately so that the least expensive way for the “Home Country” to get out of the “Debt” would be immediate payment.
  • Information provided by the “Trespasser” and/or any accompanying documentation will be accepted as valid for the purposes of “Billing.” The United States will attempt to sort out National Citizenship; however, the final call as to what Nation is Responsible for Payment rests with “whichever nation is notified and billed.” In other words, the problem belongs to Home Country not to the United States.
  • Duration of Billing: The Billing and Collection Process will continue each and every Calendar Quarter until it is proven that the individual is no longer residing within the area claimed by the United States of America.
  • Initial Contact Invoice Amount: $80,000.00 [To be waived if the billed country retrieves the Trespasser within (say) 10-15 days of the initial contact, and pays for the trespassers accrued expenses for Food, Quarters, Security, and/or Medical Attention]. Except for special needs like “Medical Attention” a flat fee of (say) $1000.00 per day could/should be levied.
  • A “Retention Rate Assessment” of (say) $2,000.00 per day for as long as the “Trespasser” remains in the United States or United States Property, Territories or Ports, including Military and Native American Indian Reservations.

The CBO (Congressional Budget Office) should accumulate quarterly all the unpaid bills from each country and “subtract the total” from any kind of “Aid Package” destined for the Trespasser’s Country from the United States of America government.

Proof of citizenship or lack thereof is the responsibility of the Country the Trespasser identified on his or her Initial Contact and will be considered official unless proven otherwise.


The basic beauty of the concept outlined in the aforementioned letter is the fact that it would not only cut through the shortcomings of Border Security and provide a source of funding for “Our Compassionate Treatment” of all illegals, but, it would also get the “Home Country of each Illegal” involved in the attempt to get the illegal back out of the United States as soon as possible, which to me looks like “A Win-Win.”

Dale Gohr, Clarkdale AZ

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Read www.SedonaEye.com for daily news and interactive views!


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