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Eddie S. Maddock: What’s Next Sedona?

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie Maddock asks where will all the red rocks go in Sedona’s new concrete-friendly Vision Statement?

Sedona AZ (September 18, 2018) – As the dust settles from yet another conclusion of a city of Sedona primary election, there are those who remain stunned at the results and those who will remain jubilant, for at least the next two years.

Of course the General election is in November when the incorporated Sedona’s hot button will be approval or denial of a Permanent Base Adjustment. A good deal of information has already surfaced relating to that measure – and assuredly more will be forthcoming. Therefore, there isn’t a need to discuss the subject at this particular time.

What immediately is before City decision makers is the ongoing and unsettled issue of addressing an overabundance of traffic. In addition, decisions will be made relating to development of at least two more resort hotels bearing names of national recognition, more discussion relating to land use, creating the professed need for “affordable” housing, and, at the same time, facing and admitting that Sedona is not too far away from being “built-out.” Far reaching anticipation might very well be lurking in the background at the possibility of acquiring more land via USFS land trades, but that might be a tough sell.

Or then again, maybe not…except that revising or amending the U.S. Forest Plan would be an arduous task.

With the core of our City Council remaining essentially the same, there isn’t any reason to anticipate great changes in direction and/or policy. As development continues to commence, it’s likely to become a greater challenge for existing subdivisions to secure the integrity of their CC&R’s in the event substantial requests for rezoning to higher density development on available vacant lots surface.

Sedona AZ

It could very well become more important for individuals to monitor City Hall activities for knowledge and peace of mind to assure build-out in specific areas is in keeping with expectations of existing residents.

At the time the Sedona Community Plan was most recently updated, it became apparent certain specific changes had been made. For example, the “Vision Statement” no longer includes reference to a small town character. Rightfully so since Sedona, presently headed towards having at least one major resort at almost every intersection, has long since surpassed that vision.

For the record, following is the updated Vision Statement”:

VISION: Sedona is a community that nurtures connections between people, encourages healthy and active lifestyles, and supports a diverse and prosperous economy, with priority given to the protection of the environment.

A quick rundown of the six essential goals or major outcomes have been identified in the Community Plan as: Environmental Protection; Economic Diversity; Housing Diversity; Reduced Traffic; Community Gathering Places; and Access to Oak Creek.

Sedona AZ

During city council meetings it is frequently apparent city council members and staff are vigilant in keeping the Community Plan in focus, as reflected by many references to “the Plan” during discussions. It is fascinating at times to study and attempt to analyze justification on some occasions – such as defending “product development” as a portion of what originally was a “Destination Marketing” contract with a regional, member driven local non-profit conveniently located within Sedona City Limits.

To-date has a clear, distinct, and decisive definition ever been offered pertaining to “product development” as city officials conveniently slipped it into the process?

And is an attempt to rationalize a realistic connection with any of the above to the goals and objectives to the Community Plan a bit far fetching?

With yet another traffic/transit study soon to be under way, Community Focus Areas remain to be planned and developed. Most of the aggressive planning for Sedona’s future will be costly and, so far, there appears to be nothing offered relating to the source of those funds.

When Sedona purchased the former Ranger Station, a 3.4 acre parcel on Brewer Road which includes an historic barn and house, ambitious plans were soon to follow for such things as community events, weddings, family reunions, community garden concerts, dances, plays, movies, historic talks and tours…to mention but a few! However, the latest scuttlebutt is that the Brewer Road property has been extended for use by Tlaquepaque for parking cars allegedly for special events.

The Pushmataha building on Brewer Road is within certified wildlife habitat grounds.

Is such use of that public property even legal and, if so, what are the terms and conditions?

Does Tlaquepaque pay the City of Sedona for use of that land?

Or is lending public property to private enterprises subject to the same or at least similar conditions as to perhaps reflect a temporary gift situation? And if such arrangements have in fact been made…how much damage is being done to the former Ranger Station property and what about future costs for mitigating such damages to return the acreage as suitable for the original designation? How much might that reflect in cost escalation when and if the historic property is, in fact, turned into the promised park? Or after so many years and so many changes in composition of the Sedona City Council will the property the city of Sedona purchased for over market value in 2014 as a park simply fall into the existing forever use as that of a parking lot?

As time goes by, if ever there has been anything consistently rising to the surface, it’’s the apparent change in demographics in Sedona since incorporation. Those who pushed for it did so primarily for the reason of controlling growth and, yes, maintaining that “small town character” which has since gone hither and yon. The new generation, so to speak, turned out to have the exact opposite goals and objectives and, like it or not, that is what you are witnessing.

In a nutshell, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In the case of Sedona, massive concrete developments in many instances are blocking Sedona’’s famous views — views versus red rocks appears to be the current trend. Massive concrete development can be re-created any time and any place. Sedona’’s red rocks cannot.

In general, the new/old City Council has their work cut out for them and based on Sedona’’s registered voters their decisions appear to be going well, keeping a majority of the “inmates” content.

The logical option is to join forces, roll with the punches and extend kind thoughts and good wishes for successful decisions. And the decisions must prove to be in the best interest for the city of Sedona in general which, first and foremost, is its Health, Safety, and Welfare…”with emphasis, please, on Health and Safety.

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  1. Nancy Clark says:

    Yes Steve, I am speaking of Prochnow (not Prochnoe) … this is a private road
    not for the city to use as backflow for Tlaquepaque’s event’s. Which they did for many years even after our telling them to stop it, it violated the zoning law that was put in effect in 1981. So your speaking about something that you knew little about is a little disconcerting. Calling me a NIMBY when you know not of what you speak of and the concerns of our neighborhood are really jarring. I have taken many people to your inn and bragged about it as a jewel in our city of not so many beautiful buildings. I am your neighbor and have major concerns about where this city that I invested in is headed. I just want the city to do what is right by its citizens and quit cow towing to certain business’s private interest. The eyesore that I have driven by for going on 4 1/2 years mainly. Its time to ____ or get off the pot so to speak. And I am a liberal/democrat and still very concerned about our budget and where the money goes.

  2. Roger says:

    Correction to my previous comment. No – I do NOT anticipate voters will approve the Permanent Base Adjustment ballot measure!!!!!! My former comment anticipating it would be approved was just wishful thinking. No way will the liberal socialists stand for little Sedona – population somewhere around 10,000 people – to be restricted by how much they can tax and spend. Sorry (more than you know).

  3. Mike H says:

    Even if voters approved the Permanent Base Adjustment, which I doubt, we are under Home Rule for the next four years.

    Progressives and Democrats, the tax and spend voters.

  4. Alarmed says:

    City Departments are authorized to charge $1,145,520 in indirect costs to the Wastewater Fund according to the FY 2018-19 ANNUAL BUDGET. How much in indirect costs can City Departments charge the Chamber of Commerce? $0, nothing, nada. Unfair and discriminatory!

    By the way, according to the City of Sedona Financial Services Dept., “the City intends to award a single contract to one of the top (3) three respondents” to its PUBLIC NOTICE published in the Sept. 12, 2018 RED ROCK NEWS entitled REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS. This pertains to the new Wastewater Rate Study Proposals due October 3, 2018.

  5. Nancy Clark says:

    Please Mike

    Our country is in the midst of the most divisive political times in our lives, at least in my life. And I am 65 years old, so I have been watching politics and paying close attention since I was in high school. And really close attention.

    I am what you might call a progressive/democrat…. and have grave concerns about spending. Mainly the spending of wasteful dollars whether it is for useless wars that have gone on for decades or gifting various corporations unnecessary dollars from a “so called bed tax”…in Sedona. And buying of properties and then not using them for what they were intended for as in the Ranger Station Park, etc.

    Please try and stop labeling all democrats. Do you really want our country to fail?
    It can. I marched in anti-Vietnam War parades in Atlanta, burned my bra for women’s rights in Atlanta. Basically I was born a progressive/liberal/democrat/
    and yes I loved Jimmy Carter. And never did I write nasty comments to be seen by the general public. I was taught in the south to keep your nasty comments to yourself and have some manners. Manners have totally left our country. Maybe if people stop watching Fox News, the biggest divider in our country besides the other one, which I will keep to myself.

  6. Marlow J. says:

    Give us a break. Isn’t national partisan news enough? Why must it now become the focus of a local online publication where most (if not all) of the readers are well aware Sedona politics are directed towards socialism. So be it. The voters spoke loud and clear but why must it be rammed even further down our throats on Sedona Eye? All comments are subject to interpretation and personally I found the one from Nancy Clark to be far more offensive than that of Mike H. So go ahead protesters, slam me for expressing an opinion.

  7. Tony says:

    Democrats like Ms Clark are the problem with partisan politics. Protesting in the 1960s and 1970s were Republicans against the Democrats killing fields in Vietnam, the same Republicans forced civil rights on America at great personal sacrifice. Say what you want about Nixon the scumbag but he stopped the war after Kennedy and Johnson escalated it.

    Feinstein and the Democrats are repulsive examples of humanity. When you can equate them to Nixon like me, then you can be considered nonpartisan.

  8. @Alarmed says:

    Do you ever listen to radio KYBC? (Cottonwood station) Many Sedona Chamber of Commerce commercials are aired touting how their self-imposed assignment is to render sustainability not only for City of Sedona, their current cash cow, but . . . YES . . . THE ENTIRE VERDE VALLEY!

    Now maybe, just maybe, that’s one reason your sewer rates continue to increase. City of Sedona is funding via special interest member-driven Sedona Chamber of Commerce financial support for the “entire Verde Valley.”

    Where’s the State of Arizona on this outrageous misuse of municipal funding? Senator Allen – Rep. Thorpe? You definitely are NOT doing what you were elected to do – in this neck of the woods anyhow.

  9. Mike H says:

    @Nancy Clark

    Obviously it’s bad to generalize. In the Case of Sedona DORR, Democrats of the Red Rocks mobilized and knocked on 2400 doors to spread misinformation about non profits losing funding. The Sedona library receives over $800,000 per year from our property tax. I doubt it needs the over $400,000 from the City. The Animal shelter is required to be funded by law. The Sedona Chamber $2.5 million, and Mayor Sandy’s Wine Fest would have probably lost City funding. The scare tactics worked. DORR was effective. But in my opinion the policies of those in charge will further destroy the character of Sedona.


  10. Judy, uptown says:

    Who will be the ultimate losers? In my opinion it’s already the residents and that will continue. My decision after the ploy “they” used to scare legitimate nonprofits into believing what @MikeH spelled out – that ALL nonprofits would lose city funding if new council people were elected and Home Rule failed – well, from here on out MY contributions will NOT go to City of Sedona nonprofits in particular the Library, Humane Society and Recycles. No way and no how! Best Friends and other national nonprofits will get my annual gratuities.

    As a lowly resident who will care anyhow? Who will be the ultimate losers? In my opinion it’s already the residents and that will continue but sorry Sedona critters in need of a local home – go to the Chamber of Commerce for a hand out. THEY are the ones with ALL the money!!

  11. Carol Lennox, NYC says:

    @NancyClark I categorize myself as a teacher as liberal but find being liberal indicates to majority #norules and that’s not me. I believe in rules and in cultural norms and mores and manners and civility. I also believe in #nolabels. I no longer believe Democrats share these values in their attempts to regain power. Honestly, my IRA and 401K and retirement portfolios performed horrifically under Pres Obama and the Democrats party majority and so did America. My 32 year old university educated son finally found a good job teaching while under the Democrats nobody was hiring except part timers and temps and substitutes and they cut back arts and professional support programs! Trump is doing great as President and it’s about time this country realized he’s doing wonders for our country. Count yourselves lucky you don’t have a Trudeau who is but a weak boy. I’m formerly Canadian and the Canadian healthcare system is mediocre and never to be copied in America which always has been excellent until the premiums skyrocketed under the Democrats to cover illegal immigration costs. Be truthful @Nancy and see all the screamers are paid rabble rousers. Any ideology to scream and use mob mentality as acceptable means to disrupt democracy is fascism and nazism and pro slavery and the American Democrats supported all these in their party platforms. It amazes me to see women, people of color and the poor support the party that doesn’t believe they are able to rise above without the Democrats controlling how and when they do it. Good exchange of opinions in Sedona proves democracy works. Support President Trump and turn off MSNNBC and don’t watch TV news for a month and see the better world exists and is.

  12. Rob says:

    Sedona was ruined by the city staff and councils tasked with keeping it safe and intact for posterity.

  13. M Mallon says:

    City staff is just doing what government employees always so when left without supervision. They increase their own pay an staff size. Sedona has a city council that says ” We are following the advice of our professional staff.” Staff which for the most part does not live in Sedona. Sedona is being run for the Chamber, city staff and residents are only considered as a revenue source. The rats are guarding the cheese.

  14. @M Mallon says:

    Your words are right on, that’s for sure. However, it’s the people’s choice as reflected by the results of their votes. Every two years there’s an opportunity to make a change but clearly the Chamber gang has their ducks in order to maintain the style of living to which they’ve become accustomed. Recently a document from city hall was circulated itemizing the staff. The numbers and wage scale are outrageous. However and gain, it’s determined by the majority of those who get out and vote.

  15. FG says:

    Sedona isn’t about beauty and quality, it’s about China imports sold at hyperinflated ridiculous prices at pretentious mediocre stores. Go shop in Phoenix. It’s better.

  16. Gretchen says:

    @m Mallon
    That’s for both your posts.

  17. Grouchen says:

    @ Gretchen,

    Another brilliant and inspiring comment from you. I imagine you add as much to the rest of the people in your life as you add to the SedonaEye. As things need to be spelled out for you , that would be less than zero. You’re yawning dear, go back to sleep.

  18. Jerry, Legitimate Sedona Voter says:

    Poor “Gretchen” apparently has too much time on her hands. Maybe because Sedona doesn’t need TWO City Managers??

  19. @grouchen says:

    Your the one with too much time on your hands…
    Finding “make believe” fault in everything Sedona.

    Wow your very sly as well with your name..
    Get a life …stop complaining
    You lost the election…. Get over it loser

  20. Tony Tonsich says:

    Sedona’s “professional city staff.” Fiscal Year 17-18

    City Manager $180,346.55 ( Over $15,000 per month)
    Asst City manager $136,490.64 ( Over $11,000 per month )

    The above numbers include car and phone allowances, yes, they both get generous car and phone allowances. The amounts do not include contributions for taxes, insurance and pension. Add on another 20-30%

    Yea, I made the request for a copy of the payroll. The Red Rock Fake news claims Donna Joy was the only one making requests. There were many of us making information requests.

  21. Tony Tonsich says:

    As I have the report at hand, total Sedona City payroll for the Fiscal year 17-18


    That does not include contributions by the city for taxes, insurance and retirement.

    It’s the taxpayers money.

  22. Mary C says:

    “They have deliberately, consciously, repeatedly, and conspiratorially acted with nothing else but pure and undisguised malice aforethought, with reckless disregard for truth, honor, or respect for the institutions they are sworn to protect and serve, and with the vilest contempt for the people they were elected to represent. ”

    Does that sound like, with rare exceptions, the current City Council and top City Staff?

  23. JeanJ says:

    From State Schedules G, Total Estimated Personnel Compensation (includes Retirement Costs, Healthcare Costs & Other Benefit Costs):

    FY 2019 – $13,154,250
    FY 2018 – $12,648,970
    FY 2017 – $10,322,070

  24. RonnieB says:

    @Gretchen twinkle twinkle little star, now we know who you are. But be careful those twinkles don’t penetrate your over confident brain just because you were reelected. Nothing lasts forever. but you should certainly be aware of that!

  25. Gretchen says:

    @ronnie b
    Sure someone disagrees with you so it must be a city employee or even the mayor LOL
    Like she has the time or even cares what you losers share on SE..
    As I said LOL…..Self important much?
    Thnks for the belly laugh

  26. steve Segner says:

    You lost, and you keep posting numbers as if something is wrong, yes we pay well and if we need to pay more then larger cities to attract and keep great city employees then so be it. Tony the city council sets pay for city staff, run for office , OHHH you did and lost. (deleted by editor)

  27. @mary c says:

    No Mary it’s soubds like your taking about the Trump administration and the leaders of AZ Liberty..

  28. Richard Saunders says:

    @Tony tonisch

    Your wrong again (deleted by editor)..

    Sedona Assistant City manager made $136,490.64 salary, $600 Cellphone allowance and $5000.16 car allowance for a total of $142,115.80

    Then add about 50% for other compensation, your way off at 20%. Sedona employees only work 180 days a year.

    Your just jealous, get over it (deleted by editor).

  29. steve Segner says:

    180 days really you know the city works on 4/10 and Karen and city manager never works less the 50 hr. grow up

  30. @Steve Segner says:

    Steve, you bring up a few good points. People forget that the city manager is like the CEO of a private company. Do we really want to pay cheap for that job? remember, we’d get what we paid for.

    As for Tonsich losing his campaign let us not forget, HE LOST (deleted by editor) with only 885 votes to Sandy’s 2136. (deleted by editor)

  31. Mary C says:

    @ steve Segner, Richard Saunders,Gretchen

    You dear lovelies sure are sore winners. Character matters, Sedona is doomed to become a tourist trap with you all near the levers of power. I know Karma will bring things into balance.

    “Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell.

    Edward Abbey”

  32. Gretchen says:

    @jean Jenks

    Oh wow….thanks for that information (deleted by editor)

  33. Lonnie says:

    Could it be the on going saga of Sedona is the only thing remaining unchanged here? Translated . . it’s been infiltrated by little fish that couldn’t make a name in big cities. They over indulge to make up lost time by over developing and ruining Sedona – to make it the same as those ugly gross big cities they escaped to find their fame but, doubtfully, no fortune – except for experienced entrepreneurs and professionals at exploiting us. The true definition of Sedona’s current wildlife . . faceless and nameless human beings trying to find themselves at the expense of innocent prey. .

  34. steve Segner says:

    The average pay for CEOs in the S&P 500 was nearly $14 million last year, about 6% higher than 2016.

    Surely the Sedona City Manager and Assistant City manager are UNDERPAID !!!!

    Just ask them, they’re professionals.

  35. Cliftton Town says:

    I move we move to change the name of Sedona to Clifton. We pay him the average pay of a fortune 500 CEO, $14 million, remember, we’d get what we paid for . After all, we don’t want to pay cheap.

    We create a monument of him with his classic Sayings

    Clifton is a Tourist Town !

    Traffic is our destiny !

    Segner, give us your wise opinion.

  36. MIke H says:

    I did an evaluation of compensation.

    Average Fortune 500 CEO pay $14,000,000
    Average Fortune 500 Company number of employees 52,810
    CEO pay per employee $265.10

    Number of Sedona City employees 141
    Compensated with Fortune 500 pay per employee ($265.10) equals $37,379.10
    Sedona city manager pay on Fortune 500 pay scale $37,379

    Pay of $37,379 sounds about right for someone under whose “professional” leadership Sedona has lost about 10% of it’s population. Clifton was previously City Manager of Bayfield, Colorado from 2007 to 2012. Staff of 19, including 8 in Marshal’s office, that’s about the same number of employees as a Taco Bell.

    Clifton IMO should be paid about as much as the manager of a Taco Bell. As he is working for the Sedona Chamber and not the residents, he should be paid as much as a retail store manager.

  37. Jerry, Legitimate Sedona Voter says:

    Your rationale is to be admired @Mike H although there might be one major flaw.
    Because of the Chamber of Commerce and their recent newfound enrichment via the “deal” they cut with the City of Sedona for the giant bed-tax rebate, the C of C most likely is in a better financial position to foot the bill for the inflated wages Sedona City pays to ALL the staff.

    More food for thought. How many paid employees has the C of C taken on in their own alleged “non-profit” organization since their multi-million dollar contract with the city was signed on the dotted line? Is there any doubt who it is making out like bandits in this ill-conceived concept of a legitimate municipality? Just my opinion of course.

  38. Steve segner says:

    First off Mike, Sedona hasn’t lost 10% of its population it’s a lot more than that because of all the people kicked out of their homes for nightly rentals. Second of all there’s between 10,000 + people a day visiting and between eight and 10,000 a day working here so please if you’re going to use numbers use the correct numbers, (Tony has trouble multiplying 4 ×10 ), we have a good city manager great assistant city manager dedicated staff, and let’s remember 70% of tax income is paid by our visitors.
    we should be thankful for all the amenities that visitors bring us . Some people think that we should hire the cheapest people we can find, but luckily we have a city Council that understands that you pay people correctly you get the best people and they stay . Mike get ready for the traffic because it’s coming with over 1000 new places for people to stay and that lies squarely on the shoulders of 1350 and our governor . He took away all the power of the city to zone for hospitality took away our local rights , just as the PBA on the ballot does the same thing takes away the money that we can use around town but that’s another tea party story

  39. @Mike H says:

    Wow that’s a lot of opinion that you have there. I have an opinion also, If I wanted someone who’s only skill is running Taco Bell to run our city, I may agree but I DON’T! Just like those Fortune 500 companys don’t have a Taco Bell manager running their companies. I recently found out that the city manager of any city is the same as the CEO of a company. I also mean no disrespect to anyone working or running Taco Bells. I’m sure that they work very hard at their jobs.

    I have seen Mr Clifton present at several meetings and he’s exactly who I want running the city that I live, work and raise my kiddos in.

    For those that don’t think that I’m a real person,

    Donna Marie Robertson
    Home and business owner – Uptown

  40. Sadona says:

    I was browsing a travel website, there were people commenting on Sedona, they called it Sadona. They said “Sadona is what it has become with all the tourista trap over-development.”

    Good job Chamber and City Council. You have a new word of mouth reputation.

    So sad.

  41. F.Y.I. says:

    Steve segner is lying again. Home Rule was passed by the voters on August 28th. It takes precedent over a Permanent Base Adjustment.

    The PBA on the November ballot does not take away any money whatsoever, and it is not a tea party story. It adjusts the city spending limitation UP by $11.7 MILLION.

  42. Steve segner says:

    Yes home real passed by a wide margin but one Sedona resident and one resident from the village put their own PBA on the ballot. that’s a vote NO, we do not want outsiders to limit the amount of money or city Council can spend no on the PBA .

  43. An Observation says:

    @F.Y.I. ……. Nobody seems to care whether or not Steve segner tells the truth. It appears he has everyone at City Hall in his back pocket (deep pockets?) so what difference does it matter what he says or write. It appears to have become a situation where those in charge just bow and say: “whatever you say Stevie boy” – your wish is our command.” Pay attention to Citizen Group activities! Ha! That’s a joke! As if you have an opportunity to even find out. Transparency in Sedona government is no longer in their vocabulary. Oh Mike Ward, where are you when we most need you. Oh – forgot. The slot was filled with your complete opposite, assured of the seat when appointed to fill a vacancy on the city council. Sedona’s loss. Chalk up yet another.

  44. Michael Schroeder says:

    Segner, PBA doesn’t take anything away from Sedona. Home Rule passed and is the law for 4 years.

    You either are intentionally lying or 2) I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt as you really don’t understand the law.

    So….here is a 5 minute video that anyone can understand why PBA needs to pass in November. Try not being vindictive for a moment.

    http://Www.arizonaliberty.us, click on the movie icon.

  45. Attagirl says:

    Council lacks fiscal sense. Bad karma there and in city. Stay in VOC to hike & shop or go other places.

  46. Carolyn in Uptown says:

    Mr. Schroeder:

    I’m new in town and began my research about you and your team of candidates. I was turned off by your mailed literature that came in the mail yesterday. I find it very suspect that you are; 1: running a slate 2: your literature was sponsored by Arizona Liberty the same group that was against Home Rule and now I see that Arizona Liberty sent me a card pushing NO ON 446. In my opinion I believe that 446 is a back door way to kill Home Rule in 4 years. I realize that you dont agree but I’m not asking for your vote, you’re asking for mine.

    I then come to learn that YOU and your 2 running mates ALSO run Arizona Liberty. It seems to me that YOU and your group are looking to run everything in our city. I have also found out that Arizona Liberty is against continuing the school override. Hasn’t the school been hurt enough?

    I’m sorry Mr. Schoreder, you and your 2 running mates have lost my votes as well as the 3 family members who live with me.

  47. Alarmed says:

    Wake up, Carolyn. The Chamber of Commerce runs just about everything in Sedona with the $2.4 million the City gifts them annually. Sadly Sedona taxpayer money is being extended far beyond its legitimate jurisdiction, and City residents and businesses are being ripped off. Home Rule allows this to continue, as well as for the City and Chamber to have an incestuous relationship.The Chamber’s advertising firm is inundating the Sedona area with clogged streets and terrible traffic congestion. As the City Engineer has stated, 50% of the traffic is driving through Sedona without stopping. The City sales tax was increased by .5% last March 1 to deal with this travesty.

    Proposition 446 adjusts the City spending limitation up by $11.7 Million. However, Home Rule, which goes before the voters every 4 years, takes precedent and allows unlimited spending. The City’s budgets and bloated staff have increased every year under the current City Manager. Economists tell us as a City’s budget increases so do its taxes and fees. The City been hurt enough by too many taxes and nasty annual sewer fee increases. Our population is over 1,000 less than ten years ago.

    The number of hotels are on the rise. The City’s Community Development Dept. is working on three new hotels when it is logical NOT to add to the traffic problems. I refer to the Residence Inn (90 rooms), the Oxford Hotel (126 rooms), and the Ambiente (40 rooms). The City is also working on raising our sewer fees. There will be a City Council meeting regarding the new WW fees in November.

    Woefully, the City is neglecting the health, safety and welfare responsibilities that are essential to running our City. It is being run for tourists and tourist businesses, residents be damned.

  48. @ Alarmed says:

    Nice try but stoopid cannot be fixed. We learned that in the last election. The only thing that will stop the insanity is a good economic downturn.

  49. Carolyn in Uptown says:

    To Alarmed and exactly why are you afraid to use your real name??

    That all sounds interesting but that is all YOUR OPINION and as a retired budget director for an inner-city school in CA I know that most budgets and numbers can be twisted or fudged to suit your needs at the time.

    I would rather leave municipal government budgets to the professionals and not to a citizen initiative. In my world, I have always found that citizen initiatives always have ulterior motives.

    I think that the real story is that Mr. Schroeder and Kadar and their group of Arizona Liberty are trying to take over our city, one government at a time. If anyone wishes to question if Schroeder and Kadar are part of the PAC of Arizona Liberty please go to the city website:


    1. No on Home Rule (failed), Yes on Prop 446, and Arizona Liberty choosing inexperienced people to run in the past primary. In my opinion a group of puppets under the control of Arizona Liberty.

    2. No on the School Budget override. I can’t figure this one out unless Arizona Liberty wants nothing but charter schools in Sedona.

    3. Schroeder and Kadar running to gain quorum of the fire district along with Mr. Demaray. Since Mr. Demaray was on the airport board and his lady friend is currently the co-chair of the airport board I’m guessing that Arizona Liberty has already taken over that government group as well. If anyone wishes, just take a look at any of Kadar, Schroeder and Demarary road signs and you’ll see Arizona Liberty name at the bottom.


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