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Eddie Maddock: Business as Usual?

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie S. Maddock

Sedona AZ – At a Special Sedona City Council Meeting, 3:00 –Wednesday afternoon –January 11, 2017, after three long years of a contentious destination marketing agreement with the Sedona Chamber of Commerce, the City will again revisit the issue. We can only hope the negotiations will prove to be less controversial, fairer and, in turn, result in acceptable transparency which will dismiss suspicion and mistrust of City Hall dealings. That might very well have been the case had the original commitment for Requests for Proposals (RFP’s) as well as certified outside audits been upheld as proposed during the initial negotiations. Ignoring both valid concerns was a disservice to everyone.

Five options will be discussed at this meeting as follows:

Option 1: Move forward with the negotiations of a new contract with the Chamber of Commerce.

Option 2: Issue an RFP for tourism promotion services.

Option 3: Create a stand-alone destination marketing organization (DMO) without ties to the Chamber of Commerce.

Option 4: Create a City Department to handle tourism promotion.

Option 5: Issue a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for a travel industry consultancy to assess the current structure, funding relationships, etc. and provide recommendations to the city.

Pros and cons of each option will be discussed at length, such as concerns RFP’s will include bids from for-profit agencies. That brings up several questions. Without an official outside audit from a qualified source, how do they know the Chamber has not been making a profit? How many employees have they hired? What has been the cost of improvement to their own facilities, etc? And what is the source of funding for those operating expenses?

And will the City acknowledge the Chamber currently offers their own RFP’s for specific services, realistically reducing them to a mere middle-agency, acting on behalf of the City of Sedona?

And how do they justify the extended branding of the Sedona Chamber of Commerce that has occurred within the past three years? What has been the source of that promotional funding for the Chamber instead of the City?

By creating a stand-alone destination marketing organization, the City could avoid real or perceived conflicts between tourism promotion services and the various other functions of the Chamber of Commerce. Although they specify: “Unclear how local and regional partners would react,” why should that concern the City? Should their focus at long last be redirected to the residents of incorporated Sedona? They are the people who created the City in the first place, clearly, and with knowledge, it attracted tourists.

Sure, a stand-alone destination marketing organization “would result in the re-creation of an already established and successful local agency.” However the extent of success of the present local agency has never been undisputedly proven. The source of increased revenue after the great recession coupled with a reduction in gasoline prices has never factually been factored into the increased tourism and resulting upswing in revenue. Nor has it been determined to what extent advertising monies have merely resulted in excessive day-tripping, which the City’’s infrastructure clearly cannot handle.

As for the suggestion for Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for a travel industry consultancy to assess and monitor the current structure, would that be nothing more than a baby sitter for the contract with the Chamber of Commerce? Should the City have been serving that function for the past three years?

It has frequently been said the City could not afford to operate their stand-alone department. And how would they know? With a Chamber of Commerce now providing funding for USFS trail maintenance, contributing money back to the City for their traffic study, and other generous, but questionably frivolous expenditures, most recently to propose purchasing property on behalf of the City with what appears to be leftover funds from the bed tax rebate, how can they make that determination without a precise and reliable audit from an authentic source? They cannot. Is there any reasonable explanation why the City should not take responsibility for allocating the bed tax revenue -– all of it – including over and above destination marketing?

And the perfect opportunity to establish a genuine Sedona Visitors Center has been ignored by not including such a service at the Western Gateway. How long will this City tolerate discrimination of their own legitimate licensed, tax collecting businesses within City Limits unless they are forced to be members of what clearly is a regional Chamber of Commerce? And the practice of paid referrals is common, but should the City be involved by financing the activity with public funds, and further discriminating against in-city businesses?

Molly Spangler

With the recent hiring of a professional, Molly Spangler, to serve as Economic Development Director, there i’s really no need to burden our busy Chamber of Commerce with more additional duties besides servicing their members, which is the purpose of their non-profit organization.

And, since when was “The Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau” deemed “the Destination Marketing & Management Organization in Sedona for 65 years”? Up until just a few years ago was it not the Oak Creek Canyon Sedona Chamber of Commerce, then changed to Sedona Chamber of Commerce, and most recently “”& Tourism Bureau”” was tacked on? This elaborate extension of creating yet another illusion that simply does not exist is pretty much over the top. Wouldn’t you agree? Dumb question.

There i’s already a campaign in motion to “Make America Great Again.” How about a local endeavor to “Make Sedona Respectable Again”? Meet and greet our visitors with an authentic Sedona Visitors Center and related advertising. Don’’t we deserve it like other places? Flagstaff (AZ) and Park City (UT) are, but two, examples that offer proof they survive very well without financial support to their respective Chambers of Commerce.

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  1. @sedona voter says:

    Just add traffic on your long long list of complaints thruout the years…

    I have no problem with traffic ..
    I say you call this traffic ? You have no idea.

    Just keep complaining about everything … it must make you happy.

  2. Amazing! says:

    Amazing or maybe even uncanny how similar the barbs are coming from someone presently ID’d as @Sedona voter to those from another SE antagonist called West Sedona Resident. You can run but you cannot hide. The jig is up.

    Keep enjoying your non-traffic issue, throwing money at alleged non-profits, and twinkling brightly as do those ghastly laser lights, frightening to the innocent who just want to live on their own and in peace. It’s amazing how some people can’t seem to handle even the slightest bit of presumed power.

    And yet another reason to vote “NO” on Home Rule.

  3. @Lordy lordy lordy says:

    No matter how many times your write “NO” to homerule on you fictitious posts…..
    your still only one person no matter how many times you post using different names..

    Quit the theatrics and the overblown drama and get a life

  4. MaryC says:

    Anonymous posts from the “Traffic is our destiny !” crowd. They say traffic is not bad, you should see New York City during rush hour ! We did not move to Sedona so someone could make the traffic a little better than NYC at rush hour and say it’s not that bad. The same analogy could be said if a crazed person cuts off your arm, then says ” I could have cut off both your arms, it’s not that bad !” In my opinion the residents will pass on both the traffic and having their arm cut off.

    No on home rule. The residents will use the bed tax to improve Sedona ,not bring even more tourists.

  5. Pathethic says:

    The poor tortured soul so desperate to “git ’em” (those not dancing to the tune of the current Sedona administration) he/she must resort to responding to a variety of @@@@@@@’s. How frightened must a person be to so cautiously attempt to hide their true identity?

    As someone else stated (not “eye” said the blind person) – the proof of the pulse of the voting Sedona residents will be disclosed during the upcoming election. And since there’s a high possibility of being stuck with the same old incumbents, our only hope is to veto, nix, and give a thumb’s DOWN to HOME RULE.

    So WSR etal, fire away at your next victim: @Pathetic.

  6. Eddie S. Maddock says:

    Hey you guys, will you please put your bickering aside at least for the moment.

    IT’S RAINING!! And so far we have been spared the horrible experience of the current wild fires raging in Payson and further up north in the Williams area. Take a moment to be grateful and never forget the words “this, too, could happen to you.”

    Even a small amount of rain won’t mitigate the extreme fire conditions we will be encountering during the summer months. And in addition to careless folks with unattended camp fires, lightening will soon be another contributing factor.

    “Business as Usual” issues will pale in comparison with the real world. Which, incidentally, and somewhat contrary to my statement about business as usual, certainly cannot dismiss uncontrolled traffic congestion which would, indeed, contribute negatively to any potential mandates for evacuation. Maybe for at least the present time self-serving endeavors should be tabled in consideration for what’s really important? Please?

  7. @ Eddie S. Maddock says:

    Uh, OK Mom. Anything else?

  8. West Sedona Dave says:

    Eddie, as much as I agree with your statement I don’t see anything changing around here? and why should it?
    The SE is nothing but a platform of hate, lies, and misinformation!
    I have said before that the repeated complainers here need a serious reality check! A sickness or death in their family might change their prospective?
    In just a few short years the hate that has been spewed has never lessened or gotten better….
    We have people here throwing out insults non-stop!….Words like senile, threats of violence, punching people in the face, ect…..
    The powers at be here have had no problem with any of it, and continue to just let it go!

    So in a word, I see no civility at all and won’t expect it…..This is no different than an Alt-Right website, at least it hasn’t become a racist platform(yet), just anti anything Sedona or government!

  9. Bob Crowl says:

    Nice sentiments, Ms. Maddock. Coincidentally SRRN headlines Weds 5-2-18. . . Chamber Volunteers to Cap Its City Funding. Now ain’t that a hoot or what?!@#$! Seems THEY generously are suggesting to simply maintain the current budget of only $2.17 million and then return around $270K to help fund the road improvement plans (Sedona in Motion). !@#$%^! You’re to be impressed w/the Chamber’s benevolence. NOT! @#$%^

    So the question is why bother to maintain financial support for this idiotic Chamber of Commerce at all?

    This Chamber is smart enough to acknowledge the Sweetheart Deal they’re getting when nearby cities & towns like Flagstaff, Williams, Camp Verde et al give NOTHING to their Chambers! Resort places like Park City (Utah) do not financially support theirs! AND TOWNS IN COLORADO LIKE DURANGO AND OURAY ASKED TO BE EXCLUDED TO PRESERVE THEIR UNIQUE QUIETNESS & BEAUTY!!!

    Destination marketing could just as easily be maintained via the Arizona Tourism Bureau if at all!

    Eliminate once and for all the bad blood this CITY GOVERNMENT created in the first place by GIVING OUR TAX DOLLARS TO THEIR EMPLOYEES & BUSINESSES NOT EVEN IN SEDONA !!@#$%^&* PAY THE RESIDENTS BACK !@#$%^&*

  10. steve Segner says:

    Eddie S. Maddock says:uncontrolled traffic congestion which would, indeed, contribute negatively to any potential mandates for evacuation.

    The city has a plan to connect streets in west Sedona, and re build the” Y” with new lanes in up town all to help with traffic, and almost no comments in the Sedona Eye… Just
    No on home rule…. No one has take the time to see what “No on home rule” would really do for Sedona, why let facts get in the way of real hate.
    The city has a traffic plan and the work has started and you just go on and on.
    Sedona will grow and the traffic will not go away, No on home rule will stop the traffic plan, stop all road paving, stop the yellow shirts traffic control people on weekends and kill there police force… And raise the waste water fees, Just for starters…. And that is OK with you …..Sedona Does not belong just to residents….

    Bob Crowl says:.
    So the question is why bother to maintain financial support for this idiotic Chamber of Commerce at all? Because Bob 70 % of all income comes from visitors, it is the largest employer in the valley and we sit on two state HWY… We are a tourist town and the chamber is very important to Sedona economy. And the city knows it. $270,000 is a lot of money that was taken away from marketing…… But you and your will never be happy …perhaps Time to move citys grow or die they never stay the same.

  11. Ray says:

    @commenters That article brings up the survey that cost lots of money paid to a few folks in Colorado. (Should have gone to a few folks in northern Arizona. Or for a fraction city could’ve sent a return postcard and asked every household in Sedona.) City keeps spending money to con residents in to believing our quality of life is better than it was 10 years back. I’ve been here a few decades and I’m not seeing it if it is. The Chamber shouldn’t be funded by my or your taxes. Feels like its trying to sway people to vote against their best interests? Home Rule is a no vote in this house. Don’t buy it. It’s a charade. Vote NO on Home Rule and put a stop to this Council / Chamber money shell game once and for all. PS, Where’s the audit I ask?

  12. Eddie Maddock says:

    So much for my pathetic attempt to make nice. However, based on the two diametrically opposed responses @West Sedona Dave; @Bob Crowl – at least SedonaEye remains alive and well – like it or not.

    However my vote for first place must go to the Publisher/Editor of SedonaEye for having the gumption to share the vivid and descriptive message put forth by @Bob Crowl. Very refreshing after having had the displeasure of checking out a previously referenced article in this morning’s edition of the RRNews. And the only reason that paper is delivered to my home is as a result of a gift subscription from actually a very good friend and caring person who did so for some unknown reason. Maybe misery likes company?

    And as a legitimate resident of Sedona the right to exercise free speech is also my privilege. Therefore the moral of the story. My position solidly rests w/Bob Crowl for whom I again extend my humble gratitude for such bold and graphic words and thoughts. And to the wise-acre making the snide “Uh, OK Mom. Anything else?” – Yes, I do have something else to offer: VOTE NO ON HOME RULE.

    And at the risk of soliciting even more cynical feedback, IT’S RAINING AGAIN. OH HAPPY DAY!!!!

  13. steve Segner says:

    Ray says: The Chamber should’t be funded by my or your taxes.
    Ray chamber is funded by the chamber members,
    the city has hired the chamber to do it’s marketing…and Visitor services, that simple and it is not your tax money, it is a special tax the bed tax 100% paid by visitors.

    Ray says Don’t buy it just tell us how Sedona will be better off with $20,000,000 taken out of it’s budget, people will still come, please share your plan how no police force or parks and rec, no funding library or animal shelter and no paving is a good thing….. And the people will still be coming and no traffic control.
    Hope that helps

  14. @steve Segner says:

    You make the statement: “people will still come, please share your plan how no police force or parks and rec, no funding library or animal shelter . . .”

    Well guess what? Sedona had a Coconino County Sheriff’s substation uptown as well as Yavapai County Sheriff patrol in West Sedona, the Posse Grounds was always there, and the library and animal shelter were all supported by private groups, funded by donations and community fundraising events prior to incorporation. And they survived very nicely.

    We also did well without a city council, mayor, city hall, numerous dysfunctional and unnecessary governmental departments.

    But best of all, Sedona was a community of friendly, congenial people who worked compatibly together for a common cause, unlike the control presently given to an unwanted and unneeded “special interest” organization, a regional chamber of commerce, kindred only to it’s members, most of whom do NOT even live within incorporated Sedona. And unlike most incorporated areas that private club shouldn’t be receiving one single penny from the local government let alone be allowed to run it!

    Any more questions?

  15. @ bob growl says:

    FYI SE readers….

    Did a little detective search and guess what?
    There is no Bob Growl in sedona !

    Yet another fictions name from the usual Sedona hater(s)..
    Your welcome

  16. Hope that helps says:

    I wonder who working for the city signs their correspondence ” Hope that helps’?


    No, the bed tax can be used to re-mediate tourist impact, not advertise for more tourists. Let the chamber fund itself. The city gave eh chamber $2.5 million of the bed tax that could have been used to reduce resident fees.

    No the daytrippers will not be coming, because we will cut the money to the chamber that puts up billboards to attract them.

    We don’t need to cut the police at all, we can cut all the useless staff in the city managers office, IT, Community development, Parks and recreation, 3 attorneys, we could cut way over 50 people before we even think of the police.

    The city only paves about 2 miles of roads per year, out of over 100 miles of city maintained roads. That’s not much of a threat as the city paves next to nothing now. At the rate the city paves they will get to your road in 50 years, by then it will be a dirt road.

    The library gets money now from your property tax.

    Sedona recycles puts up bins in Cornville and Cottonwood.

    It’s just fear tactics. They want to keep their six figure salaries where all they do is go to meetings. They will not be missed.

    No on home rule.

  17. Business Owner says:

    Steve has his hand in Taxpayers cookie jar.

    It is NOT the CHAMBERS MONEY!!!!!!!

    With a No on Homerule Our town will do much better.
    NO money to Chamber!

    By the way Residents & Businesses you ARE paying as the city government is growing at an alarming RATE. You ARe being OVERcharged and paying
    Higher taxes, permits, sewer and other fees.

    The Library gets MONEY form YOUR PROPERTY taxes vis the County SS
    LESS government MORE Quality of life.
    You’ve seen it “their” way now it is time for “residents way”.Vote NO on Homerule

  18. Steve Segner says:

    Hope that helps
    So your answer is to fire 50 people which might bring you 4 1/2 million dollars,
    no one home rule will take away 20 million and you happen to know for sure that the city city does not need the 50 people, your just pulling numbers out of your ass you still got another $15 million to find …….
    Business owner Donna noticed the cookie jar comment ,Donna please show me exactly how I get any money from the city… by the way there were no billboard in Phoenix this year or last year you guys have got to do your homework , show us how Sedona will be a better city I take you $20 million in the budget it’s a very easy question and you all seem so sure of your answer

  19. Bizzy Lady says:

    Well I’ve been so very bizzy planning on how to spend all that money I get from $edona city government. They even put ME in the budget under City Management. :) :) It is official!!!!!

    We figured that we gift back a small amount 10% to the city to shut the flatlanders up.

    We have big plans for the 55% of city bed taxes even though there is NO legal REASON for the city to gift it to me and my members.

    We used the law when the city raised the bed taxes higher than sales tax to take it. I am so Thankful that our City Council is so old and tired that they haven’t noticed the bed tax and sales tax are equal. No legal reason to invest in tourism. City Can STOP the 55% NOW. Happy Happy Happy

    I love Sedona City Managers as they don’t want to work so they throw money at me so fast it is soooo exciting. I am buying anything I want. They also do a great job of keeping the old city council overwhelmed with papers and other none necessary things they can’t think. So cute CC don’t even realize 9/10s of what city managers give them aren’t even a core city responsibility.

    We love it the way it is. $edona……..You can’t stop us even with new city council. The only way I won’t get MY money is if Home Rule gets rejected with a NO vote.

  20. Hope that helps says:

    @Steve Segner

    In answer, Sedona would be better off with out $20 million, because it was better off before there was a “City” of Sedona. You could close the doors, have the county do the roads and use sheriffs instead of police. Save the whole budget, and the only people who would notice are the chamber who would no longer get $2.5 million and the OVERPAID city employees with their 4 day weeks and 6 figure salaries. The same employees who think they work for and defend the chamber.

    No on Home Rule.

    Hope this helps

  21. F.Y.I. says:

    Mayor Sandy Moriarty attended the September 17, 2013, City Council meeting, speaking during the Public Forum. She told the City Council she was in favor of the .5% Bed Tax increase and the 55% Bed Tax allocation to the Chamber of Commerce–both on the Council’s agenda–advocating a down the road increase to 60%.

    Vote NO on Home Rule. Vote against all incumbents.

  22. Tony Tonsich says:

    They keep screeching we won’t have police or roads, Bull !!

    They only spend about $2 million repaving the roads. The Police budget in 2017 was about $5 million. Sewer in 2017 had about $12 million in expenses, a lot of that was debt. the sewer had $6 million in revenue. So $6 million which if the city was conservative could reduce by paying down down the debt. Sedonaaz.gov 2017-17 annual budget page 33.. The cap without home rule is about $22 million. That only leaves $7 million for all the other spending with a no Home Rule cap. They say they need $40 million, BULL !!!.

    Cutting with a majority on city council will be easy. I need your help.

    Tell your neighbors, we can change this !!

  23. Steve Segner says:

    I know there are several people on this site encourage people to vote to vote no on home rule.
    To help people with open minds I’m sponsoring a discussion on home rule next Tuesday 8:30 at the Courtyard by Marriott in West Sedona it’s being sponsored by the Sedona Lodging counsel Sedona city manager will be speaking this is a good chance for you to come ask your questions and make informed decision on how to vote.

  24. Richard Saunders says:

    @Steve S

    Oh thank God…..Been looking for some facts..So tired of hearing that (deleted by editor) Tony Tonsich. Spout his misinformation cause he doesn’t know what the hell he is talking about ….

    Good Riddance

  25. Steve segner says:

    Tony the $20 million held back if home rule does not pas cannot be used to pay down debt but it can only go into an account in earning 1 1/2% interest.Tony
    tell us how you’re going to cut $20 million from the budget and leave a better Sedona than we have now .
    Tony I challenge you to come to the meeting next Tuesday ask your questions directly to the city manager , Tony come to the meeting were videotaping so people can see that you have a handle on Sedona finances this is your chance

  26. @Steve segner says:

    ” Sedona Lodging counsel Sedona city manager will be speaking this is a good chance for you to come ask your questions.”

    Steve, you just seem to be unable to avoid flaunting your intimate connection to the City Manager. But he should be ashamed to appear at some event that could even vaguely be interpreted as attempting to influence the outcome of an election. Unless, of course, he intends to present an even handed upside to voting against Home Rule.

    Specifically most likely if voters turn down Home Rule the contract with the chamber of commerce will be cancelled and end up in the round-file where it should have been in the first place.

    HOME RULE……….NO, NO, NO!!!!!

  27. Who is sponsoring? says:

    You are sponsoring, Sedona Lodging Council is sponsoring or Courtyard by Marriott is sponsoring? How much is the meeting space costing? Did you fill out an RFP on Visit Sedona via the chamber to secure that meeting space or maybe the city council pulled a few strings for you?

  28. Mike H says:

    @ Steve segner

    We have infinitely better things to do that listen to a presentation by someone with so little imagination as our current city manager. If the best he can do is say “Traffic is our destiny !” To paraphrase from his last presentation, he claims that spending $30 million is worth it even if it only diverts a few cars from our massively over crowded roads. The same roads that currently carry more traffic, according to a 2016 ADOT study, than I-17. He obviously thinks the chamber of commerce pays his salary.

    We need new leadership and new management. It’s way past due time for a change.

    No on Home Rule, throw them all out.

  29. @Mike H says:

    Oh Mike
    Oh Mike so dramatic and so over blown

    You must be a drama queen
    More traffic then I 17. Yea ok Mike(dishonest much)

    Throw them all out…..yea ok Mike good luck..

    If you want to “throw them all out” you should base your comments on fact..

    Ok Mike?

  30. Jim Poole says:

    We have watched the Chamber (Steve & clan) a regional membership of Businesses outside the City limits take over our City.

    Last year the City Budgeted to spend a LOSS -$9,989,641.00 Spending 26.45 % MORE than income.

    We have watched City Employees grow at an alarming rate at 40.59% since the scam of Chamber getting YOUR Taxpayers Bed Taxes.

    We also have watch City Government expand; grow into issue and Items that HAVE nothing to do with the core city functions.

    Why? To distract, confuse, and daze you all. Overwhelm City Concil.
    City Staff are being financially rewarded to go along with the scam. Vote NO on Home Rule. Slow down the gravy train.

    Look at it logically. Sedona Residents You ARE paying while Chamber-Lodging-Businesses are PLAYING destroying Sedona for ALL. Residents-Businesses-Visitors

    Vote NO to Chamber Controlling your City!
    Vote NO to the City Destroying YOUR neighborhoods!
    Vote NO to the city Marketing Sedona (increasing traffic)
    Vote NO to the City Spending!
    Vote NO on Home Rule!!!!!

  31. A Reminder says:

    Use of City or County Funds to Educate the Public on Ballot Measures= The Legislature has prohibited cities and counties from using resources “for the purpose of influencing the outcome of elections.” Arizona Revised Statutes (“A.R.S.”) §§ 9-500.14, 11-410. These statutes prohibit general fund expenditures that support or oppose measures that have not yet qualified for the ballot as well as measures that have qualified for the ballot. Whether the prohibitions in A.R.S. §§ 9-500.14 and 11-410 extend to educational materials that do not expressly advocate for or against a measure requires analysis of the specific materials and the circumstances relating to their distribution to determine whether the materials are “for the purpose of influencing the outcome of election.”

    Since the Sedona Lodging Council benefits financially from the city’s contract with the chamber of commerce, which source is definitely from city taxes, how can the Sedona City Manager possibly justify appearing at the forum being promoted by Steve Segner, head of the Lodging Council, for the purpose of defending the upcoming ballot issue of Home Rule? Say what??

  32. @jim Poole says:

    Jim your so cute

    You can write NO as many times as you want to show your anger…
    But guess what? You only get one vote…lol

  33. Jim Poole says:

    Thank you @jim Poole.

    You had it YOUR way Special Interests. AKA those being enriched with taxpayer funding-Chamber, Overpaid city employees, Lodging, RRN now it is time for Sedona Residents for Residents.

    Sometimes less is more. In the case of Sedona the Stewards CC have failed as they say yes without any knowledge, allowing YOU to destroy Sedona and the Greater Sedona Region.

    Sedona is no longer livable. City Managers have created a monster of NK being the tool to allow special interests to take over our city, spending Millions we don’t have.

    You have proven you all need to be fired and kicked out. Vote No on homerule with STOP your gravy train Chamber, lodging, mangers. We don’t want or need you. Destroying our subdivisions. GO get a real job, scammers.

    Vote No on Home Rule this will make us Residents FREE from Segner, Chamber, KDO, JC, RRN, and place controls on the OUT of control Council.

    A NO on home rule REJECTS them. FREEDOM Vote no!

  34. Scout Leggett says:

    I’m from California and you got to be kidding me about wanting high taxes because WTF has my state done with my tax money but (Deleted by Editor) it around and get worse education and quality of life than my parents or grandparents had living there. You are (Deleted by Editor) up if you think California is worth its taxes. Nobody likes California except for its weather. They even sold our beach access like you sell your red rocks. Wait until the homeless find you and you’ve given them more rights than people paying taxes. Wait until a homeless guy sets the canyon on fire or (Deleted by Editor) on your door or car like I’ve had them do to my neighborhood.

  35. steve segner says:

    @Jim Poole says:A Reminder says:
    May 4, 2018 at 9:35 am
    Use of City or County Funds to Educate the Public on Ballot Measures The Legislature has prohibited cities and counties from using resources “for the purpose of influencing the outcome of elections.

    So Jim you think that the city manager speaking on “just the facts” to a local group on a issue as important as home rule is illegal?

    Seems Jim would like the voters in Sedona to vote with no information on the issue, Jim said. Sedona Lodging Council benefits financially from the city’s contract with the chamber of commerce,

    Sorry jim SLC, is just a group of hotels that meet once a month and have never received any money from the chamber or the city in face we have made donations to the city to help with the traffic study.

    Now Jim you have one vote , buy I will round up hundreds of yes votes, 8000 people work in Sedona…..
    Then use please use the information below please.
    please call
    Contact Us


    Phoenix Office
    2005 N Central Ave
    Phoenix, AZ 85004-2926
    (602) 542-5025
    Fax (602) 542-4085

  36. @Jim Poole says:

    As I said before……..you are so cute.

    You post is so so dramatic and overblown ..
    You said”sedona is unlivable”!!
    Your hilarious….you should move then.. bye bye Jim

    We only want positive people who LOVE sedona anyway..Not a hater like you.. you bring bad karma… say by by ..

  37. Jammin' Jamie says:

    Where Do I Begin? (isn’t that a song? thus the JamminJamie bit)

    @Segner Yes many of us do believe for the City Manager to speak at your group regarding Home Rule will be slanted and prejudice if for no other reason than he NEEDS Home Rule to fulfill all his dreams to turn Sedona into even a bigger City.

    Forgotten is the reason Sedona incorporated in the first place which was to PREVENT THAT FROM HAPPENING! That’s why! And you don’t consider that an opportunity for attempting to sway the outcome of the vote on this issue in August?

    And where is it written Home Rule is illegal? If that were the case then surely it wouldn’t be on the ballot. DUH!

    Steve, when the city approved that half% bed tax increase wasn’t it done clearly with the understanding the Lodging Council would have a percentage of that increase to benefit THEM since that bed tax was discretionary and NOT ACROSS THE BOARD. (DUH & DUH) If the Lodging Council didn’t benefit from that tax you would no doubt be screaming like a smashed cat.

    And furthermore, the “rebate” from that half% bed tax was supposed to be based on the additional amount from only that half% increase. Why then is the amount awarded to the chamber for 55% of the total bed tax, presently over two million dollars just for 2018 fiscal year? Another OOPS?

    And isn’t it true, money returned from the chamber to the city for roads or any other actual necessities under the guise of being so generous comes from the vast slush fund they’ve managed to acquire from those benefits of the alleged half% bed tax? Ain’t that so, Steve? Therefore, it isn’t because of the gracious generosity of the Chamber of Commerce. No Siree – their members donate NOTHING to benefit Sedona and/or its residents like the way it once was.

    So you greedy little twerp, why not zip your lip. But, of course, that might be very difficult since it often appears you talk out of both sides of that flappin’ yapper!

    NO ON HOME RULE is the return we are hoping to see happen for your questionable endeavors! That would make rapid changes to the high-falutin’ style of living to which you’ve all become so comfortably accustomed. Y – E – S!!!

  38. @steve Segner says:

    You b**** about AirBnB not getting a health inspections is a crock Steve either do you. Your tiny B&B serves food and doesn’t get bed or food inspections.

  39. M Mallon says:

    @steve segner

    You did not answer, since you like socialism do you like national socialism?

  40. Happy about home Rule meeting says:

    I’m a taxpaying resident of Sedona and want the city manager to participate on the “homerule” meeting.

    Where else am I to get the info.. He’s an employee of the city and I demand he show up and speak to us about the information regarding Home RUle..

    What are you “teaparty” people here on SE afraid of? That he might tell the truth and give actually facts ? (deleted by editor)

  41. steve Segner says:

    M Mallon

    We are all ready a socialist society I just want to expand it. To healthcare and higher education and housing.
    public K-12 education, which functions alongside charter schools and private K-12s;
    public libraries, which function very well in an age of bookstores;
    public police forces, which work alongside private detectives and private security firms;
    public infrastructure like roads, bridges, water and sewer systems, making modern life as comfort-driven as it is today;
    public parks, with green spaces and recreation space for all
    municipal power is in many towns, akin to the TVA. My old hometown had a company run by the town, with rates about 2/3 what you’d expect from the nearby private power companies in neighboring cities and towns–also lower downtime and better service, despite more inclement weather; and
    Social Security, which is socialism for seniors. Who can still work for extra money if they must, but won’t be totally destitute if they don’t. Medicare
    I could go on and on and on. National socialism NO, democratic socialism yes. But we all ready have it and you just don’t under stand that.
    new comment:

    You b**** about AirBnB not getting a health inspections is a crock Steve either do you. Your tiny B&B serves food and doesn’t get bed or food inspections.
    sorry, we get inspected at least twice a year and follow up as needed, we also pay higher property taxes and we fall under city zoning for parking and wast water we I also collect over $125,000 a year in sales and bed tax
    Please when you say “Crock” do a little home work.

  42. To City Council & Justin Clifton says:

    9-500.14. Use of city or town resources or employees to influence elections; prohibition; civil penalty; definitions

    A. A city or town shall not spend or use its resources, including the use or expenditure of monies, accounts, credit, facilities, vehicles, postage, telecommunications, computer hardware and software, web pages, personnel, equipment, materials, buildings or any other thing of value of the city or town, for the purpose of influencing the outcomes of elections. Notwithstanding this section, a city or town may distribute informational pamphlets on a proposed bond election as provided in section 35-454 if those informational pamphlets present factual information in a neutral manner. Nothing in this section precludes a city or town from reporting on official actions of the governing body.

    B. The prohibition on the use of public resources to influence the outcome of bond, budget override and other tax-related elections includes the use of city-focused or town-focused promotional expenditures that occur after an election is called and through election day. This prohibition does not include routine city or town communications.

    C. This section does not prohibit the use of city or town resources, including facilities and equipment, for government-sponsored forums or debates if the government sponsor remains impartial and the events are purely informational and provide an equal opportunity to all viewpoints. The rental and use of a public facility by a private person or entity that may lawfully attempt to influence the outcome of an election is permitted if it does not occur at the same time and place as a government-sponsored forum or debate.

    D. Employees of a city or town shall not use the authority of their positions to influence the vote or political activities of any subordinate employee.

    E. The attorney general or the county attorney of the county in which an alleged violation of this section occurred may initiate a suit in the superior court in the county in which the city or town is located for the purpose of complying with this section.

  43. Alex Uptown says:

    @Happy about home Rule meeting “demands the city manager show up and speaks to us about the information regarding Home Rule?”

    Tut, Tut – wonder how far those of us objecting to “Home Rule” would get with making such demands? Your message, Happy Home Rule person, speaks volumes. It seems pretty obvious you are a either a fan of the Lodging Council and/or Chamber of Commerce which means a “NO” on Home Rule would likely deprive you of special financial benefits? Say what??

  44. Nikki says:

    How about a concerted effort to come together and make a collective demand for the city to cease and desist giving millions of dollars to the Chamber of Commerce? NO MORE CONTRACTS. RESCIND the lousy 1/2 percent bed tax which put the outrageous scam in motion in the first place?

    Citizens of Greater Sedona (because incorporated actions affect us all) it’s time for unification!

    Let us establish our own terms. Defeating Home Rule might just be the opportunity to get our foot in that door.

  45. F.Y.I. says:

    From Joan on Smith Road: “The City Manager recently told me that Sedona is no longer a residential town, it is now a tourist/resort town and we have to prepare for future growth of ‘tourists.'” Source: Letter to the Sedona Biz Editor from Sherry Twamley – “Sedona is all the rage to tourists but all the outrage to some local residents.”

  46. Brendan says:

    $125K in sales & bed taxes @segner?? you pay your employees health care & social security & workman’s comp & sick/vacation/holiday leave?? what’s the hourly wage for your employees??

  47. Zen Glen says:

    @scoutleggett. I owned a physical therapy practice in a California coast town and moved to Phoenix after three employees quit because the homeless had no fears or reservations about pushing their weight around. One employee quit after several demands for money or else. One left after weeks of threats for money to not scratch their car with a key or metal blade. I had two homeless guys threaten my employees if they didn’t get to use the bathroom when they wanted for two years until one too many times of defacating purposely on floor and peeing in sinks and on walls or toilet paper was too much. Don’t fool yourself that Tax money buys good education or good mental health access. It doesn’t and never will. Even Sweden, Denmark, Norway are learning that you have more than Europeans in your system it falls apart. The next generations will demand tax change because they aren’t supporting their kindred spirits but others. The socialist clock ticking time bomb. Namaste.

    *****Before you work up sympathy for homeless greatest number healthy mentally and physically and living off government taxes paid by mes. Smaller amount need mental help sure no question, yet most just know how to manipulate the systems. Believe it.

  48. @Zen Glen says:

    Thx for the heads up. And FYI the present crew (city council & city staff) are like minded with the gang you left in CA. If they had their way Sedona would be declared a Sanctuary City and we’d all be paying for little houses at the city owned Dell’s property. Seriously! So unless some drastic changes occur pretty darn fast it WILL happen. S. Segner unfortunately seems to be calling all shots in Sedona directed on his extreme liberal ideals and PLANS!

    NO on Home Rule or else! To be forewarned is to be forearmed or something like that?

  49. Steve segner says:

    Happy to answer your questions soon as you’re willing to use your full name I don’t know how you could have a discussion with somebody that won’t use a full name

  50. Home rule meeting needed says:

    Giving facts about Home Rule does not constitute trying to influence an election..

    You people are crazy… you want your lies and misstatements to be the only info..


    That how the teaparty operates….ask a question then leave before the answer…
    Fake facts are important to you tea party types and the TRUTH or REAL information is deadly to you ego and lies..

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