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Another Three Story Sedona Hotel for VOC

Sedona AZ (January 9, 2019) – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:

The Jacks Canyon and SR 179 roundabout southeast corner property owners (Patel) are requesting a zoning map change and variances and multiple setback waivers in order to erect a Hilton Garden Inn 165 room and 3 story hotel and extended stay facility in the VOC. The above rendering was submitted with the project. The 4.65 acre corner lot is presently zoned residential/rural RCU-2A.

Another 3-story hotel in the VOC.

Owners of the vacant property at the corner of Jacks Canyon and Hwy 179 have requested rezoning and variances. The county document dated, October 30, 2018 is available for community members to review.

The property at the corner of Jacks Canyon and Hwy 179 is zoned residential and will need to be rezoned to accommodate the proposed 3-story hotel, Hilton Garden Inn.

It is important that community members email Yavapai County with comments regarding the rezoning and variances by Friday, January 11, 2019. Use this email: planning@yavapai.us. (Leah Genovese – leah.genovese@yavapai.us is the plan reviewer.)

A recent controversial issue, a master sign plan, was strongly opposed by the community. The county dismissed the opposition as “too late” and approved the plan.

According to the county document, the comment deadline for this latest controversial development is January 11. The county P&Z meeting to recommend or not recommend the request is February 21, 2018. The board of supervisors will decide on the request on March 20, 2019.

The VOC is a cash cow for the county. Our tax dollars support a college in Prescott. Tourist development revenue will go out of the VOC. This is about money. Some things are more important than money. Water, traffic, housing, etc.

Take action. Spread the word. The county isn’t going to tell you.

Big Park Council doesn’t even have the issue on the agenda for the January meeting.

Stop the VOC from being turned into a resort town.

Send your comments to the county. Don’t let the deadline be an excuse for the county to ignore community comment.

Barb Gordon
VOC resident

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  1. Sandy, Village says:

    The majority of neighbors that I’ve spoken with are against any catering to tourism industry and all are college educated, well traveled, homeowners from other states. Not a native born Sedonan to be found. We imagine they’ve left for quieter and less developed communities.

    We welcome the roundabouts and the calming beauty of Scenic Highway 179, we welcome the strict controls on architecture styles and building heights and all zoning restrictions. We have no issue with county governance until we find they have not our best interests in mind, Mr. Smith and Mr. Garrison be aware.

    We do not like hands down the VOCA boards or the Big Park Regional boards because they are secretive and conflicted and think themselves quite superior to the people they represent. Tourists and tourism are not industries, and they are not generators of income, they are consumers of resources and taxes and, in the words of Richard Branson, parasitic leeches on goodwill and philistines of litter.

    We will tolerate some things for change, but we will not be sacrificial lambs to the deep pockets of a few.

  2. Mrs Ona Say says:

    Before its forgotten and for the future here’s something to be remembered with the thanking of Karin Offield a woman extraordinaire for saving the El Rojo Grande Ranch. Thank you http://www.SedonaEye.com for lifting the veil when the tin wolf was sheltered by friendly alien mists because others deferred to the future while the wolf continued unchallenged in the present. After a phone call (name deleted by editor) encouraging my usual create, involve and sustain civic relationship with Mother Earth Self to learn of the imperiled El Rojo Grande Ranch red rock lands followed by an article from here with information to know of Karin Offield’s El Rojo Grande website that would create involve and sustain hundreds of contacts from me and maybe thousands of message senders from others touched by love for El Rojo Grande ranchlands. The (deleted by editor) call lifted my Selfwings and E. Maddock. kept a butterfly enflight. The Verde and its Sedona are to remain pristine and ecologically sound riparian and high desert lands. All our Mother Earth native peoples like Dine know this. Tourists are enmasse on Mother Earth passing and staying but the valley and red rocks are irreplaceable and need to be seen and traversed with obedience to Mother Earth who yearns for their spiritual contact alone. The residents of the Verde must arrive to live there with this knowledge; You are responsible to live sustainably and leave no trace for our future children as its protectors. To the network that the Sedona Eye gifted me and allowed for others, they deserve an honour of Mother Earth protectors. God bless each and every Mother Earth protector alive in Sedona the Verde and Mother Earth. Life is about Beings for goodness. Lift those reading to gift $30 to support free voices and courageous stances to save Sedona and El Rojo Grande ranchlands and to continue to be informed by Spirit.

    To unmet E.Maddock. you are Sedona and the Valley’s heartbeat and soulmate. You weathered slings and arrows to reach kindred spirits and souls with pen and page. You are one with Sedona, its Storyteller, its beholder of knowledge and a Lantern to its darkness. To the beloveds of http://elrojograndesedona.com/ now you will be remembered as the Grand Mother Protector of Sedona and El Rojo Grande Ranch. It gladdens the heart to know good people and good news exist in Spirit there. To Karin Offield and the Protectorate may you live forever as the soul keepers of your ranchlands and Mother Earth Spirit. You will be inspiration for all lovers of Sedona and Verde. Mother God loves you. Blessings of the holy ones on http://www.SedonaEye.com triumphantures.

    Mrs Ona an adopted daughter of supreme being Mother Earth.

  3. Evelyn, VOC says:

    Can you tell us if Tuesday Morning rumors of leaving VOC are correct? Rumors are flying they don’t get enough business to afford new rent increase according to corporate office and they’re pulling out?

  4. Cindy says:

    Hayley said Tuesday Morning has some time left on its contract but contracts can get broken easily when landlord fails to keep up rheir end. Kitchen Collection rumor says it’s going. IMO VOC Outlets have always been a stupid idea by people with too much money and no ability to know their market limitations. If the present businesses could not make it why will national brands make it better??? They suck financial life out of communities not enhance them. Remember 2008 people??? We need traffic barriers this month in the Village!

  5. @Cindy says:

    Actually Cindy, famous footwear has been thier for over 20 years.. So apparently you have no idea what your talking about . Wow what a surprize

  6. @Sandy says:

    So tell us Sandy, what have you done for us lately besides talk with a few friends?
    What have you done to help the community issues beside a little college educated jibber jabber with friends.
    I have been here for 11 years and have never heard of anything you have done for the community.
    Please, fill us in. What are you involved in? Any groups? Taken on any important issues?
    Tuesday morning will get out of their contract, should they choose, because the owner has taken all the parking spots from retail for the benefit of the cheap hotel and they have a copy of that. Better attorneys too.

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