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Yavapai County Property Tax Levy Increase

Sedona AZ – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:

Last week I sent out an email alerting you to pay attention to the tax increase that is going to be levied on any property you own in Yavapai county, Arizona. The Red Rock News digital story, and several other papers used the headline of an 18% tax increase to grab your attention. Typical. Now the Red Rock News may have gone into detail in the print version, but they sure did not in their digital presentation. So, everyone went crazy. Sensationalism at its finest. But I digress.

Please refer to the chart below, which is the revenue breakdown of your taxes that you pay to Yavapai County. The largest piece is Education at 61%; Fire Districts and the general fund tie at 17%; Flood and library 3% and, then, the two 1% pieces. Now the county also gets other revenues, like a share of state sales tax – etcetera – (and no they get nothing from our Sedona airport). But this is just the breakdown of your property tax.

The 18% is an increase on the RED pie, the general fund, NOT your entire assessed value. This equates to about $30 per $100,000 in vale. So if you have a $300,000 assessed value, then you will pay roughly $90 a year.

Why is this going up? One of the biggest reasons is a miserably managed PSPRS retirement fund, Police and Fire that is in the hole. Do NOT confuse this with the Arizona State run pension system, managed previously by Jeff DeWitt (Now NASA’s CFO) and Kimberly Yee, our current state treasurer. Arizona’s retirement fund is positive, and one of the BEST in the United States. Unlike states like CA and IL, and may others that have billions in unfunded liabilities.

When PSPRS is in the hole, guess who gets to make up the difference – the counties – and where do they get their money? The taxpayers. YOU my friends are the backstop for the incompetence of the amateurs running this program. It would be nice if Ms. Yee’s group could manage PSPRS – NOT mix with state funds, just do the job that the state has done with the state pension funds. So think about talking to your House Reps, Senator and the governor.

The other item that is driving this is the need for a new jail in Prescott.  BUT, please do not think of this as a jail only. There are MANY programs to take inmates and try to help them return to be productive in our society. This is all part of the system, it is not just a holding facility.

If you remember we were asked to approve a ¼% sales tax to fund this, it was defeated. So you get to pay. If the sales tax issue comes up again, and I suspect it will, then I would support it – as it spreads the burden over many – including out of county residents.

I hope THIS explanation helps you understand the WHY of this 18% increase and how it will affect you as a property owner or renter as ultimately YOU pay the bill.

Mike Schroeder
Sedona AZ


  1. Van, Prescott says:

    appreciate the effort Schroeder to alert us

    seems we fell short not supporting the sales tax increase, but I think overall its cheaper that we didn’t considering we pay YC tax if we stay and play, and a statewide sales tax we keep paying forever.

    cheaper this way I’m pretty much convinced

  2. Rich Collister says:

    Mike you say incompetence of amateurs” aye. Of course you an expert of all things all the time. NOT. Have you figured out the difference between a fire engine and a fire truck yet!? Since your such an “expert” on Fire Department matters and operations.. NOT. I’m surprised your “tea party” clan support s tax increase. You must in some way be benefiting from it. Political clout perhaps?

  3. Donna says:

    Thank you Mike for sharing the knowledge and explaining the facts on the taxes.

  4. @Rich C says:

    (deleted by editor) Some residents add to the community, some just take. Many you wish would just go elsewhere, Rich is in the last two categories.

  5. Sedona Tim says:

    @rich collister Give it a rest. Move your timeline forward past 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018. . . . keep moving up. Trust us. Times they have a changin. We all know who you are with tea party comments and after shaking our heads we move on. You can do it. Attaboy. Attagirl. Keep on moving. . . . . . . . . it’s hard being old but you can handle it in the new world order. . . . . . .try and get past 2012. . . . . . .push that walker. . . . . .

  6. Michael Schroeder says:

    Thanks Donna, I’m not sure who uploaded my piece on the eye but glad they did. I had multiple question after the headlines on Red Rock News and the Verde paper touting the 18% tax increase that wasn’t. Those headlines scared a lot of people unnecessarily. Dwight and I went to the Board of Supervisors meeting to understand what the real deal was.

    Dwight ran a $2.5 billion retirement fund and knows a lot more about what it should be doing than I do. Let’s hope that the state and the govenor will look at changing the management for the PSPRS so it can increase returns and get off the backs of the taxpayers..

  7. Rich Collister says:

    @Mike S
    Sure Mike. (deleted by editor) You guys make a habit of overstating or just outright posting misinformation

  8. Nancy Lynn says:

    Again @Collister slithers from under a red rock to contribute a stupid personal comment and without understanding this post! Thanks for trying to point out a point of view on a real time subject in a real time format. Sedona Times keeps proving why we need it.

  9. EME says:


  10. F.Y.I. says:

    How sick is this? – “Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau President and CEO Jennifer Wesselhoff has been elected to the Northern Arizona Healthcare Board of Directors. She will serve a three year term.” Quoted from July 10, 2019 Red Rock News.

  11. Birds of a feather says:

    Odd, (deleted by editor) would work for an organization that doesn’t give prices or estimates. Somehow just doesn’t fit. /sarc

  12. Leon Baugher says:

    good reporting will look in on it

  13. Missy Scott, Prescott says:

    We don’t need more taxes, we need better representation.

  14. Joe Lee says:

    Move to Sedona and you can be represented by the regional Chamber of Commerce!!! @Missy Scott, Prescott.

    Cannot believe Yavapai County Supervisors continue to ignore the will of the people in the VOC by continuing to balk at denying that major zone change.

    Many people in this neck of the woods should be run out of town on a rail Hey! That’s what’s missing – a railroad track.

  15. Steve Delano says:

    Missy Scott.
    Agreed… Arizona Liberty is usually agaisnt ALL taxes and hate the small amount we have now.. The “mouthpieces of AZ Liberty must have a stake $$ in the private prison referenced in the above article. Oh they didn’t mention that it was gonna be privately owned. Hmmmmmm

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