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The Verde Bridge Nobody Wants

Sedona AZ – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:

Dear Editor,

The Verde Connect is being challenged for its negative eco-impact on the fragile desert river and valley. Camp Verde AZ is slated for a bridge that “nobody wants” writes Yavapai County’s Eric Eberhard. @Photo Exclusive SedonaEye.com

This section is not the actual letter. It is to convince you that even though we are from Camp Verde this issue is important to all towns in Yavapai County. Most of the towns outside of the county are not aware of the project known as “Verde Connect.” But, in fact, they are very important to your town as well – strictly on a financial basis and lack of road improvements in your town. I know you don’t usually print letters from other towns – but this is important to your town (and mostly not known) which is why I am sending this from Camp Verde.

Actual letter to the editor:

Dear Editor,

The Yavapai County supervisors applied for a grant to build a bridge over the Middle Verde River. Nobody here wants it.

The issue for your town is dollars. The county has 8-10 million per year for road improvements. The first phase of Verde Connect is paid with a BUILD grant to create a bridge. This is misleading. They must pony up another 10 million for the road to/from the bridge. The second phase connecting the bridge to Cornville Road is estimated at 40 to 50 million dollars.

The county is considering three options – a .5% increase in sales tax, an increase in property tax, or a bond issue. In all cases, every single town in Yavapai County will experience higher taxes and/or a long term bond (with interest) to make this road. This means that every other town, including yours, will either pay more taxes and/or pay a bond for thirty years. This will greatly reduce the amount of money available for improvements (even if it is a bond as they have to pay that back) in your town and will increase your taxes.

Do you need roads paved? Culverts? Grading? Flood control? All will be greatly reduced along with extra taxes or a bond.

We need you to write letters, call, or email to the county supervisors opposing Verde Connect – purely on a financial basis and the needs of your town.

Here are the email addresses and phone numbers for the supervisors: Here is the contact info for the supervisors – they will vote in four weeks:

Randy Garrison Web.bus.district3@yavapai.us 928-639-8110
Thomas Thurman Web.bus.district2@yavapai.us 928-771-3393
Rowle Simmons Web.bus.district1@yavapai.us 928-771-3206
Craig Brown Web.bus.district4@yavapai.us 928-771-3207
Jack Smith Web.bus.district5@yavapai.us 928-771-3209

Eric Eberhard
Camp Verde AZ
Facebook group “Save the Middle Verde” – join and browse as it is a public group.


  1. @Eric says:

    When this site was a newspaper it was called The Sedona/Verde Valley Times.
    The owner lived in the Village of Oak Creek. It gives the appearance of belonging to Sedona but it is for all of us, so write in anytime. You are welcome here.

    Yes, some of the Supervisors are hell bent to develop anywhere and everywhere
    They seem to love spending money.If they have to destroy land to do so, so be it.

    Present District Three Yavapai County Supervisor Garrison has approx 28,235 active voters in his District.

    Ballpark figures include:
    Sedona 5222
    Cottonwood 6264
    Clarkdale 2779
    Jerome 380
    Verde Village 3000
    Verde Santa fe 3280
    VOC Guessing 4000 conservative.

    When you break that down and tackle section by section over the next year, there is no reason we can not Vote him OUT during the next election.
    He has proposed bridges to be paid for by VOC residents, stirring the pot.
    600 family homes in a pristine environmentaly sensitive area.
    The VOC has a three story hotel marring the viewshed, absolutely no citizen engagement until long after the plans were in place. Traffic nightmare.

    When the redistricting happened, and we went to 5 supervisors, and it was two against three+ Springer and Thurman against Davis, they carved up Cornville and Camp Verde at the last minute and sent our future water decisions down to Prescott.
    You might want to call the county and see how many votes Thurman has and if this side of the mountain can OUST him as well.

    We need conservative Verde Valley residents to step up and protect our lands before they end up looking like the other side of the mountain.
    Keep fighting the good fight, my brother!

  2. Rochelle, VOC says:

    did you join FB page? did you write any supervisors? if answer is no then how sad are you?

  3. @ Rochelle says:

    How sad are you to think Facebook is anything but an AI data collector of YOU.
    I, who actually steps out into the community and does things, do not use social media. It is a time thief which is probably why we have never heard of you. you are busy.
    Keep it moving forward Eric!!!!

  4. @rochelle says:

    Of course the answer is a NO.
    We just complain here but take NO action.

  5. No Build says:

    No Build! i have attended meetings and written letters. The supervisors don’t care about the people who live in their districts. At the last meeting of the county supervisors, the community members in attendance were told, “Shame” on you for not attending meetings and criticized for not showing up at the supervisors meetings unless there is a complaint.

    What?! We are showing up. We are telling them what we want. We are telling the supervisors to stop irresponsible development. The community does NOT want the Verde Connect. The community does NOT want rezoning to allow for another 3-story hotel with a 4th story that is a rooftop bar in the middle of the VOC. The supervisors get paid, a lot, to sit at meetings. They ignore our demands and criticize us when we show up and criticize us when we don’t show up.

    Where can we find ethical candidates to run against the current unethical ones? We can vote them out, but we need alternatives. I am ready to vote for ethical and responsible candidates.

  6. Harry says:

    tell us did anybody show up to make change?

  7. Bill says:

    @harry did you?

  8. Glenn, CVAZ says:

    what’s latest about this bridge & organizing resistence
    use a mask in crowded stores because tourists are super spreaders

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