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Veteran Idolization of Senator John McCain

Sedona AZ (September 21, 2015) – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:

Subject: My Opinion of Veteran Idolization of ‘War Hero’ McCain
Ref: John McCain’s Actual Record vs National Media Mantra


john mccain senator arizona

Arizona Senator John McCain (R)

I am a Veteran; albeit never been in actual combat and in during supposed Peace Time. Being an enlisted man having to deal frequently in negotiations with officers has given me a little different perspective when it comes to the checking records and personalities; opposed to buying into the public image especially of Military and Political personnel.

Someone asked me, “Why do veterans seem to idolize Senator John McCain?” and I tried to explain that they see him as a war hero because he was a prisoner of war in Vietnam. The fact that most of them never looked beyond the hero worship and followed the things he says, compared to what he does, is evident.

Recent examples include “Foreign Policy in Egypt and Libya” in which the Trio of Senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham, with the Barack Obama Administration and with the help of the ultra bias “Media Censorship and Propaganda Blitz” were more than instrumental in the installation of the Muslim Brotherhood (inexorably linked to international Islamic Terrorist Groups) to control both of those countries. Then, after the Egyptians ousted the Muslim Brotherhood Murderous Maniacs, McCain has tried repeatedly to get the “Brotherhood” reinstated — while at times he appears to criticize the Obama Administration’s Foreign Policy even though he has been part of that policy.

Veterans Crisis LineThe term “Traitor(s)” comes to mind.

When Senator McCain is in Arizona he makes “Strong Conservative Stances” on things like “Border Security” then, when he is back in Washington, he is a leader in the fight for what might well be called “Open Borders and Amnesty.”

There are also verifiable accounts of MIA/POW abandonment because of POW Navy Pilot John McCain and part of his testimony after his release and return that has been proven wrong, because according to the testimony there were MIA/POWs left in Vietnam and McCain knew about them and LIED in his testimony on the MIAs and POWs.

Then there are the unanswered questions and/or questionable answers about the July 1967 “USS Forrestal Fire”, his tangling with the power lines in Spain, his ditched Fighter near Corpus Christi, and his stay in the Hanoi Hilton; but, speculation on all of that is an exercise in futility. The important factor is how he has positioned himself to always being right on everything; there is no way anyone can have been wrong about things when he has made statements that cover every side of every issue.

I am not sure which one has been the most effective at that manner of “Audience Manipulation”; John McCain or Bill Clinton: Barack Obama does things a little different — Anyone that dares to question Barack Obama’s words or action is automatically a Racist.

Clinton and Obama have their Leftist Fanatical Fan Clubs and McCain has somehow been able to play the “Pied Piper Role” in Exploitation of Veterans and the ‘Rockefeller segment’ of the Republican Party. You have and, of course, are entitled to your own opinions. I essentially ask questions trying to stimulate thought.

What matters to me is that I am sick of this Wishy-Washy Politician they call a “War Hero.”

Dale Gohr, Clarkdale, Arizona

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