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Time is Running Out

Sedona AZ (May 12, 2016) – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:

PlanetsI am writing to thank C. Bentley Hill and the entire Sedona Eye staff for making this forum available for us. Personally, I have no interest in public visibility for myself. I prefer nature, seclusion, and harmony, and I spend much of my time pursuing my own research work. But considering the state of the world, there are things I have discovered that need to be shared, in case they might be of use in helping to avert the fate that is otherwise racing towards us at this time. They are not things known only to me, but have been discovered by many others back through thousands of years of time and more, and in other places long forgotten by most of us. Still, over the last fifty years of my investigations that started out focused on natural health solutions and then branched out into numerous connected areas, I have connected many dots to make a clearer picture than is usually seen. It turns out that virtually everything is related in some way to our health.  And during the last two decades of my work, I also dug deeply into the political/economic power structure that is controlling our country and most of the world today. What I found was as amazing as my discoveries of little known health solutions, but shall we say, less inspiring.

statue of libertyAt a recent City Council meeting, one of the Sedona councilors mentioned that some people assume government is always a bad thing, which is not true. And I agree with the council woman who made that correct observation. Government can be a great boon to our lives if it protects our freedoms. In our present state of limited consciousness, anarchy would have negative results. Getting rid of government would not get rid of malicious people whose interests are to control and abuse the rest of us. But in America, a country formed as a Constitutional Republic (the founders warned that “democracy” is a sure segue to tyranny, and is never desirable), the freedom of each of us to live in any way we like as long as we respect the right of others to do the same, this was the priority. And the main task of government was to protect this freedom at all costs. And so people risked their lives, fleeing tyranny to come here, a place where freedom to make or break our own lives was supreme, and government was the limited and lowly servant of the people. The founders understood that “democracy” and freedom were incompatible.

flu sick doctor cdc childSo why do I bring this up, when my focus was to be on little known natural solutions for health? Because government at all levels, in spite of its idealistic mandate to keep its focus on protecting our freedoms, has become what those founders who feared its evolution into tyranny warned it might one day morph into, if the people became complacent about keeping it tightly under control. And this is now affecting our health in many ways, and threatening our lives.

Fukishima nuclear disaster continues

Fukishima nuclear disaster continues

Heroic and brilliant doctors save lives of trauma victims every day, as well as performing certain categories of necessary surgeries. But with respect to issues of health and disease, the government-supported monopoly of drug-centered “medicine” has become the number one cause of death in our country (http://www.webdc.com/pdfs/deathbymedicine.pdf). The well protected fraud of vaccination promises in the near future to become a huge part of the overall carnage and destruction.  Hundreds of new vaccines are in development, and the vaccine companies hope they will all become mandatory. If you or your child is killed by their vaccines, the makers have no legal liability, thanks to a corrupt Congress.

Government-supported chemical agriculture is a global health and environmental disaster, which has now become exponentially worse with the advent of genetic “engineering” (much too respectable a term). Any one of hundreds of nuclear power plants across the US could turn into the next Fukushima. EMF pollution is a huge health hazard, and the general public does not understand this, due to government-industry cooperation to cover up the hazards of cell phones, smart meters, wi-fi, and cell towers which are going in quietly in Sedona and all over the country and much of the world. And of course you are labeled as crazy or worse, if you become aware that a huge international program of high altitude toxic spraying is taking place almost every day over most of the world, and the Sedona area is being very heavily hit on most days (this criminal program is a threat not only to your personal health, but to the entire biosphere, and you are not supposed to know).

The list of criminal actions committed by the partnership of government with global corporations is much longer than this. These things, especially taboo subjects like what vaccination really is and does, are not to be discussed.  Many holistic doctors in the US have been murdered recently, for daring to expose them. This is the modus operandi of organized crime – silence through intimidation and murder. But if we succumb to it out of fear, our fate is sealed. So I propose the following. I will share with you, as and when my time allows, what I have learned in 50 years of research, undertaken with no axe to grind, no label or group to defend, no political ideology to prove, only the desire to find out what is true, even if no one in the solar system agrees. It’s been primarily just because for myself, I wanted to know.

I am not here to complain or criticize. I do not hate those who are killing us. My wish for them is that they reconsider their path, while we still have a planet to save. It would be better for them. But I understand what they are doing in rare detail. If you want it, I will share what I know about real health solutions you are not supposed to know. I am a consultant in these things, and my time costs money. But in this forum, I can do it for free, and I’ll do that. I am a very serious environmentalist, but unique in this way: I believe we can heal our Earth without sacrificing our freedoms. I do not support what the U.N. or other supranational organizations supposedly want to do to “save the Earth” while controlling our lives. Their motives are not good, and they are not what they seem.  They are, I am sorry, organized crime operating under color of law. But clean and free energy sources have been available for a long time.

We have not needed petroleum fuels since at least 1920. Beyond organic agriculture could more than feed the world right now, there is no need for chemical fertilizers, and never has been, not to mention pesticides. smart phone cell towerTechnologies for cell phones that did not cause brain cancer could have been ours. And it goes much farther. Inventions are suppressed, inventors are killed. This is the reality. There is no shortage of oil, but it is a dirty, inefficient and unnecessary energy source. The clean and free alternatives are already here, but hidden and denied, violently suppressed. Even the economic distress most of us feel now, is unnecessary in such a rich country, and is engineered intentionally, heading for total destitution, facilitating total government control.

Redistribution of a shrinking wealth pool plays into the hands of our oppressors. Stopping the criminal actions of government and its global corporate partners, notably the central banks, is a much better idea. Every country now is under the dictatorial control of a central bank that is siphoning off most of the natural wealth. Combine that with “free trade” agreements that sign the death warrant of domestic industries, and you have the economic disaster we are experiencing right now. These things have solutions, but again, you are not supposed to know. The time to implement them, though, is almost over. Complacency has a very high price.

Power logoMy motive is simple. I see the unimaginable suffering that is heading our way if what our rulers have planned for us reaches its goals. I feel this suffering world wide, and I don’t want it to happen. Healing and harmony are possible and natural, if we learn to allow them.

Our leaders want us to fight over non-essentials, hating each other, distracted so that we don’t see what they are doing to us. The biggest secret is not the hidden technology we could be using, though that is important. The far bigger secret is the vast healing and creative power we have in us, but have forgotten. It’s not about philosophy or religion or belief systems, it’s just who we really are.

Time is running out. We are fools if we use what is left, fighting each other. Things that would seem beyond magical are possible and real (the forgotten normal). I will share some bits of the picture that I know, if you are interested, and many can take the next steps. I apologize for the long letter, and promise to be brief in future installments.

Richard Sacks, Host
Lost Arts Radio
Independent holistic health scientist since 1965
Essene teacher and consultant


Read www.SedonaEye.com for daily news and interactive views!

Read www.SedonaEye.com for daily news and interactive views!


  1. Nissan Jim, Flagstaff says:

    He’s why Sedoooooonaaaah gets a bad rap. NUT cases.

  2. J. J. says:

    Oh sure. The more you learn, the nuttier you sound to the uninformed/misinformed.

    Well written and nicely done. Good job.


  3. J. Rick Normand says:

    @Richard Sacks,

    What a marvelously researched and well-written piece. I hope you’ll write much more for our community. You’re a great asset, indeed! And, don’t let the naysayers get to you. You and I will both outlive them because we understand what living healthily means and we walk the walk. Meanwhile, I hope all your readers at this site will go to the two links below…both of which will support you and affirm your findings:




  4. Hy Reasoner says:


    Tell me why she isn’t being charged with MURDER??? Wanna tell me again this is a gun issue???? This is a anti American issue. This is a religious hate issue. This is terrorism striking our children and families at home. Want to tell me why that woman shouldn’t be hung or get a lethal injection??? If she knew the entire family knew. That’s how it works.

  5. Sean Lee says:

    Laughed at title. Some White House flunky putting a spin on mass murderer again.

    She & ignorant article writer are the ONLY ones who said she tried to talk him out of it. But she drove him to scope out the place. She went with him to buy guns and ammunition. Yeah. Right. She’s a liar.

    Title should have been “Wife Aids Husband in Killing Innocents”. Send her away for life & send the family back to Afghanistan. No more sheltering murderers. If the family knew he was homophobic & the wife knew he was planning an attack on the nightclub, I agree with Reasoner they are all murderers & need to be charged from the parents to the wife to anyone who knew.

  6. Gordon Richardson says:

    I was Googling tax exemptions & found this. Here’s a comment if you want to get in touch with me (address and phone number deleted by editor).


    This ignorance of religion by people like Beto and others running impacts every religion in America, and the colleges associated with religious institutions, hospitals, senior housing, interfaith centers and any place or speech or association of those religious affiliations. As an Episcopalian, the leadership of our church has been openly gay for decades, and the church fully accepts and welcomes those who are gay. For the Beto O’Rourkes with similar ignorances it has been Christians leading and sustaining the pro gay movement in America aided by Jewish organizations. It is the Judeo Christian belief system that built America, sustained America, and allowed for other religions and beliefs to be free to express beliefs counter to their own beliefs. Christians and Jews have always socially and morally surpassed other religious belief systems!

    I get upset when ignorance in communities supersedes a desire to be educated. I’m a Protestant and an Episcopalian that was a Catholic and a Buddhist. Tomorrow I may be another if englightened. Thank God this is America, not of the Betos, but of the America that my parents lifted up as examples and which gave me a free education that surpassed most private educations of the day. Be blessed with God’s presence and gifts however he takes form in your soul and find the light of knowledge to sustain you.

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