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Goodbye Workers Rights

Sedona AZ – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:

U.S. House of Representatives

Millions of workers across this country enjoy the freedom to choose whether or not to belong to a union.

That freedom would be stripped away if a new bill, called the PRO Act, gets through Congress.

Tell Congress: Stand up for Workers!

The PRO Act would:

  • Force workers to pay union dues, even if they don’t want to join a union;
  • Allow union leaders to intimidate workers by ending secret ballots
  • Force companies to turn workers’ private information over to unions.

Workers know what is best for themselves and their families.

Union membership should be their choice.

We can’t afford to turn back the clock on worker freedom. Tell Congress: Stand up for workers and oppose the PRO Act!


Tim Phillips
Arlington VA


  1. Yes vote says:

    The article should be titled
    “HELLO workers rights”

    Hope this passes thru Congress …
    The BENEFITS far outweighs any “madeup” negatives referenced in the above article.. Just another ploy to fragment workers so they can be taken advantage of..


  2. Democrats Say Yes and Republicans Say Yes and President Says Yes says:


    Bipartisanship support w/ 49 Dem Senators and enough Republicans and Trump support to pass.

    This is my America. Bipartisanship compromise. Always.

  3. Regina says:

    @yesvote It stuns me often how ignorant party members can be. I choose to remain listed as nonpartisan, independent because of party members like you. You obviously didn’t watch the interview before commenting and that reflection on you is shared by most of the Democrats from Kirkpatrick/OHalleran/Kelly and others running for change. The problem is that your change isn’t change, it’s a return to Illinois, California or New York or wherever you were educated to believe a self serving state controlled doctrine. I don’t want puppeteers in Phoenix, I want individuals with guts to vote the best for my interests which are enough taxes to uphold my community social and welfare responsibilities but not enough taxes that a Chamber of Commerce or a city council associates get lucrative contracts that do nothing to better my quality of life or my neighbors. I believe no one should be able to run on a party platform or get national or state or local party backing because then we get D&R lever pullers that fail us over and over again. @yesvote learn to discern.

  4. Stan Torre says:


    The writer of the above letter “Tim Phillips” is a member of the “tea party”. That in its self is enough to do the opposite of of his SELF serving rhetoric . He cares NOT about workers rights . He and his buddies are just scarred of unions barganig rights as a unit for them and thier family’s .

  5. Dino says:

    Is it bad for workers? You decide but it’s not what @Sam Torre says and most seasoned union workers like me don’t like it either. No immigrant knows how America works and this is designed to keep immigrants from learning they have power by “leftists union bosses helping immigrants vote properly”. Torre reminds me of a thug.


  6. Mira Snead says:

    Agree with Dino.

  7. steve Segner says:

    You say, “Force” workers to pay union dues, even if they don’t want to join a union;

    The union is representing the workers and the union negotiates the union contract for this members pay a small union due…. And why not…. The best way to break up a union is to take away the “union shop” the phrase”and stop the union dues from supporting strikes.

    You say Allow union leaders to” intimidate” workers by ending secret ballots

    Oh please, Unions STOP management from intimidating worker you have it backwards.

    Unions train workers for skilled jobs, like the BOEW electrical workers , plumbers iron workers all have 5 year apprenticeship programs… And for this you say members should not pay the union, some unions have there own retirement program, anyone working in the studio system make great money and great health care and retirement and “Well before he led this nation, Ronald Reagan led the Screen Actors Guild during its first three strikes,

    Force companies to turn workers’ private information over to unions. yes name and address oh my

    Unions help workers buy working (with management )for better pay, better work conditions and better health care something on worker can get on there own.

    Unions stop management for exploiting the individual worker there is power in numbers and the union hall make it easy for business to add trained employees when there are needed

    American business now treats workers like Seventeen century serfs , low pay and “Non compete contract” for people that work at Mc Donald sick I union would put a stop to that,

    America wages have been stagnant for the last 20 years because of the lack of unions. California get it ….. Better pay better workers.
    It Can’t Happen Here same story only in the 1930

    Author Sinclair Lewis

  8. Stan Torre says:

    You must be a tea party guy and full of you know what!!
    Take a hike. You have no idea what your talking about loser.

  9. Jersey Mike, AFL CIO etc etc says:

    In reported talks the only reason unions want immigrants is they’ve tapped out their union members with bad management. Read and find out. That’s control. Reasons unions fell apart was the same reason they want to put their yoke on the necks of immigrant workers. Why be against secret ballots? Because union bosses have to toe the line with management. Feds do more for wages than unions ever did.

  10. Stan Torre says:

    I don’t believe your secret ballot statement!!! That total BS and you know it.
    Also don’t believe your from Jersey it a member of the AFLCIO. (Deleted by Editor)

  11. @Jetsey Mike says:


    Here’s what union membership really does.

  12. Stan Torre says:


    The above is an example of why unions are needed and when owners of the business and upper level management only care about themselves and NOT the personal welfare of the workers.

    In unity there is strength. Companies like the above only care to divide so the can spoon feed whatever they think thier employees deserve.

  13. Jason Smith says:

    @Stan Toree

    you used a 2013 article???? that says nice things about DISH NETWork improvements. You didn’t read it all , did you? Better look because YOUR link says Dish is doing great now and was doing better then and now it ranks high. Sometimes headlines don’t represent @ Sam Torre. Sometimes your comments do represent .

    Low IQ sycophant to DORR Socialism. BTW Socialism didn’t pay you enough to live in Sedona, capitalism did.

  14. Deb says:

    Unions are organized Mafias.

  15. Lisa Waugh says:

    Always wanted to ask this question . ….why do we pay a third party for what our taxes pass laws to provide?

    Washington has passed a living wage law and the teachers union wants my money every paycheck? In the few years I’ve been working the union has done nothing but collect its money to increase my wages or benefits which has been given by the state. I’m a Democrat and my government protects me better than any union ever has in the lifetime of having unions in this state. Like @Deb let’s call the union what it is. It’s not needed here. I’m better served by my state. Not by a union that keeps growing broke and wanting to take more from me while the bosses live fancy on my money. I prefer the democracy of my state ballot, not the paid ballot counting in a back room of my union building.

  16. Moody's Answer to Your Questions says:

    From MSN article about Warren’s proposed tax increase on wealthy hits those making above $139K. That’s not going to fly in America!! We have a right to make as much as we can. Government better be about creating jobs and better quality of life, not taxing. Here’s an excerpt from the article today.

    ……………….For those making millions of dollars and living in a high-tax location like New York City, the combined marginal tax rate — including federal income tax, Medicare and Social Security tax, and state and local income tax — would be about 63 percent.

    Sweden currently has the highest top overall marginal tax rate among rich nations, at 60.1 percent, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

    Moreover, the Warren and Sanders plans would apply Social Security taxes to investment income for the first time, not just to earnings. That would make it harder for high-income people to avoid taxes by reclassifying their labor income as business income. This has the potential to reduce the accumulation of savings, and over time reduce investment in the economy.

    Higher Social Security benefits are popular in public opinion polls. The tax increases proposed by Ms. Warren or Mr. Sanders would apply to a slim minority of earners: 4.6 percent, according to Moody’s Analytics.

    Moody’s data also shows that the higher taxes would be paid disproportionately in Democratic-leaning states. The 12 states with the highest share of earners who would owe higher taxes all voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, led by New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

    “People who live in affluent areas and are making good money, are they going to jump with glee over paying more taxes?” said Representative John Larson, a Connecticut Democrat who is author of the congressional Democrats’ plan to expand Social Security benefits. “I can’t argue in good faith that people are sending me love notes from wealthy suburban counties.”

  17. Ted says:

    I’m sick of the doubletalk from all the candidates and somebody escort Joe back to the rabbit hole he emerged from. (Know why Barack didn’t back him.) Warren lost my vote. There’s nobody I’d vote for among the lies, misinformation, peacocks, old sickly turkeys, malcontents now.

    “As the proposals get more focus and as the election debates wear on, a big question for 2020 is how much Democratic loyalists — who would be paying a lot of that bill — will remain behind it.” That was in news too but nobody wants to address it. Better said would be how many stupid Democrats exist? I stomached about 10 minutes of the debate before turning it off. None worth it and that media batch were sycophants.

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