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SedonaEye.com Happy Hallowed Weiner






Love ya Sedona Pals

Be safe out there.





Poco Diablo McGuire Halloween 2022 pet journalist

I’m Looking Good
Struttin’ the Hood
Gotta prop up meh Feet
Now gimme dat Treat…puhleeze?



  1. Emily Pugnacious says:

    Handsome Poco Diablo looking dapper in designer jammies. Keep it up, Mr. PD. We love you in Sedona.

  2. Poco Diablo says:

    Tanks SE Editor fer showing the pickture of me in my latest outfit. Hope others will enjoy a happy thought fur a change. All the doom and gloom day after day can make living creetures de pressed – so its kinda nice to get out an iron to tidy stuff up.

    Oh – Mom sez to make shore to add: Mah Opinyon!

  3. Donna says:

    Looking good Poco! Love your Halloween Jemmies.

    Napoleon misses you.

    Auntie Donna

  4. Buzzer & Tigger says:

    Hay Buddy its good to know someone out there is willing to offer up something positive. About all we 4 footed critters hear these days is how the world is going to someplace down below – definitely not up – whatever dat means.

    We agree. When our tummies are full and our human parent(s) pet us and love us, nothing can be better. Too bad them humanoids don’t understand the value. It ain’t in that $$$$ sign.

    Our mom say “they can’t take it with them” even with the power and glory of being big not-so-polite polly-tish-ans! Mayor? Wha dat mean? And who care? Not us furry friends.

  5. Brutus Molly Goliath says:

    voc shout out

  6. La Rae says:

    Poco you rock! Hope you get a full bag of treats!

  7. Swimbo & Swimbet says:

    nice nicer nicest funny from fish bowl city

  8. Buster says:

    Hay Poco – yore lookin pretty cool man. It’s good ta no we still have a few out there that will step out and share some fun stuff.

    Good luck with yore Hallowed Weiner events. Shorely you will put a smile on a few faces as you did my own mom who is posting this comment on mah behalf. She ain’t loud to change my words as she needs to also spell as toled! We pets must kepe center stage and do are jobs to spred joy.

    So sad for those hoo miss out. Many choices can be had from the local dog and cat place and need homes. We is lucky, Poco, so be happy and keep on waggin that tail.

  9. Clyde says:

    OMG, Poco Diablo is so freaking cute in his Halloween costume. I would love to meet him one day in person as would my mommy.

  10. Leeta says:

    Hey Poco, good to see you. Even though I’m no longer with my Mom, I’m with her good friend Lisa Anne, I’m in a happy place. Mom couldn’t take me with her to Oxnard because of my Cushing’s disease. She’s sad because lots of people have dogs where she’s at and it’s a constant reminder of me. Not only do I miss her but I miss Papa Ron, Mojo and Nikki but I can’t complain because I’m still waking up on the right side of the grass and my substitute Mom treats me great + I live with 3 cats & a tortoise.

  11. Zelma & Chessy & Rocket & King says:

    Hiya Poco hearing bout fun stuff makes us happy here. BIG Hint from us Don’t eat chocolate because its not good for us and tricks and treats to every pallie out there from us.

  12. Tinker Bell says:

    Hi-Ho Poco. Jest a reminder here that today is October 31, that betwitching yearly event when witches fly and goblets say “BOO”.. Jest be careful and best that 4-feeted critters dun’t go out at nite. Might be some grizzly bare or tiger or lion out there jest waiting fer a Hallerween treat. Stay safe and tanks fur sharing the pic of you in your special jammies. Definitely the cat’s meow. This is from one who knows = Tinker Bell with a contented purrrr….

  13. Zelda says:

    Heads up Poco, Along with the million-dollar prize, Wednesday night’s draw produced seven $50,000 winners and one $360,000 winner in Arizona. The $1.2 billion jackpot however, has not yet been won. Maybe take a stroll over to their way cuz they’ll have great treats now. Bye bye pal. Back to bed.

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