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Humboldt Education Foundation Receives $50,000 from Builders

Humboldt Education DonationSedona AZ – Earlier this year, the Humboldt Education Foundation received two significant donations. The Watkins Companies donated $6,972.00 while the Great Street Company donated $43,028.00 for a total of $50,000 donated by the local builders.

The Great Street Company is a homebuilder based in Prescott Valley, Arizona, owned by Dave Grounds. The Watkins Companies is a General Contractor-Engineering firm with offices in Prescott, Arizona and Scottsdale, Arizona owned by Duane and Cindy Watkins.

“We are honored to support our favorite school district. These thankless administrators, teachers and leaders are the real superheroes in our community. They passionately work to serve our community’s children while being severely underfunded. If the government can’t help them, then let this be a rallying cry to help our kids and our teachers. This is our first step towards helping them, and there will be more. We urge every business and resident in our community to help these heroes and the challenges they face, in any way they possibly can,” said Dave Grounds, Great Streets Company owner.

“Cindy and I were honored to participate with Dave in this endeavor. Our son and daughter-in-law are teachers, so we are aware how difficult it can be for them to get the resources needed. Also the majority of our employees have kids in the Humboldt School District and deserve every advantage to a good education,”  offered Duane Watkins of the Watkins Companies.

“The Humboldt Education Foundation, its Board and volunteers, are so very thankful of the generosity and care shared by both the Watkins Companies and the Great Street Company. Our non-profit foundation supports the Humboldt Unified School District – the largest school district in Yavapai County. This kind of support helps us to reach further into our school district to provide teacher and student grants, scholarships, hungry kids project, and a number of other projects in support of our schools. A big thank you, again, to the Watkins Companies and the Great Street Company,” said Guy Roginson, Humboldt Education Foundation Board president on behalf of the foundation.

The Humboldt Education Foundation (HEF) is a non-profit organization that helps support the students and teachers of the Humboldt Unified School District. HEF supports and administers the Hungry Kids Project; the Teacher of the Year Recognition; scholarships and mini-grants to teachers; and other projects benefiting the students and staff of the Humboldt Unified School District in Prescott Valley, Arizona.

Make a difference! Join HEF as a board member or volunteer. Visit the HEP website today.


  1. Gloria Vance, Phoenix says:

    Schools should be held accountable for its students education success at every level. No passing students along until they perform at grade level. Colleges need to be held accountable with no excuses and use those endowments to make it happen. No teacher unions. Unions protect poor performance and encourage mediocrity. The NEA needs unfunding and lawsuits for not educating our children.

  2. Eddie Santiago, Quad City says:

    No disrespect intended for people and companies but that buys a lot of influence and appreciate news putting it out for the public to know and see. Big effort to help kids and schools should use it for everyday supplies not big party or event for teachers. Kids and parents should learn more and this should help.

  3. Ves Heard says:

    The Charlotte Lozier Institute, disagrees with Georgia candidate S. Abrams’ stance. They confirm that, “A preborn baby’s heart is actively beating at six weeks and will have already beat nearly 16 million times by 15 weeks. In fact, at six weeks’ gestation, the baby’s heart rate is about 98 beats per minute, which can be easily detected by ultrasound.”

    They go on to say that peer-reviewed science on babies at six weeks of gestation say that the heart is actively beating, a heartbeat correlates with a 98% chance of live birth, the brain has divided into three primary sections with different responsibilities, and eyes/ears/nose have started forming.

  4. Mary Dancing, Prescott new reader says:

    @vesheard trying to understand ur comment here? R u supporting effort to undo poor & scary NEA anti parent initiatives? If that u have thumbs up from Prescott

  5. Tim Scott says:

    Fellow Democrats and Republicans and Independents and Nonpartisans and Libertarians and all voters!


    Friend, I can’t believe this.

    Dr. Ben Carson is caught squarely in the Left’s cancel culture crosshairs.

    The Detroit School Board announced that the Benjamin Carson High School of Science and Medicine would be renamed DESPITE an administrative recommendation and student poll to keep the name as is.

    If anyone embodies the American Dream, it is my friend, Dr. Carson. Only in our great country can a poor boy raised by a single mother grow up to be a world-renowned and highly respected neurosurgeon, a presidential candidate, and the 17th Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

    Sign my emergency petition to stand with Dr. Carson.


  6. Fight for Education says:

    Education is the closest thing to magic in America.
    We CANNOT let parents lose control over their child’s education.
    Help fight back for our children and the future of education in America.
    –Senator Tim Scott, South Carolina

    Senator Scott’s book is available that shares his rise from a poor black child to a candidate for US President. Buy and read his autobiography today and learn from someone who walked the walk. Donate a copy to your local school for other black children to see their future path is wide open.

  7. Renee Ho says:

    Every Democrats NOW do this and do not let Republicans do more b book to libraries with friends family members NOW. Hurry do it and be the change when resources hangs the fan.Tim Scott and fellow Democrats gift Sedona and Arizona schools, go do it by letting you do win guaranteed prizes like glasses£shoes.go Amazon & send Tim Scott.

  8. Phil says:

    piss off moral quandaries

  9. Aaron says:

    Get our kids reading again, thank you.

  10. Gregg says:

    ACT scores for past year under this admin LOWEST EVER. Money to fund education provides no evidence money was spent on student textbook and hands on education but on union salaries and district perks. Yavapai and Coconino counties need to be aware parents and guardians are watching local achievement levels.

  11. Kendra Sanchez Marquez, Williams AZ says:

    Democrat Governor Roy Cooper declared a “state of emergency” in North Carolina to try and stop a school choice bill from passing the state legislature. Not only is he abusing his executive powers, but he’s sending his own children to private schools!

    Democrats are losing control over the minds of other people’s children and it’s scaring them to death. Replace NEA with a non union professional merit system and demand higher expectations and outcomes. Call out Democrats’ hypocrisy. Demand we build back best be sure better wasn’t enough.

  12. Jenny on the Block says:

    We need better Arizona schools without excuses. Worse this past year than ever before and getting worse every day.

  13. Fight for Freedom says:

    See new data says US has fallen even lower this past year and it’s unnecessary. ENOUGH! Fire under performing teachers and with each teacher firing a review of the administration running that school. Districts need to lose taxes for underperforming students and brought to line for lousy schools.

    Order Tim Scott’s book on Amazon and donate one to a reader near you.

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