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Sedona Fire Today

Sedona 89A fire near Sedona HS-5 Sedona 89A fire near Sedona HS-8Sedona 89A fire near Sedona HS-4Sedona AZ (June 10, 2015) – All photos exclusive property of Gary Chamberlain, Folksville USA and “America the Beautiful and BagReadyJobs” for the SedonaEye.com, of a wild fire that occurred on Highway 89A today near Sedona Red Rock High School, west Sedona, Arizona.

The photos are of the Sedona Police Department who were quick to help retard the fire between Upper and Lower Red Rock Loop Road.

This exclusive SedonaEye.com article by Gary Chamberlain, first news reporter on the scene filed exclusively for the SedonaEye.com Daily News and Views.

Sedona 89A fire near Sedona


  1. There was considerable action on my scanner this morning (between ten and eleven as I recall) and it indicated traffic was backed-up in the area of these photos but I was unable to ascertain the exact nature of the situation. Mostly it served as another heads-up to stay clear of that location.

    Thanks so much for being at the right place at the right time. This is another reminder of how quickly things can happen. Have you any idea how this fire was ignited?

    Nice job.

  2. Passerby says:

    Looked like cigarette or maybe something dragged that caused a spark? Who knows.

  3. Very Scary says:

    With the increase activity of jeeps, RV’s, ATV’s and other means of accessing our surrounding trails and forests this type of thing becomes a real threat. Unfortunately all too often it takes disaster before anything’s done to make positive changes. Why wouldn’t even this serve as a wake-up call?

  4. Oh No! says:

    @Very Scary & Passerby

    I heard talk while at the circle K that the fire may have been ignited by the combination of smart meters and the chem trails working in tandem. I also heard from someone else that the person who called 911 was a visitor from CA who saw the video to visit sedona while at PHX. Had it not been for the great efforts from our “regional” chamber to attract people, that fire may have gone and destroyed acres before someone else saw it. Thanks Chamber for another job well done!

  5. Right on about this being a “wake up call”. I’m surprised that noone has been seriously injured or worse with the increased ATV activity. Just one big rip roaring time of it. Welcome to Sedona land.
    Just think how fun it’s going to be when all the new hotels get built and we have more traffic and visitors who are “asleep at the wheel” gazing skyward.

  6. Nancy M. says:

    @Oh No! Surely you jest.

    If just another day tripper resulted from Chamber’s cheesy video, so what? It was probably more likely that another Chamber tripper tossed out a cigarette and started the fire than your “smart meters and chem trails working in tandem” theory.

    Instead of “Oh No!” I say “Get Real.” Glorify the Chamber? I think not. More appropriately that outfit is “the root of Sedona’s evil.” Them and the money their scamming from the city.

  7. Oh No! says:


    Of course I’m jesting. You really should get out of your house more offen.

    It no more the Smart Meters, Chem Trails, Day Trippers, Chambers or the City’s then it is YOURS!

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