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President Trump’s exemplary job performance will need votes

Sedona AZ – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:

President Donald J. Trump in White House released 2019 photo.

There is Satisfaction and Gratification in knowing Donald J. Trump has done and is doing a terrific job as President of the United States; the opposition to his Presidency has not been able to divert him even though the unwarranted distractions and smear campaigns have caused some delays.

We are now in this Sham Impeachment thing and I have no doubt President Trump will weather this mess well; however, the confidence in his re-election stated by a vast amount of people is troubling to me.

Here’s Why:

1)—Having done an Exemplary Job as President is not any kind of Guarantee of Re-Election! Good Job and a terrific backing do not determine Elections: Votes do and a bottom feeder vote is just as important as yours even without corruption and the bottom is overpopulated with uninformed potential voters.

2)—The Swamp that is the subject of the Draining Mantra is deep and dangerous when stirred-up from the bottom, which is where you can find an experienced corrupt cabal or clique of organizers, as in Organizing for Action with probably professional voter manipulation.

3)—All the money and notoriety from Billionaires, Corrupt News Organizations, Hollywood Elitists, and Social Media Cutthroats are in play to add to Obama’s Organizing for Action dingbats that can well become a formidable and dreadful force and, unlike 2016, they will not bypass the inter-cities of so-called Swing States Electoral Votes.

Complacency or overconfidence has destroyed the innovations and grand intentions or some very brilliant people, and when it comes to Politicians it is more problematic among constituents than personal pride.

We need to get every conservative vote possible, just to assure the Re-Election of Donald J. Trump, maintain the Senate, and tip the House into Red Paint.

Dale Gohr
Clarkdale, Arizona USA


  1. Steve Segner says:

    President Trump’s exemplary job performance ?

    Trump once suggested all of Seoul’s 10 million residents move to avoid North Korean!
    Trump said ‘It’s not like you’ve got China on your border’: Trump geography error stunned Indian prime minister

    Donald Trump: ‘Belgium is a beautiful city’

    ?perhaps a man of vision but no so on geography

  2. Bob, west Sedona says:

    hey steve, trump misspeaking like you do on Sedona matters? segner says hey you moved here b/c it was tourist town (like no we didn’t & nobody else did b/c they wanted to be in tourist town either) & segner says don’t like it here then move b/c you don’t like it that’s what you should & segner says Sedona is the Verde Valley region? remember steve, you aren’t a Sedonan, you’re a tax evading Californian. I seem to remember a litany of misspeaks by barry, george, bill, and others..and lots of yours steve..his accomplishments exceed all of those to date…I didn’t vote for him first time, I will vote for him coming up…my standard of living & stocks & IRAs & house values went up for first time in 8 years. Thank you Republicans.

  3. Bob, west Sedona says:

    I’ll vote for him but I despise some of his Twitter use. Grow up. He sounds like Pelosi & Schiff & Nadler. Put down the mics all of you & go to work getting something done. Juveniles.

  4. mshobert says:

    A narcissistic, racist, disgusting excuse for a human needs to be in prison. His base has – one or all – of four things in common. They are either ignorant, greedy, selfish, or racist.

    Which combo of these are you? I’ve found most to be a combination of all four of these negative traits.

  5. Arianna, Uptown Girl says:

    @mshobert OMG it’s you!! The fifth wheel!!

  6. Sedona Larry says:

    Narcissistic, yes.
    Racist, no.
    Disgusting, sometimes.
    Ignorant, no.
    Greedy, no.
    Selfish, yes.
    Promoted more blacks, women, Hispanics to middle class, yes.
    Promoted America over China and Russia, yes.
    Getting our boys home, yes.
    Supports veterans, yes.
    Promoted freedom of religion, yes.
    Promoted freedom to own guns, yes.
    Promoted background checks to own guns, yes.
    Promoted low cost for pharmaceuticals, yes.
    Promoted anti-Semitism, yes.
    Promoted government transparency, yes.
    Tweets too much, hell yes.
    Jackass, hell yes.
    Good President for all Americans, HELL YES.

    Sounds like you hate him because he’s got Jews in the family? Whose racist? The Democrats have been anti Semitic since WWII when Roosevelt wouldn’t let immigrants in from Europe knowing they were being murdered. He didn’t really care about African Americans either. Read his biography. Roosevelt appointed a Klu Klux Klansman ironically named Black to the Supreme Court. Read your history. You people don’t have a real education about squat. Typical American education system product. Democrats have been anti African Americans since slavery ended. Read your history. Vote the person and or the fiscal and social preference of your person, not a party.

  7. Sierra Club Dave, Payson AZ says:

    US leads world in reducing emissions of CO2, China leads it.Guess Trump was right to get out of Paris Accord as being ineffective.Bloomberg’s initiative to reduce coal powered plants making headway. Why aren’t environmentalists screaming at China instead of US?

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